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I recently ordered Pathfinder Tales: Nightblade and instead received Pathfinder Tales: Nightglass which I already own. I would be more than happy to swap for the correct product.


Ian Eastmond
[phone number redacted]

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In regards to the name Spanwhammer, possibly not capitalizing it or leaving the "h" out may have alleviated the confusion; I actually just came up with the name by speaking it aloud, and after saying it a few times kind of found it fun. I think I was following the magic item format for the CRB too closely and that's where the mistake of putting the item name in all caps crept in, so I see how that starts a funky snowball that ends up with people ending up confused and panning the item as it looks like a typo from the get-go.

Thank you kindly for your feedback, my 3rd time trying out for this and made it a lot closer to the Top 32 the last couple times so not certain it's really my cup of tea anymore, but I will always come back for the opportunity to learn and interact with my favorite online community.

Carry on, my fellow Paizonauts!

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Thomas LeBlanc wrote:

SPANWHAMMER - Not good form to edit your item before posting it! (-10 cool points) Or edit it after people point out flaws! (-20 integrity points) History = down-check. Didn't like mechanics. Don't capitalize all of the name. Didn't like name. Minor formatting errors. Price/cost incorrect.

Sorry Thomas, but I'm not following the -10 cool & -20 integrity point demerit; nobody was able to point out any flaws with this item because I wrote & submitted it in a single sitting, so I'm not really sure where you got the idea I was guilty of those things? Or maybe I'm not understanding the context.

Don't get me wrong; any feedback is seriously appreciated, but I'm confused about those 2 critiques.

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Aura strong abjuration and transmutation; CL 12th
Slot none; Price 30,340 gp; Weight 14 lbs.
This +1 returning throwing earthbreaker has a head of rough-hewn Irespan basalt instead of the usual jagged mass of metal, though the sepia-marbled stone matches steel in weight and hardness. Even as the stone harvested from the ruins of Magnimar’s signature ancient landmark is primarily prized for usefulness in golem-craft, the artisan melting-pot of Varisian cultures oft-times produces items like this massive two-handed maul named both after the origin of its main material and the fact that it can smash things at a distance. When used to sunder magic weapons or armor, a spanwhammer’s enhancement bonus increases by +2 (for a total of +3) and it also deals an additional 2d6 points of damage. The wielder can also ready an action to attempt a counterspell effect against any spell or spell-like ability with a measurable area of effect that spanwhammer can be thrown through or into as long as the area of effect is within 50 feet of the wielder at time of casting – no attack roll is required however a dispel check must be made as if attempting a counterspell using greater dispel magic, with the caster level equal to the wielder’s hit dice; this ability cannot target spells with no area of effect. Whether or not the attempt is successful spanwhammer returns to its wielder afterwards, however if the counterspell attempt was successful the weapon’s returning and throwing abilities will cease to function until a full day passes (it always remains a +1 weapon with the added benefit when sundering magic arms and armor).
Requirements Craft Magic Arms and Armor, antimagic field, greater dispel magic, telekinesis; Cost 15,170 gp


Having re-read my item after posting it here, I probably should have tried something more simple. I just figured on the theme being a big hammer made out of the Irespan, and figured what golem-like attributes can it have while still remaining a weapon without a doubt?

I think good idea, bad execution, possibly bad name although I think it's cool...

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I don't find the PFS guidelines for character creation and organized play any more or less restricting than the house rules of every single 3.5 & PFRPG campaign I've ever been in. Although a DM may allow 3rd-party material in his home game, there's usually a balancing act or penalty involved to try to make things interesting and challenging.

I give major kudos to anyone involved in PFS organization at any level, it's a dang good job done for many years now and is always my main event at any gaming Con.

Just my 2 cents.

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I am SOOOOOOOO glad this is still being updated! I came across it through about 2-3 years ago and browsing through the PDF found the links to more updated stuff.

Although I am kind of disappointed because I am currently playing a Qinggong Monk archetype and the Character Builder doesn't have it as an archetype option, I understand why.

Much love and thanks for all your hard work, sadie!

