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Reckless wrote:

Welcome to this thread, intended to be a happy place to come when all the negativity in other threads has got you down.

Please only post happy thoughts about 2E here. You have the rest of these boards to air your complaints/suggestions/contrary positions.

My happy thought of the day.

My wife has said and I quote "This is the first time in over 20 years of gaming that I have enjoyed making a character."

I'm happy that I can still play Pathfinder First Edition ...

MercLordDeadboy wrote:
Feeling a little sad as well as I continue working through 2e. Not liking a majority so far. Multiclassing, spells, etc. To me it feels they took alot from 5e but didn't make it better. They could have taken the saves from 5e. That would have been a nice change. Most likely will continue to buy the 1st edition mini books and play with what 3pp bring out and start converting to 5e. Although on a bright side, this gives me a reason to try a level less game. Thanks for listening to me rant. So much anticipation and I feel it was dashed.


nighttree wrote:
So I just purchased the last two items on my wish-list.....a wish-list that has always had a large number of items on it for many years. It's going to be strange to not constantly look to see what is coming out....not anticipating the next months release, and realize the game I loved is no longer producing content.

I get it:-)

But, our group has so many AP's to go through and with the Pathfinder Cthulhu book we're looking at a looong happy run!
We wont be playing the new system, but are hoping for someone to tweek Pathfinder (Looking at you, Stealth and Light!)

Good Gaming to all of you

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DungeonmasterCal wrote:

I don't know if you're interested in 3rd party works (Sandy Petersen's Cthulhu Mythos) but these are designed and statted for Pathfinder 1. I like these better than the "official" stats.

Cthulhu Mythos for Pathfinder

I cannot recommend this brilliant book enough!

Uncle_T wrote:
Why was a 2nd edition created when Paizo said they would never do this?

"Smells trolling" (sorry, if I'm wrong, OP!)

Paizo said nothing like that. Ever.
They stayed with 1 ed for 10 years and that's a decent long run - kudos for that!

I'm not a fan of the new system - but nobody got cheated, or lied to -
Good gaming to you all:-)

Lord Fyre wrote:
GRuzom wrote:
Lord Fyre wrote:

Not that a critical mass of people now have their books, I want to ask a general question.

Is Pathfinder 2 a better game then its predicessor Pathfinder 1?

"THAN", not then.

those are different words with VASTLY different meanings ...

Thank You. I missed that error.

Grammar matters!

Ha ha, that was fun:-)

I really like the classic look - very nice!

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Lord Fyre wrote:

Not that a critical mass of people now have their books, I want to ask a general question.

Is Pathfinder 2 a better game then its predicessor Pathfinder 1?

"THAN", not then.

those are different words with VASTLY different meanings ...

Will be playing Pathfinder for years to come:-)
Not done yet!

level 50?
What kind of game is this? Doesn't sound like Pathfinder at all.
Maybe you could explain a bit.

Joana wrote:
GRuzom wrote:

I know that this is off-topic, but I can't get into the "general discussions forum". All I get is a comercial for the new edition - what's happening?!

sorry for derailing.

[derail]Links on the pages are randomly redirecting to the homepage since Friday afternoon. It will hopefully be fixed today when staff is back in the office.[/derail]

Thanks, Joana. I'll just have to be patient

I know that this is off-topic, but I can't get into the "general discussions forum". All I get is a comercial for the new edition - what's happening?!

sorry for derailing.

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I'll keep playing PF1 for many years to come. Sandy Petersen's "Pathfinder Cthulhu" is veeery good!

Steve Geddes wrote:
PossibleCabbage wrote:
I'm sort of concerned that I'm going to be left behind when this hobby goes overly digital, to be honest.
Yeah, me too. I can see why people like it, but to me the pencils, the flipping through books and the grubby, overly-erased sheets of paper is part of what makes the hobby.


I have enough screens in my life and creating the visuals in my head is a big part of why I love pen & paper:-)

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It's Than, not "Then"
different words with different meanings.

