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Can Healing Plaster be used in place of a healers tools when using battlefield medicine?

From Battlefield Medicine...
" Attempt a Medicine check with the same DC as for Treat Wounds "

and from Healing Plaster...
"This restorative substance can be used in lieu of healer's tools for Medicine checks to Administer First Aid or Treat Wounds."

Looks to me like the RAW would be that a Battlefield Medicine check is a check with the same DC as "treat wounds" and has the same effect as "treat wounds" but is not really "treat wounds", so the Plaster would be of no use.

Am I reading too much into this?

Mathmuse wrote:
Zapp wrote:
I posted this back in October over at ENWorld: ...

We have had several threads about Recall Knowledge in the Paizo forums, too.

August 7, 2019, Recall Knowledge
August 18, 2019, Gathering information from Knowledge checks
August 23, 2019, Knowledge in PF2
October 6, 2019, How are GMs determining the result of Recall Knowledge regarding creatures?
October 23, 2019, Recall Knowledge 1 action? 2e
November 27, 2019, Recall Knowledge checks encourage metagaming!

Zapp wrote:

In short: spending an action on Recall Knowledge in combat is not nearly useful enough. Just attack the monster and you will likely find out what you need to do faster. You're likely doing at least some damage while figuring it out, while each RK action deals exactly zero damage, guaranteed.

Remember: even if a single RK action gave ALL information, it would still not always get used. Having roughly a 50% chance (against low-level foes you seldom bother with RK - it's against boss monsters you need it the most, and there the chance of success might be even lower!) of getting a factoid that might or might not be relevant at all.

I had houseruled Knowledge checks in PF1 to give more information, and I made similar houserules for PF2. And my players often use Recall Knowledge as their first action. They like the flavor of their characters winning because they talked to townsfolk, researched details, scouted ahead, and took advantage of their information.

The system I use is narrative: I tell a...

Kind of reminds me of the old TV show Kung-Fu and the joke... "I'll throw a punch so slow, you can have a flashback if you want to..."

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When I was in college (and gaming far more that I should have) we had multiple campaigns where some had a main character. We didn't plan it that way, but each of us had a Campaign where we were the main character and like mentioned above there were plenty of subplots.

1 Oracle(Lore) sidestep secret (cha to AC + reflex save)
X Swashbuckler (possibly flying blade) (cha for panache)

feats have been pretty well covered.

Look at trait Irrepressable - Cha to saves vs charms/compulsions

Daw wrote:

The gods punish you if you pass up too many straight lines don'cha know.

Are you implying that the gods are crooked?

Thanks, that's what I was looking for(and more)

I saw something recently, not sure where, but it was a feat or trait that would reduce any penalties to your attack rolls for things like combat expertise or power attack by 1.

In other words, say your BAB was 5 and you used power attack, you would normally have a -2 on your to hit roll. With this trait/feat you would only be -1.

Can anyone refresh my memory as to what this was and in what book it can be found?

Brawler would let you take feats on the fly based on the form your in.

SmiloDan wrote:

Power Attack?

I usually suggest Combat Reflexes (1st) and Power Attack (3rd) and use a longspear or other reach weapon at low levels, then use them at higher levels while wildshaped.

I know you said you didn't want to take Combat Reflexes because your Dex is only 12 or 14 for now (but boostable via cat's grace and belts), but it is also a good prerequisite feat for stuff like Stand Still or Bodyguard.

Can you take Improved Grapple? Weapon Focus might be worth it if you are getting 8 attacks per round. Furious Focus is good for mitigating the penalty to your attack roll with your first attack with Power Attack. Definitely worth taking for your T-Rex!!!

The problem with combat reflexes as a druid is that your dex takes a hit when you wild shape in the big creatures with the reach that you want to use combat reflexes with.

Now, if you wanted help building a pirate, your title would have been perfect...

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Megistone wrote:
Snowlilly wrote:
Megistone wrote:
Hubaris wrote:
Megistone wrote:
Knowing the exact position and momentum of a certain particle at the same time.
I'm uncertain that would work, out of principal.
With a natural 20 you can.
Natural 20's do not auto succeed on skill checks.

Ouch! A solid system to enforce the laws of physics...

But I've got the solution: magic! Magic will work, yes!

At least you'll know if that damn cat is alive or dead.

Avoron wrote:
Signature Deed (Disrupting Counter) might be nice for higher levels.

