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Okay, it was nice of folk to drop links to relavent rules, however, I think better seing it all put together. I initially thought, WOW Ssalarn has come up with an amazing combo here! I was rethinking all sorts of character concepts. So, I dropped the rules in a word document and started looking at them together. I do not think it can work together. The quick answer of Vital Strike and Charge cannot be used together seems to apply.

Here are the rules.

Mounted Skirmisher:
PRD wrote:

Mounted Skirmisher (Combat)

You are adept at attacking from upon a swift moving steed.
Prerequisites: Ride rank 14, Mounted Combat, Trick Riding.
Benefit: If your mount moves its speed or less, you can still take a full-attack action.
Normal: If your mount moves more than 5 feet, you can only take an attack action.

Character can take a full-round action after your mount moves. However...

PRD wrote:


Charging is a special full-round action that allows you to move up to twice your speed and attack during the action. Charging, however, carries tight restrictions on how you can move.

Charging is a special full round action. It is not move and attack... But, it is the horse charging and not the rider...

excerpt from mounted combat :
PRD, mounted combat section wrote:
If your mount charges, you also take the AC penalty associated with a charge. If you make an attack at the end of the charge, you receive the bonus gained from the charge. When charging on horseback, you deal double damage with a lance (see Charge).

At first, this seems to agree with the fact it is the horse charging and not the rider! But let's look at Spirited Charge.

Spirited Charge :
PRD wrote:

Spirited Charge (Combat)

Your mounted charge attacks deal a tremendous amount of damage.
Prerequisites: Ride 1 rank, Mounted Combat, Ride-By Attack.
Benefit: When mounted and using the charge action, you deal double damage with a melee weapon (or triple damage with a lance).

"When mounted and using the charge action..." Reading this, it seems to imply that there is an expenditure of a "Charge Action". And that is a special full round attack. And the Character has the feat, so it is his expenditure,

Which brings us to the old whammy of vital strike ...

Vital Strike :
PRD wrote:

Vital Strike (Combat)

You make a single attack that deals significantly more damage than normal.
Prerequisites: Base attack bonus +6.
Benefit: When you use the attack action, you can make one attack at your highest base attack bonus that deals additional damage. Roll the weapon's damage dice for the attack twice and add the results together before adding bonuses from Strength, weapon abilities (such as flaming), precision based damage, and other damage bonuses. These extra weapon damage dice are not multiplied on a critical hit, but are added to the total.

And not using them in charges.

FAQ on Vital Strike :
FAQ wrote:
Can Vital Strike be used with Spring Attack? Can Vital Strike be used on a charge?No. Vital Strike can only be used as part of an attack action, which is a specific kind of standard action. Spring Attack is a special kind of full-round action that includes the ability to make one melee attack, not one attack action. Charging uses similar language and can also not be used in combination with Vital Strike.

So, in conclusion, I would say that Vital Strike cannot be combined with Spirited Charge. Despite Mounted Skirmisher.

Too bad, I wanted this to work :P


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KestlerGunner wrote:
Just feed on as many tiny, cute little kittens you can find, and keep your good alignment. Stick 6 of them in a container and call it a 6-pack. Moral crisis averted.

*points* EVIL!!!

Greg :P

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Liz Courts wrote:
Per this post, James Jacobs will not be answering rules questions. Please post all rules questions to the appropriate forum.

Darnit guys! You made Mom step in! Sheesh!



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I heard he was a giant chicken!!


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Doomed Hero wrote:

To me this sounds like a synthisist summoner who's fused form is her magic girl transformation form (basically the same person but with longer/different colored hair, less clothing, bigger boobs and longer legs)

and lots of pretty pink ribbons, lace and a chainsaw.

Awesome! Perfect choice


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Lamontius wrote:

Man, is this like a thing or are you just talking about a girl that is magical?

Because if this is a thing then I suspect that is just about the worst job of branding in the history of branding. Either that or it absolutely has to be an anime thing.

Or...maybe it's the best branding in the history of branding. Now my faith in marketing and advertising is shaken forever.

My favorite "Magical Girl", and could be an intro to the magical girl mania.

Is this a Zombie?

And yes, it is a manga/anime thing.


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A couple of googled threads.



Not much info, but a few teases.

Friend of mine won a copy of Darwin's World for me. I have been tempted to poach from it. On its own, it seems lacking for my style.


EDIT alot more references searching the james jacobs thread. But I tired of scanning :P

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I wonder if it is a horror based apocalypse? *ponders* Hopping vampires broke the back of civilization. Or or um....more science fictiony, like Giant Radioactive Ants from Arizona! Yeah! It could be THEM!