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One thing that isn't directly pointed out (from what I see around the RPG Superstar forums but I'm sometimes mistaken) in the auto-reject advice is a thing that I'm pretty certain arrested my item's seemingly inevitable forward movement into the Top 32 last competition:

Mr. Sean K Reynolds really doesn't like any item that messes with action economy, such as an item that makes a round-by-round combat choice, which almost always costs PCs a standard or move action, available with a swift or immediate action instead...

...or it could have been neglecting to include the range of a ranged attack that I'd made a major selling point of the item...

Needless to say, much more proofreading will be done this year!

That said, there is an audio file / podcast kind of thing from Paizocon 2011 that, during my first listen before last year's competition, I actually fast-forwarded through what I thought were "lulls" a few times to get to what I assumed were the juicy design parts with all the awesome-sauce rocket-science RPG-design auto-win buttons or whatever.

This was a learning experience for me, as I now know that what I did above is never the right way to research anything, ever.

If I would have been a truly dilligent and patient researcher, and listened to the entire recording from start to finish mutliple times (like I ended up doing after finding out I didn't make the Top 32 for the 2nd year in a row) I'd have heard Mr. Reynolds state his major hate for items that break action economy quite distinctly on said recording... and maybe avoided a pitfall.

Anyway, coulda-woulda-shoulda! I just wanted to share an experience from last go-around. Here's wishing all of us taking another crack at it this year the best of luck, and may the best designs and designers win!

EDIT: And now after re-reading the blog post, this is something we're voting on for the first round? Instead of the judges separating the choice from the dross behind the scenes until all is announced? I should look for a lot longer before I leap!

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I 2nd the Chicken-Legged Hut in a map pack idea from above.

Keep up the good work! You've gotten me to buy a lot more map packs and filp-mats then I normally would just because I'm planning on running both Skull & Shackles & RotRLAE over the next few years and LOVE being as prepared as possible.

As always, Paizo rocks.

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Excellent tale, Mr. Schneider! Between this, Curse of the Lady's Light, & Knights of the Inner Sea, the Grey Maidens have come to new light and life and I can totally see myself playing one.

They kinda remind me of The Browncoats from Serenity/Firefly in that they still exist in their unofficial and broken state, but the resemblance ends there (all and well for the better).

Also completely awesome to read a knock-down, drag-out, bloody knight-on-knight-both-in-full-plate battle during my lunch break at work.

Thank you kindly. :-)

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That's not the problem; when I click on the 1 comment link at the bottom of the chapter, I can't post any comments at all, nor can I see any (if anyone else has posted comments) at that URL. I have no problem changing my post, but I can't get to the form to change it. :-(

I'll send him a PM for now, I'm just kind of weirded out by the situation. When I go to the main blog post page and mouse over the 1 comment link my old deleted post shows in the preview pop-up, but once I go to that page there's no change to the page layout (except my deleted post is gone) and no place to post comments. I've deleted all my cookies and temporary internet files thoroughly and still get the same issue.

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Thank you again to the Paizo designers for taking time out of your busy schedules to post 2 FAQ blogs in a relatively short amount of time. Much love!

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I had placed a messageboard post to today's blog post for the final chapter of "Shattered Steel", and some of the posts to the other chapters fooled me into thinking I was posting in the wrong thread, so I deleted it but now I can't place ANY posts in that thread anymore. If anyone can fix this for me or restore the original post to the above linked URL it would be greatly appreciated.

I posted (or would like to post):

Excellent story, Mr. Schneider! Between this, Curse of the Lady's Light, & Knights of the Inner Sea, the Grey Maidens have come to new light and life and I can totally see myself playing one.

They kinda remind me of The Browncoats from Serenity/Firefly in that they still exist in their unofficial and broken state, but the resemblance ends there (all and well for the better).

Also completely awesome to read a knock-down, drag-out, bloody knight-on-knight-both-in-full-plate battle during my lunch break at work.

Thank you kindly. :-)

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I would also like to thank Doug Dalton for all he did with PFS in Vegas, especially Neon-Con which will be sorely missed. I know that Vegas Game Day is still an option, but those convention days were always set aside for PFS every year and now it's difficult finding a replacement. Even if it's just some space set aside to play PFS for a weekend once a year and not a humongous convention, I think it's do-able.