Seisho wrote:
If 'you have a couple of first edition books' was a reason to not go to second edition there would be no second editions whatsoever

Oh dear ...

Given your preferences and the fact that you already have a couple PF1 books, I'd say stay with PF1 - I will

On the other hand - it sounds like your group wants something simpler and PF2 might be the thing. You could buy the core rules as a pdf and see what you think.

good Gaming!

GRuzom wrote:
GRuzom wrote:
mr3 wrote:
Just wanted to pop in and say I've recently found this and really enjoy it. Keep up the good work. Excited to see the next update.
As am I:-)


GRuzom wrote:
mr3 wrote:
Just wanted to pop in and say I've recently found this and really enjoy it. Keep up the good work. Excited to see the next update.
As am I:-)


I dislike having my levels handed to me by the GM. Earning my XPs is a source of satisfaction for me and I have to feel that I EARNED each and every one of them:-)

We never let anyone lag behind the rest of the group by more than one level. Works for us - but then again, we ARE old farts. Our sons play the same way, but that's probably due to them being influenced by us ...

Davor Firetusk wrote:
I would consider buying a straight reprint. I don't have the original, it is not high on my list of APs, but the value proposition in a hard back might tip the scales.

I would buy a straight reprint!

As would I!

Derklord: "To put it bluntly, he doesn't really understand the game much, than."

THEN! ("than and "then" are two different words, they don't mean the same:-)

mr3 wrote:
Just wanted to pop in and say I've recently found this and really enjoy it. Keep up the good work. Excited to see the next update.

As am I:-)

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I use books all the time, when gaming. I love books and spend far too much time by the screen when I'm working.
For me, getting away from screens is a big part of why I love gaming:-)

Thank you all - very informative!

As in ; Slow, Medium and Fast - like in Pathfinder 1 ?

Hilltop, in Varisia, where goblins live?
From Rise of the Runelords ....

ShadowcatX wrote:
DaveMage wrote:
Looking forward to Greg V's last FGG Pathfinder contribution.
Is FGG leaving Pathfinder?

Yes, what's that about?

Adjoint wrote:

Gestalt is a 3rd party set of rules for D&D, adapted for Pathfinder, for creating characters with abilities of two classes. Unlike with multiclassing, there is no trade-off: a character gets abilities at the same time, and doesn't need to sacrifice progress in one class to get the abilities of another. Because of that, gestalt characters are significantly stronger than normal characters of the same level.

Thank you, Adjoint!

What is a toon? Another word for character, or is there a difference?

Because I don't know. I've seen this mentioned often, but can see nothing in the books.

pad300 wrote:

I am surprised that no one in thread has mentioned this:

Where Purple Duck Games is apparently attempting to write a v3.9 ... (PF1 being 3.75).

I don't know if it will fit anyone's tastes, but it might be worth checking out; can't beat the current price point.

There doesn't seem to be much to talk about, apart from them saying that they want to give it a go and that nothing will happen for a long time.

doomman47 wrote:

I seldom play casters so I am unfamiliar with spells lists, it is however looking pretty grim in our campaign so I would like to have a fully stated out back up character just in case, they are going to be an oracle with the spirit guide archetype going into lore for access to wizard/sorc list.

Ideally I would like divination spells or high power offensive spells for them however any spells unless they are of a lower spell slot I would like to take any overlaps on the oracle list and save as much space on the sorcerer list for the wizard/sorc only spells.

Are you talking about one more characters? - I can't tell from your post, but I guess one?

What books is your GM allowing?

Buy point (10,15,20?) or do you roll stats?

Theadalas wrote:
Given how big and loyal Pathfinder 1ed’s playerbase is, there will be more quality 3PP materials produced even after Paizo stops supporting their most successful tabletop RPG. I hope that Frog God Games will still make awesome adventures for Pathfinder 1 ed. They have some of the best sandbox adventures I’ve seen and I have DMed most (if not all) of the legendary D&D modules that are famous for their sandbox gameplay.

