Familiar Faces, Unknown Enemies

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

The team's been appreciating the slightly less hectic pace that's followed Gen Con and the end of what we consider convention season. That's no reason to slack off, though, and we've been busy with the contributions of some talented authors to bring you Season 9's next two scenarios. What's more, Chris Lambertz recently updated the Pathfinder Society page!

The Year of Factions' Favor has several intended themes—most notably a chance to feature factions' storylines in exciting ways—but Linda and I have found that this season lends itself to two themes that are equally gratifying: bringing back past NPCs and having them team up with the PCs directly to do awesome things. If you've followed earlier Pathfinder Society stories, you'll no doubt recognize several of these characters, as well as many more in the months to come. Even if you're newer to the campaign, we introduce these curators, adventurers, schemers, and scallywags in a way that should bring you up to speed in no time—and if you want recommendations on earlier scenarios to play leading up to these, the community's always happy to identify earlier pieces of the larger story.

Of course, studying past events and the bigger picture is just the sort of things that historians, archaeologists, and Pathfinders do. My background is in archaeology, and I always like the occasional reminder that fieldwork isn't all cracking bullwhips and casting magic missile; a lot of public-sector archaeology (at least in the USA) is referred to as cultural resource management (CRM), which involves identifying, salvaging, and preserving archaeological sites—particularly those that might be impacted by imminent industrial or construction projects.

I like to think that the same sort of thing happens on Golarion, including in Thuvia, where Pathfinder Society Scenario #9-04: The Unseen Inclusion takes place. As the city of Merab expands to accommodate new growth, construction teams periodically uncover undocumented ruins dating back to the Tekritanin League. Local archaeologists have some time to study and record their findings before building continues, though even this process can come to a screeching halt when that process uncovers supernatural dangers.

In this Tier 1-5 scenario, Mike Kimmel explores what happens when Obahar, one of the city's archaeologists, unleashes a screaming fiend that has escaped to terrorize the town. The Pathfinder Society's local venture-captain, Diya Akan, maintains a deal to assist with difficult ruins, and the PCs' first obligation is to help with the archaeological analysis of the treacherous site buried below. However, their discoveries have grave ramifications for one of the Society's closest allies, and the PCs must hurry if they're to avert additional disasters. This scenario plays an important role in setting up the upcoming Pathfinder Society Scenario #9-07: Salvation of the Sages. Whether your Scarab Sages faction PCs are low level or higher, you won't want to miss these!

Illustrations by Giorgio Baroni

The Blakros Museum has a well-deserved reputation for small-scale disasters related to its most recent exhibit of artifacts, statues, and other relics. Before the black basalt building housed the Blakros family's collections, it served as the observatory of the mighty Ralzeros the Overwatched, who used the structure to gaze into the cosmos and beyond. Alarms sound when an object on loan from the museum triggers a magical catastrophe in the Pathfinder Society's Grand Lodge, and it's up to the PCs to investigate, put a stop to the madness, and trace the mysterious relic to its source. Christopher Wasko has provided us a delightful Tier 3-7 adventure in Pathfinder Society Scenario #9-05: Call of the Copper Gate. We're not only thrilled because this begins an engaging Dark Archive faction story that explores one of the most beloved (and infamous) sites in the Pathfinder Society campaign; we're also thrilled that the PCs in this adventure get to work directly alongside several familiar faces. Speaking of which, it's our pleasure to introduce you to Imrizade Blakros, who first appeared in Pathfinder Society Scenario #35: Voice in the Void by Robert G. McCreary!

Illustrations by Josef Kucera

In parting, I want to remind you of three timely opportunities.

  • Beginning at 4:00 PM Pacific time today and ending 4:00 PM on Saturday, the team will be opening, monitoring, and answering questions in an "Organized Play Q&A" thread in conjunction with the play-by-post community at PbP Gameday VI. Join us on the forums!
  • Paizo has posted a job opening for a new games developer. If you're reading this blog, then one of the job skills might be especially exciting: "Experience with Paizo's organized play campaigns—Pathfinder Society, Starfinder Society, and Adventure Card Guild—a strong plus." If you're a good fit, we encourage you to apply.
  • There are just a few days left to vote for your favorite character background in our Leaders in Liberty contest. Voting ends on September 29th at 5:00 PM Pacific time.

John Compton
Organized Play Lead Developer

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When can we expect more sanctioned content?

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Pathfinder Society Face Cards 2, please?


First things first: great job on the new site, Chris! Thanks!

Scenarios sound fantastic, I love the archaeological bent. This season is the first time I'm playing things before running them for the most part, and it's all been great stories.


Oh, the contest reminded me... the terrain contest that Tonya announced, is that still on? I sent in an image but haven't heard if it's received or if there were enough submissions to make it go.

Liberty's Edge 5/5 Venture-Lieutenant, Maryland— Baltimore aka Qstor

BTW John I was just curious as to an ETA since GenCon has come and gone. Thanks for all your hard work for PFS! And to Chris for the great new look for the website.

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