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Personally I prefer Tameron Credence because I think he will be a more interesting NPC, and I look forward to the sniping between him and Zarta Dralneen.

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AVR Sure I would be happy to share details about my character


Sure my character is 11 level in PFS. He is a Sylph with 10 levels of Wizard air elemental specialist and 1 level of Magaambyan Arcanist.

Name: Imuthes

Senses: Dark vision, Cloud gazer (see through non-magical mists and fogs with no penalty, in magical fogs, see x3 distance), oil of daylight, scroll of See Invisibility, Perception +12

Alignment: Neutral good, Faction: Scarab Sages, Deity: Nethys

Str 8
Dex 16
Con 12
Int 27
Wis 12
Cha 10

Int= base 16 +2 race, +2 Protegé Boon, +2 Level advancement, +1 Research specialist boon, +4 Headband

Ft +7
Ref +9
Will: +12

Attack Bonus +5,
Hit Poings 57,
Speed 30’,

Armor Class 15, Touch: 14, Flat Footed 12
(+3 Dex, +1 Nat, +1 Deflection)

Armor Class with Mage Armor, Shield, Protection from evil,
AC: 24, Touch 15, Flat footed 21
( Armor +4, Shield +4, Dex +3, Nat +1, Deflection +2)

Additional traits, Alchemical Affinity, Cloud Gazer, Oppositional Research (remove’s earth as opposition school) , Scholar: arcana, engineering, spell focus Evocation, spell mastery, Spell penetration, Time Stutter

Traits= 6 (2+2 extra trait boons, +2 Additional traits feat)
Ease of faith, Osirionologist (engineering), pragmatic activator, student of philosophy, Tomb raider, Underlying principiles.

Skills: (Favored Class Bonus +10 skill ranks)
Appraise +12, Craft Alchemy +14, Craft calligraphy +14, Craft Cartography +14, Diplomacy +23, Fly +21, Knowledge Arcana +27, Knowledge Dungeoneering+ 14, Knowledge Engineering +21, Knowledge Geography +13, Knowledge History +14, Knowledge Local +13, Knowledge nature +17, Knowledge Nobles +13, Knowledge planes +23, Knowledge Religion +13, Linguistics +22, Perception +12, Sense Motive +12, Spellcraft +22, Use Magical Device +23

Languages: Aquan, Auran, Celestial, Common, Draconic, Dwarven, Elven, Gnome, Hallit, Ignan, Infernal, Kelish, Osiriani, Osiriani Ancient, Polyglot, Skald, Terran, Thassilonian, Tian, Varisian, Vudrani

Special Abilities: Aura of Good, Cyclone, Dark vision, Lightning Flash, Storm in Blood, Weather Savy. Energy resistance 5 Electricity.

Spell like abilities: at will: Feather Fall, Fly, Levitate

Spells Memorized: (can change them)
0) Detect Magic, Disrupt Undead, Prestidigitation, Read Magic
1) Air Bubble, Comprehend Languages, Magic Missile x3, Obscuring mist, Windy Escape
2) Aggressive Thundercloud (DC21), Burst of Radiance x2 (DC 21), Glitter Dust (DC 20), Gust of Wind (DC 21) See Invisibility, Web (DC 20)
3) Dispell Magic, Fire Ball (DC 22) Force Anchor, Lighting bolt (DC 22) Comunal Resist Energy, Storm Step, Tongues
4) Ball Lightning (DC 23) Black Tentacles, Emergency Force Sphere, Freedom of Movment, Greater Invisibility, Resilient Sphere (DC 23)
5) Lightning Arc (DC 24) Passwall, Teleport, Wall of Force
6) Chain Lightning (DC 25) Disintegrate (DC 24) Summon Monster VI

Magic Items: Amulet of Natural Armor +1, Blessed Book, Cloak of Resistance +3, Handy Haversack, Headband of Vast Intelligence +4 ( Knowledge planes, Sense Motive), Oil of Daylight, Pathfinder pouch, Pearl of power 1st level, Potion of Delay Poison, Potion of Feather step, Potion of water breathing, Ring of Protection +1, Scroll of communal Resist Energy, Scroll of Haste (X3), Scroll of See Invisibility, Staff of Abjuration (Bonded Item), Wand of Burning hands (Cl 3rd, 4 charges), Wand of Cure Light Wounds (33 charges), Wand of Mage armor (29 charges), Wand of Protection from Evil (8 charges), Wand of Shield (22 Charges), Wand of Stone Call 37 charges,

Gear: Air Crystals x2, Antiplague X2, Antitoxin X2, Masterwork tools for Alchemy, Calligraphy, Cartography, Smoked goggles, Vermin repellant x5, Wreath sheath x2 wand CLW, Wand of Protection from Evil.

