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Glad things are woking out. Goood luck.
I've heard several people suggest APs. I personally along with two other GMs don't use them. Here's why from First Ed D&D which Pathfinder is based off of to First Ed Pathfinder have found modules tend to insist railroad players to do things that one way. First Ed D&D was the worst but I have seen some of it in Pathfinder. Players that don't follow the script are punished some horribly so.
My advice for running your ow campaign is base it off an establish world. I kow several people who still use 3.5 Forgotten Realms. Tat way most of the big stuff is done. If you design your own world you should have the basics done focus on one area where you lann on running for at least a few adventures. A GM did it and it worked.

My issue is the replaxing part. I have a Goblin Winged Marauder. They get a Dire Bat or Giant Vulture as a mount slash animal companion. His basic theme is worldwar one two pilot throwing bombs or shooting arrows into melee. Now with Hefty Brute he can at his current size carry him and cohort. GM and I love the idea. Showed me a huge size ba as an idea for later. Mammoth Rider suggested a perfect way to make this.
Then I read replaces existing mount. My issue is this is stated way after it lists what your original gets. Mount grows Huge gets listed abilities etc etc. Then last sentence you replace your mount with listed options. That to me blows. I mean Druids get so many animal companions then to be stuck with what is offered. I mean what about theme as well. Druid is oceanic Drow with a vermin companion Mammoth Rider enhances all his abilities for using his companion but the prestige class then says Nope pick this list only.
Another issue with the class is no errata exists talking about armor or weapon profiency if there is I can't find it

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Can't find First Ed Pathfinder question forum. My question is was or is there an errata for Mammoth Rider Prestige Class. Since every version I've seen doesn't list wether they get any new weapons or armor profiencies

If you are focusing on summoning I'd go with summoning feats. Spider Summoner is a Drow feat. Then another allows you to add different templates to monsters. Picture that a flying spider. Creepiness factor is ramped up. Spiders are in some cases better then the normal list of monsters.
Drow are a great race playing one now having a blast with him. His bonus to Chr is useful for channeling. Choose a neutral diety so you can get versatile channeling. A level or two of Holy vindicator offers some perks worth looking into.
I'd avoid melee unless with a reach or ranged weapon. The minus two to Con will hurt. Another factor is Cleric BAB is not as good as a straight martial class. Throw out a summon then buff like Bless. Later if GM allows it create lots and lots of undead friends. A friend played a undead summoning cleric. Had tons of skeletons. One hit die but a monster can't move if they surrounded by skeletons.

Here's my question. You went with Brawler fighter Monk, why? I mean Brawler is a hybrid of both fighter and monk. You should have gone with either Brawler or Monk all four levels. Your fighting abilities would have been stronger overall. RP wise you could have still been as you say a brawler in the streets learning to be a better person or whatever. Fun fact Bruce Lee before he became famous did back alley brawls for money.
Warpriest in this case would be the better of the three suggested of Cleric, Oracle or Warpriest. The Divine weapon ability you can choose it to be your unarmed strikes or a monk weapon. Any weapon with Monk in it's description allows you to flurry. The spell selection is pretty decent. Shield of Faith is deflection so no need for a ring of protection. At first another two to AC. Bless for the buff.
Last thing. I am curious as to what the other players are playing.

This is not a caster per say but a Kineticist is a blaster. I'd recommend Air over Fire. Fire is the go to element for damage and mayhem but is the more limited with other tricks. Air fives you Feather Fall and Flight eventually. Keeps you out of harm's way while blasting people.
I'm currently playing an Arcanist Druid Thuerge and it works despite what some people would claim. Entangle while first level has saved the party more then once and at higher levels is still effective. Throw down Stinking Cloud and Entangle becomes more effective. Then stock up on Magic Missile. 5d4 only but almost always hits. Now if Druid doesn't thrill you go Pyschic. Here's why they get the ability to increase the die of force spells so D4 becomes d6.

Been reading the question but wanted to make sure I get it right. So I have a character who has an arcane bond weapon. At fifth level he can enchant the weapon as if he had the feat Craft Magic weapons and armor. Weapon in question is a short spear. He wants to start by making it returning. According to book rules that would be an 8 grand weapon. Now I look at magic weapons and armor and to craft it it has a lower price. So would the cost be 8 grand for me to craft said spear or 4 grand since I'm making it myself?

Apologize if this is in the wrong section. Keep hearing about an ability and or feat that allows a person to reload a firearm with magical bullets of Force. Since I plan on playing a Gunslinger soon I am trying to find it. Any and all help is appreciated.

