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I recently ordered Pathfinder Tales: Nightblade and instead received Pathfinder Tales: Nightglass which I already own. I would be more than happy to swap for the correct product.


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I'm about to start GMing Skull & Shackles, one of my players made a Gillmen Rogue with the eldritch raider archetype from ARG but he can find ANY gillmen minis anywhere online. I had thought maybe Reaper had one but I was mistaken, at least nothing in their Pathfinder Miniatures lines (and I haven't looked through the Pathfinder Minis plastic singles available yet but will after posting here).

Does anyone have a link or an idea for a good Gillmen mini for my player?

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I had placed a messageboard post to today's blog post for the final chapter of "Shattered Steel", and some of the posts to the other chapters fooled me into thinking I was posting in the wrong thread, so I deleted it but now I can't place ANY posts in that thread anymore. If anyone can fix this for me or restore the original post to the above linked URL it would be greatly appreciated.

I posted (or would like to post):

Excellent story, Mr. Schneider! Between this, Curse of the Lady's Light, & Knights of the Inner Sea, the Grey Maidens have come to new light and life and I can totally see myself playing one.

They kinda remind me of The Browncoats from Serenity/Firefly in that they still exist in their unofficial and broken state, but the resemblance ends there (all and well for the better).

Also completely awesome to read a knock-down, drag-out, bloody knight-on-knight-both-in-full-plate battle during my lunch break at work.

Thank you kindly. :-)

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Just got a very depressing email from Doug Dalton. All and any pertinent info can be found here and here.


I really wish I would have found out about this con before I did (2010), as I missed out on 3 years of great gaming goodness.

That being said, Neoncon 2010 will always have a major place in my life as my first 'Con ever, as well as the 'Con I got to meet and talk to some of my favorite writers and designers from Paizo and Super Genius Games, and also participating in the Neoncon Gaming Workshop and getting a special thanks in the credits for Ultimate Combat.

Neoncon 2011 might have not had any seminars or anything like that, but I played every slot of PFS that I could and had a great time. I was really looking forward to Neoncon 2012, and being a Vegas native without a lot of money for travelling, Neoncon was a source of pride for Vegas gamers. It was OUR con, at one of our oldest surviving casinos (the Tropicana, an awesome example of true Vegas old-school), and although I only went to 2 out of 5 years I was planning on going every year.

Looking on the bright side, this gives me more reason to make it out to Paizocon this year... my boss already told me I could take a couple of days off for it, so now I just need to register and find some cheap airline tix and hotel...

R.I.P. Neoncon... you will be sorely missed by many.

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Is anyone else thinking "Skirmish game extravaganza!!!"?

Fun times are in store for us Paizo fans, I must say. Now I just need to start my new job so I can get my hands on those minis!

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According to the "Additional Resources" PDF, Alchemists do not get Brew Potion but instead get Extra Bombs as a bonus feat; it also says that the Crypt Breaker archetype from Inner Sea Magic is legal for play.

I am working on a 1st-lvl Alchemist, I know I want him to have Chiurgeon archetype and also Crypt Breaker archetype (since they replace different thing seems like a pretty useful Pathfinder character and according to everything it is legal).

The problem I am having (I have Hero Builder which may be where this question came up) is that, if PFS Alchemists do not have Brew Potion, but instead have Extra Bombs, the Crypt Breaker archetype seems technically illegal because Trapfinding replaces Brew Potion, which PFS Alchemists do not have. Now, logically since Extra Bombs replaces Brew Potion, I figure that Trapfinding could replace the bonus feat (Extra Bombs) that replaces Brew Potion, but when I tried to make it in Hero Builder it came up with a weird "does not compute" thing, and then I realized that this could probably cause problems potentially at the table for uber-rules-lawyer-sticklers because of the whole PFS Alchemists don't have Brew Potion thing.

So the question is: since the Crypt Breaker archetype is legal for PFS organized play, does taking this archetype replace the Extra Bombs bonus feat, and is this legal?