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In PF 2ed, what would be the permited alignments for Aroden clerics if he would be alive or if you play 200 years before current year?

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Please cancel my Adventure Path subscription until I could retome it in the future.

Thanks in advance.

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This is Bonekeep 4.

Change my mind.

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In Wrath's Shadow http://paizo.com/products/btpy8r0c, one of my favorite PFS scenarios is also near Hollow Mountain and from Mike Shel too... Any relation?

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-Glorymane #5-11
-Lady Darchana Madinani #6-05
-VC Basia Kalistoff #6-23
-VC Wulessa Yuul #7-01
-VC Holgarin Smine #7-02
-Dhiara #7-04
-Emir Guldis #7-20
-Professor Kramolag #7-26
-Iovin Ratarion #7-29
-VC Shevar Besnik #8-07
-VC Diya Akan #9-04
-Imrizade Blakros #9-05

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Please reprint!
I would buy several new decks, one for me (a spare) and some for my PFS GM friends.

And we could really use PFS Face Cards 2. With:
-The new Liberty's Edge Leader.
-The new Concordance Leader.
-VC Brackett (Portrait in new Andoran sourcebook)
-New Master of Spells Sorrina Westyr

I am not at home (going actualy to GM PFS) but in 5 hours I will put many more!

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All is fine now. Thank you. :)

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I have received a mail about my Payment Method (or lack thereoff) for order 4743886. It says that I don't have a Payment Method but I have my credit card listed and it has not changed from last order.

I think I have changed it (in my subscribtions) and that this was the problem. But i don't know if I did it correctly.

Please tell me if it is fixed or what can I do. The credit card listed in my "Payment Methods" is the only I have.


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Pathfinder Society Face Cards 2, please?

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I would love to run this in PFS...

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What games are you running/playing now?

Last time I asked you were playing a Way of the Wicked game, did it end in a good way?

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I'll resume both when I find a new job


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Summon (Sp) A creature with the summon ability can summon other specific creatures of its kind much as though casting a summon monster spell, but it usually has only a limited chance of success (as specified in the creature's entry). Roll d%: On a failure, no creature answers the summons. Summoned creatures automatically return whence they came after 1 hour. Summoned creatures automatically return whence they came after 1 hour. A creature summoned in this way cannot use any spells or spell-like abilities that require material components costing more than 1 gp unless those components are supplied, nor can it use its own summon ability for 1 hour. An appropriate spell level is given for each summoning ability for purposes of Will saves, caster level checks, and concentration checks. No experience points are awarded for defeating summoned monsters.

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Paizo forums are the best.

I think this is the only place I have found with a civilised discussion about this year's Hugos and the Sad/Rabid Puppies.

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James Jacobs!


Poster Map!

Take my money now!

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¡Gran trabajo estos años, Haco!

Y felicidades, Gustavo :)


Great work this years, Haco!

And congratulations, Gustavo :)

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Zark wrote:
Erik Mona wrote:
Zark wrote:

I’m really surprised and a bit sad that Paizo is ignoring the Spanish speaking public.
There are a LOT of Spanish speaking countries out there and a lot of Spanish speaking people in the US. Surely there must be a marked for a Spanish translation.
We have a Spanish-language license with Devir, and the Core Rulebook is available right here on paizo.com.
Very Nice! Any plans of release of the APG in Spanish?

According to the translator:

en 2015 saldrán (por este orden) el Bestiario 2, la Guía del jugador avanzada, Magia definitiva y Combate definitivo, uno en cada trimestre.

[2015 will (in this order) the Bestiary 2 Advanced Player's Guide, UM and UC, one in each quarter.]

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I submit this order almost a month ago. Have something go wrong? Is some item preventing the shipping?

I would like to know the status of the order.


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Any word about opening the scenario to 4-th level pre-gens?

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New APs sell 6+ books, 2+ campaign setting books, 2+ player companion books, face cards, item cards, flip maps, map packs, plastic miniatures, pawns and novels. They expand the golarion lore and can be re-released in the card game.

