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BloatMage seems a Prestige Class most would avoid. It really isn't bad all things considered. With the blood pool you get extra spells and with corpulence you get natural armor. With Flying Disc Trick you take care of the movement penalties easily flying at thirty at an hour per level.
The concept I had was either a Tiefling or Human basing it off Mojo from the older Xmen comics. I could always retrain my Strix and not need the Magic Trick Feat but it just seems wrong having a fat flying feathered character.

So the consensus seems at best ask my GM.

Pretty sure the answer is No but thought I'd ask anyway. Have a Bloatmage concept based off an old Marvel Villain. Mojo from the old XMen comics. The question is with Bloatmage Initiate his caster level is one higher for one particular school of magic. Now Varisan Tattoo does the same. They don't stack do they? Pretty sure they don't but love the idea of it.

I have been looking up feats for a retrained character and found a metamagic feat that makes all damaging spells non lethal at zero level adjustment. You could if you have a feat available do that for your offensive spells. There is also a racial traits that allows you to make nonlethalweapon attacks without any penalty.
Between those two options that would help your theme you have. Add some RP and you are good to go. On a side note hope your child is okay and you get sleep.

I know this thread is old but here's my two cents worth. Metal Wrywoods without the transform ability. Master Summoner for Soundwave. Druids for wildshape for Beastwars.

Galvatron when Unicron functioned was more powerful then Megatron. When he died Megatron is more powerful. Galvatron's cannon was electricity damage only. Granted he turned Starscream to ash but still just electricity. One spell and no damage from him. Megatron's cannon was a Fusion cannon untype energy and then he tapped into a black hole for increased damage.
Galvatron was only cool in the movie because it was voiced by the late great Lenoard Nimoy

It sounds more like the PCs want to stay in the city rather then explore. Odd since they are playing wilderness type classes. While they agreed to play in your campaign maybe they just don't care for those types of adventures. It happens. I had a dear friend who loved most campaigns, the only one he hated was high seas adventures which ironicly I loved.

Ultimate Wilderness has a new list of what magic items Animal Companions can wear. I believe headbands and belts are now allowed. For extra cost almost any magic item can be made to fit Fetch. Someone suggested Leadership to make fetch a cohort, might I suggest a slightly different idea. Take Leadership and get a crafting wizard instead. Use him just to make magic items. This serves three benefits the first is never having to worry if a particular magic item is available in a town or city. The second he can make things for the entire party including Fetch at a lower price then trying to buy things. Three it will probably annoy the party wizard whom you said hated Fetch. The two groups I have played with have done this with GM approval. It has worked out rather well. It removes a cohort from being used in combat which from a GM stand point is a relief. My current group we have like three cohorts involved in combat plus five PCs. By him a wagon so he can travel with the group but he never ventures inside dungeon crawls. Me and other GMs I have played with have been kind and have allowed this without problem.

It actually lowers my combat effectiveness this way. I'd have to rely more on spells and the summoned monsters then my Eidolon. I use the summon monsters and spells then my Eidolon. Still I do see your point.

Blahpers you are correct however my previous and current GM and I would all allow this combination. Here's why my Eidolon would be at half strength. He's no longer nor will he ever be a tank or damage dealer. His main strength would be in summoning. I lose the Shield and saving throw increase as well. The attraction in this combo is the increase in summonings per day and a free feat, two actually. Augment Summoning at second level without requiring spell focus. Without augment Summoning I lose access to that tree of feats that improve my summoning capacity.
My original question wasn't should this combination be allowed. My question was as a Systesist if I took evolutions that increased my arms to four total could I take the ranger archtype that allows any four armed race to use two bows at once.

This ring creates a shield sized and shaped wall of force that stays with the ring and can be wielded by the wearer as if it were a heavy shield. This creation has no armor check penalty or arcane failure since it is weightless and encumbrance free. It can be activated or deactivated as a free action.
That's word for word of the item. So would I allow it? Yes the phrase saying it can be wielded by the wearer as if it were a heavy shield is what sells it to me. So Feats concerning shields would work with this ring. So when he or she uses it they'd get a total +3 bonus to shield AC using this ring.
Here's the bad news the ring is 8,500 gold with no real option for improvement. A +3 shield is 9 grand before special material. So now you for slightly more have a total shield bonus of +4 with room for improvements and enchancements

