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Yeah, I was thinking about adding it to a Christmas list we use for our round robin on the Wife's side of the family, and then checked on availability via Amazon and a few other sites and saw the jacked up prices 2nd-hand and online retailers are asking. I'll just run an emulator for now. My main interest was to have the NES Mini as a means to eventually experience some of the games I grew up on with my son, but he's not even 3 yet, so I can wait a bit.

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Fingers crossed for some solid editorial passes.

Divinitus wrote:

My one question: is the book in full color like the PDF? If so, then expect me to order this as soon as I have some cash!

I'm pretty sure it is, but I'll let you know as soon as I get my KS copy, which should be here in a day, two at the most.

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SLAs found themself in the most dangerous place to be in the hobby...between developers and an opportunity to monetize character development.

Just kidding.

Or am I?

What a needless topic. Everyone knows Paladins don't kill Orc and other evil race's infants. They just kill their caretakers and walk away. Nature takes care of the rest.

Damn, Paladin threads suck.

Human Fighter wrote:
Awful thread about 5ft steps

I agree.

Imbicatus wrote:

The bolt ace is a great way to have a gunslinger without firearms if it's the guns that are a problem.

Did they fix Bolt Ace already? I was a bit let down by the half-finished design of that archetype.

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That Crazy Golem, he's practically giving it away!

Wyntr wrote:

Did you see this explanation from Paizo's perspective?

Yeah, the Devs have good reasons, and I hope this thread does not turn into a retread of a conversation had so many times previously.

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Damn, some of you guys should take up a hobby and relax a little.

Mostly digital here, as well.

If I am running something long and complex, I'll want both hardbound as well (sometimes cut and re-bound for durability or ease of use), but generally, with a few exceptions, I am leaning away from hard copy, as I find it to be wasteful and a medium that takes up way too much storage space.

Of course, sometimes there are some productions that just beg me to own them in that most tangible of formats.

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LMPjr007 wrote:

What do you think writers should get paid a word?

My goodwill. My goodwill, sir, and you shan't get a tuppence more!

I'll be content with either ruling, so long as Paizo gets around to making one in a decent amount of time.

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BigNorseWolf wrote:

if they do want to let you stack it FAQ it.

This should be on a t-shirt.

Gorbacz wrote:
UncleO wrote:
TV commercials are no longer needed in this generation. A good YouTube/Twitch personality is just as effective as spending millions on a TV commercial. Look at what Table Top has done for board-gaming.
Pretty much this. 1 vid with Felicia Day talking about your game wins you far more sales than an ad on KFBVWCTV.

Which makes me wonder once again what the ballpark estimate on the cost to hire a youtube talking-head to back a product?

I know the one time I tried to find out, my efforts hit a dead end on specifics.

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Similarly, I ask the guy who runs the local bodega why he doesn't advertise on national TV all the time.

I say: "Esteban, these $4 sandwiches are awesome, why not attempt to grow your market share nationally with TV ads?"

And all he says to me is some nonsense about "negative ROI".

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Haskol wrote:

I read the OP and all I could think was that we have just encountered the PFRPG equivalent of a social justice warrior.

I don't know, I usually see the whole SJW thing being used as a pejorative that people sling at anyone raising their head to talk about issues that they raise as grievances (the seriousness of which is always a matter of perspective), so maybe it fits, but I've just seen a bit too much of it lately as a rough, reactionary means to stifle any sort of discussion.

And that's my derail.

Unfortunately, when you pull up a metaphorical rock on the internet there is often many a small worm screaming conspiracy. More's the pity, Paizo's Off-topic board is one such rock.

Sorry, OP. I'd suggest, in the future, ask the conspiracy nutters to back it up, or please not derail your topic.

Good luck.

Zwordsman wrote:
Doug OBrien wrote:
Yup, give him the old Spanish archer!

Spanish archer?

Yeah, El Bow.


Yup, give him the old Spanish archer!

One problem I see right off the bat, and is unfortunately common in a lot of Gunslinger builds, is completely dumping strength. To stay at a light load with a strength of 7 you need to be carrying 23 or fewer pounds in equipment, which you reach pretty quickly with one or more firearms, ammunition, armor and a few pieces of gear.

Yeah, bags of holding/handy haversacks and some equipment help with this, but it doesn't eliminate it entirely.

However, your mileage, houserules and play style may very.

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blackbloodtroll wrote:
Under A Bleeding Sun wrote:
Chengar Qordath wrote:
blackbloodtroll wrote:

Boy, I would likely houserule proficiency with all Crossbows, instead of Firearms.

