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So where is the PDF version of this?

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I haven't even gotten all the era 1 PF books yet. I will probably complete my 1e collection before I even consider diving in to 2e.

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Can has PF1 stats for Anadi please?

I am currently running a PBP dungeon crawl campaign on another board, and one of my players is playing a Mineralite (From the Crystal Planet players guide by Fat Goblin games, basically think the gems from Steven Universe, who are presented as half construct monstrous humanoids). My party is about to run into a Basilisk, and my Mineralite wondered if their character can be petrified at all.

So can they? I have two ways I could run with this. Now, if you don't know the show, the gems are... well they are gems. They are gemstones who can project a humanoid body made of light and photons that looks like a person. So obviously getting turned to stone wont work like normal. So either it doesn't work at all, or it does something else to them (Forces them back into their gem, somehow immobilizes them, or something like that).

So how should I go about handling this?

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Okay, so constructed Pugilist + Levels in Transmuter= Edward Elrich from Fullmetal Alchemist?

So now I finally have a character class that lets me make Grace from El Goonish Shive.

Thank you Paizo, looking forward to this.

Guy St-Amant wrote:
Since Bestiary 6 has been announced and we have some ideas of what will be in it, it's time for us to make a wish list for the next one.

More unique fiends: More Demon lords, Nascent Demon Lords, Daemon Harbingers, Malbranche, Infernal dukes, Oni Damiyo, and so forth.

Also more Empyreal lords.

So, considering Mute Hags are getting a Changeling Bloodline, should I presume that they will be making it into the next Bestiary? I mean right now the only place Mute Hag stats can be found is in that one adventure The Harrowing.

Also, kind of disappointed there are no Qapilluk themed Changelings.

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Readerbreeder wrote:
FallenDabus wrote:
Want to 3D Print a Sepsidaemon? Here you go! I take payment in souls and likes.
What does it say that at first glance, I read this as Pepsidaemon?

Introducing the newest Daemon Harbinger: Arcecola, Daemon Harbinger of cheapness, being a poor host, and store brand generic products.

His Obedience is you have to buy generic store brand Soda and chips and serve it at a party and then deny that you got generic brand when you get called on it. +4 bonus to saves vs. Poison.


MannyGoblin wrote:
Alex Smith 908 wrote:
If any of the developers are willing to answer I've got a question. Was Kaikyton directly inspired by the Junji Ito manga Army of One?

Gotta wonder what The Sprial would be, Genus Loci? Plus that weird guy who gets stuck with the electric cat *KRAKAZOOM!*

Junji has also done a normal comic detailing his life with a house cat. Same creepy art but it is kinda sweet.

Yeah, Junji Ito apparently reacts to cute kitties the same way he reacts to lovecraftian horrors. Its kind of sweet really.

So, looking through the Malebranche, I noticed something interesting. Some of the names are familiar to me.

Scarlimonge, Barrbaccia, Caganazzo, Rubicante.

Those are the four fiends of the elements from FF4!

Now, I know those names originally came from the Divine Comedy (like all the Malebranche, hence why they all have Italian names), but I noticed Rubicante is similar to how he is in FF4. (His areas of concern are fire and honor, and in the game Rubicante was the fiend of fire, and he was an honorable opponent, always healing your party before you fought him).

Now, none of the other of the four fiend names corresponded to their namesakes, so I decided to look around at the rest of the Malbranche, and see who connected to what.

Ironically, The Pathfinder Scarlimonge seems to correspond to FF Cagnazzo (Water element, specializes in deception, since in FF Cagnazzo disguised himself as a human captain of the guard to lure the heroes into a trap." For the Earth fiend we have Draghignazzo, who connects because he's an earth fiend. But the wind fiend, Libicocco' background makes me think that she is a direct reference to FF Barbaccia, since it says she is the "Proud lady of winds", and she was once part of a team of four other fiends who tried to conquer other worlds. Which makes me think she was the survivor of FF4 while the other Malebranche were killed.

So Paizo staff, am I right in my suspicions here? Was FF some level of motivation for some of the writeups for the Malebranche?

Luthorne wrote:

That is an interesting thought...who all would you like to see get full stats as monsters in a future bestiary? Since they usually come in threes, hmm...