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Still think James should drop in some teasers or some fiction to get folk drooling over this. I mean really, he probably sleeps at least four hours a night. If he would use this time for a much more productive use, he could have this done in two or three years. TOPS!


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James Jacobs wrote:
Although Unspeakable Futures (which is the name of this unpublished, long in design game by me) is where the first draft of the gunslinger class came from... the gunslinger touch AC issue that causes problems in Pathfinder doesn't cause problems in Unspeakable Futures, because guns work a little differently, and because the game is built from the ground up with the assumption that most PCs will be using ranged weapons, not melee weapons. It's sort of a reverse of the general expectation of D&D/Pathfinder in that regard.


James Jacobs wrote:

Unspeakable Futures is not a Paizo product. It's a James Jacobs project. One I started working on back in 2000 or thereabouts, when the brand new 3rd edition d20 system inspired me to do just that—to see if I could build a d20 science fiction game. Sicne then, I've revised it to utilize the d20 Call of Cthulhu Rules, the d20 Modern Rules, the 3.5 D&D rules, and most recently, the Pathfinder rules.

It's not something that Paizo's design team is working on, since I've not allowed anyone but me to work on it, since it's my little vanity project. Something I'd love to publish at some point—be it through Paizo, through Kickstarter, or simply on a website as a PDF.

Not certain this is the correct section. But thought the discussion should continue.


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Lastoth wrote:

I would love to see how they make the phrase "for all purposes" more clear. I mean it's pretty clear if you read words... but they can do better. I recommend this wording:

"With this spell you designate the target as your favored enemy for the remainder of its duration. Select one of your favored enemy types. For the duration of the spell, you treat the target as if it were that type of favored enemy for all purposes... even... you know... THAT ONE SPECIFICALLY."

That would help alot!

Especially since it seems to be a controversial ruling to so many. Strangely, the GM's I game with all read it as not working as well. Course, it is how I rule too. So a FAQ would help oodles.


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Player characters. I have nightmares sometimes.


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Just have to say, I think folk are worried about inexperienced RP'ers just a lil' overmuch. Some of the biggest "jumps" in player design at tables I have been at, were from new players.

Basically, If someone were to misunderstand the class by its name, or lack the creative leap to separate the class from its name, then it will happen with whatever name you give it. And would apply to every class and their features.

In my head, I always connect "witch" with one that has made a pact with Satan and given away their soul and will face eternal damnation. So, my upbringing rears itself and I have problems playing the class. However, I do not lay blame at the class name when the interpretation lays within myself.

Thief/rogue. The connotations their have always been slanted towards the noble thief (EX Remington Steele or Pink Panther) or in the case of rogue a swashbuckler or Robin Hood from the TV show. Despite the rules and the fluff, of first edition, I was surprised at the cartoon in the DMG "There is no honor among thieves". Never even thought to play them that way.

Some of these names have been around for over thirty years, and someone will always misinterpret them or feel funneled into a play style, or just not like them. But it will continue to be the same if changed.

I particularly hate "beserker".

But then again, I feel no reason to rename barbarian, nor rename monk, nor rename fighter. ( I chose those for examples because I see them mentioned the most)


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*blinks* Well, ..gee.

I am an E6 fan and have a hard time with your groups restrictions. Ten point buy.. *gulp*

I'd be tempted to up charisma and take skill focus diplomacy and make certain I was surrounded by friends everywhere I went.


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Maybe we could call it "Guts" ?


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Instant Enemy from PRD:
Instant Enemy

School enchantment; Level ranger 3

Casting Time 1 swift action

Components V, S

Range close (25 ft. + 5 ft./2 levels)

Target one creature that is not your favored enemy.

Duration 1 minute/level

Saving Throw none; Spell Resistance no

With this spell you designate the target as your favored enemy for the remainder of its duration. Select one of your favored enemy types. For the duration of the spell, you treat the target as if it were that type of favored enemy for all purposes.

Since the spell reads "you treat the target as if it were that type of favored enemy for all purposes", I would say, Yes, it would apply. :P


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Marthian wrote:

Also something to consider:

Lucky. You aren't going to have as great a wisdom as a regular gunslinger, and heaven forbid: a Dominated gunslinger would just rip up a party.

Shouldn't you have a great wisdom as a regular gunslinger? Isn't it the second best stat?

