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Vic Wertz wrote:
Man, these just fly off the shelves! The next print run should be arriving late this month.

Is the next run gonna be identical to the first one?

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Disconnecting from server anywhere between few secs to few minutes. All other connections work perfectly well, playing from Finland.

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Cormac wrote:
If anybody has more alpha invites I would love to spend my sudden free time in The River Kingdoms.

Got one, thank you very much!

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If anybody has more alpha invites I would love to spend my sudden free time in The River Kingdoms.

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New word they will learn to pronounce as they will learn it's softness. Aseveljet has found Callambea as a comfortable home and a place of freedom long sought.

We call this home.

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"Warstein ale you say!"

Tall man holding the figurehead with his right hand takes one of the mugs and takes a long sip.

"That's what I'm talking about!" He drinks bottoms up and says "This is almost perfect, it only needs a hint of juniper berries."

Somebody from the back yells "Who let the gnomes out?!"

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Do we lose anything in ee if we totally disband the guild in land rush? We still get all the same things that we would get as a guild that didn't made the top 33 in land rush?

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A small ragtag bunch of weary and beaten dark travelers carrying a figurehead arrive to the city at dusk.

"Is this the place they told us?" one asks and takes a long drink from his waterskin. "It looks just like this southerner piss they call beer tastes!"

"Now, now brother. Give them softies a chance, at least it looks like there is law and order in this town. I'm sure we can find a place in here to brew some real sahti soon enough. Lets get rooms from that inn over there and seek some warm company for the night!"

"What's this place called anyway?"


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Thank you all. We feel like we are ready for the big bang on third quarter. I'm also ready to teach you all the important things in finnish too, in case you haven't attended paizocon already :) My favorite thing in paizocon has been giving some nice taste of nordic music to our favorite publisher Erik ;)

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Member of: to be decided (poll and discussions going on)
Alignments: gearing towards LN

Greetings fellow goblins!

Aseveljet is a Finnish speaking gaming community with some 1400 members originally found by friends to play EVE Online together. Today we play mainly pvp games like WoT, WT, MWO, ARMA, Rust but also games like TESO, Warframe and so on. If you are a Finnish gamer (at least 18 years old) who wants to play PFO (or any other game like Civ or minecraft) with a friendly bunch, visit our website aseveljet.net and make an application in our forums. We often have English speaking guests also playing with us so you all are welcome to visit us.

In PFO it seems like we are not getting our own settlement (unless we get a surge of new members soon™... ) so as a plan B we are looking for a home now. We have been contacted by few friendly diplomats and we have started internal discussions about our imminent plans. Our gaming history puts us strongly on the pvp side (we even have had good success on competitive play on WoT and MWO) even though we have our own share of crafter/harvester enthusiasts and pve players. We have a zero tolerance for griefing or rules bending among our members but otherwise we consider ourselves pretty laid back and value irl time and commitments over virtual ones.

Most of our present PFO backers want to focus on various mercenary actions so I hope we can find a big brother we can help to grow. We also want to keep trustworthy and warm diplomatic relationships to as many groups and guilds as possible and reasonable. We can provide some odd hour protection (GMT +2/+3) and hopefully steadily growing group to support PFO community. We still have high hopes to establish our own settlement some time in the future.

We wish you all luck in your endeavours in PFO and hope to be part of a great community in the River Kingdoms among fierce (but hopelessly crazy) goblin brothers and sisters!

-Cormac (aka waara)

I'm not new but I don't understand how Escape Judgement can be used either. Is the only benefit that you can combine bluff and movement in one move action to get in cover/concealment (stealth is "none" action)? Does anybody have some good insight on this?

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Is it totally bad idea (and dead horse) that when you lose reputation (or maybe also alignment) you also lose max reputation (or alignment) that is forever lost. For example if you lose 50 rep you also lose 5 max rep or something like that. Or maybe this max value lost is also possible to get back somehow if its too harsh.

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Nightdrifter wrote:

I also had fun with it and decided to see what would happen with the level 4 vs the level 1 from the blog. Spoiler: the level 4 can probably take on a small swarm of them.

