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I appreciate all the work the community did in trying to "update" the old cards with the newer ones, but I'm actually more interested in going the other direction.

I have far better memories and experiences from the game under the original 1.0 cards. I always thought it was a mistake for them to suddenly create a "2.0" version of the game, but I understood how I was in the minority considering how many people were jumping on the 2.0 bandwagon not only in the the adventure game, but also the actual RPG.

I'd be interested in seeing someone actually take the newer cards and fit them to the old template. The one thing that the new version did better was create armor that could be displayed so that it wouldn't waste hand space. I also liked the design of the new Seoni better, but that's something that easily could have been put on the old card template.

If I ever play this game again in the future, and I'm sure I will, it will definitely be the original campaigns (big box and PFS) with the large number of characters available. Perhaps it'd be fun to create new cards to go into those class decks.

Nickademus42 wrote:
Also, I don't expect to see a lot of add-on decks as the gaming stores were complaining about PACG products being released too often.

I saw this mentioned earlier by someone else, and I'm trying to figure out what game store is complaining about this? FFG releases new product every month for multiple games. Wizkids releases new product every couple months. UDE releases new product roughly every month. The only way any game store would be complaining about Paizo products would be if they weren't selling, which doesn't mean to slow down the product but the game store needs to order less of it.

Still, given that they haven't even announced a new upcoming product yet, we're looking at a minimum of 2 years between products here. I don't think they need to slow things down that much.

eddiephlash wrote:
Ask and Ye shall receive

Not even close.

I'm happy for anyone who thinks this is actually acceptable. Everyone I play the game with is waiting for actual class decks to be made.

And yes, I realize my community may be a small fraction of the playerbase - so are the vocal yes men of these forums. So for Vic to say "a lot" of players are happy with this solution, I feel it's a bit of an exaggeration.

Longshot11 wrote:
Frencois wrote:
BTW don't use Embiggen, that spell is WAY broken (too powerful).
This is a pretty bold statement. In MOST cases - a MORE powerful version of this spell would read "Add 1 to all your checks." And at least in mid-to-big party size, this would be a patently ridiculous waste of a spell slot.

You mean "Add 1 for each die you roll on your checks." That's a big difference, and that's hugely powerful. Simoun only adds 1 for each die she rolls while attacking with knives, and already that was a very powerful feat. When I bumped it up to 2, it had trivialized nearly every henchman and villain she ran into.

fumbleBOOM! wrote:
Hi, I'm relatively new to pathfinder and I'm loving it. I have the new core set and would love to increase its content but I don't want to mix old edition cards in. Are there any plans to release small box expansions in the new edition such as character decks or items/weapons decks? I have ordered CotCT and am awaiting its arrival.

I'm in a similar situation. I own everything PACG related, but I refuse to mix the old cards with the new ones. I'm hoping they decide to create more Class/Character decks, otherwise these new sets will likely go into storage while I continue playing with the old cards. Fortunately there is still a lot for me to do running my old favorites through the various seasons.

Seoni is my favorite Pathfinder iconic since day 1 of the RPG, and Core has made my favorite PACG version of her to date. I still much prefer her original look, so I'm glad that it was still featured on some of the cards (such as Deflect up there), but I don't want to start a debate over that. Suffice to say, if new adventures are ever made, I'll probably still continue to take Seoni through them.

Keith Richmond wrote:
That said, if you feel strongly that it should be in the game, you should definitely play that way. That's why I wrote both the rule and then this blog :)

With your blessing, it shall be done! :)

Brother Tyler wrote:
I don't think that a party would have access to regular markets when battling through the Worldwound in Wrath of the Righteous

Perhaps not, but a good DM (or at least a non-sadistic one) will have the party find useful loot for the party through their 20 levels of adventuring through the campaign, and not constantly give them random weapons they aren't proficient in. (Not to mention I've never had a DM force my sorcerer to learn a random spell when I leveled up.)

Longshot11 wrote:
The Market proposition above, however, seems as simple as it can get!

I completely agree with this assessment. I can't imagine NOT implementing the Market because you thought it added too much complexity. It doesn't add any complexity. Rebuilding a deck is something that players already need to know how to do between scenarios if they are ever short on cards. Banishing a card is of course something players already know. I don't see how the Market introduces anything that every player wouldn't already know.