The Gunslinger's Handbook


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+1 for The Deed of Paksenarion trilogy. One of my favorite fantasy reads. I usually reread this trilogy once a year..sometimes more :P

And, I also agree with many that it is the perfect series for saying "Paladin". (though also gives good arguement for making the paladin a prestige class...)

The second series features more of the side characters, though, I am a fan of the rogue Arvid, and have enjoyed learning more of him.

Elizabeth Moon's Gird novel "Surrender None" Is actually from the stand point of a male lead, though Gird's daughter is a very strong central character.

Strange, I can think of TONS of scifi and urban fantasy with strong female protaganists, but with fantasy...not so much.

I enjoyed LE Modesitt's Spellssong cycle series, but it has been so long, I am uncertain if she was a "strong" character or not. As with many of his series', the protagonist often weilds great power, but more often than not are tossed willy nilly into situations where their abilities are not enough.

Anyway, I will think on this a bunch more.


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Too obvious... Norgorber, gotta be Norgorber. Though, for an evil god..his name sounds like a candy bar.

mmmmmmmm Norgorber......


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Grollub wrote:

While some may think it's "within character" to steal from the party as a thief. It is counter productive to the party as a whole, not only in game but outside of game as well.

In game... you're screwing over the people who help to keep you alive.

And bad people sometimes do bad things to folk that are helping them.

Out of game.. it's bound to cause hard feelings if you are totally ripping them off.

Some games, I am certain that is the case. I have been in quite a few groups where we laughed about it afterwards. But, then again, that was always with friends and never with first time players in the group.

I for one, kill any thief when my character finds out, irregardless if they "pay up or not" ( I tend to the evil side of things ).

Awesome IC responce, serves the rogue right for messing up bigtime with the wrong mark.

As a GM I've seen this multiple times where 1 player "skims off the top" thousands of gold from the party coffers, and plays the downlow to hide it for a while, then wonders why he's in deep trouble when the jig is up.

Well, the character skimmed I hope...and if caught, I can easily see the rogue trying to downplay the act. "Honest officer, it was my first time! Never happen again. Party scout's honor. Wait?! What do you mean you are going to kill me?! It is just coin!!! C'mon guys! I will pay it back... honest."

If it is the player getting upset, well, truthfully, that does seem kind of immature. If one is going to play with fire, expect to get burnt.


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There are a couple of good threads

E6 stuff


More E6 stuff

You will note Helaman always posts good info concerning E6.

I still want to run/play an E6, but both of my groups each have a "NEVER!HERESY! BURN, GREG, BURNNNNN!!!" kind of player in them. And as the others are "meh" about it, I do not see it happening.

Strange though, for my main group, they all wish we could take more time at the lower levels before advancing. O.o

So very tempted to just sneak E6 on them without telling them.


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Sometimes there are folk that just do not have that..empathy compassion..whatever. I find it to be a jerk move to a younger new player. But, perhaps the fellow doesn't even realize how it is a jerk move.


I started to post all sorts of examples...but they could all be taken out of context and would only muddy the water. ( I really need to listen to more Muddy Waters. )

Give the fellow a chance, meet with him, talk to him, explain your viewpoint. Listen to his expanation. If there is no resolution, play RPG's with your daughter in a different group.

Most groups I have been a part of are very welcoming of younger members.

Heck, I love to see a younger player, it means my hobby will continue.


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thejeff wrote:

I liked Rose. I liked what they did with tying the series more to Earth and coming back and visiting her family and tying the stories more together that way. That was different and I think it worked well. It might have focused a bit much on Rose, since the Doctor didn't have his own supporting cast, but I still think it worked.

I didn't like the romance. Not so much for itself. The Doctor falls in love with a companion is a plot line that could work, but I don't think there was enough to make it seem like Rose was different. Even their relationship, as shown, didn't seem that different than previous companions, until the end. That casts all the old ones in a different light. Really kind of a creepy light.

The Rose arc ended badly, but I did not think she was a bad companion. I really did resent the "favoritism" that Rose got, over most any other companion. Others had been with him longer and got more of a "Oh, yes, bye then" approach.


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Atarlost wrote:
The company store thing will probably piss off your players.

Depends on the campaign style. Been in very very many "company store" type games. Though, I will admit most have been in the espionage genre and the least in the sword and sorcery fantasy genre. But, I can remember a very fun FR setting Harper group that did a "company store" type game.

Treasure tables became very mission oriented and major equipment was returned to the quartermaster.


EDIT: Come to think of it, the Harper game was fantasy espionage :P

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Wraith... MLH is on a crusade. It doesn't matter what has been provided. Paizo staff and common consesus on how rules are to be interpreted are not going to change his quixotic view.