I love to Multiclass. I prefer the versatility. Now have some made any sense? No. Some do. Some characters at some point make sense others don't and end up failing. Had a theme for one character ended up scrapping him due to low low BAB. He seemed really cool and would have worked theme wise power wise he ended up sucking. I've also had a couple of characters multiclassed that fit and work great. It depends on what you want and how they end up working. It also depends on the group you are in.
While Capstones seem pretty sweet been playing in D&D and Pathfinder for ages. Twice have I ever seen a campaign hit twenty. Most adventure paths hit 16 at the highest. Had a home brew hit 18th and even then was difficult to run and at that point everyone was ready to retire the characters. None of us even cared we were not getting a Capstone.

Stoneplate is listed as Heavy armor (+9)(+1)(-6). Now I take the modification Nimble which increases the dex mod by two and reduces armor check penalties by one. But the drawback is it reduces the ac by one. So now it would read as (+8)(+3)(-5). Now armor adept feat says it removes the drawback. The listed drawback is the reduced AC so I take the feat would the Nimble Stoneplate be (+9)(+3)(-5)?
Yes there are less expensive and easier ways to get my AC up but I'm going for a theme and Stoneplate fits the theme perfectly. Especially if this works.

So with Undersize Mount Feat you can ride a mount your size or larger. The question is this. Cavalier's and classes that get a mount that are specific what they can take can they now take a mount from the small list. Example a Cavalier has to take a Camel or Horse he then takes the Undersize Mount Feat could he then trade that horse or camel in for say a Boar or pony or wolf. In this case a Boar for a dwarf character

I've read anything regarding HellKnights that I can find. That being said they are not an evil group of thugs under devilish control but more akin to a less lethal Judge Dredd. They in fact have a few Lawful Good members in a couple of orders. Law and Order are paramount. Rules are to be enforced in all things according to the individual tenants of each order.
Now a Cavalier using his mount depending on the particular order may be frowned upon but another order see the mount as an extension of the cavalier and encourage it. The rules for the duel are also rather clear. Once the duel commences the cavalier is on his own. He can't recieve any outside help in any way. So if the fight is between him and him only and the devil if his mount steps into the arena area the duel is over with the cavalier viewed as a cheater and forbidden from being a Hellknight and more then likely killed. Now it also states the Cavalier can get boosted up the wazoo with whatever before the actual duel and that is legal. His mage friend casts the spell mount which depending on whose asking is not a second thing in the arena but a magical construct summoned by magic. Not as good as the cavalier's actual mount but may be an acceptable alternative. He could also borrow a Devil bane weapon from a fellow knight for the duel again perfectly acceptable.

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Juju Oracle is a good idea. 6HD worth of control per level is a nice start along with max HP zombies. Get a Griffin or manticore to ride on later. Another idea is Occultist Necromancer implement. You add more undead to control per point put into implement above and beyond the normal amount of control.
If you need an additional theme element make her Osirian by birth. Egyptians loved cats, having them killed and mummified with their owners. If she's a NPC make her a Mummy template with her cats buried with her in a tomb.

So coat of Many things. Robe of Bones and Pathfinder Greatcoat, sorry if I get the names wrong. All have patches you can pull off and use. Now my question is without paying for a brand new coat or robe to replace the patches if you are a caster? I mean especially for the Robe of Bones.

Horse Chopper more for theme then anything. Lance would make more sense of course.

Here's a random idea for hiding a phlactery, bank vault. Ababar's churches are essentially banks in Pathfinder. Banks have safe deposit boxes. Smart Liches have spells and means to suppress their evilness although I don't think all liches should be evil. Pay the church for a box and make arrangements to keep paying for the box. If you follow the bank analogy the church may not have a clue what exactly Mr L put in box number whatever only he pays checks up on it every few years.
A smart lich will also spread rumors about where he might hide things so he could lure and possibly kill evil hunting annoyances. Group of heroes show up at X marks the spot Contagion spell sets off several things resulting in death of group. Rumors spread of what happened people start assuming the lich is hiding something valuable there. Kicker is the area where everyone keeps going is in the opposite direction of where he has stored his soul. It's simply a weapons testing ground for him. His phlactery is in Fort Knox protected by a church who doesn't take kindly to thieves even those with good intentions.

Charge has been discussed endlessly but want to make sure I got this right. Thinking of playing a somewhat cowardly but violent Goblin Cavalier. Now to start you need Ride by attack to get Spirited Charge. Now according to both you simply need to charge. Simple enough.
Now here's my question. I charge by a creature with a lance or to be accurate a Horsechopper. Now with reach I don't have to charge exactly at him. I then hit him doing double damage or triple if I go with a lance then continue on? Now from what I'm reading I get all the abilities from a charge just less hazard to myself cause I have reach.

