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Sajan, Lini, Harsk and Amiri are the 4 iconics featured in Kingmaker pictures.

With that in mind, I'd vote:
Druid (again)
Brawler (since she's nobility)
Fighter - Valeros (Same reason)


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I'm alright with this delay. I'm trying to get out and about to the other stores to show fellow gamers how the game is ran, so it'll buy me a week or so.

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Theryon, I would completely agree with you on the OP side of things. I wouldn't give myself credit if I was playing solo, or even if it's just my wife and I playing a scenario. If I was playing at home or a game store with some other PFS friends, then I'd be more likely to give scenario credit out for something like that. It just feels wrong even thinking about just giving myself credit for something by myself and defeats the point of Organized Play.

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My prediction is going to be either Iron Gods or Giantslayer. Since the organized play is trying to get off the ground, I think they're going to try and start incorporating more of the newer adventure paths, that way it runs parallel, at least half the time, with both the adventure path line and Pathfinder Society story lines.

With that in mind, I think Iron Gods would be the most likely new set after Wrath of the Righteous over Giantslayer, since everything will be published at that point.

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Ok... I hate to stub your toes against my chance to end these puns, but I have another suggestion.

My wife is an avid druid player, so how about an Animal Companion card. The ideas that we were tossing around is that the druid, ranger, hunter or anyone else who might be able to gain an animal companion could display this card next to their character card and while it's displayed, that character gains a special power. I would suggest adding a stipulation on if something happens, then you have to turn your animal companion over, indicating that it's gone for the moment. This idea would be similar to the ship card idea, where if you take structural damage and flip it over, you have to do a craft check to flip it back to good.

Examples: (Please don't kill me for overpowered suggestions.)

1. Roll a survival check to explore again in a turn.
2. Replace a stat die with a higher number.
3. Gain a new skill, such as diplomacy or stealth.
4. Add a d6 to all combats.
5. Getting to look ahead in the location deck.

Extra thoughts to help the druid power up the animal companion, what if there was different classes of animal companions, such as the ships in S&S and the druid can choose an animal companion equal to or less than the adventure deck number.

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Mike Selinker wrote:
Troymk1 wrote:
Call them feats.
Just had a minor heart attack there. Nothing to worry about.

I choked a little when he said "call them feats". My thought was how I was going to explain this feat isn't like this other feat.

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How about instead of "feats", call them Maneuvers or Tricks, that way the term "feat" doesn't get used in two places. I think tricks might be better because in the RPG, there's already skill tricks and equipment tricks, so it would give the same words to a similar idea.

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Greetings Team! Sorry to bug you once again, but there was two questions that came up with my order.

1. I noticed my card was authorized for $30, but my total purchases was way over that. I was curious when a second authorization might be coming through or what could be triggered to make sure my order gets shipped out in a timely fashion.

2. Also, I noticed that the PACG mat is being shipped out by itself. Is that a normal thing or is it possible to save me some shipping by putting it into a box with the other items, even if I have to change shipping options. Just looking to explore the possibilities.

Thanks for all your help!

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Thank you everyone for your quick responses. I mostly have a RPG side background, but I've been playing RoTR mainly and just getting into Shackles. I was just looking over Jirelle's role cards a little, planning for the future.

The Divine and Arcane skills make sense for them switching to a different stat, since that's how the RPG is basically set up and the same logic goes for Strength and Dexterity for Attacks. I didn't realize that Vika had a craft based on Strength, so I'll roll with it.

CSouth, I do like your viewpoint on it though.

Once again, thanks everyone!

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Greetings everyone!

I'm just posting this to see if this is possibly a typo or if it's meant to be this way.

On Jirelle's Pirate Queen Role Card, one options you have is below:

Role Card wrote:
{} You gain the skill Diplomacy ({} and Craft): Charisma +3

My question in on the bolded portion. Based on the wording, you gain craft and it's linked to your charisma dice, but following the trend of other cards, shouldn't it be tied to Intelligence? The other characters in Shackles have the craft skill linked to Intelligence is the reason why I'm asking.

Thanks in advance!

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I got my auth e-mail about an hour and a half ago. The items on the e-mail looks good, but the auth amount looks a little low. My order number is 3227947 if you want to check it out Sara. Thanks!

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Hawkmoon, they REALLY need to put you on the payroll. You do some phenomenal work sir!

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Good afternoon CS Team!

It looks like my 3 items didn't get bumped to my sidecart. Can you give them a swift kick for me?