And no amount of further discussion will.

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Black_Lantern wrote:
Benoc wrote:

i play a dwarf earth wizard, my goat familiar carries my beer kegs.

I like your character.

Not me, it really gets my goat!


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BigNorseWolf wrote:
Aelryinth wrote:

I personally think he's just trying to rebreed Azlanti humans.

How DID we lose them, anyways? Law of natural selection says they were the best of the human race, they should have survived and all the other races had the most problem during the years of darkness..


No matter how subtle the wizard, a meteor the size of a mountain to the temple will seriously cramp his style.

Azlanti player: What do you mean you won't let me use improved evasion to survive!?

DM: ...


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EXP -> Eks Pee -> X P


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Exactly, that is why humans need a dragon to handle these matters.


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Usually, I bring snacks. Chips and salsa, sometimes nuts, cheap beer, or soda pop if earlier in the day.

But on a more serious bent, our group, that has played together for over twenty years now, seldom shows the teamwork I have seen in other threads. We have fun bumbling and bumping heads. Every now and then, it actually works. Go figure.

EDIT: I guess if I had to label the roles most prevalent...

The Contrarian Whatever the plan of action decided, she will point out the problems for its guaranteed failure without any advice towards a different plan.

The Brooding Plotter After all discussion and planning are finalized. After the actions have been performed, he will announce to the group, "What we should have done was..."

The Instigator No matter the plan, no matter the moment, he will do something entirely off base. Perhaps in a stealthy exploration shout "we are here!" or decide the queen of the land just needs a lil' lovin' from his character. He is always ready with the wrong action.

The Decibel Diplomat By shouting the loudest, her way becomes the party's decisions.

There are probably others, I just can't think of them.


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I think it is contextual for dispatcher.

As for the Ebilness of Assassin PRC. The requirement is an evil deed. Handwave the requirement, and do as you will for alignment.

Personally, I have never had issue with it.

If you want your character to be called an assassin, go for it. Who needs the PrC version? A wizard that turns unscrupulous merchants into chickens and then gives them to an orphanage to feast upon, he could be called an assassin. Walla!

Long ago, had a player that always wanted to play rogues. Every character acted like a fighter and tried to be a fighter. Finally, we talked him into playing a fighter but calling himself a rogue. It fit so much better all around. He liked the "idea" of rogue.


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Erik Mona wrote:

Can't believe people are disappointed by this.

Peter Jackson can make as many Tolkien movies as he wants. The boringest hour of the Lord of the Rings trilogy is pretty much better than any other fantasy movie ever, so I don't see too much in this news to complain about, personally.

Moar, plz.

Though the trilogy was stunningly filmed, the special effects amazing and generally gave one a belief that it was all real, I was so very bored. But, as previously stated, I never cared for the series of books. I appreciate how they impacted my favorite genre, but I also found them plodding. I still do not understand how my friends could watch the extended DVD's multiple times. Then again, they do not understand how I could go reread my Jack Vance novels whilst they did so.

Willow and The Princess Bride did much more for me.

I was hoping The Hobbit would fall into that catagory. But instead, I see it being a Streeetttchhhheddd out production of all the bits I do not need nor want. For me, I will not have another "great" fantasy movie, hence the sourgrapes. I realize I am a minority though.


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Usually, I am very detailed for the first five levels, then have a general idea of feat tree(s) I wish to follow. However, sometimes RP has a way of changing the character. So nothing is ever set in stone.


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Couldn't resist postin' in the necro post.

How about adding magic from Zelazny's Dilvish the Damned as well? Since we already have the elf boots.

I wouldn't mind having a half elf fighter say a word of power and level a city.


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Erik Mona wrote:

You guys should read Voodoo.

I read it. I may go back to look at the pictures, but I do not think I will ever read it again.


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Mogart wrote:

The horror is this, he doesn't make the best of decisions, at all. His level 1 character has a 20 int casting stat and a 14 dex, so his init. is high and the DCs for his spells are high as well.

The last time he got to go first, he ended up casting sleep in the center of a 4 person grapple and 2 of us got a coup de grace as he ran away because the bad guys were "too strong." He did this right after the surprise round, and right before the players had a chance to take their first action of the combat. They were helpless and because he min-maxed the save was very high.


Actually, I don't see that as a problem so much with traits, but mostly with the player. ( unless that is a roleplay style, then he just makes characters that don't play well with others...oh..guess that is still a player issue :P)

Still, a hillarious scenario.


EDIT: Hillarious when it happens to someone else's group :D, Otherwise, I'd be rather P.O'd.