Sounds interesting, I'll be checking those out - thanks

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Quemius wrote:

Wow, thanks!

I was under the impression that Return of the Runelords was the last 1e adventure path. Glad to see it, and the last few remining books.

My group has deided we are not going to change over to 2e, so we will get our hands on all the 1e stuff there is to get.

Both our groups; junior and senior are staying with Pathfinder.

The new system will probably be alright, but just not our cup of tea - a matter of taste.
So we're buying a couple of ekstra Core books and APG while we can.

Joey Virtue wrote:
This makes me very sad. I will miss all my Pathfinder products every month

I'm certain that PF2 (or whatever it's name will be) will have as much support as Pathfinder.

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Derry L. Zimeye wrote:
This is the kind of news I like to hear. I adore the playtest, but seeing so much negativity made me anxious for the prospects of the game. Seeing that the surveys were more positive than feedback here was a huge relief! Looking forward to those skeletons ;)

It's very hard to get people who do not like the game to participate in a playtest - so the surveys would be skewed to the positive and not giving the true picture.

Nicos wrote:
GRuzom wrote:

Which books do you use? I'm very interested in where people thinks "the boundary" is when it comes to which books to use - and why ...

It does depends on the group and the campaing.

The pathfinder I find most comfortable with is just before the ACG, but without guns (due to mechanics not flavor) and summoner.

In my last recruitment here in the forum these were the creation rules

-Classes allowed: Core + APG + Magus+ unchained rogue. No summoners or gunslingers.

-Archetypes allowed: You can take any archetype of any book as long as they don't have mechanics that requires
(a) Guns
(b) ACG, occult, unchained and/or newer books.

-Feats: AS with archetypes, you can take any feat as long as the feat doesn't require knowledge of the ACG, occult, etc. With this I mean that the effect of the feat has to be understandable just by reading the feat itself in the pfsrd and it doesn't require checking the aforementioned books.

-Spells: Core + APG + UC +UM.


However, with my most trusted group of players I could eventually allow everything as long as the players deal with all the cumbersome mechanics. It's a pain sometimes but that's how they roll.

Gorbacz wrote:
Also with the entire PF1 rules material being open content and the existence of various SRDs, the concept of books as a primary source of finding out new rules is obsolete. I am the only owner of any PF books in my gaming groups, all my players just pull out stuff from d20pfsrd/aon. The days where people used only the stuff they bought and owned physically are long behind us.

Goes to show how different groups are; the two groups I play in use books: Core and AGP. AP's are bought at the gaming store. we use the D20pfsrd to look things up in a hurry, but don't consider it "gospel".

oldfashoined crowd, I guess, though some are in their early 20's.

Nicos wrote:

For me pathfinder is too big in the sense that it has tons and tons of material I personally find lackluster or bad designed. But that is not a big problem since as a GM I can just restrict the numbers of books avaliable for character creation.

Several people have suggested the same strategy in this thread, and I will guess they are seasoned players with a lot of knowledge of the system. For a newbie GM with newbie players pathfinder can look like a wall. Not only for the amount of material, but for system many flaws.
In the old days people would endure and look for a way to learn the system, but since 5e they don't have to. Besides is a good thing to be able to play a decent rogue with a crossbow without needing a Ph.D in system mastery.

It has been a couple of years since I've not seen any advertisement for a PF game in my city (a city with 12 million habitants) and all the gaming groups I know that play a version of d&d are playing 5e. Paizo could just not keep publishing PF1 forever.

Which books do you use? I'm very interested in where people thinks "the boundary" is when it comes to which books to use - and why ...

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blahpers wrote:
James Jacobs wrote:

It's been said elsewhere but bears repeating... the Playtest is NOT 2nd edition Pathfinder.

I hope folks who were frustrated or disappointed by the playtest DO take the time to check out the new rules when they're out, because a LOT has changed as a result of the excellent feedback we got on surveys, via the boards here, and in person at conventions.

