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I prefer plastic minis. I've broken resin minis with less delicate parts than some of the Starfinder sculpts. Hopefully they will be hard plastic instead of soft PVC. If they turn out to be soft plastic I'll be disappointed.

ForeverQueen wrote:

Assuming Archon pays to ship the products to Idaho, (it is my impression) ND still has no money to ship product out with.

Can someone clear this up for me?

It probably involves lawyers. I'd guess that if the owners of Ninja Division don't want a court battle they can't win, they will have to find the money. They already collected the shipping fees from backers. Yes, we all know they blew the money on... something. Hopefully they will find themselves up against some fairly high level duel class Lawyer/Assassins if they don't find a way to ship the minis they're responsible for. I'll be shocked if they manage to pull it off. Let's all hope they manage it. I still want some space goblins and aliens with antennas on their heads.

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I don't know anything about it, but my hope is that whoever is paying Archeon to manufacture & ship these figures is doing it this way to completely cut Ninja Division out of the money loop. Paying Archeon directly to manufacture & ship sounds like the way to go. Leave Ninja Division to fund the last scrap of responsibility the new agreement left for them.

I'm also hoping Ninja Division's logo will be reduced to a tiny blip on the back of the packs. If Archon's & Paizo's logos are the only ones on the front of the packaging, they would be a lot more palatable to buy at retail.

I'm not trying to be hateful here. It just pains me to see Ninja Division tarnishing Paizo's reputation. Awful companies hurt the industry and the gaming community, and I kinda like this community.

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CoachK1 wrote:
LOL so Ninja Division is still handling the shipping? 25 pages, 1200+ messages and Paizo has learned ZERO from the debacle.. Ninja Division should have been cut out of any new deal completely if you expect us to believe any of this as good news.

Ninja Division collected the money from backers for shipping. Since they obviously can't afford to pay the casters for these minis, the least they could do is take care of shipping. Come on, they have to take responsibility for something.

To be honest, I'm glad the owners of this doomed company are getting demoted to box packers. Maybe they'll fail at it, maybe they won't. Either way, let em sweat.

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Glad to hear this. I'd never pay a dime for Starfinder minis from Ninja Division. I'll pick up a few from Archon, even though they're sketchy too. If WizKids ever comes out with unpainted Starfinder minis I'll buy a tidy pile.

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I'll be in to get a 5e version. I'm into 5e, but Golarion is my favorite setting.

For stretch goals or add-ons I'd love to have maps. Useful PC friendly maps.

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This is a relief. Prepaints are fine, but if WizKids ever offers an unpainted Starfinder miniature line I might be in trouble. They sometimes take a bit of work to clean up and paint, but I'm addicted to Wizkids unpainted minis. As long as they aren't fragile expensive resin figures, I'm in.

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Rednal wrote:
You know, I don't actually have any mini's since I tend to play stuff online. What sorts of miniatures do the rest of you recommend, and why?

I would recommend looking at Infinity and Reaper Chronoscope if you want Starfinder proxie minis. The 2 lines scale well together. You'll find some beautiful scifi character sculpts in the Infinity line, and a few character and monster options in the Reaper catalogue.

kadance wrote:
I understand the announcement was recent, but how far into the ND fiasco did the talks with WizKids start?

I imagine they started talking to WizKids shortly after they realized that Ninja Division doesn't have any realistic hope of ever delivering the minis. The situation is severe. Even if Ninja Division could magically have all the figures teleported to their warehouse tomorrow, they likely wouldn't even have enough money to ship them to backers. Same with all the other outstanding Kickstarters that they haven't manufactured and delivered.

Great news. Like so many of us said back at the start of this, Paizo should've gone with WizKids and/or Reaper from the beginning. I keep wondering why they didn't. My guess is that Paizo was in a rush to get them to market and the other companies couldn't do it on Paizo's "we need this right away" time scale. Of coarse, Ninja Division's time scale is the same it's been for the last 4 years.

If WizKids comes out with unpainted Starfinder minis I'll be pretty thrilled. Other than occasional gloopy primer issues, they've been solid. I'll gladly give WizKids money for Srarfinder minis.

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Amiri looked a bit more pear shaped in the old Mammoth Attack art than she does here.