So concept character a Half Elf Synthesist. I'm going with a Tauility doesric form so to resemble a Drider. One wild idea to add to his form is a second pair of arms. Here's the question, if I take a second pair of arms and found a Kasatha could I take the Bow Nomad archtype Ranger. The archtype states any race with four or more arms learns to use two Long ot short bows together with so restrictions.
Granted the attack penalty is minus four for each shot before anything else. Rapid shot adds another two and it only allows one bow to fire that extra shot. So I'm firing three shots a round at a minus six. Not great odds but the damage if all three hit would be impressive.
This isn't a Rule Question per say just something I noticed. So Book Rules say you can't stack archtypes if they change or remove a primary ability. In this case a Sythesist and Master Summoner. A sythesist changes Shield Ally to Shield Meld. The ability doesn't change at all it is still exactly the same just a name change. Now a Master Summoner completely removes the ability for the increased summoning and allowing you to summon monsters with your Eidolon present. As a GM I would allow this since in this case the ability doesn't change except in name with a Sythesist then is removed when you take the Master Summoner. I'm curious at to what others think.

Not a pure melee class but Rage Chemist Alchemist combo works. Mutagen adds +4 to his strength add Enlarge Person he isn't some small weakling. Take a few levels in a martial class say fighter for the feats or maybe Monk if you Wisdom is high enough.
Goblins have a racial alchemist archtype which is almost better then a cavalier. The mount is either a Dire Bat or Giant Vulture. When given the chance to enlarge the critter take the stat bump instead to keep it medium size. Their is a feat which allows you to take four levels of a different class where you still get to level your companion. So go fighter for feats. You become a skirmisher with your mount. Take discoveries that change and enhance your bombs.

Aggressive Thundercloud is actually a good spell. First you cast it and aim it. If you aim it right the monster is stuck between it and a melee warrior in your party. The monster takes damage every round he's in it without you spending an action controlling it. It only takes a Move action to direct it so you have a standard to cast another spell.
My wizard uses it a lot with pretty solid results. My wizard is an Admixture specialist so if need be I can change the damage from Electricity to something else if need be.

Noticed something never mentioned. Mystic Thuerge ability to share spell slots is only works if one casting class has to prepare spells.Neither Oracle or Sorcerer have to. So you are hurting yourself playing those to classes together. Instead of Oracle maybe consider Druid they have lots of electrical based spells. Or Wizard instead of Sorcerer. Either way one class should switch to a prepared caster.
You don't gain higher level class abilities once you hit thuerge. Fourth level for both classes. Something else to consider. Oracles and Sorcerers don't get their second level spells until fourth level. You will be 9th by the time you qualify for thuerge. A straight wizard,cleric and druid all get their first 5th level spell at 9th.
I get what you are trying to do here. You have a theme. Just some themes and concepts seem a great idea but in play don't always work.

So read through both spells and the forums and I haven't seen anything regarding my question. So I'm playing a Thuerge with both spells. So if I'm correct I cast Spiritual Weapon the next round cast Twilight Knife. Third round I can simply hide and both spells attack on my turn without any action on my part except to move them.

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Might I suggest a Mystic Thuerge build. Yes I know a Thuerge is not an optimal Prestige Class. Here's why I suggest it. You use you Arcane spell for yourself for defense and offense. Clerical for Buffs,Healing and Summoning. Until recently I was never a fan of Summoning spells. Yet our Druid in a current game has summoned two Elementals that have proven more then capable of handling monsters. At worst they can serve as meat shields protecting you.
If you take a Wizard Archtype don't take one that gives up Scribe Scroll. Here's why, you can scribe both Clerical and Arcane and you get it for free. I'm working on retraining my wizard to be a Druid Wizard thuerge to go this route and so far the numbers are pretty solid.

Probably the wrong section my apologies. So my character worships Shyka a neutral deity. I have a level of cleric and Craft Rod feat. My question is can I create Unholy Water to use my Rod of Burning Blood. Wish to point out I am true Neutral as well.

Yes I know this has been discussed a lot read most of the posts. But my question hasn't been addressed that I have seen. So thinking of playing an Eldritch Archer Magus. It states they get a Bonded Weapon which must be a Ranged weapon. So would this include an Exotic Ranged weapon such as Throwing Shield? The next question which I have seen once addressed without any particular answer was Bashing magic feature. Would it do the increased damage when used as a thrown weapon.
Had a few characters die in our campaign thinking it's time to play a ranged character and our group lacks a full caster hence the Magus.

Chain Mastery states if you use Multiple weapons you lose the benefit of the feat. Now spell combat states acts like two weapon fighting, hence the question. I wanted to make sure I wasn't violating any rules with this combination.

Last time I asked what seemed a Rules Question another member got testy saying it wasn't I should have posted it here in General Discussion. So that's why I posted the question here.
Honestly I'm not sure how I'd rule it as a GM. While the Magus Spell Combat functions as 2 WP fighting it's not using a weapon but a spell instead.

