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I'm rebooting an old campaign for a new group, and I thought I'd share the updated stat blocks for comments and suggestions.

Here is a Centaur War Priest, who is leading a war party into territory protected by the PCs.

Centaur War Priest..

Regular Centaur Troops

Centaur Troops.

Elite Centaur Longspearman

Centaur Elite Longspear.

Elite Centaur Shock Trooper. Only slightly different from the longspearman.

Elite Centaur Shock Trooper.

An elite harpy agent.

Harpy Hunt Leader.

Those centaur shock troops are nasty. I love it.

Summoner from earlier in the campaign


Cannibal Ragers


Rabbiteconomist wrote:
Those centaur shock troops are nasty. I love it.

Thanks. The group will meet them this weekend.

Centaur Bloodrager

Centaur Bloodrager

And a leader for the Centaur Bloodragers

Centaur Bloodrager Leader.

A Centaur Witch supporting the upcoming centaur leadership.

Centaur Witch CR 9

The Centaur War Leader

Centaur War Leader CR 12

I favorited for future use. keep it up.


I noticed a few errors which have been corrected, such as HP on one of the harpy leaders. I'm still filling out some of the support troops for the harpy - centaur forces.

Harpy Sorcerer
Harpy Sorcerer CR9

Another officer in the Centaur-Harpy forces

Harpy Oracle CR10

Harpy Bard CR11

Succubus Rogue CR12

It's been a while, but it took us a while to catch up in-game. Here's a homebrew race.

Dragonbred Sorcerer CR11

One of a few giant miscreants.

Giant Brigand CR13

A dragon's champion. This fighter is the bodyguard of an CR13 dragon.

Dragonbred Fighter CR12.

An Arcane Caster Hating Inquisitor

Witch Hunter Leader CR12

Witch Hunters (Well, Spellbreakers to be exact)

Inquisitors CR9

A Superstitious Barbarian Ally

Raging Witch Slayer CR11

Enemy Rogues

Phyrian Rogues CR9

An assassin accompanying the rogues.

Phyrian Assassin CR12

Here's a bad guy that I think will give my PCs a very rough time (all good alignment, 3 clerics). This unholy warrior will be accompanied by some of the rogues listed above.

Anti-Paladin CR13

Here are some undead minions of a graveknight coming to the campaign soon.

Eternal Warrior CR10

Here are some more servants to an upcoming BBEG. They are slaves who have been forced to transform into liches, and serve and evil temple.

Death Cult Servants

And here is one of the BBEGs to round up our chapter for 12th level. Once he's released from his magical prison, the PCs will find him supported by two of the slave-liches above, and 8 of the eternal warriors who make up his personal guard.

Graveknight CR15

Here is the rank and file soldier of a sorcerer clan the group will face. The bloodline for this clan is a variant of celestial, elemental, and fiendish.

Hellfire Sorcerer CR9

Here is another BBEG rounding out the villains for level 12.

Summoner CR15

And here's the eidolon for the summoner. Imagine a large spider-like humanoid; a thin body with a tiny head with six long arms extending from it's torso.


Here are some legionnaires from the PCs own army, who turn against the PCs for political reasons. I'll post their leader later.

Legion Vet CR9

And here is the leader of the traitors who try to take out the PCs. I set this up after another battle. The soldiers show up with the Centurion asking if everyone is alright. I gave opposed Sense Motive checks to notice their strange behavior as they spread out among the PCs.

Centurion Traitor

Here's a leopard-folk type chieftain, who one of the PCs may be facing in a trial by combat scene.

Nal Chieftain

Here is a giant ranger who is leading raids into the PCs homeland.

Giant Ranger CR15

And here is a typical nal warrior, supporting the chieftain.

Nal Warrior CR9

Here is a villain who I hope to keep alive for several encounters. The PCs will meet him while on a diplomatic mission to his warlike community. This evil druid had turned against his brethren, but it may take the PCs some time to discover his duplicity. If discovered, I hope to have him harry the group for several encounters.

Nal Druid CR13

Here is a officer of a sorcerer unit in the enemy forces.

Hellfire Sorcerer CR15

On a side note, I started this thread as a way to perhaps get some feedback. I also thought it would be one way I could give back something to the boards, since I get a lot of information and use from them. Any comments would be appreciated, but also let me know if it would help to have more information on the encounter or to add more context. So far this game has been going for over a year, the PCs just hit 14th, and they players all seem eager to keep going since I have the arc planned out to 20th level.

Liberty's Edge

Nice stat blocks nabbing a few for my future use :) Any chance of putting up the homebrew races as well?

Wildfire142 wrote:
Nice stat blocks nabbing a few for my future use :) Any chance of putting up the homebrew races as well?

Certainly. It's been a while since I made the following document, but it should be accurate.

Gray's Homebrew Races

Liberty's Edge

Thanks they look good :)

Wildfire142 wrote:
Thanks they look good :)

Thanks. Much of the mechanics are just taken from other open content sources, and I wrote the fluff. However, I noticed it really needs some updating because the campaign has evolved a bit. I'll re-post when I get that updated.

Haven't seen this thread in a while. CENTAURS!!!



Here is a tiefling witch who may become an ally depending on the PCs actions. She's a little disgruntled with the current command and may turn sides.

Tiefling Witch CR14

Here is a reptilian wizard with the metal element specialty. He's a bit of an oddity both as a reptilian wizard, but also his support of the Hellfire Phoenix since fire is his opposition. He's a mercenary, and may be aligned with other forces, but he has not interest in helping the PCs.

In this scene, the PCs are assaulting a sorcerer training compound, while a major battle is taking place many miles away. The bulk of the sorcerer forces will be away supporting that battle. However, once the PCs attack, reinforcements will start teleporting back to protect the towers. This wizard will be among one of the forces teleporting back to thwart the PCs.

Reptilian Mage CR14

Here is a quasit sorcerer who is geared toward being a spy and informant, but who will be part of a retaliation squad facing off against the PCs.

Quasit Sorcerer CR13

Here is a harpy sorcerer from the enemy army. This harpy has been trained to also serve as a scout, reporting through her telepathic bond.

Harpy Sorcerer CR13

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