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I don't know if this is the correct forum, but I've been using a tan bag of tricks on my character for a while now and was looking for an upgrade (We are currently level 8 on the cusp of 9). I couldn't find anything official, so I was wondering if there are any good 3rd party/homebrew versions. I am also open to suggestions if there's nothing printed as my dm is willing to let me make one as long as it is within reason. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I have a character who I've been playing as fast talker who instigates fights and runs to his party to back him up. Is there any kind of feat that allows me to mock/aggravate/egg on an opponent. I already have intimidate and I have a some skill points to spend because I just spent my stat increase on intelligence. I'm a half elf fighter but my DM is quite lenient if the idea is fun and not broken.

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I started playing D&D when I was about 7 we started at 3.5 because the only obvious alternative was 4e and my father couldn't stand it as a system. Years later we learned of Pathfinder from my uncle who finds rpgs in his free time. I instantly fell in love with complexity and customization but most importantly I fell in love the community. I would spend hours reading forums to grow my understanding of the game. I loved all the crazy combos and cheesy rules distinctions. RavingDork's Crazy Character Emporium was my first introduction to some of the feat chains and archetypes that I had never thought of. But now I would like to shine light on some of the people that have kept the community alive and as amazing as I remember. I will probably end up naming more at a later date but for now these are the ones I see on every post or at making an effort to make the community just a little bit more fun.
Mysterious Stranger, Derklord, VoodistMonk, MarkHoover 330, Diego Ross, Goth Guru(With all the amazing homebrew), The Deathless One, Taja the Barbarian, avr, Thread Necromancer's Guild, Ryze Kuja, and who could forget UD Sentient Squirrel Swarm. To these people and many more thank you for making the community what it is. You helped define my introduction to rpgs as a whole.

Sincerely thank you

-Critical Assessment

My favorite thing to do with a figment familiar is The possessed hand feats because the idea of an imaginary hand to be hilarious. That and with the shared evolution and any fun 1 point evolution in addition to the eldritch guardian fighter equals just an insanely versatile fighter.

In reference to this ability although I it's not on topic this ability is one of the reasons I love having someone in the party with this ability when Im playing a grappler. No standards means no break attempts.

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After being trapped by a person that is capable of killing 20th level characters in a dimension no ones ever escaped our 15th level characters finally found the way out liberally using the commune spell. We decided to go into hiding for a solid year as retired merchants and build insanely expanse magic items via the vast wealth available in said dimension. Now formulating a plan to defeat a foe which appears impassable.

I have been building a fighter without a feat intense concept in mind for the first time in ages and even after picking up the obvious like dodge and the weapon specialization feats I'm in awe of how many I still have to play with. So I started looking at other fun feats and ended up finding the flickering step feat and gained dimension door as a spell like ability I thought it would be fun to spend feats on a spell like ability fighter. I'm just looking for any feat or race that gives me spell like abilities. Drow seemed like the most obvious but I was wondering about others.

How much damage does a Tiny Orc Hornbow. The greatsword does 1d10 when small but according to the Hornbow says it does 1d8. If you look at the chart a tiny greatsword should do 1d8 so why is the Hornbow different, is it an oversight or do ranged weapons do different damage from melee.

Smite Evil wrote:
In addition, while smite evil is in effect, the paladin gains a deflection bonus equal to her Charisma modifier (if any) to her AC against attacks made by the target of the smite. If the paladin targets a creature that is not evil, the smite is wasted with no effect.

The last line of the ability says if the target isn't evil the ability doesn't work at all.

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The implication of non evil liches implies the idea of an absolutely baffled paladin who just whiffed a smite evil.

I have a history of not understanding the power of certain classes the scout archetype for the rogue is a great example, however I cannot see how the eldritch scoundrel is in anyway comparable to a classic Arcane Trickster.

The Main Advantages of the Scoundrel are as I see it:
1. Favored Class Bonus which is rarely impactful enough to be worth tanking an entire build.
2. A more consistent BAB but with the Arcane Trickster Touch Spells are your bread and butter so hitting isn't hard.
3. HP as a full rogue your D8 is minorly better than the D6 awarded from the wizard dip and the arcane trickster itself.
4. Finally Rogue Tricks being able to take ninja tricks even whilst u-rogue is pretty nice and supplementing Ki-points with spell slots seems interesting at the very least. Also as such a multi-classed character the Trickster gains a single rogue trick which doesn't give much to work with.
5. You gain news spells on level up unlike the Trickster but unless your a very low magic world that will almost never come up as a major draw of a class.

