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Long John wrote:
I'd... honestly absolutely allow it as long as it was made in conjunction with an acrobatics check to jump. Because I think it'd be cool, and then he'd fall at the end of the flurry.

You'd allow it because it's cool, but would generally say that the intention of the ability does not include flying?

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I had an argument with a friend about the way the Flying Kick Style Strike of the unchained monk works.

The two standpoint are:

1. The ability allows you to move any way you want, including 60ft straight into the air.

2. The ability allows you to only to only move in movement types that you have access to. So if you have no fly speed, you can't fly with it.
As such, you are subject to difficult terrain etc.

I couldn't find any official post about it and i find it a bit ambiguous. Can somebody help me?

For reference:

Flying Kick:
The monk leaps through the air to strike a foe with a kick. Before the attack, the monk can move a distance equal to his fast movement bonus. This movement is made as part of the monk’s flurry of blows attack and does not require an additional action. At the end of this movement, the monk must make an attack against an adjacent foe. This movement may be between attacks. This movement provokes an attack of opportunity as normal. The attack made after the movement must be a kick.

I only allow stuff i can see myself using as npcs as well. For me everything else always runs into the special snowflake problem. Why is there only one psionic in golarion? I know i will not build psionic npcs, as i hadn't had the opportunity to play one even get a full grasp of the classes.

As for martial/caster disparity:
My last campaign went all the way up to level 14 and the problem wasnt that big. In my opinion this heavily varies from table to table. I wouldnt nerf casters, but i would keep a close look on your full martials every level and think about specific equipment that the group can find to give the martials an edge.

OmNomNid wrote:
Sorry if I overlooked your reasoning behind this as I've only glanced at the classes but: Why is the Steamwarrior Charisma based when almost everything about the class points to them being Intelligence based? I mean the class is set up as a almost dark age Tony Stark but instead of using his Int to invent his armor and operate it I guess he just sort of... I imagine use his natural Cha to convince others to build the suit for him. It just seems like a weird design choice is all.

You are right. It was a design-relic i have overlooked. The class started more as a magitech class, where it made sense to have it charisma based. When i lost the magic part of the class i forgot to change the attribute it is based on. I changed it to intelligence. Thanks.

Ciaran Barnes wrote:

The selection of class skills is in part to establish the flavor of the class. There are no rules on which class can have certain skills and which can not. Its just left to what the designer wants. I will say that from reading your class and looking at the skills, Acrobatics and Perception do not fit in here (my opinion). While your adept is not a wizard, he is certainly similar to one in his studies. Acrobatics and Perception are useful skills and I feel that is why you included them, but perhaps not in line with everything else.

I agree with acrobatics and removed it. However i don't agree with perception. I just think, that a class that is clearly a bit on the wild and adventurous side needs perception as a class skill. On top of that if it is wisdom based. It just feels odd not to have it.

Ciaran Barnes wrote:

I'm not a fan of the "all bludgeoning martial melee weapons" bit. I recommend taking a cue from the rogue weapon list and coming up with a few weapons you think will compliment the class, such as flail, greatclub, and light hammer, warhammer. This avoids inclusion of weird racial weapons, and the ambiguity of weapons that have more than one damage type.

Good point.

Ciaran Barnes wrote:

This is what is see as the meat and potatoes of the class, and where you have the most room to get creative. Here are my suggestions.
-I recommend changing the activation action to standard. At 1st level, do you want him casting a spell and whipping out a fire attack in the same round? out As he advances in level the action can improve, or maybe it only improves for the path he specializes in.
-Get rid of the uses per day and replace it with rounds per day (like bardic performance) or a point pool (like the monk). I'm partial to rounds per day. What this does is that even at low levels an adept who is conservative with his usage could still use the ability in more than one combat. I don't see an advantage to the uses per day method.
-Instead of unlocking new powers every five levels, he could could choose a new elemental talent at every 2nd or 3rd level. You would have to generate a list of 20 or abilities but I would look at that as an opportunity to be creative.
-In order for equality between the elements at low level, I suggest giving each one attack ability and one utility ability. For example, if fire can shoot fire at a target, then air should be able to shoot little lightning bolts. Keep the damage low (maybe d4+level). The utility powers will be a little tougher to make. For example, fire could flare up and ignite all unattended, combustible objects adjacent to it. Water could dose everything adjacent to it. Earth could create difficult terrain. Air could pick move unattended objects around. You can probably do better than that though.