Weapons: Dagger,

I almost forgot This character has a few PFS boons applied to him. There is the GM star boon, another that gives him endure Elements for heat, one that allows him free access to the Dwarven language...there are others, I don't have access to my PFS chronicle notebook at the moment

I had initially made this character for the year of the Sky Key and he had the Technologist feat, but I eventually wanted to get into the Magaambyan Arcanist prestige class, and I was able to get a boon alowing me to swap out the Technologist feat for a feat allowing me access to the prestige class.

Recently I played this character through a scenario involving undead and incorporeal opponents. My character was one un prepared wizard. I am curious how I can improve my wizard's prepared spell selection if he expects to tackle the undead again. Any other suggestions would be welcome too.

Thank you


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Thank you for all of these suggestions,

I will have to make sure my wizard memorizes such spells as burst of radiance, and force anchor.

Thank you for reminding me of the utility of spells like grease, glitter dust, protection from evil.

I will have to look into Ghost bane Dirge, bone shaker, battering blast....

Thank you all great suggestions! Please keep them coming!

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What are some good spells for a wizard to deal with the undead....in terms of harming them, in terms of neutralizing their special abilities, in terms of controlling them, In terms of well dealing with them?

For corporeal undead?

Incorporeal undead?

Thank you

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Thank you both for your answers.

I am coming from playing PFS with a 20 point buy. With a 20 point buy usually I spend 10 points to get a 16, 5 points to get a 14, and then I drop one score to a 9 to gain a point. That leaves me with 6 points to buy 3 12s.

the point buy for star finder is disappointing.

Thank you both for answering my question

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I have a Wizard (Necromancer) command Undead/ Cleric (Pharasma) positive Turn Undead / Mystic Theurge 3/3/9 (15 level) in PFS


I initially started the character in PFS in 09. It was one of my first Pathfinder characters. This was a few months after the core rule book was published.

I was rather excited that I had a character who could both command and turn undead.

Because the command undead came from the necromancer class and turn undead came from the cleric class, I realized that they wouldn't stack, and would in the long run not be very useful. So I abandoned the multi class wizard/cleric and went into Mystic Theurge.

My character uses the command undead spell instead.

I do not believe your channel positive energy from your paladin class and your channel energy from your necromancer class will stack.

While a cleric/necromancer of Pharasma might seem contradictory, my character was a cleric first necromancer second. My idea with the turn/command undead, was that he was interested in studying both life and death....beginnings and endings....which are part of Pharasma's portfolion. My character never animated the dead. He used his necromancy to controll /destroy the undead, and to weaken or kill his enemies.

He was helping break the unnatural state of undeath and helping ghosts etc to move onto Pharasma's plane.

I just put my thoughts behind a spoiler so not everyone has to read it.
I enjoyed the character. And I hope you enjoy your paladin/necromancer too.

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thank you for your suggestions.

Do you think it would be terribly unbalancing to create a spell like magic fang, say "silver claws" and "iron bite" to give an animal companion the ability to bypass silver and cold iron?

what do you think?


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I am just curious. I know its in the rules.

Come to think of it, Elves have been immune to sleep for a long time. What edition does this rule come from? Why are elves immune to sleep? was it a "game balance" issue at one point in time?


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This is all very cool :D

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Thank you all again for your thoughts.

I happen to like the artwork in Paizo’s products. I think the choice of having glowing circles of glyphs and halo’s of light surrounding the caster’s hands is a great way of giving the viewer a visual cue that something exiting is happening magic!.

I think similarly a Massively Multiplayer Online Games, which is primarily a visual medium with sound, also needs a visual cue to tell you magic is happening. In my opinion, with a “theater of the mind” game like Pathfinder, you don’t necessarily need a visual cue to tell you something fantastical is happening. Perhaps the GM describes hairs on the back of your character’s neck standing up….maybe you have a shiver down your spine…..etc.
In my opinion magic doesn’t have to be visually flashy to let you know it’s happening. But I do agree….it is a good idea for there to be some sort of chance for everyone noticing something fantastical is happening.

I read the FAQ that Milo V was kind enough to post.

