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Male Human commoner/expert 3/2

Sorry everyone. Power supply died. It will be another pay period (two weeks) before I can afford a new one. I just hope it has not taken out anything else with it.

Funny thing was, I had just typed a post helping someone with technical issues on this site and FzzzzzPOP. Screen goes dark, fan goes off. I cry.

I understand if I am bumped. I am visiting parents and "looking something up, real quick" on Mom's comp. But, I will try and check up again midweek.

This means I have to use broadcast TV and paper books for entertainment! EEEP!!


Not sure. Never happened to me that I know of..

But here is an article in Salon that offers some advice.

I have never used a proxy, but that seems to be the suggestion.


LazarX wrote:

Error Code 404, or the page you've requested is not found.

Some folks get pretty creative with these.

This one is from The Discovery Website



Cheapy wrote:
It is a most curious fact that that little bit is only exercised for when a GM wants to nerf something to uselessness without explicitly disallowing it. Oddly enough, most of the time it involves firearms. Of course, the same bit tends to not apply to bows and other things that require multiple free actions to do, like casting most spells. At least this is an interesting take on the restrictive free actions and gets past the "inability to cast spells" issue. Most people just try to say "X number of free actions" to nerf something. But one per "type"? That's innovation right there.

I use it for conversations during battle. After, the first minute of what ever speech they are saying, I tell the players the free speech is at an end...wrap it up or continue it the next round. Really, outside of that, I guess I have been lucky with what players try to do with free actions.


Thanks Tacticslion!

Great webcomic!

As for the elf thing, I have them age twice as long as a human til about age 15 or so (elf age ~30). Then, I use BIG LEAGUE mental/emotional immaturity for the next 40 years or so.

Actually, I am doing something similar for a sylph character of mine.

Buddy of mine thinks that is ridiculous and the age tables only reflect elven society. He thinks an elf in a human environment ages same rate as other humans, but will be years and years before being accepted as a member of elf society.

Had to toss in something dealing with the topic. That webcomic is great!


First off, most of the time, my main group tosses out the xp progression. We level up when the DM says it is time to level up. I believe in that campaign the characters never got past 12th level.

If I were to use psionics now, I would probably go with the Psionics Unleased by Dreamscarred Press. I dislike reinventing the wheel, especially when some one had done such a great job before me. :P

If I were to do warlocks now, probably use elemental bloodlines, and just keep the flavor of the "brotherhood of elementals".

Diabolist is really tough to convert, but even when I played Palladium Fantasy RPG, no one ever picked it.

Summoner is easy enough to reflavor.

For witches, I would just use the Pathfinder witch, also changing the fluff of the bond to the Palladium version..keeping it an evil contract.

Magic items in Palladium are much weaker overall. And the best Rune weapons are all cursed at least..and probably intelligent as well.

So I guess, in answering, I would say to handle the gentler bell curve, just slow down progression and ignore WBL to what seems appropriate.


EDIT: Most the GM's in my group never cared for Palladium rules or background flavor EXCEPT where alignment is concerned. Two of the three of us use the Palladium alignments. The Palladium fan myself, I do not.

Adamantine Dragon wrote:

Also, in those cases where I have played with dedicated healers it is almost always the healer who first cries out "Stop! I need to rest and regain my spells!"

Just my experience. Since I don't care for either of those situations, I tend to prefer to play without a dedicated healer. So far, in the decades I've played that way, it hasn't reduced effectiveness at all. It has, however, tended to result in a party that manages resources much more efficiently, and I like that too.

Strangely, in my primary group, the person most likely to push for resting never plays a divine caster. Though it would not mater what he plays. In a current RotRLs he has a monk, and is the first to cry for the party must stop and camp. In a current homebrew, a wizard, and he begs for us to camp. In a past kingmaker, an archer and begs to camp.

The guy who primarily plays healers? We are lucky if he lets it be known to the group he is out of channels.

In other Pathfinder groups, I have found the players of clerics manage resources very well. Seldom have I ever played with a "healbot".

I did play with a gal that declared that was how she was going to play. But, the group quickly encouraged her to take a more proactive role, and soon she was dealing damage, buffing and channeling. Out of combat, she would have her character provide mostly wand use. She seemed to have great fun.