Also, grats to Chris Clay, I'm not 100% familiar with you on the Vegas Gamers website but please feel free to get in touch with me through Paizo IM. I'm now available for GM-ing with adequate notice from November to February as my day job goes off-season during that time of year.

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Irranshalee wrote:
Ian Eastmond wrote:

I believe one of my favorites was a game I ran where a group of 2nd Lvl PCs, 2 Paladins (1 Halfling, 1 Human) and 4 others; pretty much most of the party are Lawful Good knight-types.

They enter a town being attacked by an army of giant frogs.

They start fighting the frogs and when they knock the first one unconscious (and dying) it turns into a child.

Spellcraft and Knowledge checks reveal that all of these frogs are polymorphed children that were kidnapped months ago from the same town, by lizardmen from the swamp.

The halfling paladin suddenly gets swallowed whole by a giant frog.

Hilarity ensues as they attempt to complete the fight dealing (mostly) non-lethal damage to the horde of frogs so as not to accidentally kill them, while simlutaneously trying to get the halfling out of the frog without it turning into a child with him in its stomach.

They thought that was sick and wrong of me, it was priceless. They managed to pull it off without breaking their vows, but they were thinking really hard about every move.

Thank you, Ian. I used a variation of this in my last session. I was lucky enough to have one of my players specifically state at the beginning of my campaign (well over a year ago) that above all else, he would love and protect children. He was the one to cause a frog that had swallowed an adult elf to revert back into a child. I had the child explode. The look on his face was priceless. He later confided in me that he thought the child would just appear on the ground next to the adult.

I now have the party hooked hard. I can throw anything at them and they are not going to turn back. Additionally, the player plans on spending a sizable amount of money to resurrect the child. Double bonus.

So again, thank you. An awesome idea with perfect execution !

*sniff* devious, choked up with pride! (wipes away tear)

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Thanks for this. I had ruled that Viscious Stomp worked the way that you verify here in my home game, for the same reasons you have listed, so I'm glad that there's something backing it up besides GM fiat and rational thinking (which, in a perfect world, would work all the time).

Please sir, can we have another? (Whenever possible.)

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Ultimate Combat, for highly personal reasons (see special thanks).

Core Rulebook, APG, GMG, Bestiary 1/2/3 all tied for 2nd.

Favorite Accessories - Map Packs: Ships & MP: Ships Cabins plus Flip-Mat: Pirate Ship makes for a happy GM who likes naval/pirate stuff.

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Sean K Reynolds wrote:

I consider evil outsider bane and chaotic outsider bane to be two different properties.

Evil outsider bane and evil outsider bane are the same property, though...

Thanks for the reply. As you can see from another poster's reply, whether they're separate or whether they stack or not is something you may look to clarify if this thread's subject matter is the place you're looking to do it, if not it may help to be added to the FAQ. Or not, just something I've run into over time.

You guys rock for taking time to listen and reply to your customers. It is greatly appreciated.

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mdt wrote:

I've always allowed multiple banes, but only one can give a bonus at a time. So bane elf and bane human would both work against a half-elf, but you'd still only get the +2/+2d6, not the double bonus.

That's from the 3.5 clarifcations though, so something in PF about it would be nice.

Of course GM fiat always applies in these situations, but official clarification would help simplify things tremendously.

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Thanks again for listening to us Paizo!

One question about magic weapon abilities:

If one weapon cannot have the same special ability twice, do bane (evil outsiders) and bane (chaotic outsiders) count as the same ability or as different abilities for that rule?

I know if you're going by rules-as-written, that rule is a note attached to the table of special abilities, one of which is bane...

...however, since there can be more than one "type" of bane due to the associated creature type/subtype, some people I've played and chatted with think that different "types" of bane should be allowed on a single weapon.

Clarification on this point (unless it's been done before and I missed it) would be appreciated.

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Unavailable? :-(

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Just got a very depressing email from Doug Dalton. All and any pertinent info can be found here and here.


I really wish I would have found out about this con before I did (2010), as I missed out on 3 years of great gaming goodness.

