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Just popping in to say I'm interested in this game, Sebecloki. Haven't gone anywhere with character ideas yet, we'll see about that tomorrow.

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I was surprised that Slayer isn't rated better as a 1-level dip for the Kineticist.

People tend to think quite highly of Point Blank Shot, and Studied Target gives you that all over again (stacking) for ranged or even for melee. Plus it has full BAB and d10 HD, nice skills...

It's a nice accuracy boost, which seems like it's pretty important for physical blast users.

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YoricksRequiem wrote:
Almonihah wrote:

Would anyone be interested in playing a spellcaster whose 'familiar' (my character) is actually a full-blown character of their own? Or a druid with an 'animal companion' that's actually awakened? Though, ah, that might not fit in the original creation rules...

In general, I like playing clever characters of unusual races, so if someone who's not paired up yet wants to work with that we could talk (or I'll start looking through and seeing who's not paired yet).

I've pitched a similar idea before (I was a pseudodragon), so I'm into it. I'm also into doing interesting things with that kind of dynamic. I had a Summoner once that was an imprisoned efreeti and his Eidolon was a lover who'd spent centuries searching for him, and was trying to find a way to free him. Tweaking the established paradigms are a ton of fun.

I'd say for this:
- You could make something with the race builder. Use the animal you're thinking of as a rough guide, but again, you're magical and the world is whatever we want, so feel free to have fun with it, too.
- I'd say the other character should ideally be a class that doesn't already have an animal companion or familiar, or takes an archetype to trade it away. Since you'd be filling that role, there's no sense in them burning class features on it.

To bring up another possibility in this vein: there is a Spheres of Power class/archetype combo that allows one to basically be an intelligent weapon. It's the Spirit Blade Armorist. The default version of that has you being a normal creature who is capable of transforming into a weapon--but there is an alternate option at the bottom if you want to skip the whole normal creature part entirely and just actually be a weapon.

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LotR is pretty magic-lite (at least in terms of flashy displays of magic) compared to the types of powers exhibited by spellcasters in Pathfinder and D&D. Does that hold true for AiME, or are you still going to have normal D&D 5e spellcasting?

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AiME introduces some mechanics and classes not in base 5e, right? I'll need to get that book.

It's been a while since I've looked at my 5e stuff at all.

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I'm something of a LOTR-nerd, myself. Besides the trilogy and The Hobbit, the only other book I've read is The Silmarillion, but, man, did I love all the lore in that.

I don't think I'd make the cut for a solo game, but you've got my interest in AiME.

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YoricksRequiem wrote:
Aipaca wrote:
Hi Yorick, thanks for OKing the idea! Simeon and I are working on our PCs and I was wondering if you would be ok with the idea of us getting a bonus talent every 2 levels (so 2, 4, 6, etc.) to help with breadth of power a little bit? Just so that we can cover a few more bases as only 2 PCs. Thanks!
Mmm it would be the equivalent of getting a feat every level instead of every other, which does feel like it would help with breadth of power for only having two players. Let me think about it a bit - I do want your players to have some kind of weak spots, but especially for two vigilantes it might help you differentiate yourselves more.

Simeon and Aipaca aren't the vigilantes, they're the Spheres guys. ^-^ But the talents can still be considered roughly equivalent to feats, seeing as you can spend your feats on Extra Magic Talent or Extra Combat Talent.

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Now I'm thinking I'd rather make an electrokinetic elementalist than a shadow character. Someone who likes tinkering with mechanical things in addition to exploring his electrical/magnetic powers.

@ElegantlyWasted: I like the sound of research in the game. I think my character's interests would be equally esoteric but along a rather different vein of knowledge compared to your Kabbalist, so they might make fun counterparts for each other.

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ElegantlyWasted wrote:
I have a strong concept for a character, but will have to read up on Spheres of Power, as the type of magic that he commands (in my head) is not super well suited to Vancian magic.

If you'd like any assistance or recommendations on Spheres stuff, I'd be happy to assist. I've been buying Spheres material since their original Kickstarter. A chat on Discord would probably work best for that, allowing for short messages that won't flood this thread (and will be quicker than PMs here). My Discord handle is...

EDIT: Just occurred to me that I might be opening myself to troll-bots if I leave my handle in a public post. I'll PM you with it.