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A Man In Black wrote:
Running E6 helps with this.

I agree. Great E6 suggestions can be found on these boards just by doing a search for E6.

one such thread with links inside to others


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PRD wrote:

Good characters and creatures protect innocent life. Evil characters and creatures debase or destroy innocent life, whether for fun or profit.

Good implies altruism, respect for life, and a concern for the dignity of sentient beings. Good characters make personal sacrifices to help others.

Evil implies hurting, oppressing, and killing others. Some evil creatures simply have no compassion for others and kill without qualms if doing so is convenient. Others actively pursue evil, killing for sport or out of duty to some evil deity or master.

Gosh, reading this makes me think Dexter=evil. He does not have respect for life. He is not altruistic. Not really concerned about dignity for sentient beings.

Hurting, oppressing and killing others. No compassion and kill without qualms when convenient. Hmmm, seems like ol' Dex to a tee. Killing for sport. I guess that would be for personal enjoyment. He kills because it gives him pleasure. He started with animals..but quickly became bored with that as he grew up and dreamt of killing people. yep. Evil. The whole torturing them and slicing them up while alive...not really compasionate.

Oh wait, they are serial killers. Yup, Evil torturing Evil to death does not equate to Good. At least to most people. Now if he were a quick death kind of guy...I could see a stronger element.

Interesting that Dex refers to himself quite often as a monster. He knows he is evil. He just doesn't wanna die. He likes killing too much.

PRD wrote:

Lawful Good: A lawful good character acts as a good person is expected or required to act. She combines a commitment to oppose evil with the discipline to fight relentlessly. She tells the truth, keeps her word, helps those in need, and speaks out against injustice. A lawful good character hates to see the guilty go unpunished.

Lawful good combines honor with compassion.

Dex doesn't really hate to see the guilty go unpunished. He sees it as an opportunity to feed his obsession (torturing, killing, and dismembering). Telling the truth? Com'on, his whole life is lies. Oppose evil? Heck no, he looked upon his brother as inspired. And often he seeks to expand the CODE to kill a greater group. Nor does he seem to upset by the killing outside of his code of harry.

Nah, Dexter is great show, with a really twisted way of making us look at our values. But Dex is EVIL. He may benefit society...but so would a person killing off the elderly and infirm during a famine situation.



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Mr. Fox wrote:
TriOmegaZero wrote:
Atavist wrote:

The first creators liked Jack Vance's magic system so much they used it for their game.

And rearranged his name to make their master wizard.

*facepalms for not realizing it before*

Tricky, tricky.

>Goes all in on the facepalming action<

I know! Right?!

I feel such the poor Vance fan now :(


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For hardcore, I would have to say the original Cyberpunk using the Friday Night Firefight rules set. Later versions of Cyberpunk are okay as well. The "Hardwired" sourcebook is nice for a grittier game and makes cyberware more invasive and less all encompassing. The sourcebook is based on Walter Jon Williams' book of same name.

Shadowrun is my favorite setting. All editions are fun. But that is a blend of magic and cyber that may not appeal to your taste. It took about four years of Cyberpunk before I would even consider browsing thru the Shadowrun rulebook in my Gaming Store.

There probably have been other dark future books out there, but I cannot think of any that would be easy to locate. Living Steel was rare and hard to find when the publisher was at the top of his game. They also did Aliens roleplaying game in the 90's. That was a definite dark future ran by big corporations and "hard science".

Rifts, though quite fun in many ways, would not fit your hard science desire. How do you feel about supernatural influence? Seems to me there were lots of "bad things" are happening as the world gets darker type of games.

Good Luck


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KrispyXIV wrote:

In fact, upon consideration, summoning such creatures into the material plane for any purpose and calling it anything BUT evil seems pretty silly.

So let's say, I am a commoner farmer in D&D world. Farmer Greg. Well, it is spring and Farmer Greg, his wife Was and his ten year old boy, Son are out gatherin' the spring poke plant shoots to have 'em a nice salad.

When OH NOES!!! A swarm of nasty Ants ( also out to eat sum good poke plant greens) decides the farmer and family would make good eatin' too. :( Well, Farmer Greg, his wife Was and his son Son look to be turned inta Ant grub. Especially since the bein' commoners with wimpy stat arrays. But fear not for em!

A hell hound comes out of the air and blasts dem nasty ant swarmin' ants into ant ash. Farmer Greg , and fam are teeereefied. But the hound disappears as quickly as it is formed...and there be a magikerin' fellar standin in the nearby road.