For daemonic harbingers, I'd like to see Cixyron, Folca, and Zaigasnar.

For infernal dukes, I'd like to see Lorcan, Ruzel, and Zepar.

For oni daimyo, I'd like to see Akuma, Inma, and Onmyuza.

For sahkil tormentors, I'd like to see Charg, Dachzerul, and Velgaas.

Yeah, I think the guys who got artwork in this volume are a shoe in:

Treerazer (Who already has stats in the Inner Sea World Guide, but that's n ever stopped Paizo from reprinting monsters into the main bestiary)
Yamasoth (Who again, already has stats so that's a no brainer)
and Ravana

Also: I think the Queens of the Night will probably get full stats as well, since they got a lot of focus in this book.

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I picked my copy up last night. Love it.

I love that all the full Demon Lords finally got full art, and that a lot of the lesser Demigods got worshiper stats (even if they were mostly just a sentence about their realm or appearance). I wish some of them were more fleshed out, but that can always be done in later books/Bestiaries (Probably would not be surprised if we saw some of these Demigods get stats in future bestiaries).

One thing I particularly like is that the Rakshasa immortals don't really care about being demigods, so they all share the same portfolios and domains.

Also, regarding my previous assessment, I could see either Folca or Dachzerul of the Sahkil Tormentors as the Pathfinder Pennywise equivalent.

I also like Mestama's realm. I don't know if this characteristic was present in previous printings, but it seems like a pretty obvious nod to the blair witch project.

Thank you

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So just to make sure, the PDF goes live at 2 AM est tomorrow right?

Ah, okay.

Rysky wrote:
... I love how the Daemons' stuff flip between "KILL IT WITH NAPALM" and "Awwwww" *offers hugs*

Maybe its me, but not seeing the cuddliness of a giant wasp who is the patron of Necrophiles and date rapists.

(Or are you speaking in general regarding the Harbingers? I don't have the book yet, but from what I have seen they are the worst of the fiendish Demigods).

Anyways, can't wait till the PDF comes out. Gonna be staying up late tonight so I can pick it up in the early morning.

Yeah, I was talking about PTSD. Sorry, Sometimes I have trouble finding the right words for things.

Yeah, plus if you were someone who was unfortunate enough to have experienced this sort of abuse, playing in a game where one of the bad guys is a literal Demigod of child abuse can potentially tear open old wounds.

There is a reason that "Trigger warnings" are a thing. Because its not nice to accidentally hit someone's hot button and unintentionally upset them.

Delightful wrote:
Wait... is Folca seriously supposed to be the daemonic harbinger of pedophiles?! I thought his purview was just kidnapping and being creepy.

Paizo will never come out and say it I don't think. But lets look at the evidence.

*His areas of focus include Abductions, Strangers and sweets (So he's literally a stranger with candy).

*He grants his worshipers the Lust subdomain.

*Then there his obedience which is under spoilers upthread.

I think the writers have come as close to saying it as they are comfortable with without actually saying it, but yeah. That's what Folca is about.

I mean when I first read up on Folca it took a few seconds for it to click with me too, it was like "Wait, there's a Daemon whose focus is on sweets? What the Hell does that... oh....OHHHHHHHH).

Now of course, its up to the GM on how explicit they want to make this based on the comfort level of their players dealing with these issues. And its vague enough that you can probably run Folca without having any reference to.... that (Like maybe he kidnaps the kids to make them into candy, like he's a patron to Gingerbread witches) But yeah, Paizo really went there. I think they wanted to make sure that it was explicit that Daemons were the worst of the worst. In which case mission accomplished there guys.

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CorvusMask wrote:

Oh yeah, almost forgot about that. And now I really want campaign setting books for titans/gigases(and not just because I want to plan year ahead were my party could find fitting titan if I continue certain ap after final boss in order to destroy one artifact. Totes not just because of that.)

BTW, out of curisioty, does this book reprint anything from Hell Unleashed? Like details on plane inside the book or the research rules for using Book of the Damned as "library"?

