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Thanks for such a positive post! :)

Sorry if I've chosen the wrong words for it! I also managed to download some files. The problem is just the way of communication by the tech-team and the community after more than 24 hours.

Cthulhusquatch I totally agree with you!

Just because you are such an hard formed community you shouldn't think about the new customers like that! I bought a lot of paizo books!!! Im not from the US so i bought the stuff in my country's online store... So if you wan't to expand your community you should be a bit more open.

C'mon.... If someone wants to post it on torrent or wherever will also delete this "copyprotection"(just a watermark). So if the result of that is, that the REAL customers have huge problems you should rethink your tactics....

Guys just start to trust your customers! All this stuff just because of your copy protection... Load it up into a database with an integrated login. So everybody can download the plain files. That would help everybody! Thanks!

Someone should overthink their it-structure if a ONLINE shop crashes so fast......

Seems to be a bigger problem.... Same problem here

Same here! Not an single download since hours.....

Same for me. No chance and no download since yesterday. Even if I wait 10 minutes..... I unterstand that there is a problem with the servers because of the heavy load. So a slow download would be ok! But it seems that the copy protection is more or less the problem. And that is a part that I can't unterstand when I pay for the product! Please fix it!!!!