So assuming the thread on Grit=Panache thread in rules questions is correct and you can actually use Signature Deed on this, you could recast the build as a melee build, grab Combat Reflexes, and give the Come Get Me Barbarian a run for his money...

Who would have thought a flying blade would make such an excellent melee build.


So I saw an old thread on star knife flying blades and thought with some of the feats that have come out since, I'd take a crack at the concept again.

Race- Aasimar (azata-blooded, aazimar ability +2 cha)

Abilities (20 pt build)
Dex-16 (14+2)
Cha-21 (17+4)

Level/feats/ability progression (all levels in swashbuckler flying blade)
1. Divine Fighting Tech (Desna)
3. Point Blank Shot
4. Weapon Focus Starknife(bonus feat),+1 chr
5. Startoss Style
7. Startoss Comet
8. Startoss Shower, +1 dex
9. Quick Draw
11. Rapid Shot (needed for Adv Prereq of Divine Fighting Tech)

I haven't given much thought to after level 11. Precise Shot would definitely be useful. Weapon Specialization is also a possibility.

As to magic items, a blinkback belt is necessary. Having charisma as you attack/damage stat means you don't need a strength/dex belt. So get a headband of alluring charisma. Other than that, grab a decent starknife and the usual gear.

I have considered a small fighter dip to get Precise Shot and Quick Draw earlier. However, since all of the bonuses except Point Blank Shot apply to melee as well as ranged attacks, you can close to get multiple attacks and avoid the throwing into melee penalty. Don't forget about the Disrupting Counter Deed should you find yourself in melee.

As always, any suggestions would be appreciated...

Personally I like the idea of a small monk dip, wildshaping into a big creature with hands (elemental or Goliath Druid humanoid form) and picking up an appropriately sized quarterstaff. As a monk weapon you can flurry with it and you can cast Shillelagh on it.

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You might consider the Slashing Grace feat and either Swashbuckler or Duelist (or both). Precise strike will give you a much needed damage boost. At least against things that are critable...

Since all undead were once mortal, any of your intelligent undead could have breeding stock around, captive mortal populations that exist only to create more undead. When one of this population reaches adulthood, the undead ruler(s) would decide how best to use them. Some would be remain mortal to continue to produce more children. Some would become unintelligent undead to perform the manual labor (growing crops etc). Those with the most potential would be chosen to become intelligent undead and join the ruling class.

The PCs could encounter a this population and want to free the mortals from their imprisonment. A possible twist on this would be that the mortals don't want to be freed, given 400 years to work with, the culture be molded in such a way that every child's dream is to grow up and becoming undead, preferably as a member of the elite ruling class.

You might take a look at the songbird of doom threads. I suspect if you could get some really good melee ideas there if you didn't want to go the casting route.

Might be kind of a complicated build for a beginner though...

And you need to put it on after you change.


So I was looking at the Kobold feat "Roll With It" and wondering how it would interact with DR.

1. Would the DR reduce the DC of the Acrobatics Check to avoid damage?
2. Would it reduce the distance traveled?

My first guess would be No to 1 since it talks about "damage dealt" and yes to 2 since it refers to "damage you would have take", but this seems odd.


Why not add all the levels on 1 sheet, one tab for each level?

quibblemuch wrote:
It's important to have your wizard fixed. It's the only way to reduce the population of stray and feral wizards...

I think this exact thing when politicians talk about fixing the economy.

You could have fun with moral issues. Have some slaves for sale, or creatures that could be used for components. How much would the party bid on a unicorn, knowing that the next highest bidder was going to kill it for the horn? If they won the unicorn, what would they do with it?

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Which begs the question...

Do Dragons molt?

Might make for an interesting story. A dragon acquainted with the party knows it will be molting soon and thus vulnerable while it sheds its old scales/grows/hardens new ones, so it enlists the party to hide or protect it during this process. The dragon could pay the party with the scales, allowing a good character to obtain metallic dragon armor without alignment issues.

Can you be more specific as to the kind of business. A merchant caravan would have very different events that a wizards school.

Claxon wrote:
LittleMissNaga wrote:
Claxon wrote:
Now, this can cause a bit of a problem, but those problems are mostly alleviated if the GM makes the rolls in secret by knowing the player character's sense motive skill modifiers.
Yeah, this is what I do. It's not going to work for every group though; some players will get really angry if you try and 'take away control' from them and insist on rolling sense motive themselves... every single time anyone says anything ever.