I understand that the answer to the FAQ has to take into account as much as possible everything Paizo has published. It looks like they have made this choice to specifically address those who have spell like abilities, and psychic magic, and means to help obfuscate when magic is being cast is in the Ultimate intrigue. This of course applies to PFS. While the Occult book, and Ultimate Intrigue book are on my book shelf We don’t use them in our game. So we don’t have to worry about nor account for psychic spell casters. And spell like abilities are usually the province of “monsters”. As an aside thought looking in the Ultimate Intrigue, the Ruse Spell Feat, and the Ruse spells look interesting.

While I do think it is worthwhile to read FAQ and they can provide useful suggestions and insights on how to how to clarify questions,
I often keep this rule around to remind me that we are expected to make the game, us gms and players our own.

The Most Important Rule


The rules in this book are here to help you breathe life into your characters and the world they explore. While they are designed to make your game easy and exciting, you might find that some of them do not suit the style of play that your gaming group enjoys. Remember that these rules are yours. You can change them to fit your needs. Most Game Masters
have a number of “house rules” that they use in their games. The Game Master and players should always discuss any rules changes to make sure that everyone understands how the game will be played. Although the Game Master is the final arbiter of the rules, the Pathfinder RPG is a shared experience, and all of the players should contribute their thoughts when the rules are in doubt.

Personally I don’t give a FAQ the same weight as something that appears in errata, or more concretely, a change that appears in a new printing of a book.

FAQs can and do sometimes change. I couple of years ago I remember the FAQ that allowed the SLA of races to let them qualify for prestige classes like Eldritch Knight, Arcane Trickster, and Mystic Theurge. Six month’s later or so, and that FAQ was changed back to what it was before.
The printed word is a little more immutable.

As someone who GMed PFS for quite a few years, I understand you put allot of weight into a FAQ and need to keep up with them.

In my home-game I'll discuss with my players to see if they would like me to add spell manifestations or not.

We will discuss if they want these manifestations to look like the brightly glowing circle of illuminated glyphs and the halo of light surrounding the hands of a humanoid caster, or something more subtle and if they prefer not to have manifestations at all...there we are.

Again thank you for your thoughts.

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I have an 11 level LN cleric of Asmodeus. He was part of the Cheliax faction. (I haven't played him since the switch over to Dark Archive.

He was allot of fun to play. I remember he would occasionally but heads with the Andorans over slavery. If it was debtors slavery or something legally contractually obtained, he would voice an objection because the slavers were legit business men, however if the slaves were illegally obtained...ie Kidnapped or press ganged......he would happily undo such an illegal situation.

I also remember one situation where our PCs had some thieves we had captured.

they had invaded a pathfinder lodge and killed the inhabitants and posed as pathfinders.
Some PCs wanted to execute them on the spot.

The paladin objected. My character also objected....We both wanted them turned over to the authorities. The paladin wanted to do this because it was the lawful thing to do....the cleric of Asmodeus wanted to do it because it was the lawful thing to do.
Then the player with the paladin said....yeah My character agrees with him....wait my paladin is agreeing with the cleric of asmodeus......and I replied... "see its not that hard to work together"

good times.

But playing my LN Cleric of Asmodeus, I was never a jerk to other players, faultlessly polite, and with his Negative channeling, I made sure I never damaged my comrades with that ability. He would often be the face of the party.

good times .

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I think there may be a silver lining to all of this. Last year the convention was solely a PFS event.

This year the Raleigh Table Top Roleplaying Games group will be running games at this Extra Life mini convention.

Here is a link to their meet up page link

So this year there will be D&D 5E games, Call of Chuthulu games, Mutants and Masterminds, Star wars (I'm not sure which systems) Savage Worlds etc.

So we FFS gamers will be in with other gamers. I think this will be a good thing.

Again, I'm just GMing a game and playing PFS games at this mini convention, and I am not "in the loop" on how the convention was organized. I am looking forward the convention and I hope we all have fun.

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I am going to be GMing and playing in pathfinder games in this upcoming small charity convention.

I don't know about any of the details about what went on behind the scene to put together this convention.

I am not overly worried if games are official or not. I am looking forward to this small charity convention. It will be nice to see friends, and nice to meet other gamers.

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I am running a rise of the rune lords game. We are working our way through the "heroes of Sand point " section and are most likely going to have their Q&A with Shalelu next session.

I have noticed over the campaign

the characters start out in Sand point for the first book and most of the second book. then they go to Magnimar. Then they go to Turtleback Ferry area for the third book. They get a fort at the end of the third book. Then when the 4th book begins they immediately return to Sand Point to defend the town against the Giant attack. They go off to take care of the giants. In the fifth book they then Return to Sand point to deal with the Scribbler. Then they go off to the Rune Forge, and in the final book they go to Xin Shalast to confront the Rune Lord

I want to continue to build the PCs connection to Sand point.