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I'd be interested in making a character for this using Spheres, but we'll have to see if there is a suitable counterpart with whom I can apply. =)

I've long wanted to make a shadow magic kind of character, and I love the Spheres options for that (Creation sphere using the shadowstuff material, Dark sphere, mix in other stuff flavored appropriately). Could do other things, but that comes to mind.

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It seems we have all shied away from the Molthuni Spy trait so far...Gyrwynt, can you comment a little more about how you think that one would work?

I think my own aversion to it is being worried about playing a character whose true motives are at odds with those of the rest of the party (and quite possibly detrimental to their well-being). But seeing as Gyrwynt said it's one of his favorites of the traits, I'm curious how he pictures it playing out.

Also, I've put together a spreadsheet with notes of the character concepts presented so far. Should be helpful for anyone trying to fill in gaps.

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Gyrwynt, are you okay with variant multiclassing from Pathfinder Unchained?

I'm starting to lean toward playing a mesmerist and I'd really like to take the bard VMC with it (giving up half of my feats, but gaining bardic knowledge and, eventually, some of the bardic performances).

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Would the Pathfinder Chronicler fit into that niche, too?

I'm thinking about possibly doing a bard, and I think I might be more interested in continuing progression of bardic performance and bardic knowledge (Pathfinder Chronicler) than of spellcasting (Loremaster).

I'm sure that's not optimal (what can compete with spells?), but...I like those class features.

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I am curious about your assortment of allowed races, particularly gillmen, wyrwoods, and vine leshies. Are they going to be very rare and seem strange within the world of this game (as I would expect for most games, if they appeared at all), or will they be more commonplace?

I LOVE seeing another text game on Discord, by the way. I'm a big fan of how those games play as compared to the typical forum-based PbP. Discussion feels much easier, I think.

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Just finished reading through Gameplay.

Will the new character need to have some reason to have ventured through the same portal that the party did to catch up with them now, or do you have alternative explanations in mind?

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Am I summarizing the make-up of your current party correctly?

Player / Character / Class / Archetype
pauljathome / Naajy Singh / Sensitive / ESPer
joerice / "Digger" Brautigan / Sensitive / Fixer
Sapiens / William M. Johnson / Cogitator / Medical Expert

And the one who just left was:
Vrog Skyreaver / Fang Zahn / Tough / Combatant

I hadn't seen Anachronistic Adventures before, but I am looking through it with interest now...

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flooraboleth wrote:
I going to withdrawal because I have some writing block

That means mutation #13 is back up for grabs.

13. Caught in a green energy wave while pulling in a fish, your DNA mingled with its and left you with several fishy attributes.
Greater: Lamprey Mouth: You gain improved grapple as a bonus feat. When you maintain a grapple, if you deal weapon damage you can also suck the enemies blood dealing an additional 1d2 con damage and heal yourself for d4 health.
Lesser: Gills- Gain swim as a class skill, and breathe underwater and gain the aquatic subtype in addition to your normal race.
Bad: Obsessive: When presented by a common place item or situation, you must make a Will Save DC 12 + 1/2 character level to avoid doing something obsessive compulsive. Whenever you see water of a swimmable depth, you immediately head toward it and jump in, regardless of the danger, and stay in for at least 10 minutes, and longer is better! Being unable to go into the water will give you the fascinated condition. If this happens in battle, you get a new will save each turn.

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I have changed my mind about applying, but it looks like you'll have plenty of good characters to pick from without me!

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I applied previously with Henric "Venomfist" Anticulus in this post a little farther up on this page. I'm still interested in that character if you want to consider him again.

If you'd be interested in seeing him re-done as an investigator instead of a brawler (for more skills plus support via extracts with the infusion discovery; mostly same story/description but I'd probably have to drop the nickname), I'd be willing to give that a shot, too.

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Hi Sam,

Yes, it is now visible! I also now see a "Previous Campaigns" section that I could not see before. Thank you very much!

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Thanks, Sam.

As a sanity check, I went and looked again to make sure that I do not have the Gameplay thread hidden. And I did the same for the Discussion thread, for good measure.

I look forward to hearing what you find out when the staff return from the holidays and are able to attend to it.

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GM Mustache wrote:
Tormast wrote:
[dice=mutation] 20d40

not many unclaimed sets left anymore actually...I think I assigned this one already but that person ended up withdrawing. If I am wrong, someone please tell me.