I am currently not in favor of making it a standard action to manifest. A lot of fights are very short and blowing a standard action for a very limited use ability just doesnt feel good. The cavalier, inquisitor or paladin only use a swift action for their abilities, which they have an equal amount of uses.

Changing the action might happen if i choose to go with you more "pick-your-own-manifestation-power" approach. I am certainly gonna draft a version of that, as i like the sound of it and more options for a player are always a big plus.

Ciaran Barnes wrote:

-Once the element has been conjured in a space, he can begin using - probably in the same round. Is it a visible, whirling ball of elemental energy, or what? The element doesn't occupy the square, but is a creature harmed if it walks into it? I suggest being able to move it around as a move action.

I always thought of it as a ball of pure elemental energy, but left out flavor for the players to come up with it. I will clarify, that the manifestation itself has no ingame effect on the square it is created in.

Thanks for the great feedback.

I present to you my first two selfmade classes:

The Elemental Adept:
A 6th level spontaneous divine caster with the power of the elements at his disposal.

The Steamwarrior:
A warrior using an engine to empower his combat prowess and mobility.

Link to the classes

I would greatly appreciate any suggestions, criticism or even praise, if you like the classes.

To be honest, i don't think that your soul blade should be its own class. It feels like a fighter archetype.

If you want it to be its own class, it needs to allow more concepts and be less like the fighter.
For example, why does the soul blade gain this incredible amount of bonus feats? And why can it only take combat feats, when it needs crafting feats to even have its weapon advance? Why does it gain evasion and improved evasion, but has a bad reflex save?
Soul Shatter is far to boring for its name and feels a bit clunky.

Overall you restricted the player too much, either through a lot of set flavour(Colors for transformations, etc), or through the transformation.
What if i want my soul blade to be a shield? Then i am getting no transformation support.

In its current form i would advise you to remake it into a fighter archetype. If you really want it to be a class, you need to broaden the possibilities and reduce the inbuilt forced color flavour.

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Get yourself an axebeak and take tandem trip as well. Now it can roll his free trip on a charge twice and take the better result.
Nothing says f*** you in particular like a a ton of aoo's on a guy that is lying on the ground.

lemeres wrote:

Primal Companion hunter looks interesting, since it is basically a watered down and balanced synthesist.

You can give your animal companion eidolon evos for minutes/level/day, and if it is dead, you get the evos instead.

Even if you just grabbed the ability score increases and natural armor boosts...that is a rather powerful ability. Minutes/day is basically like uses/day since most fights last less than a minute. And the boosts are fairly analogous to things like inquisitor judgments.

And then you can do get cool stuff like flight, blindsight, huge skill boosts, DR vs an alignment, getting your weapons treated as alignment, etc. etc.

The archetype also stacks with the one that trades teamwork feats (no companion- so meh) for a domain.

Primal Hunter is absolute nuts. Tee animal companion is a far better chassis for evolutions than the eidolon and you will soon hit the level, where you can activate it every fight.

What do you want to know?

The race is extremely strong and your post kind of implicates, that you try to exploit your permissive GM.

See in Darkness alone is extremely broken.

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If you want to be a true switch hitter, take the full archery chain and power attack.
Two handed melee requires no investment to be decent at.

wraithstrike wrote:
I almost forgot, but there is a feat that allows you to use your bow in melee without provoking. Unless the switch-hitting is based on concept instead of need I would just go that route.

This is point-blank-master. A ranger and a slayer gain it at level 6 if they choose to. A zen archer gains it at level 3. Normally it has BAB +11 as a prereq.

Claxon hit the nail on the head. Full archery is the best switch hitter. Ranger, Slayer and Zenarcher should not use a melee weapon, as the can use their bow as of level 6 or level 3(zenarcher).
This has the benefit that all your archery feats apply to you melee attack.

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You could collect templates by corrupting yourself, or asking a succubus for her sweet sweet profane gift.

I would generally advice against a mounted archery build for a paladin.

The paladin is an awesome class that basically lacks only one thing: Bonusfeats.
A mounted build uses a lot of feats and so does an archery build.

Outside of that, with your current array of stats, you will have problems hitting enemies when you are not using your smite(evil) classfeature.

Furthermore you wrote, that you want to charge at enemies. An archer does not charge. Do you want to combine meleecharging with archery, all while mounted? I don't think the paladin is the right class for this.