I am thinking about moving Sand point to Clay Bottom lake and replacing Turttleback ferry.

During the meeting with the mayor and Shalelu and sherrif Hemlock, I am planning to have them

appeal to the black arrows and Fort Rannick for help against the goblins instead of Magnimar

So after the Skinsaw Murders while the PCs are in Magnimar, I am planning to send them to Kaer Maga I am planning to run the group through the seven swords of sin in Kaer Maga. and then have them return to Sandpoint for the third book.

I essentially want the PCs to keep

their castle
, and defend it against the giants, and to basically remain part of sandpoint and make it their home base.

What do you think? are there lots of problems with this?

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Oh that's right..I remember that albino drow mage in the Maztica series.
that was a fun book series. I still have the Maztica boxed set and the few modules published for that setting.

I really liked the eagle knights and jaguar knights.

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I am going to be running the Swallowtail festival this evening. At my table I will have 3 friends (mid 30s to 40s) playing a Monk, a Wizard, a Sorcerer, and my Fiancé, also mid 30s, who is playing a"white wizard" (half elven Life Oracle) with high charisma wisdom low dex str, and her son who is playing a gnome rogue (CRB) with high charisma, low str, and bluff, diplomacy, sense motive, perception, and disable device.....and I have thrown in a "GM PC" who is a dwarven fighter (axe and shield) to help round out the party.


oracle (life)

The last gaming session they made their characters together, and I ran them through the "relics" mini quest from the beginner box bash to get their feet wet adventuring.

Now this session I am planning for them to have to go around Sand Point to various merchants..and have to role play selling and negotiating the price with the black smith to sell weapons and armor, a curio shop to sell unholy symbol etc...I want to introduce them to Sand point so they might care a bit about the town they are defending.

I also plan to have the Swallowtail festival begin in the morning, and open with games....Ie Tug of war...3 legged races.....hopping about in sacks etc...

are there any "carnival" type things they might have in sand point ? rides ? games of chance?

What would you suggest?

Just at the end of lunch time I plan to have the goblins attack.

Now an ac 16 goblin can take a 1st level party forever to kill with bad dice rolls.

What are some fun antics the goblins could do to make the fight a little easier for the pcs.?

My Fiancé is familiar with Final Fantasy and vampire the masquerade, but this is her first time playing pathfinder

Her son, 10, plays lots of video games like fallout 4, ro blocks, mine craft, mortal combat, call of duty etc. This is his first time playing Pathfinder as well.

So I want to portray the goblins as funny, comical, kind of crazy, and vicious little creatures but I don't want to upset my fiancé's son. Am I being overly concerned?

What what would you suggest I have the goblins do?

Thank you

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It may be worth noting what Gary Gygax had to say about paladins

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Well this is what I have done, while GMing and while playing, and I did this while being a VC as well.

I would let the PC "use" his breath of life scroll to save another PC from death. Then at the end of the scenario I would ask the player of PC who was saved from death, to deduct the cost of a breath of life scroll from his/her gold as if they had "bought" one. I would then ask the first Player who kindly stepped up to use his breath of life scroll to keep his scroll as 'unused". In essence we would "ret con" that the player whose character who would have died, had brought a scroll of breath of life after all.

People were happy with this arrangement. I the GM was happy someone had a breath of life scroll on hand....and the players were both happy, one kept his scroll, the other's character didn't die, and we felt it was a fair way to handle this situation.

I compared it to splitting the cost of a raise dead spell at the end of the adventure, except we were doing it in the middle of the scenario.

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Drahliana Moonrunner wrote:
ElyasRavenwood wrote:

I also seem to remember in the Shanara series there is some indication of leveling....I think if i remember one of the characters begins with some talent in magic, and grows into his power and becomes a druid.

Arguably however there are vast differences between what Shannara calls a Druid and that modeled by D20 or Pathfinder, or even AD+D for that matter.

True enough there are lots of differences between a "Vancian" wizard in PF and the druid of the Shannara books.

For example Druid Fire in a PF game would need most likely a " uses per day" that increases as the Shannara druid levels. I think there was a Dragon Magazine #286 that has a prestige class for a druid.

And in the books, the druid gets to use his druid fire as often as the plot needs him to.

It is difficult to translate a character directly from a book to the Pathfinder game.

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While not perfect, I remember from reading a good chunk of Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time novels, the characters seemed to "level" over time with Rand facing Trollocs and I think a Myrdrall.....to the forsaken. Egwene...is that her name, goes to Tar Valon and learns magic and progresses from acolyte to accepted to eventually Aes sedai and along the way learns more and more magic.

