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Opening the thread.

The summons took you by surprise.

The High Magister requests your presence on the 3rd of Pharast, at his home in the Blue Quarter of Restov. Simply present this letter to the gate guards and they shall assist you.

Sitting in the drawing room, you continue to wonder, why has the First Advisor to Lord Mayor Sellemius asked to see you?

Given the company in the room, it appears you were not the only person who received an invitation.

Opening discussion thread.

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I am interested in running the Kingmaker AP with a significant modification to the overall plot. I do not enjoy the fey aspects of the story, so I propose replacing those protagonists, and their schemes, with something from the Elder Mythos/Dark Tapestry. I also plan to make a few tweaks based on the accumulated wisdom found in the Kingmaker forums here on the Paizo site. The location, relationship (and potential conflict) between Brevoy/Restov, growth of the realm, and other core components will remain essentially unchanged.

Posting Rate:
I am looking for players who can consistently post every 2-3 days. I am not able to update every day, nor do I expect players to do so.

Submission Requirements:
1. Character build with stats, alias not necessary at this time.
2. Who would play your character in the film version?
3. Writing Sample 1: Tell me why you decided to submit this character (i.e. I love a rogue who wears rouge, never played sorcerer before, think a druid influencing a new realm would be fun, etc.)
4. Writing Sample 2: Give me a short character background - hometown, dreams, family, etc. This should be a taste of who the character is - leave me wanting to know more! But keep it short, more than 5-6 sentences is probably too long.

Character Creation:
Resources: All Paizo acceptable. 3PP needs approval, please ask.
Abilities: 20 point buy, no stat below 7 to start.
Races: Using core races + aasimar, tiefling, ifrit, oread, sylph, undine is greatly preferred. Yes, you can use something else, but I will take a max of 1 character from a race other than those listed.
Classes: Any, but use Unchained if you swing that way.
Hit Points: Max 1st level, 1/2 max+1+Con for additional.
Skills: Background skills will be used.
Alignment: No NE or CE; CN and LE will be tough to sell.
Traits: 3 traits, 1 from Kingmaker, no drawbacks.
Starting Wealth: Max starting gp.
Equipment: No exotic crazy stuff please. Haramaki, I'm looking at you.

Other important character info:
Feats: All characters receive Combat Expertise, Deadly Aim, Power Attack, Unarmed Strike, and Weapon Finesse for free at 1st level. These may be used even if the character does not meet the prereqs (i.e. Int 13 for Combat Expertise, Str 13, +1 BAB for Power Attack).
Sanity: You're already in the asylum, you just don't know it yet.
Characters may not be related to Houses Rogarvia or Garess.


Here are some general questions I use to make selections. This is not a comprehensive list, but hopefully provides some idea about how I approach the task of choosing characters:

  • Were all submission guidelines followed, and is the submission complete?
  • Is the character appropriate for the AP and story?
  • Is the character well-rounded, and able to contribute in multiple facets of play (combat, diplomacy, etc)?
  • Am I interested in seeing this character grow and develop?
  • Will this character work well with others I've selected?

Let's end submissions on Sunday, October 1st at 10am EST. I'll make selections later that day.

Feel free to post here or PM me with any questions.