The Major Disadvantages largely out weigh these in my opinion mainly being:
1. You will gain a max 5d6 sneak attack vs the 7d6 minimum awarded with the Trickster even if you take the minimum amount of rogue levels possible.
2. Even though I mentioned rogue tricks as an advantage you also gain decreased progression speed so you'll have only 5 and if you want uncanny dodge and the improved version you'll have to give 2 of those further limiting your use.
3. Only access to 6th level spells compared to the potential of 9th level at 20 with Trickster.

All in all this entire archetype seems to repetitively attempt to do what the Trickster does but worse all for only marginal upsides. Without even mentioning the fact that the Trickster's other abilities the scoundrel effectively is just a worse rogue and unless full levels of a sneak attack crippled and rogue trick starved u-rogue make up such a difference I can't imagine what the point of the archetype is let alone why anyone would play unless you loathe multiclassing that much.

Belafon wrote:

I really don't think the Souldrinker is a good fit mechanically. In addition to the fairly significant entrance requirements, you are giving up a LOT that you would get from staying as a bloodrager.

-Full BAB to 1/2 BAB
-Two spell levels (which translates to more slots to consume)
-Bloodline Powers, Bloodline Feats, Greater Bloodrage, etc.

I had the same worry but it does seem to be the most reliable way to gain more spell slots.

zza ni wrote:

worship a horseman of the apocalypse.

the Souldrinker can use his soul pool to regain spent spells\ spell slots

do note that using your enervation on summoned monsters (or bought cheap livestock) might seem broken to some gm, but it's free crafting (the other use for soul pool points).
back before it was nurfed the original souldrinker had a touch attack to give negative levels and gain soul points. could have used it to regain summon spells and enough to drain the summon to craft for free and get his spell back...

Awesome so that seems to be a reliable way to regain spell slots and because the points don't reset when you sleep I guess the main question now is what is the most efficient way to inflict as many negative energy levels as possible.

I've been building a Spelleater Bloodrager in my free time and I'm really interested by the idea, though I'm wondering given that one of their abilities literally consumes the few precious spell slots they get access to what would be the most efficient way to regain them. I've mostly been looking at things like spell stealing or other such methods although that hasn't been very fruitful.

Which kobold feats in specific and would you be ok with substitution, because there are plenty of ways to get similar draconic abilities. But if it's something else I'd love to know what build your planning.

Claxon wrote:

I'm unsure how/why you think your Starknife deals 1d4+5 damage at level 1.

What I see is a -3 strength modifier and a +4 dex modifier. The starknife is a thrown weapon, it will uses dex to attack and strength to damage (as I don't see anything you've done to change that).

So your weapon will deal 1d4-3. Until you pick up a level of unchained rogue, and then when you make a melee attack you get to add your dex modifier. When you make a thrown weapon attack, you still don't.

Its the divine fighting style it replaces too hit and damage on star knives with charisma.

Wonderstell wrote:
Critical Assessment wrote:
Because it's a one handed piercing weapon while mounted.

It is not. You can wield it in one hand but it's still a two-handed weapon.

You'd need four levels of Weapon Master Fighter to take the Fighter's Finesse advanced weapon training. Or four levels of Swashbuckler with a race that qualifies for the Martial Versatility human feat.

Thank you that's what I assumed but it was written so oddly with each ability phrasing mildly different.

JamesMan wrote:
Critical Assessment wrote:
I would say yes but how many cavalier levels do you count as having via variant multiclassing.
Order Ability: At 7th level, he gains the 2nd-level ability of his chosen order, treating his character level as his effective cavalier level.

Thank you I'm sorry I hadn't read the VMC personally which is on me but yeah I think it all should work.

I was thinking of building a kobold cavalier with an unchained rogue dip so I can add dex to the lance's damage, I then realized that the rogues ability in no way works like that however a discovered something odd. If mounted a lance is one handed so...
A. Can I use the effortless lace on it making it able to be finesse? Because it's a one handed piercing weapon while mounted.
B. Could I use my first level ability as U-Rogue to select this specific lance as my Finesse training or is it too specific?

So I've always liked the idea of a debuff tank so I've made quite a few but I'm at a loss on how you are tripping people, you don't have improved trip or any significant bonus to CMB in the first place. As far as I can tell Weapon Finesse doesn't apply to combat maneuvers because of the existence of the agile maneuvers feat. So without any reliable way to knock enemies prone barring command vicious stomp looks kind of looks a wasted feat to me. Other than that I love the mix of healing and debuff whilst remaining difficult to hit but still a threat.