Also, I think I asked this before, but now that some people have access to the book, does the book actually go into about "Sacred Apocrypha" aka bad things celestials and good deities have done that book of the damned in lore apparently has? I'm still salty considering even Chronicles of the Righteous artifact statblock mentions it having "unsettling truths" about good outsiders, I mean seriously Paizo, give a break to good guys :' D I'm bit confused about why they are good aligned if writers keep insisting they have a dark side

I once had an idea for a magical item which was a pamphlet written by a Diviner that was actually ghost written as a joint effort by Geryon and Sifkesh. The Pamphlet identifies Iomedae as Aroden's murderer, and that the act condemned humanity to a slow and inexorable decline. Although the Pamphlet is false, because it was written by Geryon anyone who reads it or a copy of it will believe its true. When it was initially released it caused chaos and nearly destroyed Iomedae's entire religion, but eventually the combined forces of Ghenshau and Zohls were able to stem the Pamhplets spread and help free those enchanted by it. All the copies were burned except for the original (which is a minor artifact) which was sealed away at a magical library guarded by worshipers and good aligned monsters of both Empyreal Lords (Can you say Dungeon crawl for evil PCs?)

So, would it be safe to call this the Pathfinder equivalent of the third edition BOVD? Cause I'm definitely getting that kind of feel here.

Also, what is Kunkarna the Rakshasa immortal. I ask because I used to play smite, and Kumbakharna was one of my favorite characters in that game.

Reduxist wrote:
CrinosG wrote:
Reduxist wrote:

FIFTY?! What, are the dukes and harbingers getting the obdeience treatment, too?!

Someone has definitely earned a bonus.

I think the Demigod reps for ALL the fiend races are getting it: Daemons, Rakshasa, Oni, Qlippoth, Sahkil, Asura. All of them.

I'm actually impressed as well, especially with the Harbingers, since there are some of them so terrible that I didn't think Paizo would EVER give them a fleshed out statblock and description (Like Folca, who apparently even gets artwork in this book).

I get what you mean. I'm not looking forward to Zepar's entry either. On the bright side, if they're going to be statted, that just gives people the ability to kill them in their campaigns.

Well, the fiends themselves aren't getting full stats, but they are getting enough you can run evil cults dedicated to them.

And yeah, looking up Zepar he's a real piece of work too. See also Slandaris, the daemonic Harbinger of lechery and love potions.

Reduxist wrote:

FIFTY?! What, are the dukes and harbingers getting the obdeience treatment, too?!

Someone has definitely earned a bonus.

I think the Demigod reps for ALL the fiend races are getting it: Daemons, Rakshasa, Oni, Qlippoth, Sahkil, Asura. All of them.

I'm actually impressed as well, especially with the Harbingers, since there are some of them so terrible that I didn't think Paizo would EVER give them a fleshed out statblock and description (Like Folca, who apparently even gets artwork in this book).

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I think its because of Starfinder. Its Paizo's newest thing so they wanted to focus on pushing that. I mean we haven't even gotten anything about the New Shifter Iconic from Ultimate Wilderness yet (Hint hint).

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Also, regarding Folca, I'm wondering if it would be possible to play him as an expie of "It", except using candy instead of Balloons.

The Daemon Harbinger that interests me is Laivatiniel. What are they about?

Seriously I can't wait till this comes out on PDF next week.

Wow, so Folca is finally getting full worshiper stats and an illustration? Paizo is really pulling the trigger on this one huh?

So what does he look like? Cause my headcanon is he looks like Slenderman. How close am I?

(Sorry if this is the wrong board for this, please move it if it is.)

I was thinking about writing and publishing Pathfinder products via Patreon, but I wanted to get a few things cleared up first before I got started.

*First, I know I have to include the OGL, but do I include it on every item I post, or can I have just one post on my Patreon and that covers all of that.

*Secondly, if I use electronic gaming aides like Herolab and Dungeon Painter Studios, how do I properly credit those groups?

Sorry if these are obvious questions, I've never done anything like this before and I need help.

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graystone wrote:
Eltanin24 wrote:
"Welcome to Norgorber, Home of the Norgorburger"
Mmmm... Double Norgorburger with bacon, cheese and onion rings and a large shake... It's almost as good as big belly burger...