So, I guess it is anecdotal.

In AD&D, 2nd, and 3.x, my mains usually were clerics or a multiclass of somesort. Come Pathfinder, I play mostly rogues and arcane casters.

Though, strangely, I have made an inquisitor for a Carrion Crown campaign starting sometime early next year. We have a paladin, inquisitor, archeologist bard, and an alchemist. The DM is disappointed no one is playing a cleric and thinks it will be a party wipe. This is the same guy that always begs for us to rest :P


I have done this with 3.5. The campaign pretty much focused on the (forget name of book, covered the Byzantium isles and other islands )

Worked pretty easily. Most Palladium races can be converted easily enough. The biggest issue for me was psionics. I just eliminated it, was the simplest method.


Player in my group has cheated in the past, because he often rolls poorly in situations he wants his character to excel. What has helped to curb this effect is helping him understand "taking 10".

Another player has problems with his vision of his character after a few days of gaming, and will adjust the skills to reflect his new vision based on RP. What has helped with this, is discussing his concept before and during character creation, and just letting him adjust skills that seemed a good idea at first, but notsomuch after the first few nights.

As a DM, especially during the early levels, I adjust die rolls during combat to help the PC's survive. As level progression increases, I continue rolling behind the screen during minor battles, and in front of the screen during BBEG battles. Later in the campaign, at higher levels, I just roll everything in front of screen or have a series of prerolls I use. (for those times I don't want the players to hear dice).

None of this stops cheating. But, it does curb it for players at my table.

I think people cheat because they think it will make the game more fun.

The player that roll cheats, does it because failure at a specialty would make the game less fun for him. The player that cheats on character sheet, does it because his original ideas were not fun for him. I do it as a DM, because I think it is more fun for characters to survive the lowest levels or against minions early on in a game where an unlucky crit can just kill most any build.

As for Rules Lawyering, well, never have considered that as cheating in home games. I do not do society games. Nor have I hosted a table for a convention. I have done open games at gaming stores, but just like a home game, GM rules supersede any printed rule or player interpretation of said rule.

This is not a defense of cheating, just answering your question. I actually don't think anyone defends it, we just have different methods of handling different cases.


Ignore the xp track.

Level the PC's as they reach certain sections of the AP. This way, you can enjoy more of the side quests. And take time to enjoy Sandpoint, as well as other locales later on in the story.


My core rulebook is an embarrassment. I will eventually purchase another. But truthfully, the best gaming books I have ever had were my first. AD&D players guide and dungeon master's guide, both bought in 1980 about three months apart. Darn good books those.

I live in Florida, and my books are in the car alot...often spending the night and day. Heat and humidity really play a great detriment to modern book bindings. I should probably take even better care of my first two, yet, they have never seemed to be damaged other than worn corners and a well handled feeling to the pages and covers.

Anywho, I blame me for my Corebook's condition.

That said, a good friend of mine is having issues with his core book becoming loose. He takes superb care of his books. He is quite disgruntled by it, and lurks on threads like these often.


DrDeth wrote:

"Cliche and tired story element" sums up my opinion too.

Series of fantasy novels that might apply:
Ever read The Lords of Dûs, by Lawerence Watt-Evans?


Grey Lensman wrote:

My own personal top 10?

Martain Manhunter
Green Lantern (Kyle Rayner)
The Shadow
The Thing
Mr. Terrific (pre-reboot version)
Hawkman (pre-reboot Carter Hall version)

Horatio Hellpop Nexus? If so, he DEFINITELY on my list too.

Phantom (Ghost Who Walks),
Judge Dredd (not really a hero, but well...),
Power Girl,
Jonah Hex( not certain he really qualifies as hero either),
Mr. Miracle.

Lots of others I have enjoyed for a time, but these folk I always seem to like.


Alexander Augunas wrote:
JoelF847 wrote:

What do you think about the new Pacific Rim trailer?

It looks pretty awesome to me - and the origin of the kaiju in the movie as mentioned in the trailer is pretty intriguing.

I saw that trailer, considering the actress who plays the human's computer and where the monsters come from, I have used the following title to sum up Pacific Rim.

Cthulhu vs. GLaDOS

I am very excited, indeed. :)

I saw this one in the theaters on opening left me um, scared about giant robot movies.


