Is there a market for a PACG Deck / Box-tracking app?

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When Lone Shark Games developed Apocrypha, they partnered with TinkerHouse Games to create the ℵ1 companion app, which is amazingly useful for tracking character decks and fragments, and even which scenarios had been completed.

Would there be a market for something like this for PACG?

*I* would love one. I found the Apocrypha App fun to play with, and it will prove useful when I start running a second game out of the same box. Running multiple games out of single boxes has been a sticking point for many players on the forums, and will become even MORE relevant in the near future, when all APs use a common Core Set (rather than having a dedicated box for each AP).

Furthermore, another user pointed out that, with the release of the Ultimate Decks and their application with the OP Seasons, players who run multiple characters are somewhat likely to be using the same Ultimate Deck for more than one character.

Assuming that others would enjoy/use such an app, what features would you like?

I'd enjoy:

1) Character tracking, both for AP and OP, that would track decks, feats, and scenarios completed. (And for OP, which, if any, Ultimate deck was applied.)
2) A way to track cards removed from the box for the Path/Season.
2a) A way to track which supplemental decks or cards (Promos, etc) that have been added to a box.
3) Once you've specified which Box/AP/supplements are being used, maybe links to FAQs/Errata for those products (probably too much work to work it on a card-by-card basis, but, bonus points).
4) Maybe "Party" tracking where everyone in a party has read-only access to other folks' characters/decks.
5) For OP, maybe have a Reporting option for the organizer? I seem to recall the fine folks at Paizo begging folks to report games so they can properly measure the success of the OP initiative. Making it easier would only improve the amount of data returned.


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Hmmm... why not. But the ma8n thing is that the app has to be quick and easy to use, compared to pen and paper.

As I mentioned in another thread, I'd love to have something like this. An entire party tracker would be really nice for my group that meets and plays fairly regularly. It wouldn't have to be too fancy. A way to have a quick list of each card name, type, AD#, and where it came from would be very handy. A nice visual interface is a bonus, but frankly anything is better than my current spreadsheet.

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Not to be cynical, but I'd like to have some official character sheets first before even more ambitious projects are started.

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Doppelschwert wrote:
Not to be cynical, but I'd like to have some official character sheets first before even more ambitious projects are started.

While I agree in principle, this really only matters if (some of) the same resources have to be applied to the different projects. If one doesn't interfere with/hinder the other, though, I see no reason to force them into a sequence.

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Would love this, especially for number 2. I was at the start of deck 4 when I wanted to introduce some friends to the game, and spent a bunch of time making a doccument of all the cards that had been removed from the game so I could take them out again later.

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