You sort of figured that would have been included.

Much as I like the concept, the archetype itself does feel a little half-assed/lazily constructed.
*Facepalms* Opens mouth to speak *Facepalms again* Walks away head low.
Oh, do tell...

Yes, I'd like to know what is face-palm worthy about calling out this archetype that either wasn't implemented as intended due to shoddy editing or is woefully designed.

The intent behind it seems solid, but lack of exotic crossbow proficiencies, while retaining firearm proficiencies, as well as access to a gunfighter's starting firearm and gunsmithing is silly.

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A great idea, but half baked execution. They need to trade out gunsmithing and firearm proficiencies for full crossbow access and, as someonesaid earlier a free rideeload on crossbow of choice and it'll work out well enough.

Also, grit for touch AC on a single attack is very underwhelming. Still, it's more options for crossbows at least.

Subparhiggins wrote:

The Pathfinder CG is like... You pick an iconic who has their own character sheet of sorts with different improvements you can earn from completing objectives like beating dungeons, or whole adventure paths.

For this iconic you build a deck from a pool of cards. All of these cards are provided for you. You pick what tools, spells, armor, or weapons you want to use. Then you use this deck to try and overcome the challenges presented by the adventure decks. Each area you explore is comprised of cards randomly drawn from the items, monsters, magic, traps, etc decks. So by exploring you can fight monsters, find new gear, gain allies etc. You can possibly earn the cards, if they are beneficial like a magic item, for you to keep.

So as you progress through the game, your deck for your 'hero' is constantly evolving and getting stronger, as is the character itself from the rewards you are earning.


I think you just sold me on a stinkin' cardgame. Never thought I'd see the day, but that sounds pretty cool.

Marc Radle wrote:

Does Paizo do any patches? You know, the kind you iron or sew on? I'd like tp pick up some cool gaming related patches and I was kind of surprised not to see any in the Paizo store

I will favorite your post if you confess that the patch in question is for your stonewashed jean jacket.

Werthead wrote:

How is Obsidian's track record with Add-on content? I'm kind of tired of pay-once-then-keep-paying revenue models.

Obsidian's record with after-game support is pretty strong. Their expansions for NWN2 were arguably stronger than the base game and their NEW VEGAS DLC was amazing.

Couldn't agree more!

This is big, BIG news for me =)

Even if I'm not thrilled about some tablet e-card game, the idea of eventually seeing a CRPG style game done by Oblivion is wonderful!

Ronan the Accuser? I support the suggestion of Inquisitor for thematic and crunch reasons.


pancreas wrote:

Uh, the correct spelling is Erf.

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Icyshadow wrote:

Anyone want to explain to me why the latest fashion trend happens to be player-bashing?

I've seen it come up a lot more than before. Do we all really have to assume that a DM is never wrong?

Is that the way it's tilting this month?

I see it going either way all the time here. It seems to me that it's usually based off of either posters reacting in support of the person posting or in support of their own preconceived notions formed from their personal experiences.

You honestly haven't seen a lot of people raking DM's over the coals in absentia on these forums? 0.o

If you have a bad back and I shovel your driveway, did I not do you a favor?

How is eradicating the special snowflakes from your campaign any different?

Zark wrote:

Can we agree that, as a class, this one in particular should get instruments that also work as weapons? Lute axe, flute dagger, etc.

That sounds cheesy as hell, but I can certainly see Paizo do it. Whether Bards or skalds need it is, of course, a matter of opinion, but I certainly don't think they do.

16) Use the Pit as a teachable moment about the perils of spell cheese.

One of the keys to being socially adept is patience...so I'm told.

Don't go in expecting or looking for a reason take issue with the people you're sitting down to play with and just treat this as an opportunity for personal growth.

It has been a cruel and turbulent age for Dwarves. As the race has dwindled across these lands, their holds and kingdoms falling to age old enemies of the race, their fortunes have likewise waned, their glories tarnished. Now is a time for hope and renewal set against the grim backdrop of a race with its back against the wall. The Dwarven pantheon is in tatters and so too is the race, bought one last chance by a goddess who sacrificed herself so that the Dwarven race may renew itself once again--if it is up to the task.

With the above in mind, I am hoping to run a longterm Kingmaker-inspired game with elements of exploration, intrigue, mystery, kingdom-building, character growth and combat in a setting that will allow for a sandbox approach, as well as overall plot lines or arcs that will occasionally be injected into the world.

I have a few players interested, but could really use 2 or 3 more people. My goal is to meet twice a month on weekends in Westchester. Since the games are only likely to be twice a month (so far all interested parties are professionals in their late 30s to early 40s and scheduling a weekly game would probably be difficult), I am hoping to aim for decent length sitdowns so we can get a fair bit done.