I also seem to remember in the Shanara series there is some indication of leveling....I think if i remember one of the characters begins with some talent in magic, and grows into his power and becomes a druid.

But yes it is often hard to translate a literary character to a game system. There of course is no way to measure a character's personal growth in a game system where that may be one of the major plot points in a story.

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Gelatenous Cubes tend to sweep an area clear of organic matter

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Thank you for crunching the numbers. I figure my gnome character would run his apothecary/chirugeon business as much because he enjoys it, and always finds new novelty in putting people back together.

I figure he could earn quite a bit as a personal physician to an important muckety muck...oh crap I've been poisoned....No worries here is a Neutralize poison extract....and a restoration extract......oh my thats going to leave a mark....let me get that crossbow bolt out of your heart, and don't leave me yet, I got a breath of life extract for you.....

Or more likely....Hm where did I leave that sponge? Oh my my patient has expired....Well here is a breath of life extract.....get up your not dead yet......

I figure the endless complexity of running a business, haggling for prices, brewing alchemical concoctions, and healing people could be what he finds interesting and holds the bleaching at bay.

Again thank you

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I enjoyed listening to the summary and background in Portuguese while reading the subtitles. I think this summary does a good job setting the tone and evoking the atmosphere for the adventure paths.

Thank you

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I know I ask this question every few months or so.

I have the pre-gens for the alchemist oracle and cavalier, but, these were made years ago on a 15 point build.....

Pre Gens were quickly made for the Ultimate Combat and the Advanced Class Guide, and the Occult Adventures books when they were published. And now that the Advanced Players Guide has been out for five years or so and the Ultimate Magic has been out for a few years as well, there isn't any marketing pressure to make pre gens for the iconic characters in both books.

So I am wondering are there any plans to make pre gens for the Magus and the Advanced Player's Guide Iconic characters?. They seem to be perpetually stuck on the "middle burner". Thank you.

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In PFS I have a gnome 2nd level rogue/9th level Alchemist (Chirgeon). If he gets to 12 level, as a 10 level alchemist chirgeon he will be able to get access to the Breath of Life spell...Then he plans to retire in Rahadoum and open an apothecary....and make lots of money. :D

I wonder how much he can charge for his healing services? I wonder what the Rahadoum market would bear?

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Congratulations! you guys do good work.


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thank you all for your answers. Im going to check out the unchained monk aestetic style. thank you imbiticus. Christopher Dudley, yep I saw that episode, then thought of Crouching Tiger and Hidden Dragon.

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I have played a LN cleric of Asmodeus up to 11 level in PFS.

He didn't have one rank in the heal skill. He had plenty of ranks with profession: Barrister. I built up his Charisma so he could selectively channel his negative energy without harming the party. For domains he had Fire and Trickery. The trickery domain gave him access to the bluff skill. He already had access to diplomacy and sense motive as class skills. With a high wisdom and charisma score he served as an excellent "face" for the party always willing to draw up a contract. Of course his speciality was "extra planar" contracts whose payments were in currencies other then the almighty gold piece.

One thing he would do before each mission for the Pathfinder Society was draw up a contract with each party member specifying that they would do their best to keep him from bodily harm and in turn he would do his best to heal them. When asked for healing he would offer his wand of infernal healing. He would point out that while there was a misguided expectation for a cleric to heal the rest of the party, however in the contract that was just signed, there never was any specificity on what kind of healing he had to offer.

He would offer specific spell slots for "sale". For example he would offer to contractually have a restoration memorized for a specific character..... in return for an unspecified favor to be fulfilled in the future. Not a single character went for this generous contractual offer.

I know PFS isn't the Hells Vengence adventure path, but I thought this might be useful for the OP about some ideas of running a cleric in an evil party.

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I think John Compton has said it better then I possibly could have said it.

The Most Important Rule
The rules in this book are here to help you breathe life into your characters and the world they explore. While they are designed to make your game easy and exciting, you might find that some of them do not suit the style of play that your gaming group enjoys. Remember that these rules are yours. You can change them to fit your needs. Most Game Masters have a number of “house rules” that they use in their games. The Game Master and players should always discuss any rules changes to make sure that everyone understands how the game will be played. Although the Game Master is the final arbiter of the rules, the Pathfinder RPG is a shared experience, and all of the players should contribute their thoughts when the rules are in doubt.
Page 9 Core Rule Book

I don't think PFS rules would be a good fit as the base assumption of the game. In a home game we need the freedom to play the game and modify it to what we need and want.