I've always loved that scene. It's great to see heroes in "get out of Dodge" mode.

Nice scene. The art looks a lot like the player's handbook cover from another game I play. Quite nice.

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Definitely a vampire. While I definitely prefer the original art, now Amiri has more bloodlust than ever.

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J-Bone wrote:

It'd be nice to know more on how this happened. Were those other companies approached? If so why did ND become the winning bid? As a grieved party, I kinda want to know what my loyalty to the company was worth.

Here is what the Paizo COO said about it earlier in the thread. I'll post the link as well as the quote.


Jeff Alvarez wrote:

These same questions keep arising so let me shed a little light on it for you.

We try and be the best licensing partner that we can and part of that, for us, is making our intentions with new product lines known to our current licensees first. When we were ready to discuss the Starfinder brand with our partners, we approached both WizKids and Reaper about the brand and our desire for minis. Obviously we would want to offer a new brand's license to our existing licensees, especially ones that have done such a good job with our brand, but both turned us down. Reaper has their own lines for Sci Fantasy minis and WizKids did not have the sculpting bandwidth for the project. So we turned to Ninja DIvision and they were thrilled with the opportunity.

We've known the guys from Ninja Division for quite some time and have always been impressed with their commitment to quality so it seemed like a great fit. We are still blown away with the sculpts we've been seeing from them and think that this line of resin figures might be the best resins we've ever seen.

While it is not our place to comment on their past KS campaigns, except to say that any blame placed on them for the Robotech debacle is completely misplaced and misguided. They, like many of us in this industry, were merely contracted to design a game for someone else's KS and Ninja Division followed through with everything they were charged with. It was, and still is, up to those that ran the KS campaign to fulfill the product to the audience. One wouldn't blame one of our writers for Paizo not releasing a module, right? So why are they being blamed for that failed KS? It's just not right.

The rest of their Kickstartes and any issues associated with them are on them and while they have always had the best of intentions, it is obvious that the lack of communication has caused loads of problems. I commend them for being as open and honest as they were in their video update and I really hope that the audience gives them the chance to make good. They know...

Jeff Alvarez wrote:
Steve Geddes wrote:

It’s not exactly what you asked, Silas, but related to the question about the license “returning to Paizo”:

I believe (though can’t find a link) that Paizo have a long running, general policy that the licenses they grant aren’t exclusive. I believe that has been affirmed in this case publicly (but can’t for the life of me remember by who or where).

As such, the ND deal doesn’t preclude SF minis being made elsewhere, though the individual sculpts are probably off the table (meaning any future licensee would need to work off different art).

Hey Steve,

you are mostly correct. As a general rule, we try not to issue exclusive contracts for anything but from time to time we do grant them. The ND license is non-exclusive and would not prohibit another company from producing miniatures for the line.

Gotta say, that is the best news I've heard during this whole situation. Even if Ninja Division somehow comes out with these at retail, I wouldn't buy them unless they were in the clearance bin. Hopefully, another company will someday get it done. One without all the baggage this company carries.

The art and stylistic design of the characters and races in Starfinder are inspired. I'd love to paint some eventually.

Silas Stadatilas wrote:

I asked before but I never got an answer about the license returning to Paizo or if Ninja Division still retains it.

It would be great to see another company get a crack at these. If they weren't resin it would be even better. I tend to break small resin gaming figures. Would be great if someone who makes plastic and/or metal got the license. I know the Pathfinder mini license is shared by two companies.

I'd like to know if the Ninja Division deal was exclusive, or if Paizo still has the rights necessary to let another company make Starfinder miniatures, as is the case with Pathfinder. I would guess that when 2 companies both license the same IP to make competing miniature lines, things could get contentious. Especially since this is such a new and niche IP. It's a very small market for 2 companies to share.

Still, if Ninja Division never delivers the KS figures to backers and then retail, it would end up being one company with the license and almost nothing but a few overpriced prepaint packs on store shelves. I really hope the license was not exclusive. Putting all the Starfinder's eggs into one basket seems insane considering ND is holding the basket.


Ah, already ninja'd by Sara Marie. Guessing we won't know for a while. 100% understandable. NDAs, legal considerations and businesses courtesies are par for the course. Fair enough.