And last but not least, dumping int on a paladin hurts a lot. Are you aware you only gain 1 skillpoint per level? For a mounted build this has to go into ride. So you basically don't ahve any skillpoints. Not even Handle animal for your mount, or any social skill.

I hope i didn't come off as to harsh, but this concept might spoil a lot of fun you can have in pathfinder.

The TPK's were never my fault as i got told by all my players. And after rethinking it, it was only one tpk.

First time they wanted to cross a 40 ft. wide street to keep on folloing the gaseous form of a vampire. A large warparty of the undead+cultists was moving along that street(Several thousands).
They decided to throw the arcanist into the middle of the street and cast obscuring mist and then run through it. The enemies closed of all exits from the street and then killed them.

Second time they went up to another fortress. After they heard, that people trained inside the walls, they decided to stop this evil training camp. When they moved alongside its outer wall, they saw a group of enemies patrolling. They attacked and the sound drew archers onto the wall. They then cowered behind a towershield and tried to escape through a dimension door wand. The only user at the time was a alchemist with umd. He needed to roll a 14 and didnt to it for over 12 rounds. The Vitalist and the towershield fighter were slain in the process through forces moving into melee.
The alchemist and the ranger escaped into a near building and after a golem crushed the wall, the alchemist finally managed to teleport the ranger and himself into safety.

KenderKin wrote:

Ok this is obviously like asking the irrelevant question of WWJD, because the individual in question would not be in this mess!

So I am given to understand that the spellcaster blew most of their spells getting into a place with no plan to get out?

The spellcaster is an npc they rescued and keep on the short leash. As thus they mostly decided what he prepares and casts. As such, i let them blew all his level 4 and 3 spells. Now he is left with barkskin, two cure spells, some weak utility spells and his hexes.

DM_Blake wrote:

I'm in the camp of let them die for their mistakes.


I've run and I've played in campaigns where the GM would not let PCs die even for the most stupid of mistakes. It just rewards them for being stupid. I once played a first level thief (yes, it was THAT long ago) who single-handedly killed trolls, yes trolls, lots of them, because I knew the DM wouldn't let me die - it was amazing how inaccurate those trolls were (they never seemed to hit me). Yeah, I was a jerk to that DM but he let it happen...

The point is, if there are no consequences for the PCs actions, then the players stop being players. There is no game if there is no chance to lose. And if every path the players can choose always leads to success, then they are not rewarded for choosing good paths and they're not forced to face the consequences for choosing bad paths. This isn't a game, it's a children's fairy tale where the handsome prince always wins, and probably a bad one at that (even children's stories need conflict resolution with some sense that bad things can happen to the hero).

So don't save them.

Maybe they'll surprise you. Maybe not.

If you have a TPK, then everyone gets new characters. Even better, everyone learns an important lesson that it is, and should be, possible to lose when they play a game and, more importantly, it's up to them to make sure it doesn't happen again.

Besides, think how much fun you'll have when their new PCs take on this tower, only to face undead versions of their former PCs...

I have killed them twice in this campaign. There are always consequences in my world. I must admit, i mostly dislike the taste of having the new characters introduced to the nitty and gritty details of this massive undead invasion. The pcs one of the few persons to act behind enemy lines and as such they are collecting important information for themselves on how to stop all this. The outside world does not even know where this all origins from nor who is responsable for it.

Still a great post, thanks. I think i take the portal route and let the dice decide, which 1 or 2 of these guys doesnt make it out alive.

They have ropes and grappling hooks. But as i already said, climbing on the outside is no real option. The tower is in a the middle of a city, which is under full control of the organization.

Climbing is just a slow process.

I really like the portal idea. The BBEG is currently out for a hunt, to gain new undead minions similar to his axe beaks. He could teleport back and they make it through. They will be punished anyway, because the paladin will most likely die just to get them safely upwards.

Thanks for all the help and ideas.

KenderKin wrote:
Didn't they plan an exit strategy?

No. It baffled me, but i didn't feel like bringing it to attention. Their plan was to beat everybody inside and the walk out the front door, ignoring the guards posted there, as these where mindless undead and they just assumed, that they are controlled by someone inside the tower and will go on a rampage as soon as that guy is slain.

tonyz wrote:
Don't they have rope?

They have, but not the time to make it work. And hanging outside of the tower of doom on a rope, while the enemies gather on top and on the bottom doesnt seem like a good way to survive.

They surprised me with their entry in the first place. Having the only supporter spend most of his daily ressources to get into a tower of which they have no clue how it is built/guarded inside.