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I have just been skimming this thread.

I know some scenarios are better then others. Some you need to look out for. I remember things going wrong with the Elven Entanglement, but we were able to pull our buts out of the fire.

I think it would be a very bad idea to retire scenarios. A very bad idea.

I remember when the season 0 scenarios were retired. People immediately clamored to play these scenarios before they were yanked from circulation, because they recognized the pool of scenarios would become more limited. I remember this did cause a bit of a bottle neck until more scenarios were published.

Yeah bad scenaio "killer" scenario or no.....i think retiring a scenario is a bad idea.

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I agree with Dragodorn. I would like to see First steps part 2 and 3 un retired. I liked how they showed a city adventure, a dungeon crawl, and a wilderness adventure.

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Thank you.

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As Nefreet mentioned earlier, we (members of the pathfinder society community) would be happy to do our best to answer your questions.

"if you are not a developer I'm done replying with you".

Well you got me there....I'm not a developer. I'm just a "has been". I have been a Venture captain and VL before that for 3 years.

I can tell you thing's are not arbitrarily banned. Often, but not always, the campaign leadership will bounce ideas off of the Venture Officer community and then the PFS community as a whole before making a decision.

As Nefreet mentioned earlier, we are happy to help if you are polite about it.

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"I want it all back!"

"Ahh Mr. Morden I see you are well. All better?" " Speaking of your Associates.....don't move"

I loved that scene in the Centauri throne room.

Thank you. I just think Londo Molari or perhaps a younger version of him would be a good inspiration for a character for a character in the Hells Rebels campaign where you are for the most part in one set location and you have time to build "roots" in the community where your "contacts" are more then a random NPC here and there.

Maybe Londo Molari would be more appropriate for Council of Thieves.....

Anyways I always enjoyed this character and how his story unfolded in the B5 story arch.

Thank you again

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I was thinking Londo Molari from Babylon 5 might make a fun character for Hells Rebels, or maybe for Hells Vengence as well.

How would you go about translating this character for a pathfinder home game?


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Well while I have enjoyed that character, unlike Indianna Jones who can do everything, I did have to make some choices. I had to choose where he would be effective...


and I chose knowledge and spells. so on a 20 point build, I put his high scores in intelligence and Charisma. He didn't have a very high Str score, I think a 12. I think I chose traits like vagabond child to give him access to disable device, and prehensile whip so he could use his whip to climb with. I chose to give this character an 18 in intelligence. I wanted the bonus to knowledge checks and the extra skills. I also chose the feats Noble Scion (of lore) and Dilettante. So at 8th level my skills looked like this

+2 ranks
+3 Class Skill
+5 Int Mod
+4 Bardic Knowledge
+2 Dilettante
+1 Noble Scion: Lore

17 ranks in a knowledge skill.

I spent his other skill ranks in Disable Device, Perception, Acrobatics, Linguistics etc....

The rest of his feats were spent in combat expertise improved disarm, improved steal....and My character just picked up Amateur Investigator.

I have pretty much "retired" this PFS character because he wasn't very effective combat wise and I am not sure how he would fare in the 7-11 level scenarios. With this character I finished three linked scenarios which involved delving into Dwarven Ruins and making a significant archeological discovery. With a boon that says
his characters discoveries are published in the Pathfinder Chronicles
, I feel I can retire him at 8th level.

I apologize for rambling on,


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I agree I can see how it would require a feat or two to pull off some of those stunts. One trait (prehensile whip) and four feats.... (Combat expertise, Improved Disarm, Improved trip, Improved steal) well I guess I would most likely need to add weapon focus whip, and whip mastery.......thats allot of feats.

I was just trying to point out that over the years from one edition to another, I have taken a character concept, Indiana Jones, and expressed the character concept differently with the rules over three editions, and I have noticed your freedom to imagine what your character is doing, I think has been hampered by a proliferation of rules. I think this was what you were also expressing. All things considered I am quite happy with pathfinder.


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I thoroughly enjoy the Pathfinder game. I enjoy pawing through my newest book Races of the Inner Sea and soaking up all of the fluff, as well as the crunch.

But I agree, ironically the more options (rules) you create the less your character can do.

I have a character modeled after Indiana Jones. I have had this character in one incarnation or another for a very long time. My screen name is the name of this character and my avatar image is a illustration of Eando Kline to help describe Elyas Ravenwood. I had at one point in time thought this was the name of Indiana Jones's mentor. At least I got the last name right.