Old APs re-released only sell a big book whose content lots of people already have and maybe 1-2 aditional products.

And only a handful of people knows enought of the Pathfinder Rules, enought Golarion lore and the specific AP to make the re-released AP.

And those people are creating the new APs, helping with the licenses and the content in the comics and other things.

I would love to buy CotCT, SD or LoF with PF rules but I don't see this happening.

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South Garund

Casmaron (Kingdom Building/Tarrasque)


South Tian Xia

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Hi, James!

I'm dying to know the next AP after Giantslayer.

But my question today is another.

How are your campaigns? The last time I asked you were running the Serpent Skull AP, and one in Osirion. And you were playing Skull & shakles and Way of the wicked with a tiefling rogue.

How are your characters? And your players PCs?

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Everything ok.
Thanks from a very happy customer! :-)

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I have three orders with items "pending" or "backorder".

I think there are "backorders" inside those orders that are preventing the sending of the other items.

Could you combine the orders and send me the available items and cancel the others?


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Sugerence for PFS:

Give 2 XP a level.

16 levels * 2 XP/level= 32 XP. Almost eleven level-ups.

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I wonder when the bulls will come...



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Will we see a lot of the new ACG classes in Iron Gods?

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Previews wrote:
This issue marks the start of a new adventure series and is the perfect jumping on point for new readers. Come aboard and see why Pathfinder is the world's best-selling fantasy roleplaying game. Each issue of this exciting new series also includes an exclusive Pathfinder Roleplaying Game encounter and a bonus playable tactical map/art poster, bound in with each issue!

The Return of the Maps? :-)

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James Jacobs wrote:
The Painted Oryx wrote:
After reading the journal entries, I was wondering if this campaign will ever be published?
It's not currently on any schedule, in any event. Would folks like to see a giant campaign set mostly in and under and around Sandpoint?

One word: Yes

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Erik Mona wrote:

They sometimes cause creases on the covers, and a lot of comics readers highly value pristine condition.

We're paying close attention to feedback on this issue. I'll let you guys know if we're able to make any changes to bring back maps or encounter content. Each issue is presently scheduled to continue including character write-ups and other rules-oriented content in addition to background. We ought to be able to include encounters with or without maps from time to time, and if the general sense is that people are really, really missing them, I'll try to increase their frequency going forward.

Please, bring the maps back!


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Does the new issue come with the removable map?

Sovereign Court

It's indeed an awesome cover.

If it's a mock up... Where is the original ilustration from?

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Eric Clingenpeel wrote:

For new players, I always ask for knowledge checks as soon as they see a creature. In cases like Wights, the first thing I tell them is the energy drain. Other creatures I'll inform them of the deadliest thing that they need to be careful of.

I also try not to target new players unless they rush in ahead of everyone else.

I'm going to do this. It's a good plan.

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Tomorrow I'm going to run The Accursed Halls and I have a doubt.

In a room, there is a Wight. If he hits a Level 1 PC... The PC is dead by Energy Drain. BAMF! There is another Wight (less powerful) in 1d4 rounds...

Am I correct?

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I have come to think that Golarion is an horror setting with a fantasy coating. The reasons of this are the lack of typical fantasy tropes like profecy, war, chosen-ones, and epic alliances between peoples against an evil nation/enemy. And the overabundance of dark and evil (and alien and monstruous) powers lurking in the shadows, sociopaths and the like.

Also, Paizo has applied a dark spin to some of the Bestiary low-CR critters (goblins, ogres, gnolls, bugbears ...)..

Also, I think most countries of Golarion are not... "medieval" (save probably Brevoy) in their ways of living, culture... I think that Firemountaingames AP "Way of the Wicked" have more "medieval" tones than any Paizo AP.

Now, onto the questions!:

1) Am I mistaken in mi suppositions?
2) Are there any plans for a "more medieval/fantasy" AP/module in the far/near future?
3) Do you think people assumes that "fantasy" settings and adventures are medieval by defect?
4) Are there any plans (maybe not in the inmediate future) for an AP in the great countries of the central Inner Sea? (Absalom/Osirion/Taldor/Cheliax/Andoran/Qadira).