That being said, Neoncon 2010 will always have a major place in my life as my first 'Con ever, as well as the 'Con I got to meet and talk to some of my favorite writers and designers from Paizo and Super Genius Games, and also participating in the Neoncon Gaming Workshop and getting a special thanks in the credits for Ultimate Combat.

Neoncon 2011 might have not had any seminars or anything like that, but I played every slot of PFS that I could and had a great time. I was really looking forward to Neoncon 2012, and being a Vegas native without a lot of money for travelling, Neoncon was a source of pride for Vegas gamers. It was OUR con, at one of our oldest surviving casinos (the Tropicana, an awesome example of true Vegas old-school), and although I only went to 2 out of 5 years I was planning on going every year.

Looking on the bright side, this gives me more reason to make it out to Paizocon this year... my boss already told me I could take a couple of days off for it, so now I just need to register and find some cheap airline tix and hotel...

R.I.P. Neoncon... you will be sorely missed by many.

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Finishing up my 2nd read-through of The Dark Tower series by Stephen King, about 100 pages into VII: The Dark Tower. I hadn't read the 2003 re-edit of I: The Gunslinger yet and last read any books from the series over 5 years ago so it's been a good re-read.

Yeah, I know a lot of people don't like how it ends, but I loved it the first time, warning and all. I even like that he wrote himself into the whole thing. For someone who has sold delah books (say Thank Ya), it seems like he's speaking directly to the reader in that warning which makes it all the better to me.

Mayhap I'll change my mind after I finish it this 2nd time through, but to me it's logical and satisfying in its irony. :-)

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Glad to see many other fellow Steven K. Z. Brust, PJF fans here! He's my favorite author, I actually got the chance to talk to him on the phone while he was living in Vegas and made a complete idiot of myself.

If you like his stuff but haven't checked it out yet I recommend the Dragaera Wiki.

Neil Gaiman
George R. R. Martin
Michael Moorcock
Orson Scott Card
R. A. Salvatore
J. R. R. Tolkien
William Gibson
Stephen King
Terry Goodkind
H. P. Lovecraft
Clive Barker
Greg Keyes (his Elder Scrolls books are friggin' awesome)
James Luceno
...and a new favorite, even though I've only read his one novel I love reading his gaming supplements as well: James L. Sutter. Looking forward to the next one!!!

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Neil Spicer wrote:
P.S. I've got some Easter activities planned this weekend, so I'm not sure when I'll get back in here to assess the remaining item requests. But I'll get around to them...

You deserve a break or 42. Even those with superpowers need some time off. ;-)

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Thanks a million, Sean! This is seriously priceless feedback, and I feel that my design and writing chops have gone up quite a few notches just by voting and following along with this year's contest on the messageboards. I'll do everything I can to bring my A+ game next time around, and until then snatch up every opportunity for getting that dang foot in the door that comes my way. :-)

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Fastmover wrote:
Ah, well what had happened in game was two medium ninja grappled a middle aged small master summoner who was strength poisoned and his small eilodon. The summoners strength was at 1 and dropping and he already had a summons out tanking. I wanted to interject and save the summoner, but as a sap ninja myself I would do little damage to the ninja grappling him so I wanted to grapple the ninja myself. DM and group said that I couldn't do that due to no rules on multiple grapples.

From the PRD:

PRD / Grapple / Multiple Creatures wrote:
Multiple Creatures: Multiple creatures can attempt to grapple one target. The creature that first initiates the grapple is the only one that makes a check, with a +2 bonus for each creature that assists in the grapple (using the Aid Another action). Multiple creatures can also assist another creature in breaking free from a grapple, with each creature that assists (using the Aid Another action) granting a +2 bonus on the grappled creature's combat maneuver check.

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Nidal and Vudra

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I dig the Lovecraft stuff just as much as all the other Golarion stuff (Numeria!). The BBEG for a dungeon I just had players run through was an Advanced Half-fiend Froghemoth named "Grag'hrach'tho-lach'tha". Fun times.

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Voted for Doom Comes to Dustpawn. Even though Scarlet God is also very good and I like many of Tom's previous entries more than Mike's, Doom Comes to Dustpawn was the one I want to play more than any of the others and I think that my vote this round should be 100% based on the adventure proposal.