The most creative player already told me he will jump out of the first window, take the falling damage and just run away with 60ft. landspeed. If he resorts to a selfish way to get out of it, i really fear for the others.

Having 1 or even two die is fine, just not 4 or even all 5.

The already searched all upper floors outside of the floor they can't enter in their current state (The floor with the 4 guys waiting behind the door).

The owner uses his ring of feather falling to get out, if he wants to. He has no concerns for other members of his organization. They are either good enough to get out or they are not worth to be a living part of his organization.

It can't be a hidden compartment they find by chance, as the +21 perception guy already checked everything. They really took a lot of time.

My PC's managed to get into a horrible position. They entered the 6 stories tall tower of the BBEG through a window in the fifth floor only to find out, that the BBEG is currently not at home. They then move downwards, locking four guys at the 4ths floor in by using the key of the second vault. On the third floor they triggered an alarm and got into a fight with 6 advanced zombie axe beaks. The alarm informed the second in command, who sent 2 inquisitors and 2 supporting clerics to investigate, while continuing with her ritual in the cellar.

We needed to end the session mid combat, while they are trying to get back up the stairs.

The group consists of four level 7 pc's:
A paladin using sword and board, a twf ranger, a zen archer and a pummeling monk. They are supported by a level 8 shaman.
They are all below half hp and the paladin, who tries to protect their retreat blocking the stairs is on 3 hp.

I don't want to kill them all, but their only way is up and the shaman used most of his spells to get them into the tower in the first place.

How can a get some of them out alive without pulling punches? Getting captured is no option, as the BBEG and his followers never took a prisoner before. They kill everybody and resurrect them instead.

Imbicatus wrote:

*shrug* Then don't. Carnivalist rogue with a valet familiar shares teamwork feats and sneak attack dice with the familiar. With outflank plus paired opportunists they both have a +4 to attack and will gain attacks of opportunity on a crit.

At that point you are basically a touch attack hunter with sneak attack.

It's an extremely powerful build despite being on a rogue chassis. It's not as good as a hunter or sacred huntmaster, but it's much stronger than the sum of its parts.

How is this build "extremely" powerful?

You are still a d8 class with bad saves, still rely on flank to get anything done, lose out on your level 2,4 and 6 rogue talents(these could be feats), heavily slow down your sneak progression, to a point where it progresses even slower as the sneak of a slayer and you furthermore rely on a familier, which will share your problem of low hp.
On top of that, you can only take outflank as your level 7 feat, so the build even starts late.

This build does decent in flanking position, but is horrible if it does not get it. The familiar of a d8 class in "full combat" mode will just get curbstomped all the time.

Brain in a Jar wrote:

You should take a look at Warpriest it covers much of what your looking for. Just pick a nature themed god and your good to go.

It's got 3/4 BAB, 6th spell progression (only spontaneous cure or inflict), and has decent ways of mixing it in melee or ranged while using spells or adding effects to attacks.

Between Fervor(Swift Action Casting of Spells that effect the Warpriest) and a number of Nature themed blessings that add to your attacks. (Plant adds entangle, others add fire damage or acid etc).

or you could play a Magus and take options/spells that are nature themed (add in Spell Blending arcana to get more options, Broad Study lets you use spells from another class list (requires multi-classing) so Magus 6/Druid X would let you use spell strike/spell combat with druid spells)

I played a warpriest and i like the class, but it cannot do the thing i am looking for. Blessings are a tiny part of the warpriest and the swift action casting is purely buffbased, as it only works when casting spells on yourself.

The magus multiclass does seems like opening a can of worms.

Somebody said it. A Hunter archetype with the essential magus class features in exchange for the animal companion and the teamworkstuff is quite a nice idea

I crave for a nature-based magus. No animal companion shenanigans.
3/4 Bab, 6th level spontaneous casting, ways to utilize its spells while attacking.
Something like magus+ranger minus the animal companion.

So you would include the panache-gain in the "forgoing the effect of the critical hit" part of the butterfly's sting.

I can see it being problematic with two bouncing swashbucklers. Even though nobody in its right mind would let that fly.

Bu i choose to forgo the effect after i already confirmed the critical strike and the regaining of panache triggers of successfully confirming a critical strike, which i did to qualify for the usage of butterfly's sting in the first place.

I thought so. Thats pretty awesome, as most of my damage does not benefit from a critical strike anyway (precision damage), but i need to rely on crits to get panache.