2. ... (the Cyclops mutation)

I'm just commenting on this now because I noticed while going through everything:

Mutation #2 was originally given to Lekkric18 on Dec 11 (see post here). I never saw Lekkric18 officially withdraw, but he also hasn't made any posts at all (in this thread or otherwise) since that one on Dec 11 when he rolled for the mutation. So it's probably safe for Tormast to have it for his character, Brior. You'll just have to work it out if Lekkric18 does return and wants it still.

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GM Mustache wrote:
Keante just put together a nice list of what races and classes have been submitted, and what haven't been. It is a great place to go if someone is still considering how they could make something different than the other submissions. It is in the linked spreadsheet.

About this, I realized that my lists of races and classes were not very well updated because I was going off of the spreadsheet for people's race/class selections and a lot weren't filled in.

Now I have spent some time going through the thread and I have a lot more updated in the rows of that first page on the spreadsheet, and then the race/class lists on the second page updated accordingly.

Anyway, if you're working on a character for this, it will help everyone's planning if you can check on that spreadsheet and make sure your row looks correct. They're in alphabetical order by player name (not character/alias name). If there isn't a row with your name on it, then go ahead and add one.

link to spreadsheet

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Joana wrote:

It's possible that you may accidentally have hidden the gameplay thread; that will make the game not show up in your Campaigns tab (or anywhere else while you're logged in). The hide button is right next to where you click to see the latest post, and it's particularly easy to hit if you're reading on a phone or tablet.

If you go to the Play-by-Post forum and click "SHOW ∅" next to the Search box, see if the thread you're looking for shows up in the list. (It will be in gray text rather than blue with the notation "Hidden" next to the thread title.) From there, you can click the ∅ again to unhide it. (It's on the far right.)

There have been people where there's an actual bug interfering with their campaigns that has to be fixed on Paizo's side, but if it's a hidden thread, you can fix it yourself.

Thanks for the tip! I did some double-checking and found that the Gameplay thread is not hidden, so perhaps I am affected by this bug.

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Thanks, Sam!

I have noticed now that when I am not logged in, I can see the campaign I am looking for--but once I log in I can't see it.

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Mm. Fair enough. I'm picturing him being pushed out of a group of elven survivors, and it's while wandering alone after that that he finds the signs pointing to Prevail.

I could see the finding of an elf gate being a possible goal of the heroes in Prevail, for what that's worth.

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So the first idea that came to mind for my strong but hideously deformed character is an elf who didn't make it out when many (or just some) elves escaped the coming cataclysm via elf gates to Sovyrian on Castrovel and other planets.

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You really have me curious with this one, Mustache. Let's roll...

Mutation: 6d40 ⇒ (35, 38, 19, 32, 36, 7) = 167
I was going off of your post from Dec 12 for which were taken already. I may have missed when one was given back up, but if not, my first five rolls were taken already and my sixth one, 7, I think is still available. What have we got?

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Hi Trevor86,

I sent you a PM with info about a game I am running here on the boards that you are welcome to join, if you like.

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Hey Iamjacks000, I don't know if you've seen the PMs I sent you, but I wanted to make sure you know you're welcome to post in our Discussion thread anytime--you don't need to have your character ready before you do. Join the conversation with us, we'll be happy to help you with character stuff, if you like.

https://paizo.com/campaigns/SpheresRiseOfTheRunelordsVariant/discussion& ;page=4

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mittean wrote:
What is the VMC and antiquarian you guys speak of?
Warriorking9001 wrote:

VMC is Variant Multiclassing, basically you give up half your feats for a few class features from a class at reduced amounts.

Antiquarian is a version of the Investigator that replaces its Alchemical abilities with small trinkets (basically the same as the extracts though) and replaces Poison Resistance with Curse resistance.

Variant multiclassing rules can be found here.

The Antiquarian archetype of the Inquisitor can be found here.

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Iamjacks000 wrote:
Hey thank you for the response! I will review the links and build a character. I enjoy GMing but I am itching to actually play!

Cool! I'll send you a Private Message (PM) with more details.

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Generally, people watch this forum for threads where GMs describe a game they are going to run and ask for character submissions. It varies by GM how they handle it, but most set some kind of deadline and then review all submitted characters and choose some of them to actually join the game. Sometimes others will say that the first X number of people to post in the recruitment thread are in. It can take a while before you make it into your first game.

Once you have joined a game you will want to create an alias on your account for the character you are going to play. Then you will post as that character in the Gameplay thread.

I happen to be running a game that has lost a couple players, and I'd like to welcome you to join it. You should know, however, that it's not totally standard Pathfinder rules. We are using Spheres of Power, Spheres of Might, and Champions of the Spheres (published by Drop Dead Studios). The standard Pathfinder magic is removed entirely from our game and replaced by the Spheres system.