In fact, this is something that NEEDED to be implemented on day 1, especially if you're making strides to make the card game mimic the RPG more. One of the most annoying aspects of the game is losing a card that took so long to get, just to never get it back because it never comes up in the locations again. For example, I gave Merisiel a spell card feat once so she could carry a utility spell around. (Actually I wanted her to carry a Cure spell, but Kyra was understandably not willing to give it up, and for some reason you guys decided to make only one of each card - but that's a different complaint!) The problem is she only got one use out of it, and at the end of the scenario was forced to take an arcane attack spell because it was something we had acquired, and nobody else wanted to take it. So Merisiel now had a completely dead card in her deck!

In fact, as Longshot11 stated, the Market concept might even be TOO simplistic. I like his idea of swapping out an equivalent level of boons for the one wanted. When I played Seoni, I kept finding attack spells which I didn't really need. I wanted utility spells (which could double as an attack spell using her power if I needed one). I would have loved to swap one of those spells out for a Charm Person, something I didn't acquire throughout the entire adventure! Yeah it's fun to run into that ideal card in the locations and throw everything at acquiring it, but when that card is now 2+ levels behind you, it's not quite as exciting anymore.

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That's just more unnecessary confusion then. So revealing a displayed card does the exact same thing as drawing a displayed card (which is the word used on many armors)?

The only point of putting "freely reveal" on a displayed card is if a future effect prevents you from revealing cards or makes you do something else when you would reveal a card. At the moment it does seem to be redundant, however.

This is actually on par with WizKids' quality lately if you look at their Heroclix line. Granted they look slightly better in hand because of how small they are, but they will be nowhere near the quality of the first few Pathfinder Battles sets. WizKids seems to go through cycles, where one year they will have the money to pay for excellent quality sculpts and paint jobs, then as the money dwindles away they are forced to cut costs, and the miniatures start looking like they were painted by a team of middle school children.

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Please clarify. If you're playing a pre-Core scenario with post-Core rules, location handling is the same as it was pre-Core (i.e. the location isn't removed and characters don't automatically move to a new location). So characters like Amiri, who were always intended to be able to move to a new location and continue exploring, would still be able to do so with the proposed addendum that you made.

I'm not seeing how that's stronger than before. Unless you're stating that it makes the power stronger than it is with the current conversion rules, then yes. But that's because the current rules make the power far weaker than it was previously (which is the crux of the original post).

Okay, so I was really confused and had to look at Amiri's card (I haven't played her yet) to understand why there would be a rule that stated you can't move after closing a location (since it's what you're supposed to do anyway). Then I realized both of you misquoted the power and typed "moving" instead of "exploring" LOL!

I agree with Yewstance here. Adding the power "closing your location does not prevent you from exploring" instead of replacing the original power seems to be seems to be the most elegant solution. But I disagree that it makes the power stronger. For pre-Core rules, there was nothing preventing characters from exploring again after closing a location anyway, so it doesn't give those characters anything they couldn't already do.

Frencois wrote:

Just for the fun of it.

If a location closing condition is « Summon and defeat the danger » is anyone here translating that by you automatically defeat it?
I guess no.
So why (since acquiring and defeating have totally similar wording, checks....) would it be different for acquiring?
Just asking....

Well that's an easy one. "Summon and defeat" is specifically defined in the rules:


Summon and Acquire/Summon and Defeat: The To Close or To Guard

section on some locations requires you to do this. Summon and encounter
the card; if you do not acquire or defeat it, the location is not closed.

If the location says "SUMMON and acquire", then there wouldn't be a problem since that's also defined. But it just says "acquire".

Also, those in the boat that this makes the location too easy, there have been locations in the past that said to close the location automatically.

So based on the last 4 responses, it seems nobody really knows how to handle this but is handling it the way they want to...

JohnF wrote:

While that is speaking specifically about checks to close or to guard, it does spell out that "summon and acquire" means you have to encounter the card.

It doesn't say "summon and acquire". Just "acquire".

Frencois wrote:
Only exceptions are clearly explained in the rules.

Rulebooks aren't the only source of exceptions. Cards make exceptions to the rules all the time.

Frencois wrote:
Note that if acquire didn't mean succeeding at the check to acquire (as you propose), the first sentence of the above quote would be meaningless. It spells "a power that allows you to automatically acquire a card" not "a power that allows you to automatically succeed at a/all check to acquire a card".

Why would it be meaningless? It's referencing POWERS that let you automatically acquire, not location card effects. The word "acquire" by itself means to put into your hand. Hence "check to acquire".