Thats a win-win for me and my teammates.

I am currently playing a halfling inspired blade swashbuckler of Desna and when i was looking into the wording of panache and butterfly's sting, i asked myself:

Can i regain Panache when i forgo my critical strike?

Butterfly's Sting::
Benefit: When you confirm a critical hit against a creature, you can choose to forgo the effect of the critical hit and grant a critical hit to the next ally who hits that creature with a melee attack before the start of your next turn. Your attack only deals normal damage, and the next ally to hit the target automatically confirms the attack as a critical hit.

Critical Hit with a Light or One-Handed Piercing Melee Weapon: Each time the swashbuckler confirms a critical hit with a light or one-handed piercing melee weapon, she regains 1 panache point. Confirming a critical hit on a helpless or unaware creature or a creature that has fewer Hit Dice than half the swashbuckler's character level doesn't restore panache.

Panache only seems to need the confirmation of a critical strike to work and butterfly's sting works after you already successfully confirmed a critical hit.


Considering the hill giants:
If by fey-like you mean intelligent, nasty, behind your back, crual and with most of them having a access to magic, then yes, they will be fey-like.

Thanael, thanks for all the great help. I really hope you have an awesome day/week. Your help and effort is really appreciated
My vision of the campaign really solidifies and will use quite a lot of the stuff that you talked about.

In terms of vibe, i am looking at a complex net of political relationship.
The group will get their "start-up-kingdom" from a mythic artifact, which will allow them to "instantly" create their base of operation/capital at any place they like. Placing such a base of operation anywhere will lead to conflicts with neighbouring factions and especially the faction/kingdom on whichs turf you placed it. Currently i am looking at 6 factiosn to interact with.

Additionally, there will be a hill giant kingdom invading the region from another dimension (Parallel Golarion-esque world).
The hill giants dimension will serve as the source of mythic power and most of the mythic adventures.

My research has brought up the following books:
Ultimate Rulership
Ultimate Battle
30 Mercenary Companions
as well as 101 not so random forest encounters (Used as one of the less mythic arcs).

What does Complete Leadership offer?

Thanks for the good advice Buri

Alternatively buy a Sheath of Bladestealth. Works as long as their is no invis detection and you always have your weapon at your side/on your back.

You could take the heirloom weapon to pick up the proficiency with the fauchard(1d10/18-20).
A trip build mostly relies on reach and aoo triggering, so a spiked chain is not optimal.

As for feats, take a look at:
Improved Trip, Greater Trip, Tripping Strike and Combat Reflexes.

Verminious Hunter:

Choose any vermin companion, i suggest the giant mantis for superior movement and apply permanent fast healing 1 and light fortification through the worm focus.
Take spirit's gift as your feat and commune with the stone spirit to give your companion dr 5/adamantine. This ignores all non crits and even most of the crits, if they make it through the fortification. Any damage the mantis would take will be healed through the fast healing.

You hide or run away, your companion will shred the goblins to bits.

Edit: Just reread and noticed the ACG is out of bounds

Sorry i failed to mention, he is undead and additionally immune to: banishment, confusion, crushing despair, detect thoughts, dispel evil, dominate person, dominate monster, fear, geas/quest, holy word, hypnosis*, imprisonment, magic jar, maze, suggestion, trap the soul, or any form of charm or compulsion.

I didn't post the full statblock, as i tend to use my own way of writing them down.

NE Medium outsider (archon, extraplanar, evil)
Init +2; Senses darkvision 60 ft., blindsense 30ft., detect good, low-light vision; Perception +60
Aura aura of menace (DC 17)

AC 42, touch 12, flat-footed 40 (+14 armor, +2 Dex, +16 natural; +2 deflection vs. good)
hp 520 (26d8+312)
Fort +24, Ref +6, Will +24; +4 vs. poison, +2 vs. good
DR 20/good; Immune electricity, petrification; SR 36

Speed 40 ft., fly 90 ft. (average)
Melee +5 icyburst unholy greatsword +43/+38/+33/+28 (2d6+39/17-20 plus 1d6 cold plus 2d6 negative energy)
Ranged +5 frost unholy javelin +25/20/15/10 (1d6+4 plus 1d6 cold plus 2d6 negative energy)
Special Attacks flames of insanity, Channel negative energy (9d6, will dc 30), Touch of Chaos, vision of madness, aura of madness
Spell-Like Abilities (CL 26th; concentration +39)
Constant—detect good, magic circle against good
At will—aid, continual flame, greater teleport (self plus 50 lbs. of objects only), message
3/day—align weapon, mirror image, versatile weapon
Spells (CL 26th; concentration +39)

Str 32, Dex 14, Con -, Int 16, Wis 32, Cha 32
Base Atk +23/18/13/8; CMB +34; CMD 46
Feats Improved Bull Rush, Improved Critical (greatsword), Power Attack(-6/+18), Vital Strike, Weapon Focus (greatsword), Whirlwind Attack + 8 additional Feats.

