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The chest pops open with a soft click. Inside you find the following items:

A white Osirian wedding robe
Several pieces of inexpensive jewelry
A strand of freshwater pearls
A small sealed tube that appears to be some kind of cosmetic*
A long scroll tube holds a rolled-up papyrus painting of a young woman

Perception DC 12 or Knowledge (history) DC 15 (or similar):
The robe is very fragile, and may disintegrate if handled. A spell like mending or make whole would restore it enough to be handled.

OOC: The cosmetic radiates magic

OOC: Irakelesh, unfortunately, it's just not something that lends itself to identification. That said, the person who purchases it probably won't know anything about it either, they will likely want it as a collectible or novelty rather than for its entertainment value.

Aliva, Ai'sha and Fitliss continue to press their attack, but the nimble vargouilles manage to dodge most of their efforts. Fitliss finally catches one with a thrust, impaling the monster through the eye. With a shudder, the vargouille goes limp and slides off the end of the spear.

The remaining creature continues attacking Aliva, but it cannot get close enough to cause any trouble while being attacked from all sides.

Your side is up - Irakelesh and Gnock are free to act. There is only one creature left, completely uninjured.

DM Screen:

1d20 ⇒ 7

Aliva brings her morningstar around and bashes one of the monsters in the side of its head, sending it wobbling through the air. Ai'sha moves in to cover Fitliss and scores a deep wound with her scimitar. A gurgling cry leaks out of the vargouille as it slides off her blade and crashes to the ground dead!. Fitliss uses the brief respite to heal himself.

The vargouilles around Aliva swoop in to bite her, the one she hit is apparently still recovering and it misses her completely, but the other manages to sink it's fangs into her arm. 2 points of damage, anda Fort save please

Many apologies about the delay. Kids decided sleeping through the night wasn't that cool, so I've been exhausted for several days now and just crashing when I would usually be able to post updates.

Irakelesh, unfortunately, no. Only one more round of doing nothing. Everybody else can act. Aliva has 2 in melee with her, 1 is wounded.


1d20 ⇒ 10
1d20 ⇒ 18
1d4 ⇒ 2

Yes, my oldest son is in kindergarten. Those kids are just ambulatory petri dishes.

Aliva, Ai'sha, and Fitliss seem unaffected by the screeching. Unfortunately, Irakelesh and G'nock are frozen stiff by the horrific sound.

Aliva moves into the room and draws two of the creatures toward her. Both attempt to bite her, but they are unable to land their attacks.

The remaining creature moves up to Fitliss and bites him, dealing 4 points of damage. I think you get an AoO? Also, please roll a Fort save.

PCs are up again - Aliva has two on her inside the room, and there is another one in melee with Fitliss (it's also injured). Irakelesh and G'nock are both unable to move for a couple more rounds!

DM Screen:

1d20 ⇒ 3
1d20 ⇒ 3
1d20 ⇒ 13
1d4 ⇒ 4
1d20 ⇒ 13
1d20 ⇒ 6

G'nock, no worries. My weeks have been pretty hectic lately too.

A horrific screeching fills the air. Three blackened fiendish heads with wings where their ears should be and tentacles dangling from their chins fly around the room. Two of them turn toward the open door and head toward Aliva while the third opens it's fanged mouth and let's out an ear-piercing shriek.

Everyone please roll a Fort save DC 12. If you succeed, you may act as normal. The creatures are 10 feet from the door. Since this is tight, i'll get a map up tonight.

Fort save DC 12 Failure:
You are paralyzed for 3 rounds.

Knowledge (planes) DC 13

Agreed, no hard feelings here. And definitely look us up when things get settled again.

After some research, it appears I need to send you a different link that will allow you to Join the game. I'll post it here tonight asap.

Right, sorry, I'm assuming that the plan works as intended. The ogrekin gets a save, but shouldn't surprise any of you to know that he doesn't have an awesome Wis score. :)

Forgot to answer the "what do we do" question.

Lord Malwen mentioned that banditry in the Stolen Lands has decreased recently, but he believes the decrease is the result of "something" happening in the region. It may be related to the glass sphere, or they may be entirely unrelated, but either way, he wants to know what's going on.

