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In stranger aeons, even cake may pie

That way lies madness

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Thus the door to the land of Dream was reopened

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That is not dead which can eternal lie. And with strange aeons even kobolds may die.

Drejk wrote:
It's closing to 4 am and I am rereading some parts of FAWTL...

That way lies madness...

The wall is comforting. It is what lies beyond it that is incomprehensible to the petty concious minds of men.

Frank. My boon companion ....

Slender Man? I smell crossover!

Specifically, I'd love you for dinner. Not over for dinner, but ...dinner

What Stygian vistas of ancient decaying chaos will young Master Pip behold?



They say I was inspired by the eldrich beasts of the restless sea

Dread Cathulhu comes

In stranger aeons, even Monkeys get tired of posting

In stranger aeons even the miniblitz may die ...

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In Stranger aeons, even WalMart may die...

Gary Teter wrote:
]Sorry.... turns out that even gazing upon the FAWTLhouse was enough to bring calamity and destruction upon us all.

That is not dead which can eternal post,

And with strange aeons even FAWTL may server roast.

From beyond the veil of the mundane, I send forth my felicitations...

Creepy Puppet wrote:
Kruelaid wrote:
Unless, of course, someone offers you the Necronomicon.

Or the King in Yellow manuscript

James Jacobs wrote:
Feel free to continue posting suggestions. We'll still be peeking in here for at least a few more days, now and then. But I'm pretty sure what we've chosen will not be changing.

Stabracadabra! I knew it!

In the cacophanous ruinous eldritch spaces of the Outer Spheres a danger lurks

Celestial Healer wrote:
Your mama's stink's so bad, she makes Innsmouth smell like a Yankee Candle.


Yo mama's so fat when she orders the all you can eat fried fish buffet at the clam shack they gotta go kill a Deep One.

Yo' mamma was the gatefold in the Necronomicon

H.P. Lovecraft used Whippoorwills as psychopomps in his novel The Dunwich Horror


Tarren Dei wrote:
Scooby Don't wrote:
only 5,500 or so posts to go!

That's friggin' scary.

What you callin scary? You wouldn't know scary if Cthulhu was eating Fruit Loops on your front porch!

Your momma so nasty Wilbur Whateley stood her up at the movies.

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your momma's so flat they call her chest the Mountains of Sadness.

Watcher wrote:


[tinfoil hat]Rhode Island, home of H.P. Lovecraft, home of Hasbro ...coincedence? Are the Deep Ones plotting their decades-long schemes to bring down humanity from their underwater lair deep within Narragansett Bay's murky depths? Is the CEO of Hasbro ready to take on the gaming industry after his stint in the automobile industry?

Bnet.com wrote:
Before joining Hasbro, Mr. Hargreaves held several finance positions in the automobile industry in Europe including stints with both the Ford Motor Company and DeLorean Motor Cars

Will the dread fish men rise up after our civilization falls to ruin? Will we be sacrificed at Dagon's blood-stained altar? Quick! Scrawl the Elder Sign on your door and pray that you are not taken! Look to the sea! Iä Iä! Cthulu F'thagn! [/tinfoil hat]

What dim dark corners of the cosmos did these many horrors crawl from?

Can anyone keep their fragile grip on sanity once they have beheld the eldritch horror that is the Paizo Messageboards?

The rats ... the rats in the walls .. <twitch>

Your momma's so stupid she thought the Necronomicon was a Harlequin Romance.

Has the daemonic presence from beyond been destroyed?

Yo momma so ugly she make a shaggoth shiver