Languages Celestial, Draconic, Infernal; truespeech
SQ second skin
Equip +5 unrighteous full plate

Flames of Insanity (Ex)
A legion archon can manifest a +5 icy burst unholy greatsword or +5 frost unholy javelin as a move-equivalent action. The legion archon's sword vanishes if it leaves its hand, and its javelin vanishes after striking or missing its target.

Second Skin (Ex)
A legion archon is proficient in all forms of armor. It takes no reduction to its speed or any armor check penalties from wearing any sort of armor. Most legion archons wear full plate armor. Where shield archons are the bulwarks of the armies of Heaven, legion archons are the swords, sent in file after file to match evil's boundless hordes.

Chaos Blade (Su): At 8th level, you can give a weapon touched the anarchic special weapon quality for 9 rounds.

Vision of Madness (Sp): You can give a creature a vision of madness as a melee touch attack. Choose one of the following: attack rolls, saving throws, or skill checks. The target receives a bonus to the chosen rolls equal to 1/2 your cleric level (minimum +1) and a penalty to the other two types of rolls equal to 1/2 your cleric level (minimum –1). This effect fades after 3 rounds.

Aura of Madness (Su): At 8th level, you can emit a 30-foot aura of madness for a number of rounds per day equal to your cleric level. Enemies within this aura are affected by confusion unless they make a Will save with DC 30. The confusion effect ends immediately when the creature leaves the area or the aura expires. Creatures that succeed on their saving throw are immune to this aura for 24 hours. These rounds do not need to be consecutive.

Spell Deflection (Su)
The trapped essences (see below) provide a measure of magical protection. If any of the following spells are cast at the dread devourer and overcome its spell resistance, they affect the imprisoned essence instead: banishment, confusion, crushing despair, detect thoughts, dispel evil, dominate person, dominate monster, fear, geas/quest, holy word, hypnosis*, imprisonment, magic jar, maze, suggestion, trap the soul, or any form of charm or compulsion. In many cases, this change of target effectively neutralizes the spell (casting charm person on a trapped essence, for example, is useless). Some of them (banishment and trap the soul, for example), might eliminate a random trapped essence, robbing the dread devourer of its magical powers until it can consume another.

Spell Resistance (Su)
A dread devourer has spell resistance equal to 10 + dread devourer’s Hit Dice.

Channel Resistance (Ex)
A dread devourer has channel resistance +4.

Command Devourers (Su)
A dread devourer can automatically command all normal devourers within 30 feet as a free action. Normal devourers never attack a dread devourer unless compelled.

Energy Drain (Ex)
A creature struck by a dread devourer’s natural attack gains one negative level. The DC for the Fortitude save to remove the negative level is 10 + 1/2 dread devourer’s Hit Dice + dread devourer’s Cha modifier.

Spell-Like Abilities: A dread devourer is assumed to have one essence with 15 levels trapped inside it at the start of any encounter.
Each use of a spell-like ability drains one of these levels (see Trap Essences). The dread devourer can use one of following spells (caster level 10th + 2 per essence trapped within it): animate dead, circle of death, confusion, control undead, create undead, deeper darkness, desecrate, dominate monster, horrid wilting, inflict serious wounds, lesser planar ally, plane shift (self only, drains five levels from trapped essences), ray of enfeeblement, true seeing.
The save DCs are Charisma-based.