Good stuff, thanks for taking time to present this.


Mamoru Onitora wrote:

Here's a handy guide, Greg. Hope it helps.

Good stuff! Still reading. Much of it is very similar to RP advice for NeverWinter Nights RP servers.

Really appreciate your work in the thread and lots of good advice for a newfellermelad like me.



My cat hates the stuff, runs under the bed and hides.


I FAQ'd it. Winston Colt phrased it better than I, but I see the argument from the other side well. I suspect it will be a solid year or maybe never for a definitive answer. But... *shrugs* I FAQ'd it.




So, when is it proper to use OOC text Instead of just posting to the discussion forum?

And are Italics thoughts in character?

Bold seems pretty straight forward; character's speech.

Any other tricks of the trade I should know? Even if not accepted, I think I may just keep applying to give this medium a whirl.


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Okay, it was nice of folk to drop links to relavent rules, however, I think better seing it all put together. I initially thought, WOW Ssalarn has come up with an amazing combo here! I was rethinking all sorts of character concepts. So, I dropped the rules in a word document and started looking at them together. I do not think it can work together. The quick answer of Vital Strike and Charge cannot be used together seems to apply.

Here are the rules.

Mounted Skirmisher:
PRD wrote:

Mounted Skirmisher (Combat)

You are adept at attacking from upon a swift moving steed.
Prerequisites: Ride rank 14, Mounted Combat, Trick Riding.
Benefit: If your mount moves its speed or less, you can still take a full-attack action.
Normal: If your mount moves more than 5 feet, you can only take an attack action.

Character can take a full-round action after your mount moves. However...

PRD wrote:


Charging is a special full-round action that allows you to move up to twice your speed and attack during the action. Charging, however, carries tight restrictions on how you can move.

Charging is a special full round action. It is not move and attack... But, it is the horse charging and not the rider...

excerpt from mounted combat :
PRD, mounted combat section wrote:
If your mount charges, you also take the AC penalty associated with a charge. If you make an attack at the end of the charge, you receive the bonus gained from the charge. When charging on horseback, you deal double damage with a lance (see Charge).

At first, this seems to agree with the fact it is the horse charging and not the rider! But let's look at Spirited Charge.

Spirited Charge :
PRD wrote:

Spirited Charge (Combat)

Your mounted charge attacks deal a tremendous amount of damage.
Prerequisites: Ride 1 rank, Mounted Combat, Ride-By Attack.
Benefit: When mounted and using the charge action, you deal double damage with a melee weapon (or triple damage with a lance).

"When mounted and using the charge action..." Reading this, it seems to imply that there is an expenditure of a "Charge Action". And that is a special full round attack. And the Character has the feat, so it is his expenditure,

Which brings us to the old whammy of vital strike ...

Vital Strike :
PRD wrote:

Vital Strike (Combat)

You make a single attack that deals significantly more damage than normal.
Prerequisites: Base attack bonus +6.
Benefit: When you use the attack action, you can make one attack at your highest base attack bonus that deals additional damage. Roll the weapon's damage dice for the attack twice and add the results together before adding bonuses from Strength, weapon abilities (such as flaming), precision based damage, and other damage bonuses. These extra weapon damage dice are not multiplied on a critical hit, but are added to the total.

And not using them in charges.

FAQ on Vital Strike :
FAQ wrote:
Can Vital Strike be used with Spring Attack? Can Vital Strike be used on a charge?No. Vital Strike can only be used as part of an attack action, which is a specific kind of standard action. Spring Attack is a special kind of full-round action that includes the ability to make one melee attack, not one attack action. Charging uses similar language and can also not be used in combination with Vital Strike.

So, in conclusion, I would say that Vital Strike cannot be combined with Spirited Charge. Despite Mounted Skirmisher.

Too bad, I wanted this to work :P



*edges away from the thread*


Wait, are you guys talking about the old Comico line of comics?


EDIT if we are bringing up oldies but goodies, sign me up for Grendel, Jon Sable, Elementals, Nexus, and oh yeah.. MAGIC IS GREEN!!!

Pendagast wrote:

so 8th level cleric?

I really see this as something a shadow dancer SHOULD be able to qualify for.