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I'd like to say that I appreciate everything your company does and I can only imagine the stress that you may have been going through with this situation. I appreciate the upfront information and the willingness to communicate with your customers.

My only grumble, which I'll suck it up and deal with it is, since the add-on deck is shipping later, I'm losing the shipping discount now. Oh well, it happens. I'll at least get my hands on the new book and game finally!


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In regards to Season 5, here are some scenarios I'd recommend for the heavy hitting story moments, no spoilers.

Grand Lodge: The Traitor's Lodge
Osirian: Destiny of Sands Trilogy
Qadira: The Merchant's Wake
Silver Crusade: Weapon in the Rift
Taldor: Assault on the Wound

That't the best I can suggest and I'd like some suggestions as well so we can run the more season 5 plot heavy scenarios before our local con in November.

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Sharaya wrote:
Du Nord wrote:

Thank you very much Sharaya, you truly are the Ray of Funshine!

If it's not too much of a bother, I just submitted my order and the number is 3186053. It looks like everything was posted correctly, but I just wanted to make sure it looked good on your side. I'd rather try and solve any possible problems now instead of later when its too late.

Thanks once again!

Thanks! You are very welcome, and I'm glad to help!

It looks like the PDF part of the order went through successfully.

Question: were you wanting the other items to ship as soon as they became available, as their own order, or did you want those submitted to the sidecart to ship with your August subscription shipment?

Correct, the PDF went through just fine, and I was looking just to get all the items shipped at once, so I think the term you're using is to post them as a sidecart. I'm pretty sure that all the items have about the same release date, so why not get them shipped at once. I can be patient. :-)

Thank you once again Sharaya.

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Thank you very much Sharaya, you truly are the Ray of Funshine!

If it's not too much of a bother, I just submitted my order and the number is 3186053. It looks like everything was posted correctly, but I just wanted to make sure it looked good on your side. I'd rather try and solve any possible problems now instead of later when its too late.

Thanks once again!

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Greetings customer service,

I'm not sure this is the best place to post it, so feel free to move it if you like.

As you can probably tell, I'm a PACG subscriber and I was curious if I was to preorder some other items, such as the class decks, if that would get included into the cost of one shipping to possibly get free shipping for having over $100 in one order. Basically, I'm just looking for ways to maximize my money.

Thank you very much in advance,

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My initial thoughts is welcome to the world of being a gunslinger. Have you thought about if you're going to take an archetype or not? I've been playing a musket master myself and love it, but others love the pistolero and closer ranged gunslingers better.

The main guide that I always give to EVERY gunslinger is Nefreet's post about ammo.

Nefreet's Post about ammunition

This post contains all the costs of ammunition and also references Mike Brock's official rulings about ammunition as well.

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Thanks for the heads up on that Alex. I'm not running this until August, but I'll start working on things now, to make sure everything runs smoothly.

I would like to point out a pretty obvious mistake on the chronicle sheet for the 2nd boon. It's easy to resolve, but in case this is worthy of a correction.

[Include 2 check boxes here] Legacy of Porthmos (Taldor):

They didn't actually include check boxes, just the note saying they need to add two check boxes. There isn't much room in the boon portion, so my intentions is to draw this off to try and add my own check boxes, either hand drawn or with a computer program.

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I'll second what Paz says. In the interview with John Compton, he was saying that some people ticked boxes that weren't even called out in the scenario, which causes him to question the validity of the ones that needed to be checked.

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Seems that way. They've started designing the scenarios to include a paragraph near the last page labeled as "reporting notes", that way it calls it out in the scenario what boxes you need to check.

I just looked at that scenario and didn't see any notes about how to use the ABCD boxes.

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Nefreet wrote up a great post in regards to this subject, along with links backing up all official decisions. This is something handy that all gunslingers should keep around, especially when messing with different material types.

Nefreet's Post

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Amazing! I know I'll be getting a deck. I've been tempted to do something like this on my own, but now I just need to be patient and wait until December. (Sounds like a great Christmas gift for any PFS judges you want to show your appreciation to!)

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I just opened up the pfsprep site and I see two files in there. My best suggestion is if you're going to download the stuff from the old google drive file, go ahead and upload it to the new site as well. That will help others out when they try and run that scenario in the future.

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I have to agree with everyone else. It's those un-optimized characters that I've had the most fun with. I like to see an evolution with my characters and an explanation of why he's doing something vs trying to roll the most amount of dice.

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Here's some of my thoughts after reading through the scenario twice and reading the boards.