Primary objectives are to:
* Find out what's happening in the Greenbelt
* Create an accurate map of the region

Secondary objectives:
* Find out anything you can about the glass sphere, what was inside of it, where it is from, etc.
* Eliminate bandits (killing is an acceptable legal punishment for banditry, and with the charter, your group is invested with the authority to carry out such sentences).

I'll put something in the shared folder so we can track quests and plots.

Aliva, many, many apologies about all the times I've spelled your name incorrectly. I know your name, so I'm quite embarrassed about messing it up so much. I will make a concerted effort to get it right going forward.

For everyone else, don't hesitate to reach out if there is anything else I can do to improve.

I'll post the map tonight, thought I had done so.

Wow, fast group! I've opened Gameplay and put you all together waiting on His Eminence, Lord Darun Malwen, High Magister of Restov and First Advisor to the Lord Mayor.

You have all heard of Lord Malwen, but he keeps a relatively low public profile. Most people think he stays out of the spotlight because he is a powerful wizard who prefers his privacy. But those could just be rumors. Somewhat strangely for a noble, he seems to have the grudging respect of both the ruling elites in Restov as well as the common folk.

This was, by far, the most difficult selection process I've ever had. In general, the submissions were some of the best I've seen, and I regret that I cannot invite everyone to play.

Here is the group I have chosen in no particular order:
Gideon Carter (Doomed Hero)
Mama Cas (Nickadeamous)
Szemyan (Peet)
Andelis Rovena (Gwahir777)
Leo Mac Tire Billeen (Chapel Ty'El)
Karlak the Blooded (The Vagrant Erudite)
Lemnis Recinsier (Entymal)

Selected characters, please say 'hello' in the discussion thread (located here).

First order of business, thanks for your submission! Very happy to have this group here, and excited to get started.

I have a number of things I need to get posted, but I should have most of the important information uploaded by Thursday. As such, I'll plan to have the first Gameplay post up Thursday evening.

In the meantime, please double-check your characters and make any last minute changes that you deem necessary. And let me know if you hvae any questions.

Opening discussion thread.

Thanks for all the great submissions. I appreciate everyone who spent time creating a character, and as usual, I expect to have some difficult decisions.

Unfortunately, my day has become quite busy, and I don't expect to have a party selected until tomorrow night at the earliest, and possibly not until Tuesday. Apologies for the delay, I'll of course post here as soon as I've selected a group.

Once I have chosen the party, we will talk about things like that. I intend to allow characters the opportunity to recover sanity without resorting to magic or spending 2

Samual Warren
I agree we should add Agile Maneuvers to the list of free feats.

The Vagrant Erudite
I’m not going to worry if you don’t have everything down. Get the important stuff (abilities, saves, skills, AC, hp, attacks, feats). Don’t worry about format, just use something reasonably logical and structured (Rednal’s template is very nice – thanks!). And no, I don’t care how many pieces of chalk your character has, or how much three candles weigh. :)

Submissions are due by Sunday, Oct 1st!

As usual, please let me know if you have any questions.

Thanks to those who have submitted characters so far, definitely getting some interesting surprises! That's great btw, so many creative people doing things I'd never consider.

On to questions/comments. Please let me know if I missed anything! L

Joseph Stoltz
Looks good so far.

Whiskey and a Bonesaw
Hi, unfortunately as others have pointed out, it does not get it. Other advice was sound, so I don't have anything to add. And since Joseph helped out, seems like this is answered?

I did not see a kobold coming, interesting choice! And I think the character is fine as as, warlock wouldn't be "better" imo.

Going to say no on the Ally Shield changing function. Understand where you're going, but Redirect Attack is essentially what you're asking for, but it has higher requirements, and requires a CM check.

Samuel Warren
Noble Born change is fine with me.

Thinking Xath the Unshackled, halfling cleric of Milani. Details up tonight.

Hi all, I was hoping to respond to everyone tonight but won't have a chance. Look for more in-depth answers tomorrow.

In the meantime, I'm really enjoying all the creative characters that are being submitted. I'll start reviewing them tomorrow night and sending PMs with any questions or comments I might have (don't sweat if you don't see a PM from me, that just means that I got what I needed from your application!).

Also, both Avowed and Pact Magic are approved.

I understand re Breadth of Experience. I'm comfortable leaving that decision up to the individual player.