Diego Rossi wrote:
Chell Raighn wrote:
Diego, you are being deliberately obtuse now. Cutting out the declaration of the judgement is no different that cutting out the declaration of a target. The standard action is for the ability in its entirety. “As part of this judgement” doesn’t mean “a separate effect attached to” it means exactly what it says, a part of the action. The standard action is declare a target, declare a crime, make an attack with no roll. It is for all intents and purposes a melee attack as a standard action.

The judgment is the key of the whole ability, what you call as being judged is what determines if you hit or miss.

If the target is innocent of what he is accused,
So you need to define what the target is accused of. You don't accuse the target of something: the ability doesn't trigger.

As a standard action he may announce he is bringing divine judgment upon a target who is accused of a crime, lie, or other affront to justice;
If you don't accuse the target of something that is "a crime, lie, or other affront to justice" the ability doesn't trigger, so you can't accuse the target of avoiding your attacks or having blond hairs to avoid the need to make a meaningful accusation.

Maybe you want to play it another way, but the ability is based on dispensing justice, not getting a melee attack.

For point of fact if an ability does not list the action it takes to perform it is assumed to be a standard action so separating the judgement from the attack means while the judgement is a standard the attack in question is undefined and thus a second standard action so either it takes 2 turns to work and vital strike applies or it takes one standard and vital strike applies.

I would say yes but how many cavalier levels do you count as having via variant multiclassing.

Reksew_Trebla wrote:
Quixote wrote:
That is...insanely good. +50% base price for +2 damage/+1 AC? could make a +1 battleaxe and a +1 heavy shield for +3,000gp...or you could make them out of "bone steel" for almost the exact same effects for, what, +10gp?

A +1 heavy steel shield is way better than a heavy bone steel shield.

+1 vs bone steel
hardness 15 vs 10
hp 30 vs 20
shield bonus +3 vs +3
armor check penalty -1 vs -2

As you can see, the +1 wins every category except shield bonus, which it tied.

In addition, a +1 battleaxe is mostly better than a bone steel battleaxe.

+1 vs bone steel
hardness 12 vs 15
hp 15 vs 5
attack bonus increase +1 vs +0
damage increase +1 vs +2
ignores dr/magic? yes vs no
can be given weapon special qualities from stuff like paladin's divine bond without first making it +1? yes vs no.

Again, the +1 is the clear winner.

Furthermore, if it is worth 10gp less to have those as penalties instead, then the polar opposite must be true.

A lot of that only particularly matters if you have someone that sunders often which in my experience is uncommon. In addition a +1 bonus of course wins in most categories because it is 100 times as expensive. Finally you can stack bone steel on top of a +1 bonus for the low low price of 10gp.

My DM has a systems where if you wanna make a magical item you need to supply some kind of magical reagent like a bone golem fossil for a necklace of natural armour, so you can makes bones required to forge +1 gear.

On the topic of the Inheritor's Crusader why on the pfsrd does the hit die and class skills have asterisks next to them.

Link for reference

To answer a couple of the questions, I was mainly looking for the flurry of blows and was considering a small barbarian dip because I like the strength boost you can gain from raging. I've never read the Scaled Fist archetype but I see it recommended a lot in other forms so I've been wanting to try it. My main concern is does it work with the UMonk because I like the style strikes and didn't realize some archetypes don't work with it.

What is the best way to have an unchained Monk/unchained Barbarian Multi-class. I don't have a major preference to which I take more levels in.
I was thinking probably the karmic and savage archetypes for the monk and barbarian respectively. Karmic for bypassing alignment restrictions and savage because I can't wear armor anyway.

You do not need to maintain round one even if you have greater grapple. I have always run it as you cannot use greater grapple unless you were already in the grapple for at least a round because you cannot grapple someone as a move action only maintain.

So RAW I don't see why you couldn't. I don't know if you could wield a wand because it says in the description of the prehensile tail ability that it can't wield weapons so I don't wands would be allowed.

Yes against the alignment of choice you would do damage as if against undead the save dc exactly the same.
I would have to say yes* with Variant channeling as well as you can decide to only hit the aligned outsider of choice and heal or harm them.

*They way it's written its up for debate given the fact that it says the "normal" effects. I would either ask your DM or if you are the DM I don't think there's a definitive answer.