Truthfully I think the VMC is stupid. You lose half your feats for a fraction of the abilities of the second class. A vague concept was to play a kineticist with the VMC alchemist using bombs for backup.

While the Druid is a nice class I'm an Alchemist in this case for the Mutagen. I have no real issue with the one magic item a day for major magic items. Scrolls and potions are disposable one shot items. The one a day rule kinda bothers me for them. It's the same with a one charge a day for a staff. In a dungeon crawl maybe okay that takes away from a wizard's spells per day. But he's resting in a city or traveling he still needs one or more days to recharge a staff. Stupid and Lame! I get it's a balance issue but honestly I think it's dumb.

Playing a kobold in a kobold themed campaign. They get no love stat wise. Their feats are not bad but overall Goblins get all the love over them.

Might be replacing a character soon. So been rereading the variant multiclass. Honestly not all that impressed for the loss of halof your feats for what you get. But see potential in the Alchemist. At 7th I get Bombs.
My question is can I for a feat take Bomb discoveries?

Probably in the wrong section but here goes. Potions at 250 gold or less take only two hours but you still can only make one a day. I thought I saw a feat or ability that allowed someone to make more. With a Cyphermage you can actually scribe two scrolls a day one of the perks for taking that Prestige class. I am wondering was there something for an Alchemist to do the same?

This may be in the wrong place for that I apologize. I have read here on several occassions of Assimer and or Tiefling mixed races. Usually of Halfling or Gnome combinations. If I remember correctly you look like your base race but have the stats and abilities of an Assimer or Tiefling. Am I correct? This idea of a Kobold Assimer or more appropriatly Tiefling. I like the kobold race. Kinda remind me of my chihuahuas minus the scales.

Playing a Kobold Barbarian. A Barbarian suffers from Exhuastion and or Fatigue after Raging. Now Terrain Dominance of Dessert terrain I gain immunity to both. The question is then after raging I suffer no penalty or downtime? My only limit would then be rounds per day I can rage, correct?

Warpriest at my level does more then 1d3 and as unchained rogue get WP Finesse and use dex for damage. Hobgoblin racial trait get profiency

Cool. The anime Castlevania the hero fought a nasty monster using a metal whip and a regular whip. The fight was so cool. Reach of 15Feet a perk. Looking at Warpriest making the whip damage a little more impressive

Playing a high level one shot. A concept is a melee build using whips. Unchained rogue pain taster and getting all the various whip feats. Planning on using paired whips if legal.

Drow get +2 to Dex and Chr. That is super sweet for a cleric. Dex is always good for protection. Chr for channeling. Go strictly if allowed go Green Faith or a neutral deity. Here's why be neutral yourself and get Versatile channeler. That way you can heal and use negative energy for harming. The other advantage is Smite and Guided hand allows you to use Wis for Deity favored weapon. Yes costly feat wise but depending on Deity well worth it. Don't have to work in Str or Dex build as hard as you normally would.
Clerics get some decent defensive spells. Shield oif Faith is Deflection and improves with level. There are others. As much as I like Spider Summoner it only gives you a limited selection. Second third and I believe fourth there are no spider options. If you do go caster feat wise it gets painfully feat wise expensive to make the monsters viable after a certain level.

There are two cloaks that grant flight and wings. Both are rather expensive. But as a Druid you can choose if they stay out to be activated or form in you and dormant. That doesn't require multiclassing at all or spells just money.

Thank you. Got rid of natural armor for dragon scale getting 5 acid resistence. Mutagen is only 10 minutes but that will go up as I level up.

Got another question. Take Dragon scale and a feat gives him a Natural AC of +1. Now have Dragonblood Mutagen. It states he gets a +2 natural armor bonus. So would they stack? Or would it only give him a +2 when he uses mutagen?

I figured as much. He's a Barbarian alchemist so when he mutates and rages his str jumps from 14 to a total of 20. He's a Dragonblooded Alchemist.

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The feat is pretty cool all things considered. But here's my question. I've got a melee build kobold with a positive str of 14. With this feat would I add 4 points to my str for damage purposes? In this case instead of +2 damage would I know do +4 instead since my strength in this case would be 18?