Silas Stadatilas wrote:

Well, that thread does further the position of the folks arguing Paizo has a moral obligation as there are another two supportive posts for the kickstarter from the CCO/Publisher and one about the great deal this kickstarter is by the CEO. Both are on page two of the thread, the same page as Fumarole linked to.

So now we have two threads where the CCO/Publisher and the CEO have posted to support the kickstarter campaign prior to conclusion, am I missing more? Is there a thread where either or both the CCO/Publisher and the CEO address this kickstarter in any way after the campaign ended?

There's the discussion in the Paizo Blog about it. Paizo didn't jump to assure backers that all will be fine until after the project ended. There were a lot of warnings posted before the Kickstarter ended though.

https://paizo.com/community/blog/v5748dyo5lk78?Starfinder-Masterclass-Minia tures-Kickstarter#discuss

I suspect that Paizo really wanted both unpainted and prepainted minis from a single company for this line. Wizkids wasn't interested or just couldn't do it, Reaper probably had too much on their plate already to rush out prepaints (not their forte) in addition to the metal and plastic they normally make, and Ninja Division was blinded by desperation for any source of cash flow.

Ninja Division are experts at hyping up their abilities and making assurances they don't have the ability to honor. With few if any other options, and perhaps a little desperation as well, Paizo probably took what they could get. But to pick Ninja Division of all companies. Egad.

I dunno. Maybe prepaints weren't a factor. Maybe the sticking point was getting the figures into the market as quickly as possible. It could've been speed that made it impossible for WizKids and Reaper to add this to their product lines, or something completely different. But Ninja Division is NOT known for speed, working well as a licensee, smooth kickstarters or making prepaints.

To be completely honest, I'm surprised they produced and shipped anything at all. Some Starfinder backers and the Paizo shop already got more than SDE:L or Relic Knight backers are likely to ever get.

I only backed this for a buck so I could respectfully warn unsuspecting backers about all the red flags. Did what I could in spite of all the white knights who assured everybody it was going to be fine. Still, it actually did go better than I expected it would. Some people got something. Yay?

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This would have been a completely different experience if Paizo had been able to license Starfinder to WizKids or Reaper. I just hope this wasn't a case of Paizo having unrealistic expectations. Then, not hearing what they wanted from their old Pathfinder mini partners, picked Ninja Division because they told Paizo everything they wanted to hear.

That's what Ninja Division does to their backers, after all.

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So glad I stayed away from this mess. I just don't trust ND. Hope WizKids gets this licence eventually. Their unpainted plastic minis look fragile but I've yet to break anything from any of their unpainted line.

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Is there really a reefclaw encounter in this? That art has me jumping. I don't know why, but they are my all time favorite low level aquatic monster. I just love em. Looking forward to this.

Furdinand wrote:

I found out that my Humble bundle minis are delayed until later this year, so I checked to see how the KS is doing. The latest update is that six of the figures will ship in May. Which is ... not great. At that rate it would take years to fulfill.

Years to fulfill. That would make it a fairly normal Ninja Division kickstarter. I have a hunch that Paizo will put enough pressure on ND to make sure they fulfill this project before some of their older unfulfilled kicistarters.

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I'm still sad that neither WizKids nor Reaper got the Starfinder licence to make the minis. Looks like it will be pawns and proxies.

Zaister wrote:
Even Amazon reports Volume 2 in stock.

My copy of Worldscape Volume 2 was delivered on November 21.

Love this one. Zova has one of the most fascinating iconic character stories. Although the mini is going to be tough to paint, I can't wait to give it a go.

That tengu looks terrific. I also like the elf mystic. The cyclops might be nicer is a more aggressive pose but it's a fine figure. I'm a little surprised at how much I like the dressing pieces in this set. These are even nicer than the ones in the last couple sets.

They just posted a scale shot of the Bloodbrother. That thing is bad elf! If this was made by a company that I trusted I'd be all over it.

https://ksr-ugc.imgix.net/assets/018/800/097/12d78bc32707bbc65419f9fe4d4e27 96_original.jpg?w=639&fit=max&v=1508287039&auto=format&q=92 &s=e5120dd961cead9d5d654095a5cd2f1b

Marco Massoudi wrote:

You are offering some logical points.