Tomael92 wrote:
it is implied

This is the best answer out of the past four, but unfortunately I am playing with a RAW group. They're not much into RAI. And I can't really blame them. This game goes through leaps and bounds to make sure everything is well defined in the rulebook with an extensive FAQ to cover mistakes and other ambiguous situations. But nowhere is "acquire a card" by itself given specific instructions, but "summon and acquire" is.

skizzerz wrote:

Acquire = make the check to acquire

Draw = take it into your hand without making a check

You're not doing an encounter. You can't evade it or use other encounter powers. You're just making a check to acquire against the card. If you fail the check, it's not banished (because it's not an encounter)

Can you quote exactly where the rules say "acquire = make the check to acquire"? I did a search in the pdf rules and found nothing that stated that.

The only thing even close is the phrase "encounter and acquire", which of course means to make the check because that's what you do when you encounter something. Simplying acquiring something means to put it in your hand though. Hence "check to ACQUIRE"... check to put it into your hand.

I'm not trying to be contrary here for the sake of being contrary. I legitimately would like some official evidence that states this is the way it's meant to be played, not just the gut reaction of other players. The other gamers I play with (and I also for that matter) won't be satisfied with a simple, well this guy on the forums says so...

Apologies for bringing this thread up nearly a month since the last post, but I happened to be reading through it and noticed some people mentioning "failing" to acquire the top blessing.

There's no check, right? The Dunes says to just acquire the top blessing, so it just goes straight into your hand. How is anyone failing to acquire it?

edit: Okay, I see. Some people feel there should be an "Encounter and" before the acquire.

I just read my email and saw that Adventure #1-3 was updated with a new reward. I've been waiting for this day! Time to go try her out with her new deck!

It looks like a lot of work went into this, and it's much appreciated! I really like that Witch cohorts stay in play now and just get marked when using their powers. This has the nice added bonus of not taking up a hand slot when resetting her hand at the end of the turn.

Wow! THIS is the Seoni I've been waiting for! And looks like they switched Merisiel's "backstab" and "sneak" to make more thematic sense regarding being alone at a location. Now my LGS needs to hurry up and get their copies in so I can go pick up my preorders. Can't wait to play this!

I found the rulebook, but I can't find the character sheets. Did those not get posted yet?

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Steelfiredragon wrote:

well... I like the cloak. But pardon me if I liked her old look better.

just me though
oh and Kalindlara. it was said somewhere along the road to 2e, that her hair was a very light blonde.....

Not just you. I very much prefer her old look and happily backed the kickstarter of her statue which will be displayed in my home.

Having said that though, I don't hate this new look. As an alternate universe Seoni, she still looks great. But I feel that she (and nearly all the other iconics for that matter) looks better in her original artwork.

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Keith Richmond wrote:
Nobody says "Gee, I wish I would fail more checks" but people _do_ say that they want more illusion of danger, challenge, less sameness, and a vast variety of things that actually translate as "I wish I thought I might fail more checks, even if I don't actually."

I'm curious of the sample size you used to reach the inference that this is what most players want. There's a notable difference between an illusion of danger that requires gambling with using bonuses to ensure passing one particular check at the risk of not having those bonuses on a possibly more important future check and an illusion of danger that relies on making checks more random.

Granted there is a sense of satisfaction at passing that last difficult to achieve check with only one turn left and the odds not quite in your favor, this should be an exceptional case not the norm and is quite simply achieved by increasing the difficulty of the final villain. It's something you already do to great effect. And you've already solved the problem of trivializing that final check by limiting the number of blessings that can be played on it.

More random story elements, absolutely! But I can assure you nobody at any of the tables I've played at ever said, "Gee I wish I would fail more checks."

eddiephlash wrote:
Again, color me excited. Kyra looks fun, always having a weapon or attack spell ready, and automatically being blessed on avenging!

Maybe I'm missing something, but reading and rereading her role card, how does she always have a weapon or attack spell ready?

Sam Phelan wrote:

Hello Dulcee,

It appears that the order did not charge and go through the appropriate steps for a PDF order when it was placed. I fixed this issue and you should now see the digital asset on your account. Thank you for letting us know it was giving you trouble! If you have any continued difficulties, please let us know.

I just checked, and it's showing in my downloads now. Thank you!