Pd: Sorry for my poor English. My post is not a critic! I have enjoyed all the Paizo Pathfinder APs. I haven't found a single number I didn't want to play or run. Please keep the good work!.

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James, I am now running Kingmaker and also playing in a Serpent Skull game directed by a friend.

But there are a lot of campaigns I began to play but died off because... real life.

What games are you now running/playing regulary? And What games have died off recently?

I remember you talked about running a Serpent Skull game, a Necropolis/Osirion game and playing Way of the Wicked, Skull & Shackles and Iobarian-themed games.

(Not to mention the Shadows under Sandpoint campaing, a book/boxed set that I REALLY WANT).

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Weapon Cord: Weapon cords are 2-foot-long leather straps that attach your weapon to your wrist. If you drop your weapon or are disarmed, you can recover it as a swift action, and it never moves any further away from you than an adjacent square. However, you cannot switch to a different weapon without first untying the cord (a full-round action) or cutting it (a move action or an attack, hardness 0, 0 hp). Unlike a locked gauntlet, you can still use a hand with a weapon cord, though a dangling weapon may interfere with finer actions.

Drop Weapon (free)
Cast (standard)
Recover weapon (swift)

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Si solo pides el AP no debería haber problema. Al ser menos que 22 euros no tienes que pagar IVA.

Si es más, depende de si te lo pillan en aduanas. Es posible que te lo retengan y te hagan pagar IVA (que no es mucho) pero lo peor es que cobran una comisión por "trámites" que varía (unos 15 euros).

En esta página puedes verlo.

http://www.correos.es/contenido/02E-EnviarPaq/03-PaqInternacional/02E03-adt postales.asp#

Casi al final hay un enlace que pone "Envíos susceptibles de realizar trámites aduaneros".

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Increased Damage Reduction (Ex):. The barbarian's damage reduction increases by 1/—. This increase is always active while the barbarian is raging. A barbarian can select this rage power up to three times. Its effects stack. A barbarian must be at least 8th level before selecting this rage power.

You took it three times at level 9.

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two words: Kikko Armor.

Do-maru 200 gp +5 +4 –4 25%
Kikko armor 30 gp +5 +4 –3 20%
Lamellar, horn 100 gp +5 +3 –4

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Taldor? Kobolds? Dragon? 1-6 module? Maps? More pages?

I'm in.

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If Paizo makes "NPC Codex II" people will complain about the absence of Core clases and rant about "only Advanced and Ultimate".

Sovereign Court

Are there any Dwarves in your homebrew world?

If the answer is yes... How are them?

Sovereign Court


Any official ruling or errata for the riding dog?

Thanks in advance

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A possible solution could be changing the con damage with wis damage?

Edit:- Wisdom damage :-)

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Hello, actually I'm running this scenario in PbP.

In this scenario, two of the baddies are clerics of Groetus (a CN god), but both of them are NE. How is this possible? Should I change their alignments to CE?

I'm supposed to run the scenario as written but...

Sovereign Court


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Inner Sea magic was very good...

Land of Linnorm Kings was better...

Horsemen of the Apocalypse was incredible.

Last night, when the mail from paizo appeared in my computer I told myself "Only two minutes and to the bed...".

Two hours later I can only say that Paizo produces better books every time.

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Dear James Jacobs:

Wouldn´t be a great moment to map and create the countries of southern Garund when the Advanced Race Guide comes out?

After all there are bug people and lizardfolk and "amazons" and Azata workshippers...

Could be cat-peope, monkey-people and a lot of races in this "expanded" mwangi expanse?

By the way, I love maps and gazzeteers... Tian Xia getting one is great! (So are Lands of LK and Rule of Fear) I would like to see Casmaron and Arcadia too. (I know that there are time-consuming and difficult books to do).

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