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Dogs_Not_Gods wrote:
Is there a current printing of the bestiary 2 with the errata on the FAQ?

No, the current printing is the first printing without any errata. I almost wish they would print fewer of each book at a time to allow for faster reprints but im sure that would be difficult for them in terms of cost and logistics.

Curaigh wrote:


Mystic theurge was one of the hardest PrC to pull off. Combining traditions and no armor or no hp to boot!

Jatembe combined Divine & Arcane because magic was magic. And now his Halcyon magic has combined four traditions, FOUR TRADITIONS! That's two new traditions in less than two years!
That's some pretty impressive wizarding that is.
I want ALL the spells, all!

Halcyon magic is just Arcane and Primal, not all four traditions, and I don't think Jatembe ever combined divine and arcane magic.

Were any new inventor innovations mentioned?

Yeah JJ has said that their unbearable stench would pretty much rule them out of ever being in a party that wasn't all-Xulgath so I think its unlikely

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I kind of doubt they would put out 3 tied-in hard-covers just to have it be a 3-part AP. I think it must be the late-2022 6-part AP.

keftiu wrote:
I’m always a little nervous at the chance this stumbles into tired old “savage barbarians” material.

From the way the AP's developer described it on the KD interview it seems to be much less about savage barbarians and more about building a community while trying to survive in the wilderness.

I feel like most well-educated people, would know of the existence of Hermea, but only people with specific knowledge of it or of dragons would know about Mengkare. So yoru dragon disciple player would probably know about his existence, and maybe a bit about his involvement in the dragon plague, but probably not anything about his plans or current alignment other than what can be gathered from the triad

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Super hyped to be able to play undead characters. I wonder it they'll be their own ancestrys/heritages or if itll be more akin to the corruption system in Horror Adventures from 1e.

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Looks like this turned out to be true, and its set in the Realm of the Mammoth Lords. Its only 3 volumes, from January to March, ostensibly 1st-10th like AbV.

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Honest question, if you have them in your warehouse already why do they need to stay there for another ~5 weeks before being shipped? Why not ship them now?

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Kyrt wrote:
Will there be anything new that hasn't appeared in a previous incarnation?

My understanding from what Luis said is that everything in this book will be new content, no reprints. If you mean new as in never in 1e then I don't know for sure but the trend set by previous Lost Omens books suggests that there probably will be all-new monsters in this book as well (LOCG and firebrands, LOL and Kassi Aziril, LOPSG and several lodges, etc)

How are name-change retcons handled in-game? For example, do people in Golarion refer to werecreature-descended mortals as "Beastkin" or "Skinwalkers"? Was there a time in-world where they suddenly changed what they call them or have they "always" called them the new name or does it vary by location?

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WWHsmackdown wrote:
Lucerious wrote:
A symbiotic parasite heritage.
Serious English question: is that an oxymoron?

Yes it is. Symbiotic relationships are when two creatures live off of each other in harmony, each needing the other to survive, whereas parasitic relationships are those where one organism leeches off of another without giving anything back.

Ed Reppert wrote:
Hikuen wrote:
Erik Mona mentioned this morning (for anyone who missed it) on Cannon Fodder (Glass Cannon's "behind the scenes" podcast) that this was "on-track and on schedule to be released this November"
Does "this" refer to Absalom or to Kingmaker?


A while ago I shared the flowchart I had created to visualize all of the interconnectedness in hellknight hill. Well now I've changed programs to one that lets me cretae unlimited nodes, and so I've expanded it. So far it includes information up to book 3, with fragments from some of the other books as well, but will continue to be expanded.

here is the link

Can't wait

To be clear ethnicity requirements were not my idea, there are a bunch of feats with ethnicity requirements in the Character Guide, but I don't disagree that they might not be the best thing ever.

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Bloodrager could be a barbarian class archetype, maybe even in secrets of magic

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Staffan Johansson wrote:
keftiu wrote:
The problem is that mechanizing different types of humans can very quickly go some very gross places.

True. But heritages for other ancestries aren't strictly tied to ethnicities – there is some correlation ("heritage A is common among ethnicities B, C, and sometimes D" or the inverse "ethnicity A often have heritage B, C or D"), but it's not a strict thing ("all As are Bs"). And while it's definitely an area that does need some sensitivity, I think there's definitely room to expand there.

I think the main danger is to reserve the "cool" heritages for "exotic" folks (that's not the best term, but it's what I can come up with while posting). If you were to add, for example, "Desert dweller", "Forest folk", and "Mountain men", that would send the message that folks from those places aren't "normal" humans, which could be bad.