I ordered Pathfinder Society Adventure Card Guild #5-4: Rise From the Wreckage PDF back in December, but the PDF still isn't able to be downloaded by me. Other members have reported being able to download their copy last month, so I'm curious the order still shows as Pending for me.

When I click on the order, it says the PDF is currently not available, then immediately under that it says it's in my downloads (which it is not). Please help correct this.

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Doktor Weasel wrote:
Crayon wrote:
Always thought it was 'Kee-ra'
Yeah, I remember hearing James Jacobs on Twitch a few weeks back making the correction that it's Kee-ra not Kie-ra, but it seems not everyone got the memo.

Well considering it's been officially pronounced Kie-ra for around a decade, it's not easy to suddenly change the way you pronounce her name based on a decision made a month ago.

wkover wrote:
Dulcee wrote:
Is there any notice as to when 5-4 will be available to the rest of us? I purchased it way back in December, but it's still not available for download.
Huh, really? Sounds like it'd be worth contacting paizo asap: or

I sent them an email as you suggested several days ago, but I still haven't heard anything back from them. Not that I'm in any major hurry. There are plenty of other board games I'm still in the middle of, so I'm not sure when my group will get back to playing PACG.

Still, do you have an idea of how long they usually take to respond? I did pay for the PDF, so if it's an error on their end, I would like to be able to download it. If it's just not released yet, then I'll just keep waiting.

Is there any notice as to when 5-4 will be available to the rest of us? I purchased it way back in December, but it's still not available for download.

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I really like a lot of the changes being made. There are a couple questionable ones (like the location banishing), but I can't say whether that's good or bad without some context in how new cards will interact with that.

The one thing I wish the team would stop spending its energy on is trying to make this game backwards compatible. There are enough changes being made that likely HUNDREDS of cards will need to receive errata.

In my opinion (and I'm not sure how unpopular an opinion it would be), instead of generating a mountain of errata to fix the old cards, new versions of the old cards should be reprinted for use in the new "edition". This would give a chance to revisit the old class decks and bring them up to the current power level of cards. Those original seven class decks especially need some updating. I would much prefer to have a new version of the class deck to buy (with some all new characters included) to constantly referencing errata. It would also allow the cards to match the new style and save a bit of frustration for those of us with OCD. And it shouldn't require too much effort since many of the cards can be reused with minor adjustments to fit the new rules.

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I'm in agreement with others that she looks far too frail. I don't agree that muscled barbarians are a "cliché". It's a natural result of constantly lifting and swinging around heavy objects their entire life. In Amiri's case, it's an extremely heavy and unwieldy object. You're bound to develop muscles in a career such as hers. She has a natural 18 STR before raging. For a human that means she's going to be muscular.

In my personal opinion - of all the artwork I've seen, I prefer the originals in nearly every single case.

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sweetestsadist wrote:

"Combat: Reveal this card to use Strength or Melee + 1d8 + 2. Add an additional 1d10 against a Dragon bane.

[Weapon Proficient symbol]: Reload to add another 1d4 to this attack.
Recharge to reduce 4 damage dealt to a local character."

Ideally, this is what I would have liked to see the game evolve towards as well. I've lost count of the number of times I've mistakenly misplayed a card because I was reading it too quickly and missed a word towards the end of the paragraph of instructions. Magic: the Gathering also started out with rather verbose instructions, but they quickly moved to a more concise and consistent format which greatly improved card readability.

Although given that the RPG has a similar problem, I don't anticipate the game moving in this direction. It would be nice to at least keep it under consideration, though.

Marco Massoudi wrote:
I can't quite see the rack clearly, as the image links to the wrong closeup...

(Insert obligatory joke of trying to get a closeup of the kyton's rack.) ^_-

Xexyz wrote:
Parody wrote:

No reward needed.

Guide to the Guild 5.0, p. 7 wrote:
You can replace your character with any character card of the same class (along with a matching role and token card) from any Pathfinder Adventure Card Game base set or Character Add-On Deck.

Celeste (PF Tales) is a Sorcerer, so you can use any Sorcerer (e.g. Seoni) from the base sets. You can't, though, take one from another Class Deck (or equivalent).

The character registration system bears this out.

This is outstanding. I think I may play WotR Seoni in OP as my next character.

Hopefully you enjoy it as much as I do! I've played WotR Seoni with Pathfinder Tales and Ultimate Magic 4 or 5 times now, and I haven't gotten tired of it.