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My favorite class has been the shifter since I got my hands on the Ultimate Wilderness. Unfortunately it greatly lack luster with many of its abilities done better by the druid or ranger and the things it gets right are disappointingly limited. I think of any of the classes the shifter deserves to have any amount of viability and love.

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Deathless one and VoodistMonk
I think we all need to remember the one thing we can agree on the planet we live on is the greatest and most lovely as a Samsaran Druid I proudly cast my Necromancy to serve nature. By using skeletons you can give the much needed meat off the bones of zombies to the plants and animals that need nutrients. Then once the skeleton dies grind it's bones into bone meal for crop growth. Mother Gaia is amazing and should be treasured by all no matter things like alignment.

So this is a bit of semantics questions but the swashbuckler ability Precise Strike says that you cannot use it if you have a weapon or shield in your other hand not off hand. So could I TWF with armor spikes and a standard weapon and still use the ability.

vojciechowski wrote:
Another question about this. The bonus it´s a resistance bonus or a enchancement bonus?

It Seems to me that it would be an unnamed bonus.

Miss Chance can be rolled at any time but if they fail miss chance they auto miss. Also If you get hit by an arrow or bolt I assume due to the fact that your equipment goes invisible with you the arrow/ bolt would become invisible as well.

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I think by far my favorite combo if not rules dubious is eclipsing rageb and shadow dancer so an urban barbarian rages then disappears.

Thank you, that really helps and with the warrior poet it seems like this could be playable. I am incredibly grateful. : )

avr wrote:

I'm fairly sure that that site's posting content without the permission of the copyright holders. You might want to remove the link. Removing all the duplicate threads might be an idea too.

The D&D scout gets what amounts to half sneak attack damage and some bonus AC on a round when it spends at least a move action to move (or a charge), and a bunch of abilities which enhance its movement. Is that what you want to replicate or do you see something else in the class?

Thanks for the heads up I hope I fixed it. My biggest issue with archetype was that skirmish wasn't available till lvl.8, I really like the mechanic of the ability so I was hoping to make it more prevalent.

I used to play a lot of 3.5 D&D and then I found Pathfinder and instantly fell in love but more to the point I decided to recreate my favorite class the scout, my friend at that point told me that there was already a rogue archetype I was ecstatic till I looked at it. I think it is kind of lacking so I'm here to ask for some advice and help on how to properly "fix it" whether it be rewriting the archetype or just making it a class again.

Sorry if this is the wrong sub, I will switch the post and or delete it if I need to.

So I want to make a barbarian that never carries a weapon and just disarms and uses an enemies. My idea is this my character is psycho and likes to only use the weapon after immediately attacked by an enemy with it so how can I make an attack after just getting attacked. I was going to use the rage power come and get me but I can't get that till 12 how can I be able to disarm after an attack sooner?

OK thank you that clears a lot up :)

So I can use all my natural attacks in 1 round?

So I am making a kobold fighter who uses natural attacks he will be a dragon disciple so he will have 2 claws and a bite but I also plan to take the tail terror feat so he will have a tail slam how does that work?

Thank you so much for helping me out guys I cant be more grateful because I was losing my mind not being able to find it. I was just wondering if I could ask one more thing I'm trying to make a good "Desna's Shooting star" bard for my home game.

So this was this bard religion archetype that allowed him to use his charisma for attack and damage rolls with the stark knife and I was trying to find it but couldn’t I was wondering if any of you have heard of it and could tell me the name.


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Scott thank you for bringing up a great point about the mammoth rider.

Scott Wilhelm wrote:
Mammoth Riders get to ride Huge Mounts. They are a Prestige Class, so you could probably be a Hunter/Druid/Mammoth Rider with lots of Shared Teamwork Feats and the ability to Buff your Triceratops Mount.

It reminds me of my personal favorite build is bloodrager with the bloodrider archetype and the mammoth rider prestige class it is a whole lot of fun.

Thank you all this is exactly the help I needed I’ll talk to my GM it is Home brew but I like the monstrous companion feat

Yes that’s probobaly right I have been playing a ranger so I guess I got pretty lucky I didn’t have to multiclass

So In my current running game my DM let me buy an Owlbear egg for 3000 GP and said that when it hatches I would have to use dominate to make sure it doesn’t attack me but I thought I’d read somewhere I could use handle animal he told me that if I could prove it he’d allow it.

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