I agree. Currently, shadowjump is close, but no cigar :( "As if" dimension door spell is pretty darn close. But not the same as using Dimension Door spell

If someone in my games, played a Shadowdancer, I would allow it as a house rule.

PRD wrote:
Shadow Jump (Su): At 4th level, a shadowdancer gains the ability to travel between shadows as if by means of a dimension door spell. The limitation is that the magical transport must begin and end in an area with at least some dim light. A shadowdancer can jump up to a total of 40 feet each day in this way; this may be a single jump of 40 feet or four jumps of 10 feet each. Every two levels higher than 4th, the distance a shadowdancer can jump each day doubles (80 feet at 6th, 160 feet at 8th, and 320 feet at 10th). This amount can be split among many jumps, but each one, no matter how small, counts as a 10-foot increment.


I put this with...

We are gonna kill him anyway, why don't we do it slowly and drag it out for the fun of it!


Let's open up his brain box, scoop out parts and eat it before we kill him.

Wait! Wait! Before we kill him, let me cut open and artery so I can slurp up some sanguinary fun!

The way one kills can be evil.


Just saw the new trailer on a link from Crunchyroll.

I was not really getting excited about this, and the original teaser release did not help.

This preview, it got me excited. I may have to shell out some coin and see this one.

Preview of MAN OF STEEL


DundjinnMasta wrote:
Taliv - Everything seems good. I have some ideas for Master Shinmei depending on how the selections go.

Heck, even if I do not make the finals, please feel free to use anything at all that could be of use.

Just glad of the opportunity to submit my...




EDIT: clarification

1 person marked this as FAQ candidate.

A very minor bonus stepping stone feat: A+B or C for all the reasons stated. It is just a tax on the feat tree.

It does stack with toughness. For those cases where that is important.*shrugs*

For those reading it as A+B,or A+C, or B+C, I think this would have been the better designed format. And maybe given enough FAQ's it would be changed.

For those reading it as a 2C option, I cannot even see the stretch of imagination. I think that is entirely in the realm of houserule/wishful thinking.

Based on how other rulings have went, based on RavingDork's post collection upthread, I would NOW rule it is retroactive. I have not ruled that way in the past.


The Calistrian myth of the Blooded, is this originated from misconceptions of the Runelords? Or was there really such a land?


I am also pretty certain that larger cities would have multiple temples. Many focusing on different aspects of the Savored Sting.

Heck, I could also see a younger acolyte starting up a temple just to compete with a previous mentor because of a simple disagreement.

For your character, I would expect temples to the goddess to change names and locations quite frequently. I would suggest the best way to find one in a city inimical to her worship is to look for where the wasps nest.


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KestlerGunner wrote:
Just feed on as many tiny, cute little kittens you can find, and keep your good alignment. Stick 6 of them in a container and call it a 6-pack. Moral crisis averted.

*points* EVIL!!!

Greg :P

I remember having so many problems with keeping my players' characters in line. I would run an idea, and everything would go left field. I eventually stopped running games for a bit, unless they were completely free for alls. ( I never even heard the term "sandbox" until a few years ago)

Shadowrun modules changed this. The early modules when the game first came out showed a flow chart. Basically, the party's decisions would take them down different paths, but all the paths eventually would come back to major plot points in the scenarios. The players seldom feel railroaded, and gameplay is more "natural". From that point on, my DMing, Storytelling, GMing..whatever, got so much mo'better.

Doesn't really apply to the OP problem. But, had to join the digression.

@ Malag- Not much you can do about this situation. Hopefully, there was some learning from it. Sometimes groups don't mesh though. Friend of mine and I joined a group he met through a gaming store. He loved the feel of the game. I hated it. I left. Many of them joined our main group for a time, I had great time. *shrugs* Social dynamics, who can figure it?


Nylissa wrote:

I like the E6 concept, a lot. I definitely like the idea of a mana system. Or some way of tracking spell use.

As I typed that first sentence, I thought about a Will save with every spell. DC=10+spell level, failure = 1d3xspell level nonlethal damage. It lets luck be a factor, but eventually, if you keep throwing spells, you're really going to hurt yourself. This is probably too harsh, and should be ignored. Especially since I'm thinking of playing a wizard.