Brother Tyler wrote:
can we still expect to see all of the classes getting a class/character deck?

I'm still hoping for a Swashbuckler, one of my favorite classes to play in the RPG. Until then it'd be nice if they relaxed the restrictions a bit. For example, you're allowed to use Jirelle with the Rogue class deck, but I'd really like to use her with the Pathfinder Tales character deck. I'm fighting the rules stickler in me to just do it anyway for my home game. From the transitive property, since rogues can use the Pathfinder Tales deck and Jirelle can use the Rogue Class deck, Jirelle should be able to use the Pathfinder Tales deck lol.

The same with Seoni. It bugs me that every version of Seoni can use the Pathfinder Tales deck except Sorcerer Class deck Seoni. But I'm hoping the new Core Set Seoni will rectify that by becoming my new favorite Seoni - a mix between Wrath and Sorcerer Class deck. I love Wrath's ability to reuse a spell repeatedly (by not recharging it); but the d6 strength, d4 dexterity and use of armor are a bit off from the character.

Anyhow, I'm super excited about the new Core and Adventure Path as well. These months can't go by quickly enough!

Hawkmoon269 wrote:
I picked one of these up and so far, I am impressed. I haven't loaded it with cards yet, but I am excited to do so. I plan to use it to hold class decks. A quick test shows that the ultra pro deck boxes (such as this) will fit in the top two slots.

Do the PACG deck boxes fit though? It doesn't look like it, and I don't want to risk buying a chest it they won't fit. I like the fact that they can hold my PSACG deck including the class deck and ultimate deck, all neatly divided. I have a separate box for each character, so it'd be nice to have an official case to carry them in plus my dice, but I get the feeling this chest isn't it.

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Yeah, even though it still hasn't been put into the official card errata, we've been playing it as such. Our Zova player was also abusing the heck out of it. He seemed to always have it in his hand any time we encountered any before/after encounter monsters. It trivialized so many encounters that required making a certain check to play spells/weapons or that caused automatic damage. I was actually having less fun because I would have cards in my deck specifically to help me in those situations, and he would just Cloud Puff away every time. (And with Zova's ability to cycle through her deck so easily, it never took long for Cloud Puff to come back.)

After changing Cloud Puff to only affecting his own location, the game seemed to return to normal.

As I mentioned in another thread, I'd love to have something like this. An entire party tracker would be really nice for my group that meets and plays fairly regularly. It wouldn't have to be too fancy. A way to have a quick list of each card name, type, AD#, and where it came from would be very handy. A nice visual interface is a bonus, but frankly anything is better than my current spreadsheet.

James McKendrew wrote:
We need an app like the one for Apocrypha that lets you track your decks (though it'd need to be expanded to track removed-from-game cards) online.

I can't believe there still isn't something like this, even fan-made. For most other games I play that require deckbuilding, I've easily found apps to keep track of multiple decks. I haven't been able to find anything for PACG. It wasn't a big deal prior to Ultimate decks, but now I have several society campaigns going on simultaneously (which as Brother Tyler mentioned will also cause a problem in the future APs), and although I like to play different character classes in each, sometimes I end up using the same Ultimate Deck.

Currently, I'm using a spreadsheet to keep track of my decks, but it would save quite a bit of time if there was an app out there. (And unfortunately I don't have any app coding skills to make one myself.)

Keith Richmond wrote:
Cloud Puff was designed to be at your location, so that's clearly an error.

Is this going to be official errata?

wkover wrote:
FYI, per the website, 5-2 will be available on October 24.

So with October 24 being over 3 weeks ago now, does anyone have any other guesses as to when 5-2 will be available? Our group's anxious to play, and it's still unavailable.

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wkover wrote:
If memory serves, seized ships don't carry over to the next scenario. They're only valid for the scenario in which they have been seized.

Yeah as someone already mentioned, you can use seized ships at the start of any scenario.

parody wrote:
The Dominator specifically says it cannot be seized.

Well, I wasn't sure what the ship name was. I guessed that one, but it clearly wasn't it since that ship doesn't reduce structural damage by 2. It was Mistmourn.

wkover wrote:
In Tapestry's Tides thus far (halfway through 5-2), we've repaired our ship ~5-6 times. We often prefer to wreck the ship instead of taking 3-5 structural damage - which happened to us more than once.