Hmm. Perhaps one way of dealing with it would be to add one heritage that gives a second ancestry feat, and then make more cool cultural ancestry feats for humans (ancestry feats generally have less of a risk of being gross than heritages).

Maybe something like "Deeply rooted" that says "pick one first level ancestry feat with a specific ethnicity as a prerequisite" or something?

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Castilliano wrote:

I want reasoned pacing in the release of Ancestries/Heritages so that we don't get swamped like Starfinder did with lots of meaningless skins with minimal culture. I want them to have enough depth a home GM could build a chunk of adventure around a village or family of them and have a solid base for building personalities and uniqueness. Or a table of players, if they built a party of them, would understand how that would change the social dynamics from a typical party.

Thankfully most of the examples here do, yet I had to get that out there.

I think 2e is the perfect game for this idea of ancestries with actual culture and depth. IN starfinder and 1e, a race could fit in a sidebar, and that incentivizes throwing them in to fill space in bestiaries and the like rather than fleshing them out. In pathfinder an ancestry takes 4 pages minimum, and its hard to write 4 pages about a group of people without giving them at least some interesting qualities and culture.

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We already have a thread for Classes, and Rulebooks, and APs, but what interesting/exciting Ancestry or Versatile Heritage options are people hopeful/excited for?

For reference, as of writing there are 8 ancestries confirmed to be coming out this year:
Lost Omens Mwangi Expanse Anadi, Grippli, Gnoll, Shisk, Conrasu, Goloma
Guns and Gears Automaton
Lost Omens Grand Bazaar Unknown never-before-playable ancestry

Personally I hope we get a VH to make characters truly undead (mortic maybe?}, as well as centaurs and other Large ancestries and more weird/non-humanoid options.

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I feel like hyper-specific isnt really what a class should be. I don't necessarily think they need to be setting agnostic, but definitely not hyperspecific. There needs to be room for the subclasses to all feel different from eachother, and for the variety of class feats to make every single high-level version of the class feel different from every other one. That's hard if the class only encompasses a very narrow idea or playstyle.

At the same time, it is possible to make a class feel too broad. As good as the Fighter is, I've always felt like "fighter" doesn't really mean anything and the flavor just isnt there for me.

I hope we get Akrivel from Age of Ashes on a map somehwere in this book. It would be nice to know exactly where it is. Maybe we'll even get a settlement stat block for it.

The town the adventure is set in is called Crookcove

Aaron Shanks wrote:
Fumarole wrote:
Four in a year? Nice. There will be far more PF2 content than I will ever get to play, and that's not a bad thing.
Five in total between Starfinder and Pathfinder this year.

So is the “two more” one for pathfinder and one for starfinder?

So to be clear, there will be no new pathfinder product releases in any line until July, correct? That’s how it seems from looking at product pages

Oh, looks like this was pushed to July as well.

Is the fumbus character sheet in this the same as the fumbus iconic present character sheet?

If you want stuff specifically about geography you're probably going to either want to wait for Mwangi Expanse (June) and the Absalom book (probably November) or check out some of the 1e campaign setting books, whose lore is all still valid for the most part. Character Guide has lore about the core ancestries and about some factions, and Ancestry Guide has a bunch of lore about uncommon and rare ancestries, and Gods and Magic is pretty much just god lore as far as fluff is concerned, but if you specifically want geographical Golarion lore there just isn't that much of it out for 2e yet.

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Just noting for everyone that the first three words of the Giant Eagle description is "No mere animals,"

why has this been pushed back to July? my understanding of the shipping delay was that It was only affecting the April and May releases.

Care to give us a tiny hint about the grand bazaar ancestry? I know you said its something thats never been playable in Pathfinder or Starfinder. Does that mean its never appeared in either game or has it appeared but only as a monster and not a playable race?

cool. Factions and their interconnectedness are something that's always interested me.

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I think I must be missing something but why can't regular longbows etc be used mounted? everyone is acting like the ability to be used mounted is a big advantage for the daikyu but I can't find where it says that you can't use regular bows when mounted.

Has it been revealed who the current monarch of Korvosa is? I couldn't find it in the World Guide or in Legends

I think the ones in the Agents of Edgewatch Player's Guide are especially great because some of them break the background mold to give you something extra in addition to cementing you into absalom and the city guard. If I ever GM edgewatch I'll likely say my players have to pick backgrounds from the AoE player's guide just because of how thematically good I think they are.

I also like that Fall of Plaguestone has prewritten sidequests in its adventure toolbox that match each of its presented specific backgrounds. I dont think any other adventure or AP has done this but I really liked it.

