Help! I messed up and deleted a post and I cannot re-post it on the blog messageboard

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I had placed a messageboard post to today's blog post for the final chapter of "Shattered Steel", and some of the posts to the other chapters fooled me into thinking I was posting in the wrong thread, so I deleted it but now I can't place ANY posts in that thread anymore. If anyone can fix this for me or restore the original post to the above linked URL it would be greatly appreciated.

I posted (or would like to post):

Excellent story, Mr. Schneider! Between this, Curse of the Lady's Light, & Knights of the Inner Sea, the Grey Maidens have come to new light and life and I can totally see myself playing one.

They kinda remind me of The Browncoats from Serenity/Firefly in that they still exist in their unofficial and broken state, but the resemblance ends there (all and well for the better).

Also completely awesome to read a knock-down, drag-out, bloody knight-on-knight-both-in-full-plate battle during my lunch break at work.

Thank you kindly. :-)

Paizo Employee Chief Technical Officer

We have an anti-spambot function that prevents you from posting the exact same text repeatedly. Change it slightly, and you should be fine.

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That's not the problem; when I click on the 1 comment link at the bottom of the chapter, I can't post any comments at all, nor can I see any (if anyone else has posted comments) at that URL. I have no problem changing my post, but I can't get to the form to change it. :-(

I'll send him a PM for now, I'm just kind of weirded out by the situation. When I go to the main blog post page and mouse over the 1 comment link my old deleted post shows in the preview pop-up, but once I go to that page there's no change to the page layout (except my deleted post is gone) and no place to post comments. I've deleted all my cookies and temporary internet files thoroughly and still get the same issue.

Web Product Manager

The issue has been fixed. It seems like blog entries just react somewhat undesirably when the first post gets removed. I've alerted the tech team about the behavior, but you should be able to post now. :)

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