Appreciate the interest so far, already getting some intriguing characters, so that's always a good sign!

Started this last night, finished this morning. Please let me know if I missed a question - for those who have put forth character ideas, I didn't comment on them unless specifically asked to do so.

I'll start sending specific questions and feedback about submissions sometime mid-week, roughly in the order they appear in the thread.

Also, Path of War is approved.

Paizo Fan:
Do you approve as much if it's a Lawful Evil Fetchling Mesmerist who plans on using their life on the streets in order to carve out a position of power?

Sure, it's reasonable. I'm curious, at least.

What are your thoughts on that erratta?

I'm at about 60% agree with it. So sorry, no house rule saying otherwise.

Ancient Dragon Master:
Would we have some knowledge of the elder mythos like stuff that is happening?
Can we use the bargaining, Investment, And/or Combat tacticsRules?

Knowledge will be through normal skills.
Maybe, maybe, no.

Deaths Adorable Apprentice:
My question about the combat was if you would be using maps or theater of the mind. Sorry about the odd phrasings.

No worries. I will use maps occasionally, but not for every fight.

How does this sound so far?
Any chance of houseruling that to allow the feat? Or houseruling the magus proficiencies to get rid of some stuff in order to treat the Aldori sword as a martial weapon?

I think the basics you have laid out sound fine.
Sorry, no house rule on that.

Ancient Dragon Master:
Are you using aging penaltys?
Are you using the old or new outsider race aging? (Are they long-Lived or human aging)

No, we're not using aging chart.
I don't have a preference. Player choice.

Joseph Stoltz:
Would you be adverse to considering the Avowed?

I'll look through it let you know in a day or so.

For some reason, Winlas, the god of religious cerimonies and ritual, does not have access to the magic domain or rites subdomain. Would you mind if I used those for my character?
Would you mind if I refluffed one of the campaign traits?
Also, what are your thoughts on pre game crafting?

I'll think about the domains/subs.
Let me know what change you want to make.
Pre-game crafting shouldn't be part of this submission.

How important is the "who would play the movie version of your chareter?" Question?

I'd appreciate a response, but feel free to use another "person" you're familiar with even if he/she is not an actor. How about a fictional character (Jon Snow), a historical figure (King Henry VIII), or a singer (Adele)?

If you'd allow it, I'd very much like to bring in an Orc Bloodrager with the intent of going into Hell Knight eventually. Sort of the heavy handed tanky law enforcer of our future kingdom.

Bloodrager Hell Knight? That would be terrifying. Sure, looks interesting.

So, I'm here to sell a Lawful Evil character...

I think the idea works, want to see more of it.

I was wondering if I could submit two different (but similar haha) character builds and have you choose which one you think would work better with the party/campaign?

Sure, I don't have a problem with that.

Whiskey and Bonesaw:
I do have a question, though: Do I have to pick an actor who's still alive?

Not at all, see above response. Go nuts!

Hi all, plan to respond to questions and posts later today, just letting everyone know I'm paying attention.

The past few days...

1. The party is heading toward Fort Rannick to check on the Black Arrows, a group of soldiers and rangers who patrol the Storval Rise to prevent any giant incursions into civilized lands.

1b. The Black Arrows have not been heard from in several weeks. That is almost unheard of, and certainly warrants investigation.

2. Shelelu, a friend from Sandpoint, has joined your quest.

3. The party first lands in Turtle Ferry, a sleepy town that doesn't have much going for it.

3b. While in Turtle Ferry, you discovered a man with a 7-pointed star tattoo. He said he got the tattoo to save money at an illegal bar and gambling hall in town.

3c. The tattoo is familiar, you have seen it appear elsewhere during your travels.

4. On your journey to Fort Rannick, you encounter a wounded firepelt and an ogre. You free the animal and kill the ogre.

4b. The ogre has a small dirty blanket tucked into his belt. There are several patches of human skin sewn into the blanket. All bear a tattoo of several black arrows, confirmed by Shelelu to be a mark of membership in the Black Arrows. The skin pieces are only a few days old.

Alright, I'm here!

I'll make the background post this weekend, and the first gameplay update on Sunday or Monday.

Appreciate all the interest so far. Going to answer some questions below.