It helps that we're using Jirelle and have seized the ship that reduces structural damage by an additional 2 (Dominator was it?). So at most, we've only had to discard 1 card so far, and Lirianne is usually carrying an extra pistol in her hand that she doesn't need which she happily discards so that she can recharge it the next time she encounters a monster.

I'm envious you are already playing 5-2. I'm still waiting for it to show up in the store to download. I was told it was supposed to come out yesterday, but it's still unavailable.

We have yet to use this reward. Not a single person in our group thinks getting a basic boon shuffled into a deck is better than potentially getting those elusive 1 (and hopefully soon 2 - where are you 5-2?) deck upgrades.

Also I agree that some of the S&S mechanics were kinda underplayed. We've gone through S&S, Season of the Shackles, and now Tapestry's Tides and have never had to repair a ship. I think that discarding cards to prevent structural damage shouldn't have been a thing. It would have made things a bit more interesting to have to force players to repair the ship. Of course the penalty should have been a little lessened then - perhaps a d6 roll at the start of each turn to determine if a plundered card was lost.

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I've been waiting years for this. Instant pledge!

Like Yewstance, I don't want to agree with the Guide in this situation (and others) either, but I have this odd inability to deviate from the rules as written. Once I tried to get my 6-player group to deviate away from the 30-card blessing deck to a 42-card blessing deck because I felt that some scenarios were not balanced with 6 players in mind. (In a 4-player game, each player gets at least 7 turns; but in a 6-player they only get 5 turns. And in some of those "close all locations" scenarios with can get challenging). But it didn't sit well with me after a few sessions, and I insisted we go back to 30 cards.

However, since I avoided addressing the OP - I want to like Athnul. I've always been a fan of the weaponless martial arts types in various games (mostly on digital platforms). I've tried using Athnul about half a dozen times in various adventure paths. My biggest problem with her is that I get bored after several scenarios. I felt very little sense of progression with her, and felt a bit envious when other players were getting a fancy new weapon or spell; and once I upgraded to the item or ally I wanted, I would often get nothing at all.

I always get excited when looking at her role card and imagining all the ways I can utilize her to help my party, but in practice I have never even made it to her role card once without getting bored and switching over to another character.

How would I address this? "Spells". Kinda like how Reiko in the Ultimate Equipment deck can use spells that can be recharged by Ninjas, I think having Monk "spells" could have been interesting. I'm sure they could have added a single spell in Ultimate Equipment that could be recharged by monks to give Athnul something interesting to use. But they probably didn't want to spend time on a single card that would have really only have benefited a single character in the entire game.

Doppelschwert wrote:

What Yewstance says is true for the most part, but I think he vastly underestimated the spells.

Athnul can learn to properly use spells in both roles and besides Cure (which you automatically get back every time you banish it pre-role, since it's the lowest AD spell)

Three months late on this response (I haven't checked the ACG forums in a long time due to lack of new material), but it seems like a couple people in this thread are doing this wrong. And I could have sworn there was a discussion on this before, but I found nothing from a search.

Athnul can't put AD3 Cure in her deck pre-role*. The adventure card guild rules specifically say you can't have a card in your deck higher than your tier. So choosing spell as a card feat prior to tier 3 isn't legal because you can't make a legal deck (unless you use an Ultimate deck in combination with her).

* Unless of course your tier 3 scenario offers a card feat as a reward (which I can't recall any that do) or after receiving your card feat at tier 3, you choose not to level up to tier 4.

I just opened up my Ultimate Wilderness, and I was quite surprised by the number of Alchemical cards. I'll have to let our Damiel player know, so he can decide between Equipment and Wilderness.

Also, it's funny how I was just saying how there are no Desna cards to support Arushaelae, and Wilderness has 2. Not a whole lot, but it's something to think about. And there are several ranged weapons for her to choose from as well. Intrigue is probably still a better option, but Wilderness wouldn't be wasted on her.

Yewstance wrote:

I had no idea it said that; and I don't know where a list detailing all the possible boons are.

My profuse apologies; I was debating from a position of ignorance and I didn't know it. In that case, I retract all of my statements and agree that it kind of sucks that there's no synergy there with any Ultimate deck.

I actually didn't know either and had to dig around for an answer. Keith posted the relevant information here:

Arueshalae GM Boon

edit: Of course rereading it, the boon only allowed use of her in Season of the Righteous, so she can't even be used in the other adventures (unless there was a later addendum). I'm really hoping there's a new official way to play her soon, but like you, I'm not really holding my breath.

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