I'm suspecting that if the players split up the party, go ahead and let them. I'd let each group have a shot at the chase, moving one square at a time. When the PCs get to the rooms, there should only be one assassin sent, not two.

Quick question for everyone on the chase:

With the normal chase rules, the PC can attempt both checks as a full round action and if they pass both, they move ahead 3 spaces. Is that something that's still allowed in this chase or since the PCs are moving as one, do they only get to try one check per square?

The players in my area love chase scenes, so I want to make sure everything is done right.

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FLite wrote:

So, in part one, the party had the chance to befriend Mahu, which gives them +2 to Gather Information in Eto. This scenario starts with a gather info check in Eto.

I assume since there is no boon, this bonus does not carry across scenarios, but it feels like it really should.

1. Can we please get a boon added to part 1, so that people can use this bonus?

2. The GM has discression to apply situational modifiers to skill checks based on things the PCs have done. (I.E. if the pcs are exceptionally rude when roleplaying a diplomacy check it will usually make it harder) Does carrying this bonus across fall within the GM's discretion?

That's a brilliant idea FLite and I wish I would have thought about that when I was running this scenario. The boon of befriending Mahu would have been a nice everyone boon, but I would allow that bonus to travel across the scenarios since there are some things that travel between the 1st and 2nd parts, especially the plus to diplomacy to help on gather information.

Traveling item:
The Geode

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I must say that I'm jealous of all the 12+ tables being ran. Here in the Kansas City area, we've got a good amount of players spread out between three stores, but the level average right now is ideal for the 5-9 scenarios and below.

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I agree with Lamplighter. When I ran this series, we had another person run the scenario with the boon right before it, just so the newer players were introduced to GMT. When I ran DoS, I had GMT recognize the players and mention the favor that they still owed him, but he considered this a matter between him, the society and the primary NPC of Destiny of Sands, that way this didn't interfere with any storyline arcs between earlier scenarios and unpaid debts.

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Nefreet, I haven't said thank you yet for that breakdown of costs, but thank you! It's a great help for us gunslingers out there.

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thejeff wrote:
nosig wrote:
Kyle Baird wrote:

Where's my quote about trusting a GM...

*searches around*

oh, I trust them! 99% of the judges I have played with in PFS have been great!

mostly the judges that do this have learned it that way - it's kind of common in my area to do it like that. When I throw a monkey wrench into it by "asking" - "what's the most important thing for me to know about this monster?" it kind of throws them off game. I'll often follow that up with "what do you think my PC would know about this thing?" and then I get the "training class" -

"you get to ask questions about the monster, like What's it's DR, or Does it have SR, that kind of thing."

I'm never quite sure how to handle the question approach. Are we expected to metagame: As in "I know the monster and its abilities out-of-character, so I ask specific questions that I know will be useful"? Or should I ask questions based on my character's abilities, things he'd want to know about any monster, even if I know the answer will be irrelevant.

Example: If I'm playing a lightning focused blaster sorcerer, the single thing he's most interested in would be "Is it electricity immune?" Should he always ask that or should he only ask that when I as the player know (or at least suspect) the monster might be immune?
The second would be the more effective thing to do, but is it metagaming? Or the point of Knowledge skills?

I find the people with a shtick, such as a magus using shocking grasp, will always ask about their shtick. Other than that, if they want to know "What might/should I know?", I'll go with something that makes the monster unique. A behir that likes to constrict or rake, a yeth hound with the bay ability or anything else along those lines, just whatever makes the creature stand out from other creatures.

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Jayson MF Kip wrote:

One thing that bugs me about the "10+CR" DC.

Say you have a final enemy encounter that is a monster with clas levels.


Ghast Fighter 10. CR 12 (If I'm counting right, no guarantees).

10 + CR = DC 22. While the fact that it's a ghast should be readily apparrent, its class levels impart a "penalty" of sorts to your ability to identify it. And since class levels aren't something that you can ask about with sucessful knowledge checks, shouldn't they be xcised from the DC to identify?

So, your Ghast Fighter 10 should be identifiable as only a standard Ghast (CR 3 = DC 13 (or 8 if its common enough by your campaign standards)). Info you get should pertain to the basic creature (in this case, stench, paralysis, undead traits, etc).

Unrelated: If a creature is listed as "variant" or "unique" then I'll apply 15+CR as my DC to identify.

For those types of creatures that have special templates, class levels and anything else strange about them, I always look at the CR of the base monster and give information about that first.