So Dance of Chain feat allows you to use your Dex for damage instead of Str. It also allows you to extend the reach by 5Ft. The last sentence in the feat states you lose these benefits if you use a shield or fight with multiple weapons. Now Magus has Spell Combat which acts like 2 Weapon fighting except instead of a second weapon you cast a spell. So the question is do I lose the benefits of the feat when I use my Magus spell Combat?

I apologize. I looked up the spell under rules question thinking that's where I'd find it. Thank you for the link it did anwer my question.

I read all of them and none answered my question. It is a Rule Question so I posted in the Rule Questions section.

So the spell sat when you direct it it moves until it moves into a square with a creature. When you don't it stays at rest and crackles with lightning. My question is what if a creature still occupies the square, Does the creature have to make a save on your turn to avoid damage. Say for instance the creature can't move out of the square. Does the spell simply go inactive until you control it again or would it continue to damage the creature until the spell is moved or it moves out of the space where the spell is?

So the spell sat when you direct it it moves until it moves into a square with a creature. When you don't it stays at rest and crackles with lightning. My question is what if a creature still occupies the square, Does the creature have to make a save on your turn to avoid damage. Say for instance the creature can't move out of the square. Does the spell simply go inactive until you control it again or would it continue to damage the creature until the spell is moved or it moves out of the space where the spell is?

Combat Casting is still a useful feat for your other spells. For race I'd choose Assimer due to the racial channeling feats available.

Been reading this thread for a while and it seems to me a lot of confusion when there really isn't. All characters and even monsters follow the same basic rule. You have a set of actions per round. You get a Move action, A Swift and a Standard Action. You have the option to take a Full Action giving up all your other actions. Some spells and actions require you to take a Full action. More then one attack is considered a Full Round Action. Even monsters follow this.
It doesn't matter if the martial moves under his own feet or something else he still moved. He gets one attack. Now once he's in the enemy's face he can swing as many times as he has attacks.

As I said the groups I played with allowed Wizards to gain those two spells going up as Thuerge.
I disagree Doc about Prestige class being good for clerics. Channeling and the variations now allowed is almost as powerful as the clerical spells. Almost all Prestige classes freeze that ability when a cleric goes into it. Holy Vindicator is the only one that doesn't that I know about.

I ran and played an evil campaign. Me and the rest of the players had a blast doing it. It was such a change of pace we all decided we wanted to run more evil campaigns just because. Most of us had over ten or more years playing good guys so evil was refreshing. Now we did some things a GM would cringe at and normally ban. However the group had been together for years so party conflict was all RP and in fun. We didn't include a couple of players for that campaign since we knew they would be disruptive and ruin the campaign.
It's not so much alignment as players. I ban Chaotic Neutral more then evil because that alignment has caused me no end of headaches. The one line I hear after a player does something is. "I'm playing my alignment." What they really mean is I'm a world class jerk I want to screw with everyone. Chaotic Neutral characters cause far more problems then an evil could. I have actually seen an evil rogue work with a Lawful Good Paladin without major problems. Sure the Paladin and Rogue hated one another but it didn't ruin the game. Yet you get a player playing a Chaotic Neutral and I'd be shocked if the campaign actually survived.
Yes it should be the GMs call if you can play an evil Necromancer. The only real issue I had with Necromancers is they tend to create an army of undead making it difficult for the other players to get involved in melee combat. an army of one hit die skeletons can slow combat as well.
Me I like the idea of a Gnome Necromancer. It's different.

Not sure if it helps, there is a Feat called Magic Trick allowing the caster to ride on the Floating Disc. The skill needed is Fly. So I'd treat it more like flying rather then mounted.

I just looked up ruling on Clerics,Domain spells and Mystic Thuerges. The consensus was they get their Domain spells as well as normal spells going up as a Thuerge. So why wouldn't a Wizard. While the Prestige class has changed the way I have always seen it played it is this. You get the spells learned, spells per day and spell level. That's it. You don't get school or domain abilities or channeling. That stays at whatever level you stopped being a Wizard or Cleric. So most characters have the class abilities of a third level cleric or wizard. But cast as a much higher level.
For example my character is an eighth level character. Three levels Cleric,three levels Wizard and two as Thuerge. So my channeling and Domain and Wizardly abilities are at third level. But I cast as a 5th level Cleric and 5th level Wizard.

