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Zigman Fraud, Psychiatrist M.D. wrote:
Patrick Curtin wrote:


and moanwork
The four basic components of the gamer psyche. I recommend psychotherapy.

I zense you are doing zome zort of schtick , mein herr. Tell me, how much did your mutter beat you as a child?

It zounds as if you are vorried about ze safety uf your houzehold. Ze animals invading your borders represent fears uf problems descending upon your house .Zome problems become smaller ven you face zem , uthers are harder to discover, and more dangerous.

Please, tell me more

taig wrote:

Be right back. :)

But. but. I just brought in fresh leeches!

Likelier than yours you armchair theorist! Go back to watching the History Channel you vapid purveyor of rehashed urban legends!

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Facebook was Ed Gein's autobiography.

I feel your pain ..

It's a delightful tickle in my frontal lobe ...

I find your sorrow ...strangely comforting ...

Spanky the Leprechaun wrote:
after laughter comes tears, Dr. Schadenfreude.

Ja. Zo often this is true Herr Spanky.

DM Phil wrote:
I've come up with a program to help all you guys.

ACH! You zeem to be zufferink from a nasty case of Schtickstealitis Neuroses. Please, have a zeat here on my couch. Vas it easy for you to make friends as a child with zat big head of yours? Please, tell me ...

I senze that ze monkey has a schizzopherniac nature.

Tch! Ze strains of your pozition are getting to you, Herr President. Here, haff zome Napien, und zome Zombiax und some ..

Shakes out a handful of different pills and hands them over

Lord President Moorluck wrote:
Herr Doktor Schadenfreude wrote:
Lord President Moorluck wrote:
We will also need to appoint a Lord Surgeon General, Any suggestions?
I am alvays available for a reazonable rate.
Can you provide prescriptions to my cabinet and interns upon request?

I am a psychiatrist my boy. Perscriptions are no problem. I must haf some counsel time with ze cabinet and interns though. A little one-on-one with zem and my Magical Murder Bag.

Lord President Moorluck wrote:
We will also need to appoint a Lord Surgeon General, Any suggestions?

I am alvays available for a reazonable rate.

Tch. Transference of aggression to the therapist. Zomething we therapists often see. Does your aggression make you feel in control, Herr Court Fool?

Ach! Unt now ve see ze root of CDPs Oedipal fixation! His father iz reshpected for a poodle, und CDP feels zat he has no chance to come out from unter his father's shadow. His anger towards his father makes him confused and zo he becomes depressed. It iz a textbook case, really.


ACh. I vas called in for a consultation on zis canine, yes?

Looks at the beast

Perhaps zome avatar issues. How do you feel about your father, Court Fool?

Tch. Zo many cazes of eggstreme Schizopherenia. Zey were obviously unloved by zeir mutters.

4778 posts you mean to zay, Herr Monkey.

I zink you haff come to the core of his delusions Herr Kruelaid.

Enters the pond carrying a large black doctor's bag

"I just got a call saying zat zere iss a frog in zis thread that zuffers from an eggstreme schizophereniac duallity. Vhich of you amphibians is ze affickted?"

As mein countryman Friedrich Nietzsche once zaid:

If you stare into ze Thread long enough ze Thread stares back at you.

The Shade wrote:
David Fryer wrote:
I have estabished personalities for my aliases, and if something fits what I think they would say, then I use them. Most serious stuff I post under my own name though.
We are sick, sick people...

I haff been trying to tell you all zis for some time now ....

TigerDave wrote:

I'm really concerned at how, about 3/4s the persons posting in this thread are all aliases of a certain individual.

Including "Herr Doktor"...

Are you troubled about zomething my furry friend? I zink you must examine your own neuroses before projeckting your fears upon ze man who is trying to help you. I am merely a catalyst, a guide if you will. You must be ze one who changes yourself.

Set wrote:

*No Doktor CracknFraud, Set is not 'compensating for something.' Every building in the world is actually compensating for not being Set.

I find it verrrry interesting that you needed to qualify zis before I had a chance to query you. Verrry interesting ...

Scribbles notes in a small pad

Tch. All zis talk of cults. My friends you shouldn't turn to cults for affirmation. Find your inner strengths and do not follow ze herd. Cults are chust an example of a charismatic person azzuming control over weaker individuals. Zis is not healthy behavior.

CourtFool wrote:
Get there all by yourself, Einstein?

Tch. Such anger. Such hatred. Such bile. I haff never seen so much rage packaged in such a small form. Are you upset because of your size? Does being a rodent fill you with envy for ze higher orders? Try and become content vith ze vay you vere made and let ze anger go. After all, rodents have zeir part to play in ze world. Embrace your rodent destiny and shine.

Tch. I see here a classic case of a schizo-pheriniac multiple personaliy disorder. Here ve see how ze kobold transfers his envy, anger and guilt into anozzer form by assuming ze countenace of a pigeon. Tch. So sad. It seems like he iz not even avare of ze transformation. I zink zis will take some time in a sanitarium to properly diagnose.

**snaps fingers**

Udo, Scharnhost. Take zis kobold to ze Happy Smiles Sanitarium. Be careful, he looks as if he hasn't had his rabies shots.

Perhaps you haff some mothering issues Herr Werwolf. Tell me, did your litter mates shove you avay from your mutter's nipples? How did you feel about that? Do you still cry about it vhen no one is looking? It is normal to feel rejected from such a traumatic experience. Being ze runt of ze litter is a difficult thing.

Perhaps this farewell thread is a diguised cry for attention?