Please PM me or drop a line here if you have questions.

Mulet wrote:

Cheater's Justice!

The Magus skill list is very balanced and has 3 great knowledge skills on their list in addition to Spellcraft and UMD, which also help add to that mystical scholarly feel.

If you need more for a character concept, look towards traits, or just throw some ranks in there. With your likely intelligence mod, any knowledge ranks will be well served, even if not class skills.

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Phoebus Alexandros wrote:

The first thought that comes to mind is that I've read this exact same thread, or a variant of it everyday I've bothered to come to these forums.

My second thought is that balance, especially as a stated design goal, is a fool's errand, but if Paizo isn't going to let martials be in the same league as other classes, at least unlock the stadium doors on game day and let them have a seat and enjoy a smidge of narrative power.

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JiCi wrote:

Why has it become so hard to recharge a staff?

Tier 1 problems.

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I'll somewhat steer away from system polemics, because it's been written and re-written a million times before, and just say that I tend not to play what people typically consider tier 1 classes, unless it matches a concept I really want to play.

I will play rogues, fighters and monks, but tend to mid-tier classes that combine fightyness, skills and often some casting. I like the combinations of abilities they often bring to the table on both a combat, problem solving and narrative level.

Imbicatus wrote:
Inquisitor has Abundant Ammunition as a class spell, that really helps mitigate the GP cost of Firearms.

Did this get FAQed/errataed? Not close to my books, but I remember asking why it wasn't on their spell list previously, and currently it's not listed as on their spell list in either D20pfsrd or the archives.

Almost certain I recall being annoyed it wasn't on their list and possibly even posting a question about it.

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End scene.

Thank you Jiggy and DrDeth for acting out how two reasonable people can escalate a minor online discussion over a niggling subpoint of a topic and mushroom it into a potentially sticky and personal encounter where feelings can get hurt.

This is your brain on internetz, people.

Actually, I think you guys did okay, but had this been a random thread that wasn't about e-decorum in the website feedback thread this last discussion would have probably gone to hell, too.

I can only imagine how difficult it is for a public facing company to deal with this much traffic to their boards. Unfortunately, the usual response of adding unpaid mods from the community also has major drawbacks/risks in a community whose methods related to product use are so subjective and often so entrenched in people's nostalgia, hence highly subject to opinion and debate.

Whoever mentioned adding mods with the *limited* ability to delete multiple posts and scrub spammers, with the idea of taking workload off of staff and freeing them for matters that involve deeper policy decisions, may be on to something, but I wonder if that would even work within the website's framework. It also is still pretty far from foolproof.

tony gent wrote:

A quick question to you all are your characters heros in the game in the true sense of the word fighting evil because its the right thing to do risking life and limb to help the common folk

Or are they just a bunch of gold hunters who dont care about anything except profit

Most characters I've played have goals or purposes, but usually not so broadly defined as "fighting evil", though of course many of them feel their enemies or antagonists are evil.

Kirth Gersen wrote:
"Anymore"? In 1e, the game mechanics stressed treasure hunting as the key to advancement.

You know this is one of those "good ol' days" nostalgia threads.

You will have a hard time swaying nostalgia-fueled memories of the way it was for the person who is using their memories to make assumptions about how it was for everyone else and how it should be for all of us today.

bugleyman wrote:

Wait, my style is abrasive? Say it isn't so! ;-)

But in this case, I dunno. Seemed like a pretty harmless request to Paizo, followed by an unnecessary excoriation ("The problem is you") by third parties.

Yeah, there was a lot of over the top responses to your initial post and it seemed to escalate quickly.

In any event, I think I'll just avoid any sort of rules discussion in the future. In fact, between this sort of thing and some unpleasantness at PCC, it may be time for a new hobby altogether. Or at least a new RPG. Did I mention I'm playing 13th Age this Saturday?

That's sad to hear, though 13th Age seems decent from what I recall of my initial read through last year.

Doug OBrien wrote:
Dotting to come back and necro this thread in 12 months.
Dr. Kreiger wrote:
IT LIVES!!!!!!!! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Too soon, too soon.

bugleyman wrote:
So...I posted this in the general forum, rather than the rules forum (which was probably an error on my part), but anyone who doubts the OP has a point is invited to peruse this little gem.

Reading over the link you posted there was a fair bit of escalation by you, as well. It's best to not rise to the bait, if possible.

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Dotting to come back and necro this thread in 12 months.

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