Some trap and monster ideas. The monster is Mimic door. I've thrown that at my PCs a few times never a good encounter. Here's why a rogue has to get close to check for traps and unlock the door. The encounter resulted in a wounded sometimes severly wounded rogue. Another monster idea which has done a lot of damage, a Drider. Change their spells a bit and they can be lethal. Make a ceiling in the room higher. Have the drider hide in a corner or right above the door. Take twenty on Stealth and more then likely the party realizes trouble only after the first spell. It won't go melee until out of spells limiting who can attack it,
Trap ideas. The trap didn't get set and activate until after the party fought the monster. The room sealed itself once they entered undetectable. The trap didn't actually start until they attempted to find a way out. Then water filled the room the disarming device not near the doors but inside what was considered decorations. Dc on finding and disarming it was pretty high as well.
Last thing one the first level of The Emerald Spire the floor was broken terrain. The second part of it was it was magically dark ruining Darkvision and light spells working out to only like fifteen feet. The monsters were not that tough but they didn't suffer from the lack of light or terrain they suddenly became rough

I had a concept build for a Kobold that sorta worked. Kobolds in Pathfinder get No love at all. Goblins get pretty good stats over them. -4 Str painful. +2 Dex doesn't offset that even. Then to make them really unloved -2 to Con. It's like Pazio hates the little guys. But they are an entertaining race.
So the concept build requires a few levels and a lot of multiclassing. Barbarian for the rage str bonus. It's a Moral bonus. Alchemist Rage chemist for the increased str. Adds +6 to Str. Now you are at +8 when raging and using Mutagen. For the final class Occultist. Get Weapon implement use it to get another +2 to Str. That stays +2 all day long. So now the str loss of 4 is now only 2. Or use the implement to offset the con hit. So in normal combat the little bugger is not a melee combat hog. But raging and mutagen changes that. Lets say you don't improve his strength you keep at starting of ten now it's six. Use rage and mutagen and it goes up to 14. Not bad for a little weakling. Now the advantages of all three classes. Most Barbarian archtypes are pretty nice. Rage Chemist for alchemist. for strength or take a standard still doing pretty good. Spells provided give him boosts including defensive. Occultist gives him two spells worth taking Shield and Leadblade. Leadblade increases weapon damage which stancks with Enlarge Person spell.
I haven't played this concept and I actually do want to.

Two other options for Arcane casters. Spell Focus and then Bloat,age Initiate and or Magic Tattoo. I'm not sure what it's called but the tattoo adds +1 caster level to your spell focus school. As does Bloatmage so now you have +2 for Enchantment. If you are not a combat hog the loss of Dex and spd won't hurt you as much. I'd suggest Wizard over Sorcerer giving more spell options even with opposition schools.

An idea I had not sure it's worth it was take one level of Cypher mage pick up the ability to create two scrolls a day. It depends on how things progress. Staying out of combat is my whole goal.
One GM of mine allowed me to have blank scrolls. I paid the cost of them and left them blank usually intending them to be the spells I normally wouldn't memorize. Identify and such. I use a scroll state what the spell was at the time of casting. Since most times I used them out of combat he allowed that.

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That's something I have found annoying all things considered. I mean you in one dungeon crawl burn through all your charges. Now downtime you are a Wizard who decides just to stay home and recharge your staff. It takes Ten days to recharge it. I always thought that was C$%^ I mean seriously why shouldn't you be able to spend all your spells in one day to recharge your staff and be done with it? I get it's a game balance issue. Truthfully I don't think it's an issue I think it's said word above!

Due to a recent adventure my dwarf arcanist rogue no longer is considering Arcane Trickster. Instead Pathfinder Savant works better for him. Estoric magic is pretty clear. Planning on a few spells from cleric and druid. Maybe pick up LeadBlade for when he has to go melee.
My question is the ability to use scrolls at your caster level. Here's my idea want to know if this is a loophole I'm seeing or not. I take Scribe Scroll make a bunch of First and Second level scrolls. Shield, Lead Blade maybe a few damaging spells such as Magic Missile. Scrolls of First level are relatively cheap. I then use those same scroll at my caster level. So First level scroll of Magic Missile is one missile. My level would be 7th. so four missiles for 25 gold.
Am I reading and using this correctly? Carry a few first level scrolls to compliment the spells chosen for the day.

There is a Trait from a campaign that gives me Trapfinding. My GM is allowing it in this case. I get the full abilities as if I were a rogue allowing me to take an archtype that gives up trapfinding. And in one case a sorcer archtype that gains the ability.
Working on a replacement for another character. He was the arcane caster and rogue trap finder in the group. So want to bring those skills to the group still. Because the campaign's theme is dragons decided to play a Kobold sorcerer going into Dragon Discipline. Because I'm going more magical then rogue don't want more then two levels of rogue for the talent. Then later use feats to get more talents as I need them.

