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Sips a dark and stormy. Kicks a poodle.

Cheel Vorastrix wrote:
Demolition Jack wrote:
Cheel Vorastrix wrote:
Freehold DM wrote:
Cheel Vorastrix wrote:
*pushes random buttons on stolen prototype weather dominator*
Hey! Thats my job!
Look, zhe world'z a big place, and I'm juzt one kobold. There'z ruum for uz to be in on thiz Fimbulvinter zhing togezher.

Punts Kobold away from the weather domination machine

My turn!

[dice=Fly check vs DC 25]1d20+31

*midair recover*

*casts Forcecage around DemoJack and the slaadified PtWD*

Yuu know, I waz goink to azk for the mazchine back, but after those zzzlaadi got their zlime all over it, I thenk yuu can ztay in there with it until it iz done becomink whatever it iz becomink. It will be entertainink to watzch and zee who winz thiz cage-fight, no?

catches kobold and runs toward end zone.

Yankee Poodle wrote:
Fiendish Blue wrote:
Rusty the Poodle wrote:
Fiendish Blue wrote:
Moff Rimmer wrote:
Moff Rimmer wrote:
How does Blue's Clues make any sense? Blue talks in a mockery of squeaks. Yet the other animals talk, the mailbox talks, even the soap talks. Yet everyone accepts this as "normal".
And Steve is creepy.


*Translation: "I'm going to eat your face!"

Awwwwwww. He's so cuuuute.


*Translation: "Hey! I'm a girl! How come nobody remembers I'm a GIRL! You're next, poodle-boy!"

*sniffs FB's butt*

*Punts YP*

Jyu1ch1 wrote:
Solnes wrote:
Jyu1ch1 wrote:
Hey! Someone ate all the pecans outta the mixnuts! What jerks!!!
Chewing/Wasn't me/chewing

I like almonds

Callous Jack wrote:
Jeremy Mcgillan wrote:
Jeremy Mcgillan wrote:

O god I'm starting to think like taig. Only one solution.....

*Goes to find the drill*

Only one way to let the bad thougts out.....

*points drill at his forehead*
Please don't do it, one yellowdingo is more than enough.

Tosses CJack a keg of PBR

Callous Jack wrote:
Dr. Double Honors, Ph.D. wrote:
Crimson Jester wrote:
So your wanting to dress like Doctor Who. Maybe a really long scarf would add to the look.
Not so much like Dr. Who.
Hey, Mairkurion's a doctor, he can do the dissection!

I'll bring the beer

Urizen wrote:
We did use some mortar on this tower's foundation...right guys?


oh you meant the other type of mortar

Mairkurion {tm} wrote:
CJ fluffs my ego while Woodraven squashes Urizen's. Is today a holiday and I forgot it? *Checks Druidish calendar*

Oh great a Druish princess

on the rocks

Hungry Jack wrote:

Hungry Jack® sees that the boss is still around, also Frat Jack and Jack's Right Hand Man.

But where are Hungry Jack®'s other Jack brethren:

Malice Jack?
Un-Callous Jack?
Cultist of Jack?
Jack of all Trades?
Panama Jack?

I'm here

David Fryer wrote:
Callous Jack wrote:
Crimson Jester wrote:

I also like how some um posters, post their opinions as facts, as well as using simple statements as logical/fallacy arguments in their favor even when they have little or no evidence to support them.
You clearly have no idea what you're talking about and I have an algorithm breakdown to prove it...
Well wikipedia proves your algorithm is bogus.

That's what she said

Angsty, the Androgynous Vampire wrote:
Celestial Healer wrote:
That reminded me that I was behind on my profiles. All updated.
My profile contains my magnum opus - a poem with the very outpourings of my soul.


~squeezes hard enough to crush little emo vampire like a beer can and takes him to draculas dungeon~

Callous Jack wrote:
Sharoth wrote:
~pops my claws and gives you a toothy smile~ Sure! I will give you a "hug"!
Psst...there's no toothy smile, you forgot your dentures again...

~hugs sharoths tail~ "I'm gonna hug you and squezze you, love you, and feed you, brush you, and comb you. ~all the while swinging him like a club back and forth on the ground~

Sharoth wrote:
Crimson Jester wrote:
Yes 3 people are older then I!!
~indignat look~ Now look here GRANDPA!!!

aww ddoes the pwetty dwagon have candy for me? Can I give it a hug mawme?!!!?!!

taig wrote:
Heathansson wrote:
And a talent for ego-stroking feigned self-deprication.