Eh, it's not every single time though. If the player calls that they want to roll it, then let them roll and use their roll (instead of yours if you already rolled). The idea here (for me) is that you as the GM know when the NPC is bluffing or acting suspicious, but your players might not catch it. But their characters might, and that's the whole purpose of them having the Sense Motive skill in the first place.

...Though I find the players who dislike the GM rolling sense motive for them are usually the ones who use it to metagame, distrusting NPCs they have no reason to distrust simply because they rolled low on sense motive and worry they might have missed something.

Metagamers gonna metagame. If you notice a player doing that, it's a problem outside of the skill interaction of Bluff/Sense Motive. It's a problem with the player. If someone fails to make the check, and they start acting in a suspicious manner call them out for being meta and having no reason to be suspicious.

At the same time this doesn't mean they have to be super trusting and accept the invitation into someplace they don't know, a bit of suspicion is expected from murder hobos. But, if they want to do secret investigations on everyone they roll a low Sense Motive on throw in lots of NPCs, make them roll sense motive, and when the roll low let them follow the red herring to nothing.

I have seen games where the DM will have each player roll a bunch of dice and give the DM a list of results. Whenever the DM needs to make a roll for the player, he just looks down at the list and takes the next number, crossing it off ah he goes. If the players try to metagame (i rolled really well on my first couple rolls then not so good later), the DM can roll a dice and count down unused rolls from the top.

This way the player still gets to make the rolls, but the DM can apply the results in secret.

Thowing money at the problem?

Softstones (sling)

It says "Pazuzu, Pazuzu, Pazuzu".

Difficult terrain would reduce their speed to 1/4, (halved for difficult terrain, then halved for tumbling), so most normal movement speeds could get past 10' reach, but 15' prevent most characters from tumbling thru.

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cavernshark wrote:
cavernshark wrote:
Hex channeler is not restricted in PFS anymore. The only restriction is you can't use the extra hexadecimal feat to boost channel energy so if you want to have full channel progression you are giving up all hexes except the first.
Uh it probably goes without saying, but apparently my phone decided 'hex' needed to be 'hexidecimal'.

That Bytes.

My understanding is that both the +4 and -20 would apply if your just using the tentacle to grapple (ie you do not gain the grappled condition)

Could also go brawler, with a dip into something to get armor/weapon proficiency(s). Use the Martial Flexibility to get feats that match the weapons you have at hand. This would work best if your only fighting a few times a day, otherwise,you'll run out of uses of Martial Flexibility fairly quickly.

Could always get some Effortless Lace

Mjolbeard89 wrote:
Aelryinth wrote:
make sure you make it out of something useful!
Adamantine Mug: Useful in a fight, but makes the ale taste a bit off... XD

Is that for hard liquor?

You might consider using Combat Patrol to increase your threatened area so you can attack people who miss you with spells or ranged attacks.

I'd be interested in hearing what everyone thinks about combining Sidestep with this vs an opponent with reach. Can you use you immediate action with sidestep to close with your opponent after he misses you and before you take you opportunity attack, or since you were not in melee range (for you) when the opponent missed, would you not get an opportunity attack?

Ok, so on a somewhat related question, the crane style states...

"You take only a –2 penalty on attack rolls for fighting defensively. While using this style and fighting defensively or using the total defense action, you gain an additional +1 dodge bonus to your Armor Class."

So lets say I have the crane style feat, am not a Master of Many Styles, am in the stance for another style, and am fighting defensively? The "only take a -2 penalty on attack..." is before the when using the style, so am I -2 or -4 to hit?

sorry to necro a thread, but is there a difference between "When wielding your chosen weapon one-handed," and using a 1 handed weapon. It seems to me that the first refers to how many hands are touching the weapon when you wield (hold) it and the second refers to the size of the weapon. I suspect this was put in the description to prevent using a "one handed" weapon with 2 hands and applying 1.5 times dex to damage(see below). Since your not actually wielding an unarmed strike, I suspect the original poster is still can't apply dex to damage to unarmed strike, but I see no reason why someone couldn't use a light slashing weapon (hand axe, kukri etc) with slashing grace...

"Wielding a Weapon Two-Handed

When you deal damage with a weapon that you are wielding two-handed, you add 1-1/2 times your Strength bonus (Strength penalties are not multiplied). You don't get this higher Strength bonus, however, when using a light weapons with two hands."

