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I don't find the PFS guidelines for character creation and organized play any more or less restricting than the house rules of every single 3.5 & PFRPG campaign I've ever been in. Although a DM may allow 3rd-party material in his home game, there's usually a balancing act or penalty involved to try to make things interesting and challenging.

I give major kudos to anyone involved in PFS organization at any level, it's a dang good job done for many years now and is always my main event at any gaming Con.

Just my 2 cents.

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gamer-printer wrote:


I named this series 'Haiku' for 3 reasons:

1. It's a recognizable Japanese word and concept to westerners.

2. I've included an appropriate haiku, that elucidates the mystery and location of the site.

3. Since a haiku is a very concise poetry format, this is intended to be a very concise product: as a mapped site, with a single encounter and included mechanics. It's just a slice of Kaidan, so using 'Haiku' in the title is very fitting, I thought.

This is my first published release as author/designer - I hope you enjoy it, as I have plans for many more!

I need to thank Justin Sluder who designed the higher CR stats and the additional special abilities for the yurei no kami ghost of the bath house.

Major kudos to you, gamer-printer! I hope to join the ranks of the published myself someday, and as an avid dark/horror RPG player/GM I will definitely be purchasing and DLing this.


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TimD wrote:
I’ll jump in on this minor thread necromancy :)

It hasn't been "thread necromancy" for me as much as a breath of life spell to keep one of the few positivity-skewed threads on these forums alive.

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40. Plague that causes all who die from it to rise as zombies slays half the town in 24 hours.

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Thanks for this. I had ruled that Viscious Stomp worked the way that you verify here in my home game, for the same reasons you have listed, so I'm glad that there's something backing it up besides GM fiat and rational thinking (which, in a perfect world, would work all the time).

Please sir, can we have another? (Whenever possible.)

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After the encounter if she's still complaining about your enemy being "badwrongfun", refer her to the Blight Druid archetype and Rule 0. I don't let what my players "insist" things should be effect what any type of class or race may be when I GM, if she wants to create that constrained mythos then she can do it when it's her turn to GM, if she ever wants to.

From my experience that's just basic gaming etiquette. You've done your homework, nothing more needed IMO.

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Foghammer wrote:
I would suggest that the domain ability be a radius rather than its current wording. Setting a radius is a well established method of defining an area in the game already.

Minotaurs prefer squares. It is known.

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Sean K Reynolds wrote:

I consider evil outsider bane and chaotic outsider bane to be two different properties.

Evil outsider bane and evil outsider bane are the same property, though...

Thanks for the reply. As you can see from another poster's reply, whether they're separate or whether they stack or not is something you may look to clarify if this thread's subject matter is the place you're looking to do it, if not it may help to be added to the FAQ. Or not, just something I've run into over time.

You guys rock for taking time to listen and reply to your customers. It is greatly appreciated.

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In my experience, back in 3.5 clerics were the most poweful class in the game (we used to fight each other's characters when we were bored, cleric won more often than anyone else).

Despite the loss of a spell slot, the re-balancing in PFRPG has made them less all-powerful, but still fun to play. I'm currently the cleric in the campaign I'm playing in and I like being able to keep my party alive (other PCs in party are rogue, spellslinger, & magus).

Clerics rock, and will continue to rock for the life of D&D in any of its incarnations. And you can play any kind of cleric you want to in PFRPG, especially with the archetypes, domains, and spells available in the SRD alone.

Personally, I think Paizo has done a decent job of giving enough love to all of the classes, and there isn't one that I wouldn't consider playing (doesn't go the same for archetypes, but I think that's the point).

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Alignment as a role-playing tool and not a straight-jacket.

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Glad to see many other fellow Steven K. Z. Brust, PJF fans here! He's my favorite author, I actually got the chance to talk to him on the phone while he was living in Vegas and made a complete idiot of myself.

If you like his stuff but haven't checked it out yet I recommend the Dragaera Wiki.

Neil Gaiman
George R. R. Martin
Michael Moorcock
Orson Scott Card
R. A. Salvatore
J. R. R. Tolkien
William Gibson
Stephen King
Terry Goodkind
H. P. Lovecraft
Clive Barker
Greg Keyes (his Elder Scrolls books are friggin' awesome)
James Luceno
...and a new favorite, even though I've only read his one novel I love reading his gaming supplements as well: James L. Sutter. Looking forward to the next one!!!

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I believe one of my favorites was a game I ran where a group of 2nd Lvl PCs, 2 Paladins (1 Halfling, 1 Human) and 4 others; pretty much most of the party are Lawful Good knight-types.

They enter a town being attacked by an army of giant frogs.

They start fighting the frogs and when they knock the first one unconscious (and dying) it turns into a child.

Spellcraft and Knowledge checks reveal that all of these frogs are polymorphed children that were kidnapped months ago from the same town, by lizardmen from the swamp.

The halfling paladin suddenly gets swallowed whole by a giant frog.

Hilarity ensues as they attempt to complete the fight dealing (mostly) non-lethal damage to the horde of frogs so as not to accidentally kill them, while simlutaneously trying to get the halfling out of the frog without it turning into a child with him in its stomach.

They thought that was sick and wrong of me, it was priceless. They managed to pull it off without breaking their vows, but they were thinking really hard about every move.

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I really hate to be a naysayer and say "nay" (one of my favorite newspaper headlines from SimCity 2000), but in my opinion there's an overkill on RPG Superstar Round 1 advice being posted by all types of people right now, to the point of ad nauseum and/or ad infinitum.

I appreciate the work and time that the judges and game designers have put in to provide feedback and help potential competitors for future contests possibly progress, and everything that the judges and game designers have done to also help competitors for the current contest and previous contests who didn't make the Top 32 perhaps have a better chance at internalizing the available content and possibly succeeding at future contests.

However, what I am seeing with this thread and also the 2013 practice thread is a dissecting of messageboard templates and simple concepts (which have already been posted and stickied onto the messageboards by the judges and Paizo staff) into an amount of minutiae that borders on the obsessive, mixed with the same data being repeated over and over again in every possible way.

I don't know if this is helpful or harmful. I know that it makes me not want to check the RPG Superstar messageboards as often as I was before.

This competition is currently about to start the voting on Round 3 and, as far as RPG Superstar 2012 is concerned at present, Round 1 is yesterday's news. I would like to see more feedback from the judges when they get a chance (if they haven't been driven off by the negativity that the internets often breed into a medium of communication where you cannot infer voice inflection or facial expression or burned out from trying to provide helpful feedback and receiving scathing tirades in return), but posts and posts and posts about what is and isn't going to work for wondrous item submissions by the general public may just make things more difficult for the average newcomer to find helpful, meaningful information (if Paizo ever does another RPG Superstar again) if they have to dig through a bunch of coal to find the diamonds.

Just my opinion, and not meant to offend or take anything away from what anyone is trying to do. Just that perhaps over-thinking, especially in something as creative a contest as RPG Superstar, can sometimes be a bad thing; I know that it was a major issue for me the first year that I entered, and that's why I held back and did better this year than last year.


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If a druid falls in a forest, and there's nobody around, is the druid still drunk?

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Craig Johnston wrote:
Ian Eastmond wrote:

...bring the pain... please.

** spoiler omitted **

I think I now see a few places where I went wrong after reading feedback from some of the other items; I may have actually submitted a worse item this year than the item I submitted last...


I was wanting to see what these did, because I am looking at doing an item that deals with Channeling and given the name of these I was a little worried that the brain monsters had been infiltrating my head and passing the info along! :)
Thankfully my worry was for naught...

The brain monsters that are under my control are purple and smell of fine cheese, just, you know, FYI.