You've described at least 25% of this board's population. :D

yeah so what about it

Hey what's this hole in the ground for? Oh well might as well fill it. fills hole with beer, to set up a massive keg stand, so to speak

Leena Windorel wrote:
Aberzombie wrote:
Sorry we're all out around here.

yup no brains here

Deus ex machina = god from the machine

just had to be done

Gracie Fisher wrote:
Devlyn, Jack o' Nine Dales wrote:
Gracie Fisher wrote:
Merry Christmas and all that. Now where can a girl get some rum around here?
"Welcome, and a Happy Yule to you too, ma'am! Look no further - we have a pretty good selection of rum here. You want to try one, or do you feel up to trying them all?" Devlyn asks with a grin from behind the bar.
Definitely up to trying them all. Start with the good stuff, save the cheap ones for when I'm too drunk to appreciate them...assuming you even have that much rum. ;)

"Why's the rum gone?"

ahh I give up, lousy no post count at the bottom of the thread



Jack of Tears wrote:
This thread needs an enima.

I'm not going through one of those again!

Devlyn, Jack o' Nine Dales wrote:
Jack'n'Coke wrote:
Tiny Tina wrote:
Devlyn, Jack o' Nine Dales wrote:
Emperor7 wrote:
Devlyn, Jack o' Nine Dales wrote:

My my - we're racing along here, arent' we?

Mornin' All :)

[EDIT] Wow - that's twice now that I've gotten on :P

TT will be jealous.
Um...I just landed that way? :D
Spoilered due to NSFW** spoiler omitted **
Gorram it, why am I always passed out when the fun happens
There are advantages to being up before the rising sun, neh? ;D

Hey in school they called me "The Rising Sun" when I left they always said "of a" couldn't hear the rest over the noise of the halls then they laughed, I wish I knew what was so funny

Tiny Tina wrote:
Devlyn, Jack o' Nine Dales wrote:
Emperor7 wrote:
Devlyn, Jack o' Nine Dales wrote:

My my - we're racing along here, arent' we?

Mornin' All :)

[EDIT] Wow - that's twice now that I've gotten on :P

TT will be jealous.
Um...I just landed that way? :D
Spoilered due to NSFW** spoiler omitted **

Gorram it, why am I always passed out when the fun happens

both wrong mine

Hey, Heathy didn't I see you in the previews for New Moon

Not all frats are bad and into that culture.

*now where did I put that bottle of tequila and Jack Daniels*

*runs around the room*
*runs around the room some more*

*I hope nobody has a picture of this*

You might be right. And you should try kicking poodles, always puts a smile on my face :D

I'm still here

Matthew Morris wrote:
voska66 wrote:
Leopards and Cougars are roughly the same size.
Cougars though, are often older.

And very wealthy/successful

Butter Patrick wrote:
Hungry Jack wrote:
• 1 cup Hungry Jack® Microwave Ready Butter Flavored Syrup
Gah! There's no need for "butter flavored" syrup. Just use butter.

Why not use butter and butter flavored syrup.

Or better yet wrap a sausage link in bacon, spread butter on it, wrap that up in a pancake, then put butter flavored syrup on that, Oh I can feel my artieries clogging just thinking about it.

KaeYoss wrote:
First, Jack: Uses some psionic matter replacement thingy on Jack'n'Coke to turn him into Jack'n'Diet-Coke

Ahh, now I am desirable by the in crowd, run away

*runs away now that he has aspartame as a main ingredient

Pick on anybody but me you chaotic jester, I suggest one of the ladies with you.

Aberzombie wrote:
Gark the Goblin wrote:
Yeah, I bet manboobs are getting larger too. ;)
Sadly, my younger brother is living proof of this.

So, am I. I've been told I am a C but I don't want to find out. If I lose weight will they go away or shrink a large percentage. and I blame fast food and myself.

Fast food for putting the hormones in, and me not stopping the eating of fast foods.

you will give in, to the golem, you will give in to the golem, you will give in to the golem, now give us your money, attend and worship the golem(paizo), and bring plenty of beer. At least 3 kegs for myself.

Who is this wimpy :) I am broke and hungry right now and no money till tuesday lol

I will gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today.

Technologic [8x]

Technologic [4x]



Turn it, leave it, start, format it.

Touch it, bring it, pay it, watch it,

Scan it, send it, fax, rename it,

Name it, read it, tune it, print it,

Cross it, crack it, switch, update it,

Surf it, scroll it, pose it, click it,

View it, code it, jam, unlock it

Lock it, fill it, call it, find it,

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