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Greetings fellow goblins!

Aseveljet is a Finnish speaking gaming community with some 1400 members originally found by friends to play EVE Online together. Today we play mainly pvp games like WoT, WT, MWO, ARMA, Rust but also games like TESO, Warframe and so on. If you are a Finnish gamer (at least 18 years old) who wants to play PFO (or any other game like Civ or minecraft) with a friendly bunch, visit our website aseveljet.net and make an application in our forums. We often have English speaking guests also playing with us so you all are welcome to visit us.

In PFO it seems like we are not getting our own settlement (unless we get a surge of new members soon™... ) so as a plan B we are looking for a home now. We have been contacted by few friendly diplomats and we have started internal discussions about our imminent plans. Our gaming history puts us strongly on the pvp side (we even have had good success on competitive play on WoT and MWO) even though we have our own share of crafter/harvester enthusiasts and pve players. We have a zero tolerance for griefing or rules bending among our members but otherwise we consider ourselves pretty laid back and value irl time and commitments over virtual ones.

Most of our present PFO backers want to focus on various mercenary actions so I hope we can find a big brother we can help to grow. We also want to keep trustworthy and warm diplomatic relationships to as many groups and guilds as possible and reasonable. We can provide some odd hour protection (GMT +2/+3) and hopefully steadily growing group to support PFO community. We still have high hopes to establish our own settlement some time in the future.

We wish you all luck in your endeavours in PFO and hope to be part of a great community in the River Kingdoms among fierce (but hopelessly crazy) goblin brothers and sisters!

-Cormac (aka waara)

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I tried to order stuff in my shopping cart (SGG PDFs) with both MC and Visa but both card were refused (I have used MC previously for my subscriptions with no problems). Could you help me before SGG crazy days are over?


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So, I have virgin players (who really don't know much about drow) headed to Endless Night. How much info elves are able to give PCs about drow and their habits before going through portal? They have learnt a little during previous parts as I have given some information from two journals found previously. Few pages from Drow of Golarion in Armageddon Echo? Something from Into the Darklands?

Edit: Or should I just be evil and let them learn the hard way...

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So is it free poison? Or how have you handled it - priced as other poisons or given to pcs when they need it? Have I totally missed this from rules?

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Noob question. Does the spell end if you die before target has done what he was forced to do? Does is matter that spell is not instantaneous? And anyway target receives extra save every day because you dont concentrate for 1 round every day, right?