Trap Essences (Su)
The dread devourer is named for its ability to consume an enemy’s life essence. To do so, it must forgo its normal melee attacks and make a trap essence attack, which requires a touch attack but deals no damage. The affected creature must succeed on a Fortitude save (DC 10 + 1/2 dread devourer’s Hit Dice + dread devourer’s Cha modifier) or die instantly.
The slain creature’s essence is trapped within or around the dread devourer’s body as a tiny figure with the victim’s features. The trapped essence cannot be raised or resurrected, but a miracle or wish spell frees it, as does destroying the dread devourer. A dread devourer can hold a number of essences equal to its Hit Dice.
The trapped essences provide the dread devourer with power to use spell-like abilities. Each trapped essence gains one negative level for every use of such an ability. As this energy is expended, the twisted soul fades away. When the number of negative levels gained equals the creature’s character level, the essence is destroyed and its image fades away. If an essence is freed, the restored creature must succeed on a Fortitude save (DC 10 + 1/2 dread devourer’s Hit Dice + dread devourer’s Cha modifier) for each negative level or lose that level permanently. A dread devourer can use its spell-like abilities until all the essences within it have been destroyed. For each essence the dread devourer holds, the caster level for its spell-like abilities increases by +2.

My players are very system savvy and tend to build strong characters but never go the full distance of optimizing, even if they could.

But currently they are in a rather bad spot of group composition:
They are a zen archer, a pummeling monk, a sword and board paladin with exceptional survivability, a bomber alchemist and a two weapon fighting ranger.

@Just a Mort:
Thanks for the heads up, but i will never understand any gm that allows magical lineage and wayang spellhutner to stack, nor do i understand how every arcane caster on this world has connections to a certain island.
Thanks for the information though.

Hello fellow forum users,

i am currently running a homebrew campaign, in which a highly organized undead scourge has overrun southeast andoran.

I have created the final boss for this campaign and i would like your advice on the following:
Which level does my party need to beat him? Is it doable without mythic levels?

To my players: Don't spoiler yourself!

Boss Overview:
The boss is a corrupted Legion archon sporting 520 hp, Fort +24, Ref +6, Will +24, DR 20/good; Immune electricity, petrification; SR 36 as well as casting of a 18th level cleric.

He attacks with:
+5 icyburst unholy greatsword +43/+38/+33/+28 (2d6+39/17-20 plus 1d6 cold plus 2d6 negative energy)
+5 frost unholy javelin +25/20/15/10 (1d6+4 plus 1d6 cold plus 2d6 negative energy)
Special Attacks
Flames of insanity, Channel negative energy (9d6, will dc 30), Touch of Chaos, vision of madness, aura of madness

And his stats are:
Str 32, Dex 14, Con -, Int 16, Wis 32, Cha 32
Base Atk +23; CMB +34; CMD 46

He has permanent vision of Madness(+9 attackrolls, -9 to saving throws and skillchecks) which is included in the above stats.

By official guidelines he is CR 28 i think.

He will be accompanied by two nightwalkers.

In our group only a real 20 auto-confirms. This does not increase the power of 15-20 cookie cutter weapons but increases the value of the 20. Seeing that number should always instill awesomeness into players.

Christopher Dudley wrote:
I don't know if I'm reading it wrong but it looks like you still have too many evolutions. With 7 evolution points and 1 from the Extra Evolution feat, that should give you 8, but I'm still counting 9 points on your sheet....

Could be the half elven fcb.

Either i am missing something or this character will be dead rather fast.
There is no way of replenishing the arcane decay and 1's do happen.
Even if a player with 22 constitution makes his save with a 2, he will still be dead in an average of 120 weeks.
This gets worse extremely fast, if he does not succeed on the roll of a 2.
Or if he likes his arcane surge.

I like the spelllist for the most part, as it focusses on buffs and not on spells relying on saves.

The class is flavourful but i am just not a fan of putting a permanent gun to the chest of the player.

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thunderbeard wrote:
I'm Hiding In Your Closet wrote:
It helps preserve the integrity of what the class is supposed to be,

The idea of "integrity of what the class is supposed to be" is pretty much everything I disliked about D&d 4e and 5e, though 5th is slightly less egregious.

You don't need a minimum strength score to be an acrobat, or a minimum charisma score to be a singer, or a minimum intelligence score to be a teacher. Classes represent a character's training and self-identification, rather than their natural strengths. Forcing characters to set ability-based limits on classes is telling players "you're playing a video game character with strict fixed options, not a fluid human being with the ability to adapt, learn, and be individualistic in a way meaningful enough to be worth roleplaying.

Why can't a rogue be slow and thoughtful, striking carefully with intelligence but not speed? What kind of monastery kicks its initiates out for only being slightly more agile than the average person? Why does a fey-blooded sorcerer, whose magic comes unexpected and unstudied, need to have a near-genius intellect? Strength requirements for equipment, as seen in some games, actually makes sense, but this—this is just lunacy.