You may or may not be interested in learning the Spheres stuff--have a read through my Recruitment thread to get an idea of what we're doing with the game, and let me know if you want to join.

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Warriorking9001 wrote:
1: Is there an Intelligence Based Arcane Mid Bab 6 Level Int based caster other than the magus? Not that I have anything seriously wrong with the magus but I want to use sword and spell together in a more subtle utilitarian way than "I FULL ATTACK AND MAKE SPELL ATTACKS IN MY OFF HAND"

There is the Warlock archetype of the Vigilante, the Living Grimoire archetype of the Inquisitor, and the Investigator has the Psychic Detective and Questioner archetypes.

Warriorking9001 wrote:
2: Is there something like a Bard that does not have bardic performance? I get that's a REALLY weird order to fill but a wandering warrior-scholar with something like bardic knowledge would be quite fitting, but him singing and orating in combat does not fit that line.

The Archaeologist and Busker archetypes of the Bard both trade out bardic performance while keeping bardic knowledge.

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You mentioned that you'll likely just use standard Pathfinder spells for simplicity's sake (I totally get not wanting to deal with changing that kind of stuff). But since you are still early on, I thought I'd suggest using Spheres of Power in place of normal magic. The way Spheres work...honestly it could feel very much like the magic from Skyrim, especially if you left out some of the spheres (Creation, Dark, Alteration, and Weather don't remind me of anything similar in Skyrim; but Destruction and Protection seem almost perfect translations from the game), although I wouldn't actually recommend removing any spheres, for the sake of fun/gameplay.

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I'd love to get Package 6!

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I also am in the middle of moving, so I'm not done putting together my character. On Monday I think I should be able to focus and pull it all together.

At this time I'm expecting to have a focus on the Creation and Enhancement spheres in my choices of magic talents. I haven't yet decided whether those will come from Incanter or Hedgewitch, and whether I'll mix that with Technician, Scholar, or Blacksmith for the other side of the gestalt (or if I need to do magic on both sides; there are so many talents I want from Creation and Enhancement both!).

I want to have a science and crafting sort of theme. I toyed with the idea of having 1 Conjuration companion (probably orb for the base form with both Sage and Skillful form talents) to serve as a knowledge source...

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I'm looking at the mist creature template...I don't like the idea of being able to cast cloudkill once a day. It seems too much. I would rather get a bonus magic talent in place of those spell-like abilities. Can I drop all of the 3/day and 1/day spell-like abilities and instead get Expanded Materials: Gaseous Generation from the Creation sphere as a bonus talent?

I do want to keep the gaseous form special quality--I looked through the Alteration sphere and was surprised to find no way to duplicate/approximate it with sphere abilities.

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Slyness wrote:
And I just found Fright Wight. So many options...

You might like to grab the Gladiator sphere plus a talent or two from it. You can get them by spending feats on Extra Combat Talent if you're happy with a small dip into combat talents and not looking to get an actual progression.

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Would guys mind posting a simplified summary of your characters' capabilities? Something like "Full BAB, nice damage in melee but weaker ranged, with a compliment of druid spellcasting."

I'm still teetering amongst different character options, and seeing what others have together already may help me make a decision.

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The primary ability mechanic really seemed fine until I brought Spheres classes into the mix, so I don't want to sound like I think it isn't good.

What if you set up an either/or option like in your Dark Sun Legacy of Fire campaign? With the way Spheres seems to be getting really messy with the current option, I would appreciate the option to just do a gestalt instead of the triple-archetype thing.

Oh I also wanted to ask if anyone could make a prestige class recommendation for me. Shadowdancer is the obvious one which is thematically similar, but its abilities duplicate or are very similar to things I was already doing with my talent choices...well, except the shadow, because I wasn't going to put any talents in the Conjuration sphere, but I don't really want the shadow (or any summons) anyway.

Scarab Sages

Yeah I think we should be able to put together those with an obvious matching theme (like my three archetypes which focus on the Dark sphere), but if you don't quite have that, the primary stat works as a unifier. The question then is if all are okay with it being a little freeform like that. Sounds like Zorblag and I are both good with it.

You know what I've been ignoring, though--while the 3 archetypes share a darkness theme, none of them are connected to the chassis, because there is nothing darkness-related about the conscript class. It does seem like I'm just using that for all those combat talents the conscript gets...I'll keep working on this idea.