My first experience as a GM was in First Ed module series. It was the one involving genies. Anyway the module called for the players to go from point A to point F following along the coastline of this glass sea. The module made the mistake of having a specially designed ship to go across the glass sea. Rather then follow along the coat like the module assumed players would they took the ship directly across missing a chunk of experience and treasure and knowledge needed to complete the module. That and a couple of other things made me swear of GMing for years which was the players plan.

I'm in my early fifties and getting back into gaming after a five year break. Three campaigns for me. The first was set in First ed. Somewhere we all aqquired nicknames of Ye Holy followed by what our character was famous for. Mine was sharpshooter being an archer in the back. Back then Precise Shot didn't exist so if you missed the bad guy you ran the risk of hitting your own party. I did a few times. DM seemed to favor me hitting the one character whose player didn't like me.
The second campaign was in Rifts. I started running it as soon as the books came out. Add the fact I had almost no experience as a GM I made mistakes. My one friend played a dragon while another played a mortal knight. From that small group of three it expanded to include my friend's son and wife and several others.
The third campaign was in Pathfinder. I ran it using the Sun Orchad Elixer to start. I made the mistake of letting them get six vials of it. The party became richer then sin. The fact the party was at best neutral didn't help. Before the end of the second session everyone had slid down to evil. We ended up becoming devil worshippers trying to become devils ourselves. We ended the campaign due to our power level too difficult to run at the time. It was being evil that was the most fun of it. None of us were Chaotic and our one neutral evil was more greedy then evil. The biggest challenge for me as a GM was motivation. What motivates an evil party to go adventuring to save innocent lives?

In Pallidium's book of Deities to become a god you need personal power, a bit of luck and massive amounts of worshippers. At least a million if not more. So in Raziman's case he lacks the numbers of worshippers and probably the power as well. It's been stated in his case he is a mortal human of venerable age. While a high level wizard nothing I have read has suggested he is more then that. In the case of mortals becoming gods they were special. Cayden and Iomadea were very famous for their adventures before taking the test.

My fighter was an Unbreakable which proved very useful. Endurance and Diehard for one bonus feat. Since I wasn't taking him past third the lack of Weapon Training wasn't an issue. What replaced it is sweet though.

Recently I died in Rise of the Runelords. Reincarnated from a dwarf to a Halfling. The strength loss and smaller size hurt a lot. I was planning on being a tanked out Eldritch knight. Losing the dwarf racial traits hurt a lot too. I could wear full plate and move full speed. I can't as a Halfling since I'm not going up as a fighter to seventh. I've had to rethink my character a little.
If your GM is nice like mine was your equipment resized to your new smaller size. If he did you are okay. The strength loss hurts but the smaller size can be overcome with the spell Gravity Bow. If you need more damage potential switch to an Orc Hornbow. It's an exotic but it's worth the extra damage.

I have a question regarding my character. I went from a Dwarf to a Halfling. Now I've made the physical stat adjustments as the spell says to. Here's my question. As a Dwarf I get a +2 to Wisdom do I lose that or keep it? It says nothing about mental stats being adjusted.

While he was like my fifth character for Rise I was playing a dwarf fighter wizard planning to go Eldritch Knight. He was surprisingly tough.

While I applaud you for an interesting character you have some issues. The first is you size. Small. I recently died and went from a medium dwarf to a small Halfling. It hurt me Bad!. The strength loss cost me use of my Composite bow first. Second my weapon damage output dropped. I went from a d8 and a d6 weapon to a d6 and d4 weapon damage output. The strength loss made it worse.
Issue number 2 is wielding two scimitars. That is going to be minus four with both weapons. My dwarf was wielding two chain flails with that penalty I rarely hit. I was a fighter with an 18 strength.
Might I suggest two Sickles. Both are light weapons and Druids are proficient with them. Another suggestion is use you TRex as a mount and skirmish with him. Use a single scimitar and get Ride by attack. You can hit and get out of melee. For a Druid this would be better since Druids armor choices are limited. No heavy armor without a feat or multiclassing.

So our group is playing Rise of the Runelords. In one of the areas we found an Admantine Longsword. Last session my dwarf was killed then reincarnated into a Halfling. He has been offered by a player and GM to retrain his fighter levels to Ninja. Considering how badly he has been in combat I am considering changing. My main issue is I want to keep the Adamantine longsword since Adamantine is expensive.
So my question is since I have Craft Weapons as a skill I was wondering if I could reforge the longsword to say a Katana or a Wakizashi. I have not seen anything regarding this issue so I'm asking here. I myself am unsure if I'd allow it or not.