In hindsight we should have made that more clear, I suppose—that the playtest is the chance for us to experiment, make mistakes, and correct them with the aid of a huge number of players and GMs helping out, so that we don't make those mistakes in the actual game.

Thanks, James. It might not always be apparent, but we're all rooting for you guys. Otherwise, we wouldn't be here. : D

Absolutly, I wish Paizo all the best and I'm sure that the new game will be a good one.

But, it won't be something that *I* would want to play, as there are too many changes that I don't like, changes that we were told WOULD be in the final game; bulk, skills+1/level, not starting with your racial goodies, but getting them along the way, Charisma having influence on magic items, no Abilties under 10 and so on ...

These things are dealbreakers for ME, but most people won't feel the same way and the game *will* be easier to learn for new players. That will be good for Paizo and for those who like the changes - and that I can applaud!

Anguish wrote:
Melkiador wrote:
What I suspect will actually happen is that Paizo will try PF2 for a year and then start rolling out "Pathfinder Classic".

I don't think there's any chance of that. If the market for 3.5e-derived Pathfinder (which I like to refer to as... "Pathfinder") isn't sufficient for the company today, then it won't be sufficient two years from now, three years after announcing Pathfinder's retirement.

The gamble has been made, and Paizo's analysis of the situation convinces them this is the best long-term strategy. Hopefully they're right.

If they're not, at best you'll see a PF3. Note that WotC didn't revert back to 3.5e when the uptake of 4e was found to be insufficient. Instead they revisited the market and invented 5e.

You are probably right, though I would love a new, cleaned up, Pathfinder - (the new game is not really for me.)

Gorbacz wrote:
Latrecis wrote:

"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." George Santayana.

2e got unwieldy - anyone remember Skills and Powers?
3.x got too big - and we got 4e
I didn't follow 4e but posts in this thread suggest it also got too big - and we got 5e
Pathfinder 1e got too big.
And Pathfiner 2e will get too big. We'll be here in about 6-8 years complaining about it or complaining about why 3e is unnecessary because 2e is so awesome.

Too big can be defined simply - too much material for any one person to master/too much material for one company to build a coherent marketing "why you should buy more" story.

This will happen to 2e (assuming it survives long enough.) The player base and the creator base and the publisher base share a common feature - they hunger to create, to build. Given any rules system that supports a narrative structure, new mini-games, sub systems and pc alternatives are inevitable, because it's the core desire of the purchaser base.

The existence, success and publishing model of 5e pretty much invalidates your post.

No, RPG history pretty much invalidates YOUR post.

Being rude is fun - but not very productive, or polite.

Good gaming to you all:-)

crashcanuck wrote:
Has it been stated when the final errata to the core rulebook will be done? Or has it already been done?

Does anyone know?

nighttree wrote:
I'm hoping that these forums, and the digital versions of the 1E materials will be available for a good long time.

Yes, there are still so many APs that I want to play! I'm encouraging my players and friends to buy the Core Book & APG while they are still in print.

Ogres! not so much in the game, but in real life they would be scary.

Java Man wrote:
Considering that this site maintains forums for 3.5/OGL and other games I am highly confident there will a place for OG Pathfinder discussions. Or PF1e or classic or whatever it will be known as.

That is what I hope will happen

Sara Marie wrote:
This thread is about what will happen to the forums, not whether or not 2E will be successful, if you want to stay in the thread, get it back on track.

Thank you, Sara Marie!

Pretty much all I am doing now is buying the various APs that I like, and whatever supplemental material for each AP I effectively invest in. I have no idea if Paizo will continue selling their 1st edition APs for a while or not, and if so, for how long. Heck, I don't even know how long they will even list what supplemental books go with which AP/in any way information support their current items.

That is still a lot of material, there are so many APs that I still want to try.

Right now I'm having a blast as a player in a great group. we're near the end of Book Two in Curse of the Crimson Throne.

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