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Did someone say experiment?

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All I want is a nice little place in the country to raise a family.

BluePigeon wrote:
lynora wrote:
Also, books this semester will cost almost as much as tuition. :(
I'm so glad I walked away from college all those many years ago.

"Because a mind is a terrible thing."

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aeglos wrote:

today we took a walk around our church, the Bergkirche. It is the church for 5 villages around the hill it stands on.

The Church is build around 1500 but that hill is sacred ground much longer, the oldest chrtistian church up there was in the century and there is evidence of a celtic temple.

Behind the church is the old cementry, it was used until 1830. My ancestors ly there
Pics:password Aeglos

Aeglos, if that is your house with the tower, I must kill you and assume your identity...

Spanky the Leprechaun wrote:
Moorluck wrote:

Okay, we just got done with Kellen's Solar System 3D model and I got 2 questions.

#1. When did Pluto un-become a planet?

and #2. Why in the hell is this marker all over my hands not washing off?! Damnit. :/

Y'know,.....Pluto (or Yuggoth, depending on your race) is a planet.

It's small, but there's fungus creatures there that can keep your living brain in a jar. So, screw Science; it's a planet.

Oh, great. Now every little orbiting rock in our solar system will say it's a planet.

taig wrote:
Freehold DM wrote:
Thanks for reminding me. I will vote baggage.

Now I realize I should have created an organization run by an evil computer, where Golarion is just a simulation to keep the populace complacent! And the organization is hunting for a goblin named Wot, who holds the key to ruining its plans!



James Jacobs wrote:
Mairkurion {tm} wrote:
James Jacobs wrote:
Dragon78 wrote:
Shouldn't the Kamadan have all-round vision?
Nah. His snakes are near-sighted and almost blind.
How almost? -3?
However much it takes to not let the kamadan have all-around vision. No more, no less.

You've won this round, James Jacobs, but next time, it won't be so easy!




Man, back in ST:TOS, time travel was no big deal.

Aberzombie wrote:
Mairkurion {tm} wrote:
Don't say no to the feelings, man. Besides, Urizen probably can find another job for us and the lasers and chainsaws.
I'm sure we've got a mad scientist around here somewhere with some sharks that need to be weaponized.


Kevin Andrew Murphy wrote:
Were the two wooden magnetic dress-up dolls anything like these dolls? Because if they were, I think your shipment came direct from Ustalav.

I think dolls from Ustalav would be nesting dolls. Constructs made from coffins, no doubt, but still nesting dolls.

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Evil Lincoln wrote:
Evil Lincoln wrote:
Sebastian wrote:

slow clap for the brilliance above.

Sorry for derailing the thread Evil Lincoln!

Better this way than the other inevitable option: becoming that which it was meant to denounce.
Curse my prescience. :)

Don't let it get you down. All monster stories go this way. Your creation has a good run, and then the foaming-at-the-mouth, in-bred villagers form a mob and run it down. If you're lucky, there still might be a sequel.

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Truly, Evil Lincoln has brought to life something more monstrous than I ever achieved!

Evil Lincoln wrote:
Kirth Gersen wrote:
Urizen wrote:

See? Even Kirth "gets it".

Repeat after me.
Homerule it. And get over it.
My only gripe is when someone starts a thread on how best to houserule things, and it's immediately drowned in a sea of "it's fine," "don't change anything ever," and "my group likes it as-is and yours should, too" comments.

But is IS fine!

It's fine.

I feel fine. (May be it's just because we are finally to MY AP.)

Celestial Healer wrote:
Woodraven wrote:
Celestial Healer wrote:
What are the symptoms of plague? Maybe that's what I have...
Not yet anyway.

To be sure, we'll need to give it some more time...

Panama Jack wrote:
Studpuffin wrote:
They each, independently, rescued me from sinister looking fellows in top hats with monocles on separate occasions. They each thought I was Chilly-Willy though, and left me there, but that's okay with me. :P

Now-now...that's a good little penguin.

No blog for Presidents' Day? How un-American!
I'm writing Evil Lincoln at his Gettysburg address!

Evil Lincoln wrote:

Simmer down people.

Don't tell other people how to play. We ALL understand that, right?

Ooh...I wondered what was going on in this thread. Now I see.

Well, luckily, they're was another evil leader around to take care of things while I was napping. Evening, Mr. President. {Tips top hat.}

Weeeesley wrote:
Woodraven wrote:
The Eldritch Mr. Shiny wrote:
The Eldritch Mr. Shiny wrote:
I must not be awesome, then. I look like s%&! with a beard. Sort of like a homeless unwashed Charles Manson head stuck onto a homeless unwashed Mike Ness body. Eccchhh...
Here's a demonstration.
You look like Wesley Crusher without the facial hair. Uhmm shiny why are you aiming that shotgun at me?!!
he is soooooooooooooo cute! Oh, Snap.

What would happen if Wesley Crusher and Ron Weasley were magically combined by a Mad Wizard?

::Collects body parts lost in the blitz for creature construction::

Freehold DM wrote:
Mairkurion {tm} wrote:

Gary, in case no one has said this to you today:

Sure thing man! It's always my pleasure to bring joy into your life. leaves a crate a Haterade(tm) for Mairkurion

I see the medication for DGS is not taking effect. It is time that we double the dosage!

Reseals thank you card for PMG.

