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Friday updates are happy updates.

Insane KillMaster wrote:
*makes ridiculously bad joke about preparing to migrate to another country.*

It's the hip thing to do.

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I for one am like the stuff for Andromeda. It feels like they took the good ideas from the series so far and putting this in, really promising. Hoping for an even better ME3 style multiplayer. That got rather addicting.

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DnD or Dungeons and dragons as a general term for rpgs.

Went to a convention and got a nifty $10 voucher for the Paizo store. Will post tomorrow.

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I like that kind of world Tact. You gave me a damn good inspiration for my world.

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I don't apologise for anything as usual.

Coriat wrote:
Conservative Anklebiter wrote:
Never seen a union try to destroy another union.
I'm not a labor history expert, but my impression is that clashes between unionized police and unionized non-police (or trying-to-unionize non-police) are only barely less common than dirt.

I guess that goes for autoworkers, truckers, and teachers as well with non-unions

Never seen a union try to destroy another union. Well it is California I believe, which was us funny on a hypocritical sort of way.

Fentar Palomine wrote:

I sharpen my sword and stand around trying to look like I do this stuff all the time.


Villagers seem to stay away from you, not wanting trouble from the outsider. A few local kids don't mind and play around you with a simple ball, kicking it around.

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Burgerpants wrote:
I need an avatar for this alias. Suggestions?

Anything you want.

For Lorelei Eyes Only :D:
Go ahead. I'm also going to look up what you found out from the villagers real quick.

The rest of the dinner is rather uneventful. The Count and the Baron trade some conversation that goes nowhere. You end the night with full bellies, but sadly such meals afterward seem oddly sporadic and unimportant.

After a few days travel you arrive at a small port village , your first stop in the Segang being at a local hunting lodge in the village ,where Count Matsanda hires an elephant, a mahout (elephant driver), and a dozen porters. The elephant seems well past its prime, but it’s the only suitable mount available at the lodge, so Matsanda takes it.

There is some downtime as the proper paper work is being finished before you go out. Here you may gather any more supplies or question and bother the local populace of the Jalmeray citizenry (Diplomacy or Knw.Local). On the outskirts of the jungle, you see the jungle beckoning.

Post coming later today.

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*Laugh track plays in background*

Pedantic Pundit, The wrote:
219. Have them all go into politics.

Comrade Anklebiter yells that to his children... does he even have children?

The EU doesn't decide crap I thought. It's like a less effective UN, which is pretty low in that ladder already.

Is pulling a boy or a girl. Never new my brother(?) was a crossdresser

Ouch! Get better soon.

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Very good. Working, doing a PFS game under me in the forums. College and ROTC every other time.

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Comrade Anklebiter wrote:
Conservative Anklebiter wrote:
Comrade and Conservative are our first names.
My first name is "Doodlebug."

I forget you have multi-personality disorder, carry on.

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I already answered that earlier Tactilson.

Will post soon, feel free to Rp amongst yourselves as well.

Happy Halloween!


"You can get any other supplies at the lodge, any beasty that may be or sickness that maybe developed in the Segang is known there. I have experience with this Tiger. I've stumbled upon it before," Baron Rudyahm’s face grows stern as he recalls bygone events. "There were four of us on that trip, plus a half dozen porters or so. It was our seventh day in the bush. We’d had a bad day hunting on the trail, so we split off to the west to follow a little stream deeper into the jungle. The tiger came for us that night, despite our campfires. He must have been young to be so bold. I never saw most of the carnage. All I could hear were screams, gunshots, and men begging for help in the darkness.

"With the gun smoke and the darkness, I could barely see the end of my musket. Something took a right nasty bite out of my leg, but I wheeled and unloaded my gun in its direction. I must have only clipped it, yet that was enough to startle the beast. The only glimpse I caught was its striped haunch and tail bleeding as it ran off into the darkness. I managed to limp my way out of the jungle on my one good leg, and that was the end of it. Ah, but we’re going to catch that stripey bastard this time, eh? We’ll give him what for this time around."

Count Matsanda and some of the others around servers all sort of stay silent on the matter, pausing briefly to listen before continuing on.

