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So I have a permissive GM, and decided to create my own race for a Gunslinger. Let me know what you think.

Clock Keeper

The Clock Keepers are a newer race on the scene, and come from areas where clocks are king. They are skilled with machines, and have some helpful innate abilities.

Climb 30 ft. Move 30 ft. Clock Keepers have to go places few can
+2 Wis and Dex: Clock Keepers are nimble and wise
Humanoid(Clock Keeper): Clock Keepers are humanoids with the Clock Keeper subtype.
Quick Reactions: Clock Keepers are a bit jumpy, and gain Improved Initiative as a bonus feat.
Craftsman: Clock Keepers gain a +2 bonus on Craft and Profession checks involving wood, stone, or metal.
Master Tinkerer: Clock Keepers are automatically proficient with any weapon they craft, due to Calibration and whatnot.
See in Darkness: Clock Keepers don't work in the best of environs, and as such have developed near perfect vision. Clock Keepers can see perfectly in all kinds of darkness.
Spelllike Abilities: Through some twist of fate, such as Brigh smiling upon them, Clock Keepers have power in their blood. Clock Keepers can cast Longshot, Abundant Ammunition, True Strike, and Alchemical Tinkering at will.

What do you want to know?

The race is extremely strong and your post kind of implicates, that you try to exploit your permissive GM.

See in Darkness alone is extremely broken.

Grangerer wrote:

What do you want to know?

The race is extremely strong and your post kind of implicates, that you try to exploit your permissive GM.


Lantern Lodge

Keep in mind that the Racial Points for this would be 19, but two of your traits are supposed to be monstrous only, which assumes a 20 point balance (4 at will SLAs, perfect See in Darkness).

A few suggestions:
**Reduce the see in darkness to ordinary darkvision. (2 points instead of 4)
**Get rid of the True Strike SLA and make the other SLAs 1/day. (3 points instead of 8)
**Change Master Tinkerer to Weapon Familiarity (Fire Arms, 1 handed and 2 handed)(1 point instead of 2)
**Give yourself an ability penalty (I would recommend either Str or Con) (0 points instead of 2)

This brings you into a 9 point race instead of 19 point race that uses monstrous traits. Suddenly you're much more in line with the other races and are still a strong option for gunslinger race.

If a player asked me to admit that race into my game, I would say no. It is enormously powerful, far stronger than any PC race Paizo has published. Unless your fellow players are homebrewing similarly powerful races, you will outshine them at every turn, possibly ruining their fun.

As if Gunslingers weren't good enough....

Way OOP, I'd never allow this as-is.

As DM, I already regret allowing a Gunslinger into the current party, and that is just RAW with them being only 3rd level.

At will truestike?!..."check please!" :)

Clock Keeper with all those "features" sounds more like a profession than a race.

Except Improved Initiative, which makes no sense except because you want it.

Well, OK, and the spellike abilities you list... which do not jibe with making or maintaining clockworks at all and seem strictly to be there for the benefit of going Gunslinger.

From an optimization standpoint you'd do better shaving off the Tinkering SLA to upgrade your stat spread to Advanced; pick up +4 Dex, -2 Str, +2 Int/Wis/Cha. Or, alternately, +2 Str/Dex/Con, +4 Wis, -2 Cha. Your pick.

Master Tinkerer is excessive if you plan to be a Gunslinger. You already get the proficiencies you need.

Craft checks for mundane stuff are really easy. You don't really need Craftsman either.

Amusingly for something so blatantly ridiculous, at-will True Strike is not really all that useful to a Gunslinger. They don't have problems hitting things.

Look at what the Gunslinger actually needs instead of going for the shotgun approach. Throwing all the powerful stuff you can at this race in hopes of seeing what will tick is going to wind up in tears for somebody at some point in time. Sooner rather than later, probably.

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Bring it down to 10 RP and expand the fluff to more than "come from areas where clocks are king".

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