I think I first made this character 20 years ago in second edition game as a ½ elf multi class ranger / Bard with the kits Explorer / Lore master. I re created this character for a 3.5 Age of Worms game where he was a human multi class Bard /Rogue.
Most recently I made this character for Pathfinder Society. I made a human male Bard with the Archeologist archetype. All things considered, I am happiest with this iteration of the character.

Back in 2nd edition, I do not think there weren’t any rules governing my characters use of a whip to trip, disarm, and use as a climbing tool. The GM had me do an attack roll and a Dex check to resolve all of these things.

When I made the character for 3.5 there were the feats Improved trip and Improved disarm.

Now for the PFS game there is the trait prehensile whip for climbing with a whip, there was Improved Trip, Improved Disarm and Improved Steal. In one PFS game, I was informed that my character could not use his whip to snag an evil cleric's holy symbol which the cleric was presenting forth in out stretched hand with out the improved steal feat.... so I picked it up at the next available level.

So Ironically I feel with the expansion of the rules, and definition of actions, there is less room for “free form” playing where the GM adjudicates things with a house rule.

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While I am curious for more details, I am glad they are leaving things un defined.

That leaves room for us GMs to personalize our Pathfinder Society.

For example in my home games I shift the Society's alignment to NG instead of N. I'm thinking about Indianna Jones.

In official cannon the Pathfinder Chronicles are just passed around Pathfinder Society lodges. So in my home games the pathfinder chronicles are something for general publication...kind of like a National Geographic book. Also I think there should be some place to display all of the cultural relics and artifacts recovered from Pathfinder Society Expeditions. So, attached to the grand lodge are a bunch of museums kind of like the Smithsonian Museums on the Mall, that are free for Absalomians to come and visit. I grew up in DC.

Anyways while things stay a bit un defined, that leaves us room to fill in the gaps as we like to.

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I have enjoyed reading this thread so far. Thank you. I will continue to read this thread.

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For your Tier 1 Boon, perhaps contacting Jon Compton may be the best thing to do. There may be a an online record of what you have GMed at Gen Con.

I am sorry for your loss.

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To the OP.....I think the question of wether the player character has "gone too far" relates far more to what the players at the table are comfortable with then historical example.

For example, I as a player, or GM, would be extremely uncomfortable if a character was going to physically torture a NPC for information, or to extract a confession.

As a GM, I would simply require an intimidate check. As a player I would mention how uncomfortable it would make me feel personally and ask that we gloss over any details.

So I think it depends on you and your players at the table as to what is too far.

In PFS I have an 11 level inquisitor of Iomedae. While it would be quite easy to run this character like a "white cloak" from the Robert Jordan Wheel of time series, I chose to model this PFS character after a character in Ellis Peter's series of books "The Brother Cadfael Mysteries". I modeled the character after Under Sherif Hugh Berenger of Shrewsbury.I even named the character Hugh Berenger. I thought the inquisitor character class would have the skill set required for a sherif, being able to gather information, to track people, and intimidate people out of a fight. Unfortunately, my character didn't have any opportunities to try out this character concept in PFS. It may be better saved for a home campaign.

Anyways this is an interesting discussion about the inquisitor.

Oh I was also thinking about using magic to "extract" information. Its probably much cleaner and easier. As an example of "psychic magic" messing someone up, I think an excellent example of this comes from the show Babylon 5. What

Alfred Bester the Psi Cop
did to the character Michael Gerebaldi, drove him to begin drinking again.

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While I lived in an apartment where pets were not allowed, I would enjoy petting my friends dogs when I visited. I also gave them treats that their owners gave me. The dogs quickly learned where to get their ears scratched and treats. The dog would often spend the game curled up near my feet which I enjoyed.

I would often ask my GM if my character could buy a dog, usually just like their dog, and he was fine with it.

So in the game, after the adventure, in the in, or camp, my character would feed his dog, pet his dog, and it would sleep next to his bed roll, or on his bed in the inn room he rented. There wasn't any really "game effect" other then the Gm would have the dog get into the garbage, come out of the woods with a small critter, or sit and beg from our adventuring company's potential employer, while we were dining together.

When we went into a dungeon, my character would tie the dog off with the horses.

I suppose the only "game effect" was that the GM would allow the dog to make a perception roll while my character was asleep, and have it bark at something. Sometimes it was a monster, or a wolf sneeking up on our camp.....other times it was a small furry critter the dog wanted to chase....we had fun.

Now that I have my own little beagle, I have asked my GM if my character could have a dog just like my dog.

The GMs never even asked me to spend a rank on animal training.

