Orphaned enemies of the Runelords need YOU!


Who are they? They are a stalwart group of players who have been working through Rise of the Runelords since 2010.

Who am I? The poor fool who scooped them up and did my best to get them to this moment... but family issues and other logistics force me to admit when my time is done...

Please won't you think of the orphans?

The group is in the first part of Part 3 The Hook Mountain Massacre. At this point I have transitioned to the Anniversary edition and despite my own plot hooks the AP should run relatively smooth from the book as is. Its a kick ass group of players that I honestly am sad to leave but life happens some time.

Our game is HERE

I am committed to handing off the torch properly and will still be around (all be it not very often) if there are questions but I am hopeful that some folks might be willing to take this on. Post here is interested!

If the group can give me a week or so to get everything sorted out in my other campaign, I'd be interested. I have the bandwidth to take on one more game as DM, and I've run RotRl in my real life game. Also have the Anniversary edition, so good there too.

Very well. We can give it a shot.

Greetings, Hunger. Appreciate the interest and definitely respect the desire to make sure things are right with those you have already committed to.

I'm curious about your game style, so I will take a look at your other game, but we're a pretty flexible group - we've had the pleasure of working with several DM's. DM Devon has lasted the longest by many years and we hate to see him go. If you can keep some of his plot hooks alive as a tribute, that would be cool.

Ok, had a chance to see your other thread. I think your described style should work here, too. Congratulations on the twins and good luck with your other set of orphans - now I understand why you said you needed to get things settled over there first.

You have my vote. And my patience - when you are ready, I'll be here.

Thanks, appreciate it. I've started reading through the thread, but wow, 150 pages. That's very impressive.

Any specifics you can give me about the plot hooks you're talking about? Are those custom ones added beyond what's found in the RotRl adventure?

Also happy to keep posting here, but would it be acceptable if we moved to your Discussion thread?

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