Will post soon. If you are having trouble with IRL, don't worry, everyone does. Our lives are busy. I've got school, a job, and ROTC and I find it difficult too. Just hang in there and everything will be alright ;D

Everything okay?

Still waiting.

You hear nothing of the sort except the rocking of the water on the boat and the clanging of dishes in the kitchen. Nothing out of the ordinary and everyone seems to be pretty okay. The Baron seems true on his words of hunting the Tiger, and is rather determined in voice.

“Tigers are territorial. If we find our way back to its hunting grounds, there’s a good chance we’ll run across it before too long,” he says sipping a glass of fine wine, " We'll have several guides and helpers as we push inward, along with elephant."

Ten minutes after the last of you arrive, the ship sets sail from the Absaloms harbor, guided out by the small vessels through the ship graveyard below the water. Once out of the inlet, the ship quickly begins to speed through the water while the city fades in the distance.

Later in the night, you sit down to dinner with the Baron, along with the count seated not too far away, "Please sit and relax, eat your fill," Rudyahm says from the head of the table.

"The Venture-Captain said very well of them," Count Matsanda adds.

The meal consists of various cuisines from the area around Alkenstar and Garundi, all excellently prepared by top-notch chefs aboard the vessel.

"The pleasure is mine to have members of the Society aiding in this hunt. You'll find it to be rather exciting. You are all welcome below deck to set up quarters, the crew will show you to them. Later, you are all invited to attend a dinner tonight, it shall be most wonderful," he says with a sincere smile, "I believe one more of your people have yet to arrive. Alert us when and we shall set sail."

He begins to walk towards starboard, limping slightly with aid of his cane.

It's alright. :D

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Ya gonna ask them questions.

Just post it when you are teddy, take your time.

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Comrade and Conservative are our first names.

Lay it on me.

Continuing onward if ready.

You all arrive at the docks early in the morning, arriving at a fine vessel flying Alkenstar colors. As you walk up the gangplank, a handsome, dark-skinned Garundi gentleman of advancing years, with a thick black mustache and graying hair at his temples greets you. He walks with a prominent limp, and carries a finely crafted walking cane to help him amble about.

"Hail to you agents of the Pathfinder Society, we have been expecting you," he smiles, with a polite nod of greeting, "I am Baron Bomande Rudyahm of Alkenstar, it is a pleasure to meet you all."

Hype as hype for RWBY Volume 4

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KingmanHighborn wrote:
Cheliax - Imperial Germany or a blend of all of the Imperialist European world. (Or America if ran by Republicans.)

Of course, and Galt must be the cherished liberal utopia.

Farael the Fallen wrote:
Is Donald Trump behind the conspiracy? Is he the Illuminati King? HOW FAR DOES THIS CONSPIRACY GO????

You know it was funny until you showed up. thanks for ruining the joke.

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Hype for Red Dead 2

Thomas Seitz wrote:


I think your goblin elections also involved fire right?


I figure you'd approve.

Pretty much. That, and what he said is through rose colored (don't think I'm saying this right) glasses. There has been plenty of discourse in American politics. Goblin politics as well.

Thomas Seitz wrote:
I prefer Galavant for musicals.

Now Gallivant, that is something I like.

Sure. I'd also say just as a slight spoiler, 3 vials should be enough if it comes to that. You all are playing tier one, you should be okay.

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The musical Grease sucks anyway. It's not like it will drastically go up or down in quality anyway.

Wait, isn't Grease one of the better low level spells to have?

Kobald Krump wrote:
I could tell you some things about #Nasty Anklebiter's whole family, for instance, Comrade Anklebiter—he's a socialist. A lot of people don't know that, that Comrade Anklebiter is extremely left-leaning, very extreme. My opponent, #Nasty Conservative Anklebiter, has a very, very left-leaning brother, and he's—who knows? Who knows? He won't release his paid speeches to the Thistletop goblins! Who knows? I don't know, maybe he was on Sandpoint's side the whole time. I'm not saying he is, I'm saying it's very, very possible.

Kobold Krump, likes to Krump as you can tell. Unfortunately he sucks at it.

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