I know this is going sound counter productive but consider this Trappings of the warrior Panolopy. You take a one handed weapon say Bastard sword or Katana and then heavy shield. For a trait you can use the shield as a light weapon. With Panolopy your BAB goes up by one for every four points of mental focus you have up to your Occultist level. You take two weapon fighting your damage potential stays comparable to a single heavy weapon. Take armor enchantment enchant your shield with Bashing. Use the spell lead blades and now both weapons are dealing improved damage. Cast Enlarge before lead blades both spells stack for damage improvement. Possessed hand reduces two weapon penalty.

Thank you Syries. My original plan was to do a 2 level dip into the class for the darkvision. The d6 blast would be used but without any interest adding to it.
I like the class but I do think it needs a revision to clarify things and maybe change some of the utility abilities and when there are available.

We often slept in shifts with the GM seeming hating Arcane casters by having encounters always happening when they are resting. Didn't help the rest of the party was like oh well mage didn't rest screw him we did.
A suit of Restful armor over a Ring is this. I'm a true construct I don't eat or sleep or even breathe. Most of the ring's other functions don't apply to me. I already am wanting to wear armor so why not add Restful to it. It's not a magical enhancement regarding as a plus.
As stated before not trying to regain spells more then once a day! Simply trying to cut down on time needed to regain my spells.

Bummer about the Summoner. It wouldn't have turned you into a Tank per say it would have helped with the low strength. Floating Disc will though. Cast two one for you gear one for you. The feat Magic Trick allows you to hover fly. Until 6th level you can only float fly 5ft off the ground. Removes the slow speed. A normal floating Disc carries your normal gear. Charm Person is useful for getting someone else to carry your gear. "Say really strong fighter I'm your friend could you help me?" Fighter with low will save. "Sure little buddy."
Monster Codex has a section reserved for Goblins. In it they talk about Goblin Alchemists and their formula books. Instead of written words they use plants pieces of animals and other ingredients best left unsaid. For a Wizard's spellbook you could do the same. Say Lightning Bolt a small piece of wood struck by Lightning Bolt. Fireball something killed by a fireball, Uncle Bobble head?

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Floating Disc is a first level spell with a duration of an hour per level. Third level take Extend metamagic feat doubles the duration. So now it lasts two hours per level. 6 hours per casting at third level. There is a feat called Magic Trick. Right now it is only for Floating Disc. It is in Distant Shores and well worth looking into.
Another solution for the strength defiency is take 2 levels of Summoner Synthesist archtype. Your Eidolon fuses with you giving you his physical stats. So now your wimpy old goblin can function as a more robust goblin. You can sacrifice Hp to keep it alive and on you. You take all the spells from the summoner for Restore Eidolon lesser to keep it healthy. The Eidolon gives you a natural armor bonus which stacks with the armor spell. You take Magical Knack Trait which allows your caster level to be two higher equal to your total character level. So 2 levels of Summoner wouldn't hurt your wizard overall except you wouldn't get that level 20 ability. Most campaigns I have been in we never got all the way to 20.
It was pointed out Goblins are not well received in towns and cities. Take ranks in Disguise. When you get some money purchase Cap of Human guise. 800 gold allows you to look like an adult Halfling or a human child. Depending on your group and what your goblin does they shouldn't care your a goblin and work with you to keep you alive in social situations.

I do have Deadly Dealer. I'm planning on an Alchemist Magus Card Caster combination.

Meirril wrote:

This game isn't based in Golorian, is it? Goblins DO NOT FARM. Not only do they not read, they believe that writing steals words from your head. As in writing is bad for you. Also Goblins are considered dangerous vermin to most civilized people, and get treated as such.

Kobolts get more respect that goblins.
Am playing Rise of the Runelords Goblins are nasty buggers who have managed to kill one of my characters and destroy half the town. They have my respect.
Brilliant idea honestly being very original. Now as far as applying the age rule they cheated. The wizard they use for example his stats do reflect his age difference. I know I have several examples of him at various levels his age difference is in them. So I'd explain that to your GM.
Now goblins that cast spells and have spellbooks do exist. Now be aware any normal goblin will kill your character for having a spell book. Now how he casts spells is he actually got ahold of a real spell book and used Literacy to decipher it. Or he came into contact with something magical allowing him to learn and use magic.
One final word. It's like it says in the front of the Main Book. The whole point of playing is to have fun. As long as you and the others have fun go ahead and play this guy. My old group stopped using the weight rule for mundane equipment with the understanding that we didn't say we were carrying everything in Ultimte Equipment. We decided it bogged down our fun worrying if our Paladin with a 20 strength could carry his equipment besides wearing full plate and a heavy shield.

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