There's a much easier way to fix this as a GM: Require characters (or potential ones) to explain every class they've trained in. Oracle with a Paladin dip? Make sure that player knows why their character joined a holy organization, and how they were able to leave it without incurring divine disappointment. Archetyped barbarian dip, on a LG monk? If the player can't explain why/where their serene and principled fighter learned how to tap into a primal source of brutal rage, don't allow it. It's as simple as that.

Well spoken.

I am playing a stormborn sorcerer currently. The stormborn bloodline has a copy of this ability with the only difference being that it grants shock.
I think this ability is awesome for the low levels. It might not last long, but its still better as the damage cantrip and its generally a cool ability.
Compared with a lot of other first level bloodline powers it at least has its uses. I prefer these types of powers to powers that grant me claws/bite or require me to touch enemies as my fragile 1d6 hitpoint body gets ripped apart.
Additionally its a great tool for teambuilding, as almost everybody either to roll more dice(out of character) or wield weapon with cool additional magic powers(in character).

I agree on the duration. I would like to have seen a 1+1/2 level scaling, as its rather odd, that it lasts only 1 round for 3 levels. Especially 3 levels where i get the most uses out of it.

I got a few concerns:

They are proficient with the longspear and the javelin. This rarely makes a difference. Of the top of my head, a druid learns to use a javelin and a commoner learns to use either two weapons or one of them.

They are a small race with a floating +2 stat bonus. So no reduced strength here. Additionally, they are small and 30 ft fast. Additionally, they gain the unique, awesome and ratfolk-race defining swarm ability. As a cherry on top they gain plant immunities, which both takes out a lot of threats in an adventuring day and at the same time stops the race from benefiting from a lot of stuff or even stops them from using certain classes(Skald, Bard, Bloodrager and Babarian come to mind)

The toxic alternative trait is crazy good. It only replaces low light vision and grants a far too good scaling poison. Constitution damage never gets bad.

Overall this race-design feels far too good. With only one downside(vulnerability) but major upsides(swarming+full plant immunity) it feels offbalance.
In the end, i would not want a player using this race at my table, purely due to the crazy amount of stuff he would be immune to.

Inspired by the post of Ssalarn(Link), I want to spice up my next campaign with some 3rd-party awesomeness.

Short summary of my gm-style and my group:
My campaigns are set in Golarion, but the story is fully homebrewed.
My players have a very high degree of systemmastery.
We haven't played kingdom building or mythic before.
We play on a high magic and overall powerlevel combined with high danger and high lethality.

What the next campaign will be:
Kingdom-Building in south galt combined with some mythic levels.

What i am looking for:
Mythic scenarios/modules to use as events in during kingdom building.
Additional Mythic options.
Expanded kingdom building rules.

I am aware of Endzeitgeists website and i regularly read articles but i am looking for general feedback/suggestions.
Additionally i would very much appreciate any feedback on the combination of mythic+kingdom building and if anybody has in play experience with any 3rd party products regarding mythic/kingdom building.

Thanks in advance,

Where do you get banner bonus damage from? Banner only grants a morale bonus for attackrolls and saving throws against fear.

Beast rider archetype adds the raptor, which is an incredibly good mount with 5 natural attacks, pounce and all around good stats. He can even partyface with 14 charisma
The boar got more survivability though.

I must admit i a not a fan of making it a new class if it only works with a single build. A full class should be able to work with a big number of different builds.
Additionally i would go away from it being an alternate class. They are just not a good design.
A ninja, for example, should not be an alternate class either but just a large archetype.

As it currently stands, your dragon knight should be an archetype for the fighter. There is no reason of its not being one outside of it having a better reflex save.

Just swap out bonus feats and armor/weapon training at the appropriate levels for the dragon knight abilities and your fine. Perhaps remove some of the rather unneeded additions, like fleet or polearm focus. The player can just decide to take weapon focus for the weapon he chooses for his character concept.

That really is a shame, as it feels like one of the few things making such a build less horrible and giving any purpose to focussed shot at all.

Thanks for the clarification though.

Works fine now

I just took a quick glance:
It feels forced into one single build option (High str polearm charge).
To me it feels more like a fighter archetype and it could easily be reworked to be one.

The links is not working correctly

And you you make it a link by putting it in the following brackets(You need to remove the 1 in url and /url):
[u1rl=http://paizo.com]Paizo Inc.[/u1rl].

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