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Maelstrom Taig wrote:




Ethelbert pops in and waves a few tentacles


Nimora Orlbereth wrote:

Who can understand the twisted workings of Melusine's mind? :) (Plus, I think Patrick missed that bit about the invitations.)

Yup I shure did. We can assume ol' Ethelbert skedaddled before the invitation came

Ethelbert shudders, bubbles rising from his tentacles

::She made me stay in the barracuda pen! Can you imagine? As if I was your pet. When I tried to tell her I was a graduate of the Blackreef Academy she swam away! She pretended she couldn't understand me!::

He twitches

::And that Blurghoot and his three brothers! They made their barracudas chase me all about the whole reef!::

Ethelbert swims in after a few days

::Lady Nimora, I had to find you. Your mother is planning some huge wedding, and your soon-to-be inlaws are insufferable!::


Ethelbert starts at the appearance of the changed Mirathan

::By the eggs of my ancestors!::

The octopus flexes his tentacles

::We are prepared to do whatever is neccessary. We shall regain Lord Mirathan, never fear Lady::

::We shall find Lord Mirathan, never fear Lady Nimora::

Ethelbert swims nervously in the warm water, snatching up a lobster from a nearby rock

Ethelbert has been quiet, gauging this new arrival

Or his handler was off planting Brussel sprouts, either way ;)

Ethelbert glowers at the smug aquatic elf




Ethelbert lowers his daggers and puts them away

::My apologies Lady Nimora. It was rude of me::

He turns to Joren

::I humbly beg your forgiveness for my rudeness::

Ethelbert bristles brandishing his daggers

::Watch your tone sir.::

Nimora Orlbereth wrote:

Nimora looks carefully through the portal and nods. "Yes, that's Sandreef. Come on, Ethelbert. Let's see if we can't get some leads on where Mirathan is."
With that she steps through the portal.

Ethelbert follows Nimora

::He was slain on the Field of Roleplay while fighting the Champion of the Black::

Nimora Orlbereth wrote:
Ethelbert the Octopus wrote:

Ethelbert looks unsettled

::It seems this city has recently undergone extensive destruction my Lady::

"Yes. I don't like this. I do not think that this will be easy, Ethelbert."

::My daggers are at your disposal Lady no matter what the peril::

Ethelbert looks unsettled

::It seems this city has recently undergone extensive destruction my Lady::

::A most distressing development Lady Nimora::

Ethelbert attempts to restrain the unruly seahorse from heading out to the portal

Ethelbert grabs Nimora with a tentacle and swims away from all the blood. He looks for a coral reef to hunker down in and get their bearings

Ethelbert uses his eight daggers to good effect as the sharks close. He guts several before the others learn not to get too close. His beak snaps irritably

Ethelbert will tag along, brandishing his daggers of Megalodon teeth.

Ethelbert swims over to Nimora and puts one tentacle on her arm. He burbles plianively

Ethelbert emerges from the portal, swimming to Nimora and looking at her with big octopus eyes

Ethelbert goes on high alert by the portal

Ethelbert peers from the waters, wondering where the tasty goblins are going

Ethelbert swims sluggishly in the pond. It looks as if he sustained some damage

Jack Hammer wrote:
The Dalesman wrote:
Dragonborn3 wrote:
The Dalesman wrote:
Dragonborn3 wrote:
Jack Hammer wrote:
I trace it back to when I was 14 and being confirmed. I was doing the reading in front of the full church and my voice cracked. I must have been redder than Devlyn's sunburned bum. ;)

Churches tend to do that. ;p

P.S.: confirmed?
Settle down.... :)
My mistake, DB3 - I missed the confirmation part of Jack's post. I thought you were asking for confirmation of something else, so that was just for Jack. Nothing to see here, carry on... :P
Catholic - baptized as a babe, confirmation as a young adult.

Don't forget the long long years of CCD in between! :P

Ethelbert guards the portal, munching mountains of lobsters.

Ethelbert rips into the crate of lobsters Nimora gives him



Nimora Orlbereth wrote:

Nimora swims up with a crate full of lobster.

Bad Ethelbert! I is trust you to be watching gate while I is catch your food! I is thinking you no deserve delicious lobsters.

Ethelbert gives Nimora sad octopus eyes

Ethelbert blinks, then slides back down, heading for his post. (which he had forgotten in his hunger)

A large pupilled eye greets Devlyn at hand's length as he awakes. Ethelbert, ever curious, has wandered over to see what's going on, and if there are any lobsters to mooch

I'm here, but all I've got on this thread is an octopus ..

Ethelbert pauses in his search for lobsters to see what all the commotion is

Jack's Right Hand Man wrote:
How about we feed the hippie to the octopus? Would that work?

There is an audible *BLEH* from the pond

Ethelbert tosses empty carcasses of the two lobsers at JH, as if to say ...not NEARLY enough ..

Ethelbert swims about, looking for the mean metal man who used him as a hat

Ethelbert splashes everyone with his eight tentacles

The Dalesman wrote:

Devlyn chuckles, then passes out the sake.
"Ethelbert the Ever-Vigilant, it has a nice ring to it!"

flexes his tentacles, now each equipped with a dagger

Peace LVR wrote:
The Dalesman wrote:

In brighter news, that Crab Macaroni Salad looks intriguing. Yum... :)

Awww......poor wittle crabbies. Killed and pulled apart to make a salad. You should all be ashamed of yourselves.

Pelts hippie with a dismembered lobster shell

Ethelbert follows the Dalesman looking for another lobster

Cracks open the lobster and chows down


Waves tentacles and gives big soft pleading octopus eyes


Sees the Jack and swims underwater quickly

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