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Gignere wrote:
You are not looking hard enough. One of the arcane bloodline abilities, I believe the level 9 one, grants spells.

Okay just looked at that. Granted, you get one spell for that, arcane bond, and metamagic adept, but you don't get 3 spells. I'm not sure that's worth 4 feats (including the Skill Focus you'll have to take for Eldritch Heritage) for a Cleric to get one conjuration spell.

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Gignere wrote:

None of your domain spells work well with Spell Focus Conjuration other than when you are damaging undead with your cure/heal spells. You might want to consider picking up Eldritch Heritage chain with the arcane bloodline, and pick up 3 sorcerer/wizard conjuration spells.

3 feats so one of your feat is less of a tax. I don't know.

I saw this post and was like "Wow, I'm making a Cleric, this sounds great!" but then looked up the Eldritch Heritage feat chain and saw that you don't get any Sor/Wiz spells at all, you get Sorcerer bloodline powers only.

My Cleric I'm currently planning right now (playing tomorrow at 1st lvl), is a Cleric of Desna that is going to be taking Harrower later; I was also thinking about Augment Summoning and Spell Focus (conjuration) but those went toward Harrower and Fortune Teller (obviously we're using any Paizo PFRPG stuff in my GM's game).

One feat that I will definitely be taking is Reach Spell, to be able to heal people from a distance.

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2 people marked this as a favorite.

I believe one of my favorites was a game I ran where a group of 2nd Lvl PCs, 2 Paladins (1 Halfling, 1 Human) and 4 others; pretty much most of the party are Lawful Good knight-types.

They enter a town being attacked by an army of giant frogs.

They start fighting the frogs and when they knock the first one unconscious (and dying) it turns into a child.

Spellcraft and Knowledge checks reveal that all of these frogs are polymorphed children that were kidnapped months ago from the same town, by lizardmen from the swamp.

The halfling paladin suddenly gets swallowed whole by a giant frog.

Hilarity ensues as they attempt to complete the fight dealing (mostly) non-lethal damage to the horde of frogs so as not to accidentally kill them, while simlutaneously trying to get the halfling out of the frog without it turning into a child with him in its stomach.

They thought that was sick and wrong of me, it was priceless. They managed to pull it off without breaking their vows, but they were thinking really hard about every move.

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In order to keep Vital Strike & related feats most viable in the games I run, I house-rule that any time you can only make a single attack during a round (whether that be a charge, Spring Attack, Shot On The Run, or attack and move) then you can use Vital Strike; however in any round where you take more than one attack (such as flurry of blows, full attack action, or Whirlwind Attack) Vital Strike doesn't apply.

Basically, I think that the RAI when PFRPG came out was that Vital Strike was intended to replace iterative attacks for those that preferred an alternative; however, now that charge and Spring Attack are full-round actions per errata (although I don't think they've done the same thing with Shot On The Run, so that still works RAW with Vital Strike) the only really cool thing is if you have a high Acrobatics skill and have a character build that benefits from remaining mobile.

It makes a lot more sense to let PCs still use it with charge and Spring-Attack (although as I said that requires house-ruling it); however I would never allow it with Whirlwind Attack because Whirlwind Attack is more than one attack per round.

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Just seems to me that they made an account made one thread and one post and then did nothing else, now posting seems obsolete because the thread resembles the virtual equivalent of a bathtup full of drunken cats, that makes me a sad panda.

:::cues music:::

who sat down by the willow tree
sexual harrassment

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Will, I've changed my mind, after reading every Round Three entry a few times each and voting here and commenting there... I am voting for your submission this round although I still don't like this monster as much as I was expecting to, probably due to a difference of opinion; personally I think something that is called (or calls itself) a Sidhe Lord would have, at minimum, at least a size of medium... but that may just be me being stuck in my ways and tied up by tropes.

Hopefully your next round's submission will be more like your first and second round's, and I am still rooting for you; not everyone can "throw a no-hitter" every game.

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No problem and no worries. I didn't dislike the name either, I just think the negative connotations that often pop up when people see words like that sometimes have a strange reaction in a reader's brain (it works in other mediums as well, an audience is predictably unpredictable if nothing else).