For example, and trying not to use something taken straight from a scenario, if you were fighting an advanced, young goblin with 5 rouge levels, I'd give them the typical DC 5+CR of the goblin to give them knowledge about the goblin. If they got at least a 15, I'd give them hints about the extra stuff attached to it by hinting at things such as "He seems a little more agile than the typical goblin, maybe even a little smarter. Not only that, but he's quieter than the typical goblin and is armed to the teeth with daggers. He's looking around as if trying to find a shadow or trying to figure out the best place to put a dagger in your back."

If the knowledge check was exceptionally high, I may even give them the details of what the template actually does and a rough guess of how many levels the creature might have.

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Unless someone higher up says so, I'd even encourage to continue reporting the ABCD options once Season 6 starts up. It's good practice and I'm sure the Mike Brock is using that data for something.

I personally enjoy letting my players know what the different options were as well and how I'm reporting it, that way they know what impact they could have had during the scenario.

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Tobias, up in the top right corner, click the 3 lines with the arrow: select import, select PDF file and then the file you want to import. If you're doing a scenario, it will take a few minutes to import.

I just did a character sheet and it works out pretty good.

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Greetings Tobias,

I've got a Note 10.1. I just figured out that you can import a PDF into the S-Note app, which then you can use your pen to fill out stuff on it, such as the bottom of the chronicle sheets. You can then export that single page so you can print it.

Hopefully that helps.

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I also want to cast my vote and say that it would be extremely nice to have all the stat blocks in a printable format at the very end of the scenario. I already do this using the GM prep files or do it myself if it's a newer scenario, but it would be nice to have everything already applied and ready to go. I don't mind looking up those obscure abilities since it helps me learn what to be ready for, but if it was formatted to show all the low tier stuff, then the high tier stuff, it would be great!

Also, as for the maps, I haven't had any problems with exporting the maps to be printable. I've had a few, like others have said, where a secret door still shows up, but that's the nature of the beast. As for computer specs, I use good ol' adobe reader to export my maps and Microsoft Publisher to resize and print. I like Foxit, but the weird error messages that BNW was talking about is the reason I stick with adobe.

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TriOmegaZero wrote:
FranKc wrote:
P.S. Whoever let that zen archer crit the allip, shame on you! ;)
Guess what ghost salt does. ;)

I'm going to disagree with you on ghost salt letting you crit an incorporeal creature, at least the extra damage.

Weapon Blanch (Ghost Salt):
Weapon Blanch (Ghost Salt): This gritty alchemical
powder is made from exotic minerals mixed with an
infusion crafted from the ectoplasmic remains of
destroyed incorporeal undead. When rubbed onto a
weapon that is then placed over a hot f lame for a full
round, ghost salt melts and forms a temporary coating on
the weapon. The blanching gives the weapon the ability
to do full damage to incorporeal creatures, even if the
weapon itself is nonmagical. An application of ghost salt
remains effective until the weapon makes a successful
attack. Each dose of weapon blanch can coat one weapon or
up to 10 pieces of ammunition. Only one kind of weapon
blanch can be on a weapon at one time (see the Advanced
Player’s Guide for other forms of weapon blanch).

Ghost Touch:
Ghost Touch: A ghost touch weapon deals damage
normally against incorporeal creatures, regardless of
its bonus. An incorporeal creature’s 50% reduction in
damage from corporeal sources does not apply to attacks
made against it with ghost touch weapons. The weapon can
be picked up and moved by an incorporeal creature at any
time. A manifesting ghost can wield the weapon against
corporeal foes. Essentially, a ghost touch weapon counts as
both corporeal or incorporeal.

Mythic Allip:
Poisonous Blood (Ex) Any creature that confirms a critical hit
against the allip with a piercing or slashing melee weapon
breaks off a piece of its mad essence. Melee weapons with
reach don’t endanger their users in this way. The attacker
briefly becomes enveloped by a cloud of insanity mist
(inhaled; save Fort DC 15; frequency 1/round for 6 rounds;
effect 1d3 Wis; cure 1 save).

The description of ghost salt says nothing about allowing crits to occur, and neither does ghost touch. For the sake of this discussion, I'd allow the Allips ability to trigger, but not take the extra crit damage.

Grand Lodge

Yes, to the immune ti crits. Yes to the greatsword/poisonous blood bit. (Please let us know character reactions! I didn't get to see a crit at my table.)

Simple Divine Spellcasting gives the Allip the spells you see in his stat block.