And now I have an idea for a Assassin of Norgorber who poses as a chef and kills his victims, not by poisoning them, but by getting them hooked on greasy fast food until they become so fat and unhealthy they just keel over from a heart attack.

Evil noble: Seriously? This is taking months! What do you mean they aren't dead yet?

Norgorber chef: You want it done fast or you want it done right?

Evil Noble: I'd like it done NOW if you don't mind.

Norgorber: You should have thought about that before you hired me. Now if you don't mind I got some triple baconators to deliver.


So, will we be getting the Golarion equivalent to the Yawning Portal with this one?

That's fine, I don't really need full spreads. I will just settle for their worshiper stats (What domains they grant, their portfolios) and I can fill in the blanks myself.

Forgive if this has already been answered, but will we be getting some of the Demigods of some of the other Fiendish races? Like the Asura Ranas, The Oni Damiyo, and the Rakshasa Immortals specifically. Those are something I am interested in seeing.

Well the last playtest was for the Vigilante class right? I actually really like the Vigilante class myself (Although IIRC I was largely in the minority)

I am excited about this shifter class though. Love me some shapeshifters. I wonder if we're gonna get the Pathfinder equivalent to artificers soon though.

I hope there is some kind of gadgeteer/Artificer/Tinker archetype in this, I would love that.

So, it seems the hardcover version of this is out, I have a friend on another board asking if there are any low CR things in this book. Hows the general power level looking on this one?

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I don't think that's the PDF itself. I think its the reader.

Adobe Reader DC seems to have a problem with freezing up and crashing when it comes to Paizo PDF's. (Maybe with other PDF's too, I haven't really check). And yeah, its kind of a pain, especially for someone who exclusively buys PDF's like me.

Oh sweet. I thought it was kind of weird we would have a devil corruption and not a demon one.

Oh it is, but those of us who are hopeless romantics like to imagine our favorite fictional characters hooking up.

And Paizo is kind enough to indulge us in this case.

Also, can we talk about how we finally have a proper Slenderman in Pathfinder?

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Thomas Seitz wrote:
Before or after he goes crazy, Crinos?

I was referring to the opening of the Feats chapter, where he tried to convince Amiri to "Go out in a blaze of glory" against some Ghouls so he can get away.

I love Amiri's reaction: "If you run away I'll chase you down and eat you myself."

Also, compared to the core iconics and the corruptions, the newer Iconics got a raw deal with the curses: Alahazra gets turned into an old hag, Alain gets turned into a Dullahan (Or more likely a decapitated zombie), and Yoon gets stalked by an Ankou.

Got my copy last night.

So... Nice to see Alain is still his charming self.

So wait, so does this mean the price reduction on the older PDF's is permanent? Its not a sale?

If so then this is awesome. I can finally pad out my collection of Adventure paths (the only ones I'm missing are Legacy of fire, Serpents skull, skull and shackles, and Iron gods. Plus Hells Vengeance but I'm gonna wait on that one.)

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Sweet. Love me some Qardia.

I may have to do an Al Qadim in Golarion game when this comes out.

Indeed. Silvercat always has the best ideas.

Here's my idea for the Undertale gang in Pathfinder.

Frisk: Young Human Rogue, NG

Flowey: Ghoran Sorcerer, NE

Toriel: Tiefling cleric of Sarenrae, NG

The Great Papyrus: Obitu (A third party race of living skeletons) Paladin of Sarenrae, LG

Sans: Obitu Oracle, NG

Undyne: Gillman fighter (Dragoon), CG

Alphys: Kobold Wizard, LG

Mettaton: Android Bard, LN

Asgore: Tiefling Magus, LG

Ah, well I'm at Eastern time, so I guess I'll have to wait till the next morning (I mean I love Pathfinder, but not enough to stay up till 3am to get it.)

Thanks for the info Jaxom.

I got a question.

I know the PDF will be available Wednesday, but when on Wednesday? Like Tuesday night at Midnight Wednesday, or like in the morning on Wednesday? I only ask cause I want to get this as soon as possible.

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I push carts for a grocery store. I'm not sure my job has a Golarion equivalent.

I'm also a freelance writer, so Bard I guess.

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I am so psyched for this.

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