How about this. Instead of WILL, make it a concentration check. Success spend mana normally. Failure, take nonlethal damage OR spend mana at that time on a point for point basis to remove damage. Not to exceed amount from this particular failure and cannot be done at a later time.

Elondor wrote:
@greg,Why not try playing? Jump in head first and see what it's like?
Elondor wrote:
Personally I've never been fond of wizards 'forgetting' spells after casting them as well as the whole needing to prep them thing. It seems antiquated to me. I'm contemplating having wizards be spontaneous casters (using the mana system to balance this out) while having sorcerers use the words of power system (also balanced using mana) to really separate them in terms of flavor and capabilities. Thoughts on this?

My thoughts. Give psionics a look. I think you will be very pleasantly surprised and will avoid reinventing the wheel. Basics. Casters are given points and list of powers known. Certain powers cost a base amount of points. If one wishes to boost the power, more points are expended. One could blow all their points on using one very powerful enhanced power, or nickel and dime it with several lesser powers as needed.

And if I do apply, it will be a Grippli Musket master :P


EDIT fixed some crazy post format weirdness.

Vic Wertz wrote:
I know a guy who asked for a divorce from his wife via email.

My ex-wife let me know via a certified letter from the attorney's office :/


Okay, here is some oddness. I could not access the site from my parents and a friend also could not access. Both of them use ATT as their provider. *shrugs*


Anyone slept with him yet?


Off topic, technology or Gamer life.

This product is insane. The comments are ridiculously funny.

Thanks for this, I will be passing it along to friends and family.


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Liz Courts wrote:
Per this post, James Jacobs will not be answering rules questions. Please post all rules questions to the appropriate forum.

Darnit guys! You made Mom step in! Sheesh!



The only folk I have found that have real issues getting on the page so far, have tried it from Apple devices. I figure it is that whole apple/adobe antagonistic relationship thing. But everyone I have shared the site with that uses windows systems have had no issues accessing.

Sorry that I am not a techie, but my techie friends have no clue either.

Still pondering it.


Azaelas Fayth wrote:

Wait he said he didn't want you playing a class because he wants to use it as a BBEG?

Wow... I say go with the Rogue Idea.

Though I would be wary of him.

I agree with going the rogue idea. If he rewards daring stunts and out of the box ideas with heavy modifiers, the rogue can be oodles of fun.


Are the rolls fixed? or can you move them about?


Well, just for giggles I tried to view the page.

I am currently using a borrowed netbook while awaiting for a friend to build me a new comp. ( old one went kablewwy :(.

It is running IE with a very barebones XP package and I can view the site. I can even do some manipulation, even though I am unable to scroll up and down. But I could access.

Have you tried taking the laptop to another location and using another person's provider? Like a pannera bread, moe's, McD's, or some buddy's?

If problem goes away, it is a provider issue.

If not, then I too would suggest contacting...EMAIL


Kajehase wrote:
The Pathfinder is also a novel by James Fenimore Cooper. (Y'know, the guy wot wrote The Last of the Mohicans.)

Loved the Natty Bumppo novels, The Prairie was my fave.


EDIT: And also the name of our starship in a homebrew Star Trek game.

Azaelas Fayth wrote:
Brood Master can create some interesting Flanking situations. Surrounding someone on all 4 sides can be devastating.

Ooo! and tack on some teamwork feats!


Brandon Hodge wrote:
I was in the PaizoCon 2 game! I played the gunslinger, but can't recall the race...I know I have that character sheet around here somewhere. *twiddles fingers*

* sighs * Still waiting very patiently. * taps foot rapidly *


I have watched the series on the web, is there extra material to be found on the DVD?


Never played in a PbP game, but fan of E6. I have been watching this thread and look forward to reading about your play if/when you do start.


I remember reading a few lines about an ancient city sitting timeless under a crystal dome, where did I read that and has there been any modules/ap's that used said city?


FallenValkyrja wrote:
Netopalis wrote:
Well, given what they did to TechTV, I really have little sympathy for them.
I feel the same way.

Put me on that bandwagon. TechTV introduced me to google.


OMG! And this so explains the name as well. Norgorber has to be the melding of all four names. I mean..really, who would ever pick Norgorber as a name.


Norgorber. *snorts* Not even a mother would love a child named ridiculous.


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