"Fear not Farmer Family! I am a great wizard and I (bolded and italic bein' so important like) summoned a beast to save you!"

To which Farmer Greg responds, " Oh thank you Mighty Mister Wizardly Man! Could we offer you some Poke salad fer supper as way of sayin' Thanks?"

"No, It upsets my stomach. And I have more adventures awaiting me over yonder hill. Farewell, Farmer Family!" and so sayin', the wizard floats off out of sight into the sunset.

With tears in her eyes, Was is heard to say," There goes one mighty good wizard, Mister." Her husband and son only nod in reply.

Yeah. For summoning stuff with summon monster spells...even if they have an [evil] descriptor... I gotta go with, " Momma always said, 'Evil is as evil does.' "

The descriptor is there for those poor caster types (clerics, I'm lookin' at you) that can't summon things their gods say no to.


PS: on Poke plant... many say it is always poisonous, but I know of many an ozark family that has eaten the new shoots boiled and cooked with bacon grease for many many generations. Personally, I find it horrid tasting :P

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KaeYoss wrote:
brassbaboon wrote:

Do people really put this tired old trope in games anymore? Seriously? Humans may not be at the "top of the food chain" but they are higher than deer. And if druids are going to stop humans from hunting because they aren't at the "top of the food chain" does that mean they would stop a fox or a weasel?
Probably. Sounds like a vegan druid. He'll try to teach lions to eat tofu. Attacks anyone who doesn't agree. Total douche. The only way to combat those is to kill more creatures than you're eating. Film yourself doing it, and send the films to him. Give the animals fake trials and make it clear that the judge in the scene is totally not impartial. Make the lawyers sock puppets and let them speak in a silly voice with two conflicting accents at once. And the court needs a half-time show. Make animals wear fur coats. Made out of their own fur. That ought to shatter their sanity after the third tape, and they'll die trying to eat themselves, convinced they're a kosher bean stalk.

The Aristocrats!!!


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Jess Door wrote:
I find having multiple beginners in a group a better environment for roleplay introduction, because then there's not one player always asking questions or feeling lost.

+ ooodles

I made the mistake too many times with new players of bringing them into a group of experienced players. Most of the time it wasn't impatience, it was too many trying to be too helpful. When trying to learn something new, several "experts" offering different viewpoints and annecdotes can just lead to frustration and more feelings of being lost.

Baby steps :)


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Our group has a guy. Sad fact is, he used to be a really creative energetic fellow. Life gave him a bad deal, and he didn't take it well. He is a friend. His only time out of the house is when he is in one of our games.

The group ends up creating his character's backstory.

Shortly after 3.5 came out, we played a higher level game. Everyone had a few weeks to spend ooodles of gold on stuff (homes,magic,servents, stuff) come up with where they were from. All that.

He spent none of his gold. Enter the miserly rogue from Sembia.

Good times.


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Hey? can you help me out? I'm lookin to score some of that seed.


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cranewings wrote:

I thought I'd be a peach and put my take on the E6 feats on this thread. Enjoy.

Cranewings E6 feats:


Expansive Skill

Benefit: Upon taking this feat you acquire 4 skill ranks. You may not use these points to raise a skill beyond its maximum.

Special: You may select this feat multiple times.

Skill beyond Your Years

Prerequisite: Level 6
Pick a skill. You may have up to 8 ranks in that skill.

Removing Status Effects


Prerequisites: 6th level, ability to cast 3rd-level divine spells, Wisdom 18, Healing 6 Ranks
Benefit: You can use Restoration, as the spell (paying the material component), with a casting time of 1 hour.

Stone to Flesh

Prerequisites: 6th level, ability to cast 3rd-level arcane spells, Intelligence 18, Craft (Alchemy) 6 Ranks
Benefit: You can use stone to flesh, as the spell, with an expensive and secret magical ingredient with a market value of 1000 gp and a casting time of 1 day.

Natural Fighter

Defense Skill

Prerequisite: Character Level 6th, Offensive Skill
Special: Gain a +1 skill bonus to AC.
This feat can only be taken once.

Martial Mastery

Prerequisites: Character Level 6
Benefit: Characters with a BAB of +4 or +5 may consider it +6 or +7, respectively, for the purpose of taking and using feats. Characters with a BAB of +6 may consider it to be +9 for the purpose of taking and using feats.

Offensive Skill

Prerequisite: Character Level 6th
Special: Gain a +1 skill bonus to Strike and Damage.
This feat can only be taken once.