The questions is this. I take an archtype where I give up the ability to disarm traps, but can it through a Trait. Would I still be able to take Rogue Talents that change, and or enhance the ability? Would I be able to take Trap spotter? Quick Disarm even though I give it up as a class ability? Now I have it through a Trait.

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It's not about alignment, not really. A mistake was made in game the halforc player misunderstood. Now the GM and players should have spent a moment clearing the issue up. Once cleared up the Half Orc should have then decided reasonably and intelligently what to do. From what I read he was the first to make contact with the dragon. The dragon offered him a counter proposal that the half orc didn't like. Now both being LG should have discussed this matter. He should have been able to refuse explaining why and the dragon should have accepted his decision.
This is one reason why I hate Paladins. Paladins are a badass class. But to offset them they have a rather restrictive alignment. Lawful Good is not an easy alignment to roleplay especially with a Paladin. You can lose being a paladin very easily. They can;t murder a bunch of bandits when they surrender. They have to attempt to prevent the rest of the party to do so.
In this case the player misunderstood. Now if he understood after everything was explained and di everything he did exactly the same. I as a GM would have warned him he was in danger of being turned to a standard fighter if he does said actions. If he still chose to do so he is no longer a paladin and maybe even a drop in alignment. He isn't playing LG more like CG.

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Okay no topic on sex fair enough. Prefer skeletons to zombies they are normally cleaner then a zombie.
Have a math question want to make sure I get it right.I am asking here since it is full of necromatic experts. So the rules for creating skeletons is simple you can control 4 HD of dead per lvl. So 5th level I can control 20 1 HD base skeletons. Now I want to make them Bloody. They now are treated for casting and controlling 2HD. Now here's the question I add Burning to them as well. Yes they stack. Do they count as 3 HD or 4 HD for control purposes.
In one campaign plan on having a small assualt squad of Burning Bloody skeletons for battlefield control want to get my numbers right

Yes I am aware of the fact Bulls strength and a belt don't stack. Bulls strength is in fact the required spell to create one. Mutagen bulls strength and Barbarian rage strength however are all different types and do stack.

The bite and claws on a lizardfolk suck for damage. The tail isn't too bad. There is a feat that might work for the half strength that would be double slice. I currently am a Ranger taking the two handed combat style. With this guy this idea of using his tail is still just seeing if it's viable to do.

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Becoming undead isn't bad. Depending on the route you take. No longer need to eat drink or breath. You need the rest for spell regeneration but a ring takes care of that little annoyance. You become immune to an ass load of stuff.
Now there is one glaring flaw I see with undeath. No More Sex.

The character is question is actually a 5th lvl Lizardfolk Ranger. Alchemist was always on his list of possible multiclassing. Just wanted to see if it was worth doing with him. Discovered wearing armor doesn't affect an Alchemist's spell casting. They have the Shield spell which I want using a scythe of Cleaving. I continued to look at Alchemist spells saw Bull's Strength started to wonder. He has Leadblade which he uses on the scythe to improve damage. Figure with Alchemist improve his armor and strength would help.

Playing a Lizardfolk in a campaign. He's running around with a scythe. He has a feat coming up and am wondering if I should get a tail attack. He'd attack with the scythe then swat people with his tail. The issue is he takes a painful -5 for the tail. The question could he take 2 weapon fighting to reduce that penalty? And would it make a difference if he made Kobold or Ratling tail weaponry for his tail and size? Would you as a GM allow this. In this particular case we have two ratlings and a kobold in our group.

Sweet!!! When I get the spell my strength will be 26.

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Before you completley dismiss Lizardfolk check out the Monster Codex. They have templates of advanced level lizardfolk. I think I saw a few high level ones and encounters for them around if not higher then your party's current level.
Except for Hill most giants are not completely stupid. They could throw rocks at the flyers from range then attempt to hide and move. Keep them moving so the flyers and those on foot have to keep moving and guessing where they really are. If done right they may even think there are more then there really are.
A friend years ago had this trap and it was brutal. We were in this one section of swamp where it was covered with thick pressed down grass. In the center was a hut we were walking towards. A wizard aimed a fireball at us some distance hidden away. The fireball set of the methane pocket under the grass. Not only did we takes some hefty damage but the whole place was on fire having us make checks to figure out which way was out of the inferno. We ended up losing our Cavalier and his mount and most of us were severely damaged.

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