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Since I ordered the lost omens world guide is that going to delay my PF2 core book and bestiary until the lost omens guide comes out? My order is still in pending mode and I would have thought I would have heard something by now.

I have the same problem. I pre-ordered in March, and now I still don't have any books because presumably the Lost Omens has not been released yet. :(

Order 7761721 here.

Same here, I would have liked to be given the option to split my order since I got nearly all of the PF2 items. I obviously don't need all of them right now, but at least getting the Core Rulebook and one of the adventures would have been nice while I wait for the rest to ship with the Lost Omens World Guide.
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In the same boat, it's exceptionally frustrating that even though this was ordered back when they were all scheduled to release in August, when they changed the release schedule they didn't provide the option to batch them. If I had know this was the case, I would have separated the order into two pieces. Now were so close to the release of Lost Omens World Guide that I'm worried cancelling my order will just make things worse. I just want my content, and I'm in the same boat.

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I suspect once the lost omens stuff is green lit for shipping my order goes through but I really wish I would have gotten an email asking if I wanted to cut that order into 2 batches i would have been okay to pay the extra shipping but now it's pretty much too late to bother.

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