For Casters

Expanded Knowledge

Prerequisite: Character Level 6th
Benefit: Choose a spell casting class in which you have levels. You gain an additional spell known at any level you can cast from that class's spell list. This feat can be taken once per spell level.

Expanded Casting

Prerequisite: Character Level 6th
Benefit: Choose a spellcasting class in which you have levels. You gain an additional spell slot at any level you can already cast. This can be taken once per spell level.

Item Creation

Wondrous Rings

Prerequisites: 6th level, Craft Wondrous Item
Benefit: You treat rings as wondrous items for the purpose of meeting item creation prerequisites. You must still meet caster level requirements for any ring you create.

Ability Score Feats

Ability Training

You spend time honing one of your Abilities: Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, Intelligence, Wisdom, or Charisma.
Benefit: Choose one Ability; treat that Ability as having a +2 bonus to that Ability Score whenever you are making an Ability Check. This bonus does not count when making a skill check or for any other use of that ability.
Special: You can gain this feat multiple times, its effects do not stack. Each time you take this feat it applies to another ability.

Ability Advancement

Your training pays off, and one of your Abilities increases.
Prerequisite: Ability Training in the same ability.
Benefit: Choose one Ability. You gain a permanent +2 bonus to that ability. This bonus does not stack with the benefit from Ability Training.
Special: You can gain this feat multiple times, its effects do not stack. Each time you take this feat it applies to another ability.

Capstone Feats


Barbaric Resilience

Prerequisite: Barbarian 6
Benefit: You gain DR 2/--

Focus Your Rage

Prerequisite: Barbarian 2
Benefit: You may select an additional Rage Power.

Great Rage

Prerequisite: Barbarian 6
Benefit: Select one Rage Power as if you were level 8.
Special: This feat may be taken twice.


Bardic Inspiration

Prerequisite: Bard level 6
The bonus granted by your inspire courage and inspire competence abilities increase to +3.

Dirge of Doom

Prerequisite: Bard 6
Benefit: You gain access to the Bard Song ability Dirge of Doom.

Experienced Performer

Prerequisite: Bard 6, Perform (any) 6 ranks
Benefit: You may start a bardic performance as a move action instead of a standard action.



Prerequisite: Cleric 6
Benefit: You gain a single domain power as if you were level 8, selected from the domains you already possess.

Extra Domain Power

Prerequisites: Wis 18 +, Cleric level 6, Knowledge (religion) 8 ranks, Skill Focus: Knowledge (religon)
Benefit: You gain the domain power of one additional domain associated with your deity. You may only take this feat once.

Extra Domain Access

Prerequisites: Wis 18 +, Cleric level 6, Knowledge (religion) 8 ranks, Extra Domain Power, Skill Focus: Knowledge (religion)
Benefit: You gain access to the domain spell list of one additional domain associated with your deity. This domain must be the same one as that chosen for the Extra Domain Power feat. You may only take this feat once.


Mighty Wild Shape

Prerequisite: Druid level 6
A druid can use wild shape to change into a Huge or Diminutive animal, a Medium elemental, or a Small or Medium plant creature. When taking the form of animals, a druid’s wild shape now functions as beast shape III. When taking the form of an elemental, the druid’s wild shape now functions as elemental body II. When taking the form of a plant creature, the druid’s wild shape functions as plant shape I.


Master Combatant

Mastery of your craft has increased the effectiveness of your fighter special abilities.

Prerequisite: Fighter 6
Benefit: You acquire Armor Training 2, and your Bravery increases to +3. You may also choose a second group of weapons with which to gain the Weapon Training Bonus, however, your bonus does not increase.

Fighting Style

Prerequisite: BAB +8
Benefit: The fighter develops a new fighting style. Select two feats you already possess which are mutually exclusive - they may be performed together. For example, Vital Strike and Cleave or Disarming Strike and Repositioning Strike are good choices.


Monk Training

Prerequisite: Monk 6
Benefit: The monk gains +1 to his AC and deals 1d10 damage with his unarmed strikes.

Self Mastery

Prerequisite: Monk 6
Benefit: Your melee attacks are considered Lawful for the purpose of overcoming damage reduction.

Enlightened Body

Prerequisite: Monk 6
Benefit: Your gain the Wholeness of Body Monk ability.


Divine Aura

Prerequisite: Paladin 6
Benefit: The paladin gains the Aura of Resolve ability.

Holy Strikes

Prerequisite: Paladin 6
Benefit: Your melee attacks are considered Good and Magical for the purpose of overcoming damage reduction.


Extra Favored Terrain

Prerequisite: Ranger 3
Benefit: You may select a second Favored Terrain, but your terrain bonuses do not improve.