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Could definitely make a case for Dex on the Invidian and Shadow Boxer because they both come from classes that get a bonus to AC when unarmored or in light armor only. The Nocturnal Predator...seems a little more of a stretch to say Dex is of primary importance.

But I'm kind of wondering about the spirit behind the rule of sharing the primary ability. Does the fact that these three are very strongly tied thematically (darkness!) satisfy that spirit?

Scarab Sages

How strongly do you feel about keeping strictly to your 'shared primary ability' thing for the archetypes? As I'm continuing to mull over this thing, I'm seeing cool possibilities if I focus in more on the Dark sphere, but not all the Dark-focused archetypes I'm looking at have the same primary ability. I'd really like to combine...
Invidian from the Symbiat, which is an Intelligence caster
Nocturnal Predator from the Shifter, which is a Wisdom caster
Shadow Boxer from the UnMonk, which is a Charisma focused archetype

I'd like to just pick one of those mental abilities to be my casting (and practitioner) ability, and then any class features I get from the archetypes which have a DC or something I'm fine to deal with the fact that it will be based on an ability that is not the same as my casting ability, so it's not totally optimized. The Nocturnal Predator doesn't actually provide any abilities like that, but the Invidian gives a set of abilities with an INT-based DC, and the Shadow Boxer gives a dark ki pool based on CHA. (I don't think this ability from Shadow Boxer affects me in any way, since I don't actually have the monk's AC bonus feature or ki powers):

Forceful Personality: A shadow boxer uses her Charisma score in place of her Wisdom score for determining all monk class abilities, including AC Bonus and ki powers.

Scarab Sages

The only magic talents (Spheres of Power) that this character would get would be the ones he spends feats to get (and he does get Basic Magic as a 1st level bonus feat from Shadow Boxer), as nothing grants him an actual magic talent progression. He would have a caster level progression as a Low-Caster, though, from the Advanced Magical Training feat.

Oh, he does get Glory (from the Light sphere) as a bonus talent from Sun Warrior. And if I go with the Entropic Sage that grants a couple bonus talents. But any more I want have to be bought with feats.

He will have a combat/martial talent progression (Spheres of Might), though, from Conscript.

What I'd really like from half-celestial is to keep everything but the spell-like abilities and trade those for a couple bonus talents you think are reasonable. Maybe the Life sphere and the Light sphere?

Scarab Sages

Well, I found something I'm more excited about, actually. Sebecloki, I think I've seen you allow Spheres stuff in other games--I'm not sure if you might have any concerns here with these ideas about classes being related because of a shared primary stat, since a lot of Spheres classes can choose which ability they want for their casting ability or practitioner ability. But here is what I am thinking:

Chassis: the conscript class, picking charisma for his practitioner ability
Archetype 1: the shadow boxer archetype for unchained monk
Archetype 2: the sun warrior archetype for mageknight
Archetype 3: still up in the air...maybe the hedgewitch's entropic sage archetype ? or maybe a cavalier archetype like ghost rider or green knight.

I have always have a tough time picking a template when that choice is presented...I really don't care to get the spell like abilities that come with half-celestial (I'd rather not mix them in with the Spheres of Power stuff I get), although I think I like it thematically.

So this character would have a balance of light and dark theme, slightly reminiscent of the shadow sun ninjas from D&D 3.5's Tome of Battle.


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I've been looking over the Dual Wielding sphere and I'm starting to wonder: Why would anyone pick Combo Maneuvers over Brutal Combo and Tricky Combo? Either way, you're getting a maneuver plus an off hand attack, but with Combo Maneuvers you take a -2 penalty to both rolls.

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Male Human (Iowan) Commoner 2/Expert 1

Honestly, it might be refreshing to play some new character joining the companions because the Fox is gone. Hm...

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Male Human (Iowan) Commoner 2/Expert 1

[trailer narrator guy deep voice]
Will Toshio Okumura go away to the court of the Holy Roman Emperor to continue his career in musical composition? Will the Ogon Fox be lured away from his crusader companions by the wiles of the beautiful Tringelda, Dame of Griffons? Find out next time, on The Fox and the Bear !
[/trailer narrator guy deep voice]

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Actually we already had interest expressed early on by CaptainFord and KingHotTrash, although KHT sounded like he wasn't really going to have any more input until character creation guidelines were fully laid out. Maybe you want to PM those two?

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