I don't know if there is already a monster with this name, but I was thinking that maybe "Voidscar" might have been a better name for this monster...? If only to avoid "The C-Word" and a possibly negative first impression, since it is a mass of tumorous flesh from space, and flesh that has been damaged is scar tissue, you can't really call it "Scar Tissue from the Void" unless you want the Red Hot Chili Pepper's lawyers calling you sometime down the road...

I would swear by "Voidscar" if I didn't have a really bad feeling that I'd already seen it somewhere before.

Hope that helps in any way. :-)

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Well Mike, with an hour and a half to go before the end of voting you got my 2nd-to-last possible vote. It would take me too long to comment on it as my computer is acting up, but I just wanted you to know. It's kind of a bummer that I was not happy (and not unhappy) with your wondrous item, and I was very much not happy with your organization, but you've really turned this competition around for yourself in my eyes.

And for this, my fellow Paizonaut, I salute you! (...and also you get a vote this round...)

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I'm sorry but I can't justify giving a vote to this suicidal pseudo-starfish.

My honest first impression... and it's a really hard one to get out of my head, so I apologize in advance if anyone thinks I'm outta line, as I am in no way saying that this is what actually happened to Mr. Chris Shaeffer, although I am implying & speculating... after I first read through the Bristleclaw submission, it seems like the competitor had metaphorically "bet the bank" on the ooze mechanic, 'split', working together with his self-eviscerate thing. When the news that no competitor's monster could be an ooze, etc., was released he could have just hand-waved his monster to the required CR and it ended up as a starfish-like aberration so that it could retain the 'split'... because it's a starfish... and they do something kind of like that in real life (although a starfish doesn't split like the way the ability description reads).

What puzzles me most is that I can't think of a single existing core Pathfinder RPG aberration that has the 'split' defensive ability (right now off of the top of my head, but I'll look later and if I find one I swear I'll say sorry), I don't think I've seen any type of monster except for oozes possess the 'split' defensive ability; the only other logical monster that would be able to do this would be some strange kind of outsider with the elemental subtype, but not aberration.

OK, so this theory, having been put down onto virtual paper, is something that I know is far-fetched, but IMHO the competitor could have just as well have made his monster an animal... or better yet a vermin, instead of an aberration. Vermin fits better with the "starfish-type-splitting-creature-which-floats-randomly-around-eating-itsel f-to-death", I think. Maybe.

Well Chris, you've made it this far and that is no small thing. I dunno, again I think you can see where my head was at when I first saw your monster submission. I'm not insisting that anything I've suspected or posted here is the "gospel truth", just sharing some feedback with you that possibly no one else did or probably will. I'm just sorry that I can't share my vote with you as well.

Best of luck to you Mr. Shaeffer, in this contest and in all of your endeavors.

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Greetings, Steve Miller!

I feel I must ask you:
Do some people call you the "space cowboy"? The "gangster of love"? "Maurice"? And what, pray tell, is a pompitous, exactly?
I keed, I keed. ;-)

I really liked your Night Monarch Vardo, although I haven't had a chance to post anything about it yet. I will when I can.

On the other hand, unfortunately, I am not a fan of the Arcadian Interceptors - I wasn't convinced that they were clearly antagonistic (except for the hidden enemy being the leader), and I also found it difficult to believe they would have any chance for longevity, given their modus operandi, versus the usual suspects that ply the waters of the Arcadian Ocean (the Chelaxian and Nidalese navies in particular). Having said that, I looked back at that thread and I now see many walls of text from you with exposition which might contain further explanation that could alter my initial impression, but since that round is over now I'll give you the benefit of the doubt.

Now that's out of the way, I would like to say that the Necrotic Reef is extremely cool, and IMHO a very "Superstar" monster submission for this Round! This is my favorite submission of yours so far, and the dripping-with-evil-awesome Necrotic Reef gets two thumbs up and one of my votes this Round.

As far as feedback, I don't have much to add that hasn't already been said by the judges and the other Paizonauts except that I am DEFINITELY using this monster (with the recommended changes) in my home campaign at some time in the near future, because it is too hungry and lonely and it wants me to feed some PCs to it.

Best of luck to you, sir, and I really hope to see what else you have in store for us in the last rounds.