The article about Starstone Aspirants in Agents of Edgewatch 4 gives a bunch of really interesting stories about the people who are trying to actually become gods, and one of the major takeaways for me fromt hat was just how hard it is to actually get over the pit.

A ton of those aspirants just died trying to get to the cathedral, and they're people who think they're powerful enough to become gods, so I imagine ordinary people wanting to go take a look would have even a much harder time.

Although why the city government doesn't just build a bridge and charge people money to cross it for huge profits I have no idea.

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I imagine we'll get that at paizocon

firelark01 wrote:
I guess this ain't gonna come out this year now that the monsters book has been announced...

I dont think that tha necessarily means it won't get released this year. They don't have to release it within their established schedule, they coyld just release it whenever they get it into the warhouse.

However, if they do want to release it on-schedule that means it'll likely be the february 2022 release, and that means all the books they had planned will have to get pushed one slot back to make room for it.

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graystone wrote:
"Some of these spells aren't normally on the divine list, but they're divine spells if you prepare them this way." As "Some of these spells aren't normally on the divine list", that also means some ARE.

but whats the point of deities granting those spells to clerics if clerics could cast them already anyway?

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Asgetrion wrote:
Oh, wow! Will there be lair maps and/or hand-outs in this book? It would be great if it did include both. :)

I imagine at least some monsters will have supplemental features like that, given the 6 pages per monster estimation made earlier. I'm thinking two pages of lore, two pages for statblock (high level creature statblocks get big), and then two pages for extra PC options, maps, handouts, treasure they guard, etc.

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keftiu wrote:
Laclale♪ wrote:
keftiu wrote:
What makes you say Numeria has no Inventors? That’s a pretty strange claim.

Source: Playtest document

Technomancer will return if there is a crossover with StarFinder.

The word “Numeria” isn’t in the playtest document.

I believe that’s his point - the play test document lists places that grant access to inventor and numeria isn’t one of them.

To the person asking, Tar-baphon almost certainly will not be in this because he was already in legends.

This looks awesome. December feels so far away, especially when one of my PCs wants to find a kaiju as soon as possible.

I wonder if any “monstrous” ancestries will sneak their way in here, given that Grand Bazaar has an ancestry we didn’t find out about until months after it’s announcement

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GGSigmar wrote:
Elfteiroh wrote:
Also, yes, Ija is human and thus young, not a "small" ancestry.
I have some vague of memory of Paizo stating she is a halfling? Might be wrong though.

They have said specifically that she is a human child. I don't have problem with her being a child like some people seemed to, but I do wish she was anything other than another human.

Strongly agree about the skill checks being formatted to make them stand out. Part of my GM prep now (in Age of Ashes) is taking all of the DCs for an area and writing them on a separate piece of paper for reference, and it would be great to not have to do that for minimal extra work on the development side.

this is great, love these concepts

vagrant-poet wrote:
Probably Starfinder then, as Tondro is a Starfinder guy, no?

He is but that doesn't necessarily rule in either direction, starfinder people have written pathfinder APs and vice-versa previously. More I think it about it probably is starfinder though, just because of how much the alkenstar AP has been hinted at.

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Laclale♪ wrote:
If that's Starfinder AP, move this thread to be better. Waiting staff's answer.

lol, this seems like a sneaky way to find out which it is. I love it.

keftiu wrote:

Does it specifically get called out as Pathfinder and not Starfinder?

Its true now that you mention it that its never specifically cited as a pathfinder AP. As mentioned above it was found by a member of the pathfinder2e subreddit and posted there, so I assumed there was some evidence that it was for pathfinder, but on a second watch I don't see anything. Regardless the name has a much more pathfinder feeling than a starfinder one, but I suppose it could be either. I guess we'll wait and see, it will probably be announced at Paizocon.

12 days ago starfinder develop Jason Tondro revealed (likely be accident) that the next AP is titled "Quest for the Frozen Flame" on this interview. He claims it has a product page on this website (which it does not), and says that Patrick Reney is the AP's developer. Besides that and the fact that Tondro is writing one of the volumes we know nothing.

Credit to u/DragonCalypso on the r/pathfinder2e discord for the catch, its not something I would ever have watched so nice catch to him.

What it could be about I have no idea. Best guess is something in the Saga Lands, like the realm of the mammoth lords, land of the linnorm kings, or more excitingly something in the crown of the world. Hopefully its not another Irrisen AP.

Honestly I'm kind of disappointed, I was really hoping for that Alkenstar/Geb/Nex AP that people here have been talking about forever, but hopefully this will be interesting too. we'll see.

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