Also, I'm not concerned if you have played or run Kingmaker (or are currently in a game!). It's been out long enough that I figure everybody on the Paizo PbP boards is familiar with it anyway, so it's not an issue for me.

Deaths Adorable Apprentice

Is this adventure mount friendly?

IMO, yes. May not be able to get charges off every round, but off-hand I'd say that ~60-70% of the combats will be in open spaces where a mount would be available.

Would a summoner be allowed?

The Unchained version.

How are you planning to run combat?

Characters post what they want to do, I summarize the round including enemy actions.

How do you feel about romance popping up in the game? Either between players or with an NPC.

No problem with it as long as both players are cool with it.

Is this game going to be leadership friendly? Kingmakers seem like the idea game for it. If it is allowed am I limited to only picking a person or could I get some sort of cool beast?

Yes, it will be Leadership friendly. Possibly on the beast, depends on how the game goes.


Is there a preference on sexuality? Not all GMs want to deal with subjects such as Homosexuality or even Heterosexuality. Preferring that simply stay out of the game. Is it a bigotry that happens in game?

Speaking of bigotry, is racism a thing that will happen in the game? I personally do not mind it in a game though many do since this is an escape from reality. I find it to be another enemy to fight.

I won't be focusing on these themes during the game, but not going to just block them out or ignore them.

Yes, variants are fine. You can choose, no need to roll.

I do not think your proposal is out of line. In my experience, I have seen far more characters who dislike Brevoy than the other way around. In thinking about it, I cannot honestly remember even one that was actively working to unify the new realm with Brevoy.

I'll look at Path of War today or tomorrow. Never used it myself so want to review it.

No problem at all.

Paizo Fan
Very comfortably, it's like one of those really big Sumo bean bag chairs you can just lounge in for hours without moving. Strongly approve.

Waiting on one more PC to act before updating. Would prefer not to bot 2, but will update tonight either way.

I'm fine with Spheres of Power. I won't be using SoP with my NPCs, but I don't have a problem with PCs using the system.

I'm also fine with psionics, so specifically, Psionics Unleashed and Psionics Expanded, correct?

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I am interested in running the Kingmaker AP with a significant modification to the overall plot. I do not enjoy the fey aspects of the story, so I propose replacing those protagonists, and their schemes, with something from the Elder Mythos/Dark Tapestry. I also plan to make a few tweaks based on the accumulated wisdom found in the Kingmaker forums here on the Paizo site. The location, relationship (and potential conflict) between Brevoy/Restov, growth of the realm, and other core components will remain essentially unchanged.

Posting Rate:
I am looking for players who can consistently post every 2-3 days. I am not able to update every day, nor do I expect players to do so.

Submission Requirements:
1. Character build with stats, alias not necessary at this time.
2. Who would play your character in the film version?
3. Writing Sample 1: Tell me why you decided to submit this character (i.e. I love a rogue who wears rouge, never played sorcerer before, think a druid influencing a new realm would be fun, etc.)
4. Writing Sample 2: Give me a short character background - hometown, dreams, family, etc. This should be a taste of who the character is - leave me wanting to know more! But keep it short, more than 5-6 sentences is probably too long.

Character Creation:
Resources: All Paizo acceptable. 3PP needs approval, please ask.
Abilities: 20 point buy, no stat below 7 to start.
Races: Using core races + aasimar, tiefling, ifrit, oread, sylph, undine is greatly preferred. Yes, you can use something else, but I will take a max of 1 character from a race other than those listed.
Classes: Any, but use Unchained if you swing that way.
Hit Points: Max 1st level, 1/2 max+1+Con for additional.
Skills: Background skills will be used.
Alignment: No NE or CE; CN and LE will be tough to sell.
Traits: 3 traits, 1 from Kingmaker, no drawbacks.
Starting Wealth: Max starting gp.
Equipment: No exotic crazy stuff please. Haramaki, I'm looking at you.

Other important character info:
Feats: All characters receive Combat Expertise, Deadly Aim, Power Attack, Unarmed Strike, and Weapon Finesse for free at 1st level. These may be used even if the character does not meet the prereqs (i.e. Int 13 for Combat Expertise, Str 13, +1 BAB for Power Attack).
Sanity: You're already in the asylum, you just don't know it yet.
Characters may not be related to Houses Rogarvia or Garess.