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Hope all is well, Bob. I am extremely sorry about what happened. I wanted to see what else you would do as rounds progressed, and as others have already written of these things much more eloquently than I could I will leave it at a very sincere apology and speak no more of it at present...

(...except for one thing: I've checked the voting box next to your monster anyway even though it doesn't count, and time is against me changing my mind and giving the vote to someone I don't want to.)

I voted for Fear, Fist, and Flame, partly because it appealed to me despite my initial misgivings as did your wondrous item, the Figurine of Familiar Power, and the same thing happened for the second time this competition: as I was putting my notes together and making sure to vote for the contestants whose monsters I really liked as well as those I wasn't completely thrilled by but who demonstrated skill and imagination and also had good work to back them up from the previous rounds, that although there are some things that rub me the wrong way about this submission I ended up liking it more as time passed.

I felt the same way about the Figurine of Familiar Power; at first glance it seemed to me to be too much like any other wondrous item figurine for me to be interested in it, but then when Round Two began and I revisited Fear, Fist, and Flame, I began reading over the Figurine of Familiar Power again and realizing that it was actually a well thought-out and useful idea, and the mechanics were great, but if your organization wouldn't have made me curious about your item I may never have read to the end of the item's description.

And with Fear, Fist, and Flame, the name didn't grab my interest and temperamentally they reminded me of about half of the PCs my friends play in campaigns that I GM, but as the deadline for voting grew closer the more I read and re-read both the organization and the item, and now that the monster round it almost up, well...

With voting closing soon I have only come up with 5 contestant's monsters so far this round that I can justify giving my vote to- I wanted to give you feedback on your Cancer from the Void as such a perfectly revolting, hideous, and seemingly aborted star-spawn would have at least been one out of 6 votes, and there's a possibility that I'm not going to be able to use all my Round 3 votes.

I think that if you worked on first impressions, possibly finding someone willing to be a guinea pig / trial audience that would be able to honestly tell you what kind of overall unifying opinion the submission leaves with them after they've read it completely once.

With limits on how many words can be used changing from round to round in this competition (and from what I've heard the bulk of writing assignments and freelance gigs all come with some type of restriction which is probably why Paizo does it), it would strengthen your future chances at achieving whatever your goals are with writing if you could find the silver lining in the cloud and put that out front where that is the first thing that the reader's eye hits. Starting your third round submission off with the name of the plague of the twentieth century (to paraphrase Sean Connery) may not have been the way to go.

So as I said, something I've discovered as far as my reaction to your submissions, is that first impressions aren't everything. I would have left well enough alone and posted about another contestant's monster at this point if I thought that me not taking a liking to any of your submissions at first glance was a coincidence. I hope that I've helped you in any way, shape or form by sharing this feedback with you, and wish you the best of luck in your endeavors.

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Deiros wrote:
I had a similar item made but it was a sword that added a +1 to the caster level of it's user. It is also just a +1 sword, very nifty (and costly) item. I think it was worth if I remember correctly like 34,000k

@Deiros: Unfortunately, sarcasm via internet isn't often successfully interpreted, so I first hoped you were being sarcastic about that. I apologize as I don't recognizing your screen name off the top of my head, so I checked your messageboard posts on your profile counting from today back to January when the Top 32 were originally announced for 2012; it looks like you are pretty busy on the homebrew threads and other things and I've seen some interesting posts from you.

However, in the "Some Common Misteps I'm Seeing This Year" thread you posted something similar shortly before you had posted the message above that I am initially responding to.

(Please keep in mind I'm paraphrasing what you had posted on the other thread and so I didn't copy over anything that didn't stand out as possibly confirming what I first thought when I read your post above; I linked to the paraphrased post in case anyone wants to read the rest of it...)

Deiros wrote:

I'm just pissed I couldn't make it to participate in this year, since I had at least 2 things (magic Item & Monster) already made polished ready to participate but will save them for net year...

...redundant item?...

...a total different things if they ask for something more specific like a monster with CR X for certain region, or Magic Item for uses in the APG XX set in XX part of Golarion...