Still, it feels bad to have more than 24 hours remaining and not any more Stretch Goals being offered.

They could still offer the next ones at a higher price than $360K - maybe a large "Dragonkin" mini (many people seem to want to play one) at $375K and the "Shirren Fleet" pack at $400K?

Also they plan on delivering the sculpts in three waves all through 2018.

I would expect this first Starfinder Kickstarter (of hopefully many more successful ones to come) to cover the entire CRB & AA and the next one (in 2019) to cover subsequent books like the other AP volumes & the Pact Worlds hardcover, maybe even AA 2. ;-)

Ah, I see your point. It is a little unusual that they don't have a big finale figure yet, but they still have time to toss out a last day stretch goal. Ninja Division may be approaching this with caution. Waiting to see how big the initial 48 hour push is before deciding how to cap off the kickstarter. The dollars have to be there.

I'd also like to see a more comprehensive mini selection, but that's probably impractical. Pathfinder has been a huge force in the RPG world with minis coming out for years and we still don't have figures for a lot of monsters and character races. My daughter plays a Firbolg cleric and she has to use a proxy mini. She doesn't mind at all. Perhaps it makes her character feel more unique or special. ^_^

I think they're probably offering all the figures they can afford to make with the amount of money they're getting. They could even be pushing it a little. After all, this isn't a million dollar plus KS.

If they manage to get out of the abyss of negativity they threw themselves into, and survive all of the refunds they're being hit with, I suspect they'll attempt a second Starfinder KS after this one fulfills. Not to mention they still have Super Dungeon Explore, Way of the Fighter, Relic Knights, and a Starfinder prepaint line to work on, all at the same time... in addition to this project.

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I do contribute positively to hobby. I support a long list of companies that have earned my trust (Paizo being one of my favorites). Soda Pop / Ninja Division used to be trustworthy as well, but they lost it. They did it themselves. If Reaper or WizKids had come out with Starfinder minis I'd buy box fulls of them to go with my boxes of metal, plastic and prepainted Pathfinder minis.

This has nothing to do with gamers not supporting the hobby. It's all about trust. I heavily support companies that maintain that trust and warn others against the ones that squander it. It's deceitful and unscrupulous companies that hurt this hobby.

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Ugh. Ninja Division. I'll go with pawns or proxy minis from better companies.

Marco Massoudi wrote:

ETA is next week, Soda Pop said they expect them this week in their store.

Thanks a bunch Marco!

Very interesting. Thanks Wrath.

Is there a ballpark ETA for these? There are quite a few really nice ones, but it would be great to have an rough idea of when we might get to paint them.

Does anybody know what the deal is with the resin Starfinder minis that are up for presale in the Paizo store? I thought the kickstarter was the preorder system for these figures..

Here's the link:
Go to Paizo Store Starfinder Minis

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It's a shame Reaper and WizKids turned down making these figures. I would've gotten so many Starfinder minis if they were made by a company I trust. No one can deny that Ninja Division has outstanding sculptors. Their figures are great, but they aren't worth the inflated prices. If that was the only issue I could understand Paizo choosing them, but Ninja Division is dishonest to their own supporters (I used to be one).

I have so many metal, PVC & prepainted figures for Pathfinder and absolutely love them. It looks like Starfinder will be a pawn only game until another company gets the license or makes passable proxy minis.

Soooo glad to see this coming out. I love the Grey Maidens and snatch up every mini of them I can find (gonna have to paint the Reaper ones now). Really looking forward to running this. The Runelords hardback was part of what convinced me to try out the Pathfinder RPG. I bought RotR right along with the core rules, RotR pawns, and bestiary 1. Gotta say, the price is high but I'll definitely get it.

I'm backing for 2 sets plus the troll lair. I'll add the risers, bridges, traps and possibly more lairs once they are unlocked. Looks ideal for caverns, goblin lairs and bandit hideouts. I know it's a mine themed dungeon tile set but I'm not actually interested in the track pieces.

Here's what we will be getting for $75 after a couple more unlocks (ours will be unpainted):
Core Set

FattyLumpkin wrote:
I like it but with a map on only one side I will pass.