Would 5 lvl 1s be enough to take 1 lvl 4 down? (only one lvl 1 surviving though)

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Bluddwolf wrote:

If that is the case, then it is a form of baiting, very easy to exploit..

I won't share that exploit now, but I will bring it up if a Dev pops in on this discussion.

are you thinking of a situation that Nihimon covered few posts above:

"It's worth reminding everyone again that Ryan has made it clear you will never get a Flag accidentally. There will be some way that you will acknowledge to the system that you're doing this act knowingly, fully aware that you're going to get Flagged for it."

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Badge and Banquet for 2 = $150
Hotel for PaizoCon = $327
Flights from Finland = $6,532
Time in Seattle = priceless

Now to figure out how to explain this to my better half third time...

I really want modern rules (if they will also be supported properly)

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We’ve heard it our entire careers: “Are you crazy?” “It can’t be done.” “Nobody would buy that.” “It’s impossible.”


John Templeton wrote:
Steve Geddes wrote:

I agree - depending on size of the set an animal companion/familiar/summoning set of pawns would be a great addition to the line, in my opinion.
I didn't even think about Summons but YES! If you took the entire list using both fiendish and divine(?) that practily be a box on it's own but I like to sea the lawful and chaotic summons in there too. Nature's ally also. That be a big box.

Fiendish and divine could be just some plastic clip (like stands but smaller) attached to the pawn. Actually Paizo could do a whole set of different kind of clips to add to pawns for spells/buffs/conditions and so on.

As a GM I would love small encounters with interesting environments. If possible they would be even better if you could provide stats for 2-3 APL.

CA: Rangers sounds great thank you!

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Pannath wrote:

Fair enough, and a true statement ;)

Are you guys going to share which middleware solution that you've chosen?

Of course they are. But I think they will choose the time to do so not based on outsiders' opinions when they should do that. Just saying.

EDIT Ninjaed, badly

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I would buy it even at $500. And you don't have to sell it after Kickstarter...

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I managed to convince myself that this is not worth the money! After few beers I preordered...

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Points, kingdom for points. Oh do you have points and commas in English? That hurts my eyes. Sorry for this gripe, not my mother tongue. It's just that because of bad grammar all the good _points_ get buried behind the wall of ahfgasdhkfg.

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Now that's just a little childish. There is so many form of these so called "elitism" that in the end you would be alone my friend.

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monkeyspitt wrote:
PvP to me seems dangerous, scary, and difficult... Yay!!! Having never truly played a Pvp MMO before, it feels like the safety net has been taken away from my tightrope act. My experience with other "theme park" rides has been very short due to one major factor. The lack of fear. Yes fear... If your Character is killed with no major concinquence attached, then there is no real emotional connection to that virtual world, just a little inconvenience.

That's right. I will always remember my first pvp fight (Darkfall and I died but died feeling extremely excited) but can't remember any of the many many first pve fights in numerous theme parks.

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JRR wrote:
I'll certainly hold PFO no ill will, in either case, but when I'm hungry, I want to eat, so if I have to choose between Mcdonald's now or a fine steak restaurant tomorrow, I'll have a Big Mac, please.

But You'll be hungry tomorrow too :) Those who really want to play will wait for the invite, as will I. Those who wont wait are more prone to have less interest altogether and stop playing sooner than those willing to wait for their turn.

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There is also FAQ on the kickstarter page (bottom)

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Arrogant customer always thinks she is right.

Mark Moreland wrote:
Cormac wrote:
Drejk wrote:
Could you please consider adding second progress bar for the Goblinworks kickstarter? It's no fun to see percentage go up from visit to visit without visible progress on the already filled bar...
this is fun but you have to take it with a grain of salt: kicktraq.
That site is cool! I like the prediction that we'll get 1,405% of the goal, or over $700,000 (though I don't expect that estimate to be very accurate).

fun update on the kickstarter main page ;) Now to work on the stretch goals!

Drejk wrote:
Could you please consider adding second progress bar for the Goblinworks kickstarter? It's no fun to see percentage go up from visit to visit without visible progress on the already filled bar...

this is fun but you have to take it with a grain of salt: kicktraq.

