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Tablescapes Dungeons - Modular RPG Dungeons by Secret Weapon

Tablescapes Dungeons are modular, hand-sculpted dungeon tiles with an integral 1x1" grid system designed for gamers. With your help we will produce them in a highly durable, non-toxic grey PVC specially formulated to capture the incredible detail of our sculpts. The sets will be sold un-painted.

Each set will have over 85 tiles for $75. Add-ons include Reaper paints and Reaper Bones miniatures. Game tiles can be used for cavern, dungeon, and mine setups. r-rpg-dungeons-by-secre/description

I'm backing for 2 sets plus the troll lair. I'll add the risers, bridges, traps and possibly more lairs once they are unlocked. Looks ideal for caverns, goblin lairs and bandit hideouts. I know it's a mine themed dungeon tile set but I'm not actually interested in the track pieces.

Here's what we will be getting for $75 after a couple more unlocks (ours will be unpainted):
Core Set

Sovereign Court

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