I don't know if this will apply to your fox but i hope it helps.

Oh speaking of foxes you might find this article interesting: domesticated Soviet foxes

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I'm playing in a Mummy's Mask campaign. I have an elven Arcanist. We also have an halfling thief erm rogue, a cleric, a ranger and a spiritualist. The spiritualist has yet to shift from the play test to the occult rules. We are having fun.

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Congratulations everyone! and Congratulations Teresa!,
Myles Crocker

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I liked the longer age spans for the Dhampires and Aasimars and Tieflings. In a home Carrion Crown game I am in, I have an Aasimar cleric of Iomedae. My friend is playing an Aasimar Paladin of Iomedae. These characters are brothers. We are having fun. if my GM brings it up, I will ask him to keep things the same. What does it matter that the ages have been errataed? In the link that Black Blood Troll kindly provided where James Jacobs said that they intended for Assimars etc to age as humans.

In that post James Jacobs also suggested that it would be a red flag if you sit at a PFS table with a GM that does not allow your aasimar character to have a human starting age (when they had longer starting ages in the ARG)

I will admit, If a, PFS GM is so nit picky, that he wants me to change the age of my Aasimar character to match that of the current Errata, that would be a red flag for me to find another table to play at. That being said, I would understand the Favored Class Bonus's being changed to the current errata. One has an effect on game mechanics, I don't think the other does. PFS i believe ignores age penalties and benefits.

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Thank you all for your posts. This seems like a lively discussion. Again I haven't had time to read everyone's posts.

Ceberus 7, I suppose your dragon avatar image caught my eye.

Reading your post, you make some excellent points. Come to think of it, I think that is all the barbarian was doing, was hitting things hard.

Through traites, i have given my wizard Diplomacy as a class skill...and we were using that skill. not great, but at least a positive modifier.

Anyways thank you all for your posts, hopefully I will have time to read them soon.

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I have a 8th level sylph wizard with the air speciality. I am thoroughly enjoying the character. My theme for the character not surprisingly is wind, electrical damage, storms etc.....So I am having lots of fun with Aggressive Thunder Cloud, Lightning Bolt, Ball Lightning etc.....

Thursday night I went to a Pathfinder Society game at, Game Theory in Raleigh NC, I had signed up to play Darkest Vengeance. I arrived little early. I noticed there was another player with a wizard! We spent some time comparing spell lists and picking spells we wanted to share before the game. We also compared what we were planning to have our wizards prepare for the game.

We both decided to prepare a couple of Haste spells, so we would have 4 haste spells available for the adventure.

In our party we also had a player, a good friend, with a hyped up "gnoll" barbarian with a Falchion, a real heavy hitter. The character is actually some sort of tiefling that looks like a gnoll. My friend just likes gnolls and Lamasthu.

Anyways back to the spell selection....While looking at what I could do with a lightning bolt, I realized, with reflex saves, Evasion...etc....my 8d6 lighting bolt, was going to cause much less damage then the barbarian.....Haste+ Barbarian was my most effective combination for dealing damage.

Anyways, to me it seems the martial characters, Barbarian, fighter etc do far more damage a round consistently then the evocation magic my wizard wields. So why do martial's feel they don't have "nice things"?.


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I have done this on occasion.

I get a new AP, make 4 characters and begin running them through the first book.

I guess I have GMed and ran 4 pcs for a few reasons: sometimes it can be fun, I also am curious to see how various combinations of character classes will work together as a team, I also do it as an exercise to gain a better understanding of the game and how the rules work. I end of spending allot of time looking up rules etc...it gives me a firmer grasp of things.

But If given the choice i would prefer to play at a game with Gm and real players.

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Lots of people have differing opinions about wether Dex damage multiplies 1x5 times the same way Str does in the case of the unchained rogue's class ability.

As a GM, at my table in a home game I will say no It does not. I am not going to bother to quote a ruling. As a PFS GM I will also say no it will not. Unless it specifically is spelled out in a FAQ I will say no.

My reasonings are as follows, 1) the Str. score determines the amount of weight you carry and the amount of damage you do with a melee or thrown weapon (like a hand axe).

Comparably your Dexterity, with the unchained rogues class ability, determines your melee to hit and damage modifier, your to hit modifier with a ranged weapon.......and a modifier to your AC and a modifier to initiative.

I think that is more then enough for the Dex score to deal with, so no 1.5 modifier while wielded 2 handed.

There we are, that is my opinion and how I would rule at a home table or PFS table.

This is an interesting thread to read. I will enjoy reading what people have to post.

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