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One more wish list thread in disguise? ;)

Bill Webb wrote:

Spread the word to your friends and we'll get to $100K for sure:)

Blond Frog and I were just discussing $120k bonuses:)

I truly hope its sexier than 100k...

Great news Nicolas! The only thing I'm sad about is that I can't attend Paizocon this year, have been there twice but the tickets from Finland for 2 kill me (wife or cousin must be attended). So good to hear that you are good again and you can keep my RC money even if it doesn't get finished. Be well!

Lou, thank you again!

I would love to see your original texts. Are they available anywhere?

sounds great 175,275,375,475,575,675,775,875,975

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Would it be possible to keep these first seven months as some kind of paid beta test? After seven months game starts fresh (and everybody knows that from the beginnig) but beta testers have the knowledge they have gathered playing the beta. I know I would pay even for that. Or maybe you could give some perks to beta testers depending on their time in beta and/or feedback/bug reports given. This way only the real hardcore fans wanted to participate from the beginning and those hurting their feelings if not let in from the beginning would have better chance to get in from the (new fresh) start.

Are these in A4 size too?

Thazar wrote:

In Maptool it would not let me import a JPEG file as a map and gave me an error message.

Can any of the recommended programs show the map in a clean full screen mode?

In MapTool you select Background layer and just drag and drop jpeg to green area. CTRL+ALT+ENTER switch to full screen mode.

Hope it helps.

Marc Radle wrote:
Cormac wrote:
After this guy's tasteless video blog on the subject, I really hope this is not a joke.
Tasteless video blog on the subject? Any chance of a link?

I consider this a little tasteless. When you consider also that he asked to get the project earlier but that didn't happen. Maybe it is just because I'm not from US and don't get your business culture. Well, Paizonites don't comment on wizards in that light so maybe this is not that common. Probably I'm just too thin-skinned but that video made me an ex-customer.

After this guy's tasteless video blog on the subject, I really hope this is not a joke.

I want to upgrade my Dungeonaday subscription to All-Genius Pass too!

Good option would be buying from FLGS (if possible).

Kain Darkwind wrote:

Do you know of anyway to convert them over quickly?

I don't know, sorry.

Kain Darkwind wrote:

Assuming I did have b77 though, (and I've played around with it a bit tonight), how do you make the most of these vision options? For some reason I can't see tokens when I'm in 'Player View' on this version.

Not at the maptool right now but at least you have to choose individual views when starting server, define vision and ownership(for player) in token properties. Also make sure that token is PC (not NPC), add light source to token or any object (right mouse or properties I think) close to token. Could be something else too but cant remember...

Kain Darkwind wrote:

Also, if it matters, I play with 1.2 b32. If I need a newer version, I'll seriously consider it.

wow, that's 3.5 years old version... We are using 1.3.b77, you should too as soon as possible.

Dabbler wrote:

Yes, but allowing partial charges on readied actions would make all martial characters more effective and give them more options, something they lack on both counts according to many.

Thats good point but not allowed at the moment (except for zombies and other slow combatants (which is weird...), plausible house rule anyway.

Dabbler wrote:
Rhino Charge doesn't need to be better. Given attack multipliers and rake attacks, it's good enough as it is!

I think rhino charge needs a little more something for average adventurer if charge is allowed to be readied.

Sorry if this was already said but also adding rule (clarification) that you can't ready a charge when restricted to only standard action would be reasonable (and make rhino charge "better").

FireberdGNOME wrote:
PRD wrote:
You can create a potion of any 3rd-level or lower spell that you know and that targets one or more creatures

The PRD also states that Shield has a *target* of "You". Am I reading the Feat, Brew Potion incorrectly? Does the affecting spell have to say "...creature..."? Brew Potion only refers to Targets, not Range.

Thank you much :)


PRD: Magic Item Creation says about Creating Potions:

"Spells with a range of personal cannot be made into potions."

you are welcome ;)

Abbey of the Golden Sparrow 2
Achievement Feats 102
Forgotten Foes 202
The Favored of Skexxiz 302

*crumbles some cookies while downloading and reading furiously*

mmm, thank you!

Owen, I hope you are now proud of yourself. I just had to order 48 missing pfrpg pdfs from Inglourious Basterds Schemes.

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