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I am trying to figure out the cost of a custom magic item, what I am thinking is a candle that when lit activates a round per level spell making it last 24 hours (the time it takes for the candle to burn out), it is a one time use item and potentially very powerful but I cannot seem to figure out how expensive it should be

First I know this isn't going to be a super strong build, but I like the character concept. I am currently playing a 2nd level spellsong minstrel bard in a RotRL game, and I would like to have him start taking levels in warrior poet samurai wielding a katana and wakizashi for background story reasons. The biggest problem is I'm not quite sure how I should do it considering his stats which are:
Str 10
Dex 17
Con 12
Int 14
Wis 9
Cha 15

My original plan was to go straight bard then eldritch Archer but after the game started and I was filling out backstory for him I liked the idea of a samurai background. Should I ignore the warrior poets Graceful strike and go Dex to damage with slashing grace and two weapon grace, which would be very feat heavy or increase my strength. I was considering dipping a level or two into urban barbarian in either case. Any advice or tips would be very appreciated.

Edit 1: Completely forgot about the Agile Enchantment, I'll probably do that instead of slashing grace

Can I cancel Order 8187757, which still shows as pending and update Order 8205006 which has a duplicate of the items in order 8187757 and is also still pending

Both of my orders are showing as pending still and I have not received an order generation email.

Both of my orders are showing as pending still and I have not received an order generation email.

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So I've lurked around for a long time and have even posted a few times. I haven't joined any CC or Settlement yet because I just can't make up my mind about what kind of character I want to run. I knew that there would be a lot of PVP types, that has been a given and I have thought about doing that. I usually run a wizard in TT because I like the wide range of capabilities a wizard can bring, but I've also been thinking of having a crafter as my first character and I'm sure I could do any of them well enough to have fun yet I just cannot make up my mind.

So what is the spread looking like for the types of characters people will be making, we will need every class and they all seem like they can be fun plus you can cross train. I have a few specific character ideas I've been seriously considering and would like to decide before I join any group.

Does anyone have any thoughts about how varied the classes will be?

Edit: Didn't want it to look so much like one large block of text.