The 1st Round of RPG Superstar since it began in 2008 has always been to design a Wondrous Item, never has it been to design Magic Arms or Magic Armor or Potions / Rings / Rods / Scrolls / Staves / Wands or any other type of magic item except for what is, per the Core Rulebook pg 496,

Wondrous Items.

This is a catch all category for anything that doesn’t fall into the other groups. Anyone can use a wondrous item (unless specified otherwise in the description).

I don't like giving bad news (even when it's not really bad news, and sorry I'm digressing), but if you had entered a sword it would have been auto-rejected for being in the category of Magic Arms and Armor instead of Wondrous Items.

Just wanted to make sure that was pointed out to you so that you don't make that kind of mistake if you are planning on entering the contest next year or any time after that, and sorry if I come off as

el guajolote sabelotodo:
...a know-it-all turkey, for anyone who isn't Spanishly inclined and still wanted to know...

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Ragnarok Aeon wrote:
On that note, I think Monk is much stranger. Outside of D&D and certain versions of Final Fantasy, I never use monk to refer to a barefisted combatant who teleports and slides down walls, unless of course for whatever reason that person is also a chaste disciple who spends a lot of time in temples and praying.

Well, now World of Warcraft is jumping on that boat with the upcoming "Mists of Pandaria" expansion; those monks are pretty much D&D/FF-type monks as well.

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Is anyone else thinking "Skirmish game extravaganza!!!"?

Fun times are in store for us Paizo fans, I must say. Now I just need to start my new job so I can get my hands on those minis!

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This reminds me more of the dementors from Harry Potter than the Anzu does. If it didn't really remind me of them, then this would probably be an auto-vote from me; however since no one else seems to have made the connection it's probably just me.

CR 7 is a bit too low for this monster; with an attack that potentially does 1d8 points of Charisma drain per round, survivors of this fight would require multiple castings of restoration (and more than likely greater restoration) to recover from, and at the level that most PCs would encounter this that is a tall order. If instead it was 1d6 points of Charisma damage per round (or something a little less dire than 1d8 drain, this is just the first recommendation of the top of my head) then I think you would have had a solid CR 7 monster.

I wasn't a fan of your organization or your item; however you may be getting a vote from me this round.

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This is awesome. Although their organization is solitary, I would love using about 7 of these in a First World encounter for the current campaign I am running (average party level is 12th, so they would probably be minions to some other nasty CR 12-13 creature that is using them as guards) and having the PCs being hawked in and spit out all over the battle map... HA!

Another vote from me. The only thing you've done so far that I didn't dig 100% is your item; your Round Two and Round Three entries are butter (this is a good thing).

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I think you can do it this time around, Tom. You get my vote again for Round Three.

In keeping with the "wrath" theme, I believe that getting rid of teleport and some of the other spell-like abilities in favor of some low-level damage-dealing spell-like abilities, while also getting rid of the SR and Spell Distortion, would have made this more of a CR 7 creature. I do like the Maw of the Void ability, both the name and the effect.

Really hope to see more! Hang in there, man!

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This is the first one that grabbed me, and would be a solid CR 7 if you would have toned down the CR for both the nausea and the death throes and the death throes damage. Maybe the death throes should be 1d6 points of damage per daily bomb not used by the creature that day; so, say at the end of the encounter if the thing's used 5 bombs then the death throes are 5d6, but should still be no higher than CR 17.

Nauseated is an awful condition that may not be easy to get rid of at the point that most PCs fight this, and so knocking a PC out of combat (which would happen to most PCs if they failed the save against this) for 2-5 rounds with a chance to affect an area of (my math may be off but) 32 squares using 2 bombs is a bit much. Maybe a 15 foot cone instead of 15 foot radius is more balanced (again, at a DC not higher than 17).

All that said, I will more than likely be voting for you this round based on this and your previous entries, and would like to see what else you can bring to the competition.

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I hate to say this, but you lost me on this one. I really love your item and your organization, but unfortunately your monster doesn't strike me as a solid CR 7; also this would require unnecessary work for me as a GM to use in a game just by going off of the given stat block.

I'll have to see how many votes are allowed for this round and the quality of the other monsters, but based on this monster I can't guarantee that you will be getting a vote from me this time around. Sorry, Will.

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