Step of the Wild Lands

Prerequisite: Ranger 6, Survival 6 ranks
Benefit: You gain the Woodland Stride, Swift Tracker and Camouflage class abilities.


Roguish Ability

Prerequisite: Rogue 6
Benefit: You learn one rogue advanced talent.
Special: This feat may be taken twice.

Rogue Talent

Prerequisite: Rogue 2
Benefit: You learn one Rogue Talent of your choice.


Awakened Bloodline

Prerequisite: Sorcerer 6
Benefit: You gain your bloodline's bonus 3rd level spell, and its 9th level granted bloodline power.


School Specialist

Prerequisite: Wizard 6, Knowledge (Arcana) 6 ranks
Benefit: You gain the eighth level specialist power from your chosen school. If you have chosen the Abjuration School, you instead increase your Resistance ability from 5 to 10.

Martial Arts Mastery


Prerequisite: BAB +8
Benefit: The fighter may make a full attack after making a charge. Only the first attack benefits from the charge.

Honorable Charge

Prerequisite: BAB +8, Vital Strike
Benefit: Increase the multiplier of vital strike by 1.

Blind Master

Prerequisite: BAB +8, Blind Fighting, Iron Will, Improved Iron Will
Benefit: The fighter gains blind sight 20’. If the fighter is using his normal vision, he is still subject to penalties caused by sudden blinding, needing a full found to adjust. Deafening attacks will make the use of this power impossible.


Prerequisite: Character level 6, Iron Will, Improved Iron Will, Skill Focus – Knowledge Religion
Benefit: The character gains an SR of 10 + Wisdom Modifier + one half Character level vs. compulsion effects.

cranewings, I appreciate these feats. But since you put them in every E6 thread, in the future, could you spoiler em, since the list is long? Especially, in threads like this where they are slightly off topic? I do like the list, and will use many of em myself.


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I enjoyed Marvel for quick character creation and ease of use. My group played it alot. For balanced, and truely customized characters, I prefered Champions. However my group did not like it. They felt the math was way too hard. For somereason, they love DC Heroes. A game system, I never liked. All the math of Champions and all the graphs of Marvel with half the ease of either, IMO.

We have tried Mutants and Mastermeinds for the d20 crossover and were not really happy. I encouraged Paladium Hero, for the neat power selections, but the system breaks down easily ( a problem with paladium in general) We played a game back in the early nineties that had a comic book rulebook, I remember the stats were percentile based and I had a 100 agility and a 98 dexterity while another player had a 100 dexterity and a 98 agility. But can't remember its name. I am certain we tried other systems, but for the life of me I cannot remember them.

On my own, I have read Brave New World and wanted to give it a try. But it was vetoed by the group. Back in high school, my best friend went to europe over summer and came back with Villans and Vigilantes, I had also bought it. We played it ALOT.

@HoustenDerek Jeff Dee is the BOMB!!! I have always loved his artwork, and I still remember a TopSecret illo of the guy in the turtleneck, flaired pants, and a silenced pistol. I purchased a game called Enforcers because he did the artwork. Probably the worst super game I can ever remember. A calculator was REQUIRED and some stats went to the eight decimal place, no rounding earlier.


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LazarX wrote:

Brought up E6 on the homestead and I thought I was going to be clubbed to death.

Paraphrasing the response.

"My favorite level? It's first because it's that level that evokes promise. E6 is that promise aborted. It's appealing perhaps to Game Masters who want to cap the powers of players to just above the peon level."

Nice. I also brought it up for my gaming group. We have a person making a homebrew campaign, and he wanted magic to be rare and in a select few. Based on some of his descriptions, E6 sounded like what he was looking for ( ritual magic for higher spells, wizzies need assistants/ clerics need large congregations/multiclerics)

So two players were very interested ( one of which was the homebrew guy)

One player had already known about it and had played it alot in some of his other gaming groups ( he plays alot more than the rest of us)

One player didn't care one way or another.

And finally, one fellow was furious with me for even bringing up such sacriledge. The idea actually angered him. (I think it is for capstone reasons... he likes capstones that give imortality, but we have yet to actually "play" a campaign up to twenty. We have played at higer levels, but those all started at higher levels.)


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Jeremy Mac Donald wrote:


Hear hear.

Such a good start to what became a bunch of crap. The real problem is he has no plot. He's just making up s%## as he goes along and the only way to try and keep the pace up if you don't otherwise have a story to tell is basically through lame plot twists and sudden character deaths.


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