Duelist for int to ac

Consider the Scout archetype for rogue. Your Sap Master only kicks in when enemy is flat footed, Scout 4 lets you treat an opponent of a charge as flat footed and 8th level allows you to treat an opponent as flat footed after you move 10+ft.

Pick up a sling and some softstones to allow ranged blunt non-lethal damage from range, later you can switch to either a bow with blunt arrows (Merciful bow or Budgeoneer feat to make it non-lethal.

Sniper goggles also works well with this build.

Here is a thread where we explored some of these ideas, this was before the Scout Adept got nerfed so the damage calculation is a bit off...

Helm of Opposite Alignment might come in handy if, depending on the alignments involved.

Verteidiger wrote:
TarkXT wrote:
SAMAS wrote:

Actually, the Vampire Killer is a chain whip. Sometimes with an iron ball at the end of it, and if you're really good, flaming.

It may seem ridiculous, but it's served them for centuries. As the old saying goes: "If it's stupid, but it works, it's not stupid."

Which is why by the time magic lance chick comes along the Belmont family has been gone for centuries.

I think Dracula was just screwing with them to be honest.

There are crazier weapon ideas

You could really blow someone away with that weapon.

If your doing a mainly melee build, consider duelist (int to ac, precise strike stacking with high str to damage)

Consider using the rogue scout archatype. Use softstones in your sling with the Sap Adept, Sap Master feats. As an 8th level scout when you move more than 10' enemies are treated as flat footed. You now have a flat footed opponent, and your sling is dealing blunt non-lethal damage, all sneak attack dice are now effectively 2d6+1. If you want to pick up some of that ranger flavor, you can use rogue talents for favored terrain.

1. Polymorph into long lived harmless creature
2. Helm of Opposite Alignment
3. Sphere of Annihilation.

I have been playing around with a build idea of using the snake style to make a brawlers unarmed strike piercing and thus qualify for the duelist precise strike. My loose framework for the goes something like this...

L1 Brawler Weapon Finesse
L2 Brawler Martial Feat Feat Dodge
L3 Brawler Feat Mobility
L4 Brawler
L5 Brawler Feat Combat Reflexes Martial Feat Snake Style
L6 Brawler
L7 Duelist Feat Snake Sidewinder
L8 Duelist
L9 Duelist Feat Snake Fang

Primary stat should be dex, A high int would also be useful for canny defense.

Items should include an Agile Amulet of Mighty Fists, anything to help AC and saves, especially Will.

Against mooks, move around a lot, provoking AoAs. Your high AC (dex, canny defense, dodge, mobility, lt armor, brawler AC bonus) should cause them to miss, allowing you to respond with the Snake Fang ability. Verses tougher creatures use Unarmed Flurry and Precise Strike.

Martial Flexibility will generally be used for Weapon Focus/Specialization (unarmed strike) although being able to get combat maneuver related feats could be useful in certain situations.

What I am not sure of is where to take the build from here. Duelist levels until you get to your int bonus would probably be a good idea for Canny Defense and Precise Strike. Then perhaps back to Brawler till 8th for Flurry (Improved Two Weapon Fighting). I am also debating the Winding Path Renegade (Unblinking Flame) but losing the martial feats would delay the Snake Fang, even for a human.

Your thoughts are of course welcome...

Assuming the Standard action to activate, they would still be useful in avoiding attacks of opportunity. That being said, a lot of gold for a very situational benefit.

Would a daring champion be able to get twice his level as a bonus to damage attacking a challenged opponent with a 1h piercing weapon? I thought I saw somewhere on the boards that generally the same bo

I am thinking about a build using a small lance (1 handed piercing to med character). Will probably need to find a way to get a mount that can stay alive, since the Mount class feature is replaced...

....must find way to duel wield lance charge/pounce...

I have seen several threads talking about style feats and action economy and re-read the section

"As a swift action, you can enter the stance employed by the fighting style a style feat embodies. Although you cannot use a style feat before combat begins, the style you are in persists until you spend a swift action to switch to a different combat style"

It says that the style you are persists until you switch to a different style, so you could read it as you are always in a stance, since the only way for it not to persist is for you to adopt a different combat style. You can't actually use the feats while out of combat, but assuming you ended your last combat using a stance, you start the new combat in the stance.


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