Here are some general questions I use to make selections. This is not a comprehensive list, but hopefully provides some idea about how I approach the task of choosing characters:

  • Were all submission guidelines followed, and is the submission complete?
  • Is the character appropriate for the AP and story?
  • Is the character well-rounded, and able to contribute in multiple facets of play (combat, diplomacy, etc)?
  • Am I interested in seeing this character grow and develop?
  • Will this character work well with others I've selected?

Let's end submissions on Sunday, October 1st at 10am EST. I'll make selections later that day.

Feel free to post here or PM me with any questions.

Tried to post last night but PC crashed on me. Been looking like it was going to die for a while and I've been hoping it would make it to Black Friday. Oh well.

I'll update tonight.

Still waiting on the transfer. I sent another email, so hopefully soon.

In the meantime, I'm working on an overview I can post here to make sure we're all caught up with the story, important clues, etc.

Quick update:

I don't have control yet, which may not be a surprise due to GenCon and Labor Day (holiday this weekend for any non-US people in here).

As soon as the transition happens, I'll be making a Game post and making a few admin changes.


So for this combat, I just provided a small location map since you're going to tear through these skeletons. For bigger combats, I'll provide a "real" combat map.

You all entered from the doors on the south. I'll post a map of the estate tonight so you can get your bearings. Sorry I didn't do that sooner.

Soooooo, looks like I've joined the madhouse. Already feels like home. :)

And I'll get all those plot lines into my notes.

Need to start a new thread, but yes.

In short, I am seriously thinking about running a Starfinder game. I got the book Thursday and really like what they've done (moreso than I thought Ibwould).

Assuming I do it, I would likely adapt an adventure from another sci-fi system to start. Play through that and see if everyone wants to continue or not. Kind of a "play the new system" game, but open at the end to keep going if desired.

Fair enough. Which systems work for you?

So... who wants Starfinder?

Hi all. I'm the one who volunteered to continue this game from DM Devon and I wanted to come over and say hello.

With GenCon out of the way, I'm going to send in the email to get the game transferred over, and that usually takes about a week. With everything else going on, I'm aiming to get things going again in about 10 days (first weekend of Sept).

In the meantime, if there is a story aspect of the game that means a lot to you as the player, or to your character, please let me know. It's inevitable that some of the "story" elements are going to fall through the cracks, but I'd like to mitigate that as much as possible.


To be fair, mostly dead is slightly alive.

Dotting and rolling.

4d6 ⇒ (2, 4, 4, 3) = 13 11
4d6 ⇒ (2, 6, 3, 5) = 16 14
4d6 ⇒ (3, 4, 3, 5) = 15 12
4d6 ⇒ (6, 4, 6, 1) = 17 16
4d6 ⇒ (4, 4, 2, 2) = 12 10
4d6 ⇒ (1, 1, 3, 4) = 9 8

Not terrible. I'll see what I can do with them.

Thanks, appreciate it. I've started reading through the thread, but wow, 150 pages. That's very impressive.

Any specifics you can give me about the plot hooks you're talking about? Are those custom ones added beyond what's found in the RotRl adventure?

Also happy to keep posting here, but would it be acceptable if we moved to your Discussion thread?

The bow is called "Dawnbringer" and functions as +1 longbow. User may add up to +2 Str bonus.

It has a small sigil of crossed arrows over a shield representing the Osirion goddess Neith. This sigil is located on the top limb facing away from the wielder.

Those casting detect magic notice a couple of unusual qualities in this weapon:
1. There are several overlapping auras, but they seem to be very weak, almost as if they are fading away.
2. The sigil of Neith specifically has an aura of transmutation magic.

Interested, thinking Phoenix shugenja.

If the group can give me a week or so to get everything sorted out in my other campaign, I'd be interested. I have the bandwidth to take on one more game as DM, and I've run RotRl in my real life game. Also have the Anniversary edition, so good there too.

Interested, willing to play The Mysterious Mother. :)

Will get PC details posted tonight or tomorrow.

Thanks for the info, I'm working on updating everything but we have friends in town so limited free time atm. Plus babies staying up til 1:30. Back on track with Gameplay tonight, and I appreciate everyone's patience.

Had problems with site last night, first post is now up.

Even if I don't have control, I still want to begin moving forward. First game post will happen tomorrow.

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