Same here. I won't be buying any one sided flip maps.

They aren't making these better because they don't want to upset people who bought the one sided map? Where's the progress in that? If Paizo is going to remake something, then make it better. That's like saying they won't correct errata in their books because the first print owners would be offended. It's a backwards mentality. Paizo should ALWAYS look for ways to up their game. That's how they'll keep customers loyal.

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Vic Wertz wrote:
CorallineAlgae wrote:
The Beginner Box is terrific. This book is terrific. Paizo, please take that next step and reorganize the Core book. You don't have to change the rules, just make them easier to find. I started playing D&D 30 years ago. These games aren't new to me. You have a great product. It's all in the delivery. This book proves that you can present rules in a clear manner. Well done. The Strategy guide was worth the long wait.
I explained why that's not likely to happen anytime soon about halfway back through the thread.

I see. Well, considering that isn't an option, it makes the Strategy guide that much more indispensable. I love the game. The Beginner Box was the only way to make it accessible to my kids. This looks like it will help them get through many levels of play.

Hopefully, by the time we finish RotR and start on another AP, the Core Rulebook won't seem like such a rubik's cube. Giving new or young players an easier path into the game system was a good move. My kids will finally be able to gain mid-levels without having to decide between dozens of scattered confusing options, and they will still be able take their heroes in the direction they prefer. Mad props to the developers of this book.

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I've had the book for a few days and I definitely like it. My kids and I started with the core rulebook, got thoroughly confused, bought the Beginner Box, had a great time, and started on Rise of the Runelords.

The Core rulebook is confusing as hell. It's as if Paizo tried to make important info difficult to find. A rewrite of the core book would make Pathfinder much easier to learn.

The Beginner Box is terrific. This book is terrific. Paizo, please take that next step and reorganize the Core book. You don't have to change the rules, just make them easier to find. I started playing D&D 30 years ago. These games aren't new to me. You have a great product. It's all in the delivery. This book proves that you can present rules in a clear manner. Well done. The Strategy guide was worth the long wait.

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Wowzers. I ordered this in 2013.
Didn't expect to be getting my preorder in 2015.
I'm expecting it to be very well organized after so many delays. If it's filled with errata it'll be my last preorder.

Will this be available on June 25, 2015? That seems like a long lead time.

mechaPoet wrote:
With all these posts touting excitement for a rare 1st ed. misprint, I'm not convinced this isn't a finely tuned marketing scheme with an in-depth understanding of nerd brains.

I agree. I'm not at the point in Pathfinder where I could really use this book but I'm thinking about buying this just because of the epic misprint. This seems like nerd manipulation at it's best. You just gotta love stuff like this.

I pre-ordered this in 2013. I just hope I'll have it in my hands before 2015. It looks incredibly useful.

They just started selling them at ReaperCon. They have a few pictures in a couple threads but here's one.
http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/54568-reapercon-surprise-bones -learn-to-paint-kit/

Her quiver rocks! I'd love to have a mini wearing a quiver like a gun holster.

Liz Courts wrote:
CorallineAlgae wrote:
Will Paizo be making a reprint of this? I'd love to have a physical copy of it. Pathfinder goblins are so interesting and fun. It would be a shame to have this missing from my collection.
We don't have any plans to reprint at this time.

Understandable. Thank you for answering. Considering the price of this pamphlet on the secondary market I think the PDF will do.

Is there another goblin supplement you would recommend that's still in print? My daughter loves loves loves Pathfinder goblins and I'd like to get her a book on them to go with the plushies.

After reading the list I'll definitely be adding these to my other sets. I'm very excited about this list.

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This isn't a dummies guide, it's a "kid friendly" guide. Nothing wrong with this at all. I have two kids ages 12 & 14 who I hope will get a lot of use from this. I plan on using this to help them transition from the Beginner Box to the core rules. It isn't meant for every Pathfinder player any more than the BB was made for every player. Whatever makes the game/rules more accessible to more players is a win for the hobby. Heck, I'll probably use this book and I started playing 29 years ago.

Will Paizo be making a reprint of this? I'd love to have a physical copy of it. Pathfinder goblins are so interesting and fun. It would be a shame to have this missing from my collection.

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