Urizen wrote:
Mairkurion {tm} wrote:
Besides the great ideas, I like that I have listened to Steel Wind enough now that I can hear how he says some of these things as I read them. "Well, you need to be a little careful here." Heh. Actually, in Urizen's case, this statement can be completely abstracted from this context and applied to almost any situation. Allowing, of course, for "little" to be purposeful understatement.

Ouch. Were you smiling when you feinted me with that sucker punch? Even with some concealment, I'm pretty sure I see one veiled behind the mystax diabolus. ;-<D

I was hiding my smile behind my black cape with the red silk lining. MUAHAHAHA!

There are contexts where female sexuality is irrelevant? I don't get it.

What is Evil Lincoln president of? Avatars with Cool Hats?

James Jacobs wrote:
Mairkurion {tm} wrote:
James Jacobs wrote:
Mairkurion {tm} wrote:

Dear JJ:

What's the best use for Thanksgiving leftovers?
Stuffed in Texas.
Hobo bait?

Dear Dino in Excelsis,

I now have 7 hobos and feel like I can go back to eating the rest of the leftovers myself now that I've had a break. What should I do with the hobos now that I've caught them? They seem rather cramped locked in the extra powder room, and are capable of more racket than I anticipated.
Over the Limit in Big D
Use the hobos in mad scientist experiments.

::Drinks from test tube and transforms::


ulgulanoth wrote:
dam witches, they never burn properly...

You're not doing it right.

Wolfthulhu wrote:
An early medieval church council declared (or almost declared) that women have no souls.
Not sure this belongs on that list. I'm pretty certain that most of the women I've dated have no souls...

After having watched Splice.

And you proved they were actually women how...?

Once they're done with those bodies, I'd like to reanimate them so that they can go on married forever!

Gruumash . wrote:
Dr. Mairkenstein wrote:
You think so? You will take back your words when I debut my next achievement of science!
I am waiting with bated breath sir to see and hear about this marvelous achievement in science so I can eat my words.

Well...ur, um...give me a minute to stop it from rampaging amongst the villagers. THEN you'll be impressed!

You think so? You will take back your words when I debut my next achievement of science!

You people don't appreciate how difficult it is to keep dungeon ecology balanced. The owlbear keeps down two dungeon denizen populations with one monster. We may be mad, but we are masters of Gygaxian Naturalism!

This revision of history shall not stand! We mad wizards will regain the recognition that we once had and still deserve!!!!!

When did you first notice that Richard Pett was developing a James Jacobs' complex?

taig wrote:
Mairkurion {tm} wrote:
Celestial Healer wrote:

Actually, I'm just as confused by where Taig is at this point.

<Sniff> Otay.

OTOH, I do know where Taig is. He's having some away "spa" time. I don't think I'm supposed to say where.

I'm in Charlotte during the week, then I'm in Kernersville during the weekend. If you were to, say, detonate a nuclear device 30 miles north of Charlotte, you'd ruin my day, no matter where I was.

Ooo...glad you warned me. I'll test my device elsewhere.

You're confusing player statement with character statement. And possibly things written in this thread with good sense. Please, come with me to a comfortable and safe place.

Freehold DM wrote:
Evil should NOT be a four letter alignment...even though it does have four letters. You know what I mean. I think.

::Sneaks up behind FhDM with restraints::


Edward Cullen wrote:
Screaming teenage girl wrote:
That one isn't *pouts at teenage girl*

::Decapitates staked, pouting Edward. Places holy wafer under tongue and puts head facing down in silver-lined lead container, filled with holy water. Places body in original grave, douses with holy oil and sets ablaze. Once fire goes out, places head box in top of grave and re-inters. Pours concrete on top of grave.::

Edward Cullen wrote:
Mairkurion {tm} wrote:
Should we have thought of something to give people who come to our thread? Lilith gives new people to the board cookies. We could have hula girls who give new comers leis or something.
I could give out free screaming teenage girls I have plenty to spare.


Jeremy Mcgillan wrote:
Mairkurion {tm} wrote:
I confused. Small burning skeletons?
Can you only imagine the undead monstrosity that can be birthed from that much pain, it could kill thousands before it's stopped. You have to look at the big picture.

I'd like to subscribe to your newsletter. What if the orphanage was bombarded with electrical discharges, from, say, a massive thunderstorm?

Why do people always think opposites are EEVEIL?

I'm a good necromancer!

No AmerExp, no business from me. I gotta build my miles.

Set wrote:
Dr. Mairkenstein wrote:
You might think that folks who are so vehement that necromancy is not evil are just evil folks wanting to get away with doing evil things. You might very well think so; I couldn't possibly comment.

I also am fond of the notion that anyone who disagrees with me about the inconsistency of a game mechanic must be morally suspect.

We both win!

Whispers: EVIL philosophers, that is...

Dork Lord wrote:
I'm curious... are the folks in this thread who are so vehement that the spell (and negative energy in general) shouldn't be flagged as (evil) trying to get Paizo to change it officially? Or is the goal just to change the minds of the opposing "faction" in this matter? Maybe just to attempt to sway the casual forum reader? I keep seeing the same points (on both sides) being raised again and again.

You might think that folks who are so vehement that necromancy is not evil are just evil folks wanting to get away with doing evil things. You might very well think so; I couldn't possibly comment.

taig wrote:
The Thing from Beyond the Edge wrote:

You might find this frightening:


Why can't I see anymore????


*Explains the spacio-temporal aspects of rainbows to the badger.*

Say, has this thread gone gaslight?

This thread still LIVES!!!


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