Mythic Adventures, pg 228:

Simple Divine Spellcasting: The creature gains the
ability to cast spells from the cleric or druid spell list. Select
a number of spells with total spell levels equal to twice the
creature’s CR. No spell for this ability should have a level
higher than 1 + 1/2 the creature’s CR. A 0-level spell counts
as 1/2 spell level toward this total. The creature can cast
each of these spells once per day. Its caster level is equal to
its Hit Dice. It uses its Wisdom or Charisma (whichever is
higher) to determine its spell DCs.

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Oh no worries! I'm currently judging this for my PFS group, so I've been watching the forums for information like this. Also, for spoilers like that, you might want to use the spoilers tag. Below the area where you type, there's a button that says "How to format your text: Show", you can click on that and see what you need to do.

It'll make text show up like this

Welcome to the forums by the way!

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John Compton has a forum designed for this post-part 3 feedback that this would be better suited for. It's located here in the faction talk forums.



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The worst thing I've seen happen from the player perspective is having the GM come to the table with the mentality "If I don't kill a player during this scenario, I will feel like I've failed as a GM", and announce that to the players. Later, there was a brief moment with the BBEG where it was very literally the PCs vs the GM. Also, the GM became very agitated when he didn't kill anyone, which just made things worse.

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Looking at the scenario, here's my take on this chase with fly.

Fly is ok:
Both parts of Crumbling Bridge, top half of Gaping Sinkhole, District Wall.

Fly at a penalty:
Guard Station, Lingering Mob, Top of Shopping Block, Rose Garden

No Fly:
Collapsed Structure, Overgrown Greenbelt, Bottom of Gaping Sinkhole, Bottom of Shopping Block

Of course, that's just my opinion on each one. I'm sure you could argue on whether fly would give you a bonus or not, but for the squares where you have to slow down or be stealthy, I'd put a penalty on fly.

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First off, thank you for posting this. I'm getting ready to run a scenario with a chase, so it's always good to review these rules.

I agree with The Fox on this one. It's always going to be based on what kind of challenge the PCs are facing. I'm going to use the example chase map that is included in the chase rules from the PRD. This is all matter of opinion on how I'd run this chase map.

Assuming you're getting the +16 from fly, you could auto pass the cluttered rooftop check (acrobatics dc 10) and use fly to fly over the secret handholds (perception dc25)

The only ones I see that would be a problem to overtake with fly would be "Gap in the Wall", "Hidden Shortcut" and "Narrow Hole in the Wall". For those three, it all depends on how the area is described. If it's a wall that leads into a building, the flying PC isn't going to just fly to overtake, he's going to need to enter the building. If it's just a crack in a wall that he could climb over (such as Gap in the Wall combined with Clothesline Tightrope), then I'd let him use fly to get over that one as well.

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For items like that, I wish they would have put that on the chronicle sheet, that way people have the chance to buy items that they may not considered cursed, but I'll definitely try to do my best to reduce table variation.

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That's what I figured, but I wanted to double check. Thanks TOZ.

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I'm getting ready to run this and this is my first encounter with cursed items in PFS. If a player puts on a cursed item, I know that in a normal home game, the cursed item just stays on the character until remove curse is used.

With PFS, is this considered a condition that the PC must clear before the end of the scenario or is this something that might be carried over into future scenarios? I know the 150 gp isn't too much, but I want to make sure I get a clear understanding how this would work in case it comes up during my game tomorrow.


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Just wanted to remind everyone that our gameday is in one week, so if you're going to be in the area, please come and join us! We still have a few seats open for each table. Hit up the warhorn site to sign up.

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Thanks BNW! In situations like you're referring to, I completely agree. The examples you gave is just like forcing a rouge to search every 10 feet down a dungeon corridor in my opinion. That even includes scenarios like Library in the Lion. I don't expect them to know the mechanics of searching a room, so I took time to explain that the moment they opened the first door.

Since this is a puzzle room, that's where my thought was coming from. I didn't know if anyone had a player ask if they can calculate the angles or trying to use cleverness to figure out the solution to the puzzle. Since this is a puzzle that can be figured out with trial and error, I didn't want to give them the answer on a silver platter, but make them feel like they figured something out on their own.

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I've been noticing the files with the extension of .GDOC or .GSHEET are messed up. I think those files were deleted and attempted to be restored, but wasn't restored properly.

I just checked the new site and nothing is there for that scenario, so hopefully someone has those files available to send to you.

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