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You all have been summoned to the Grand Lodge in Absalom by the ever well mustached Venture-Captain Ambrus Valsin. There, you are escorted to his office, “Ah, Falroun, these are the agents I was telling you about,”Ambrus Valsin says. “Pathfinders, welcome! May I introduce Count Falroun Matsanda of Alkenstar.” He gestures across his desk to a tall Garundi man with short black hair and goldrimmed spectacles.

Valsin’s guest stands and offers his hand in greeting as he speaks “It is a true pleasure to meet you. I have purchased several antiquities from your Society in the past, and I have always wondered about the people who acquire such treasures. I must say, you do not disappoint!”

Valsin smiles at the compliment before continuing, “Agents, your next mission will take you to the island of Jalmeray. We’ve received reports that the ruins of a previously unknown temple have been found in a part of the Segang Jungle known as the Urapangi Lowlands. From its location, I think this temple could be one of those abandoned by the legendary Maharaja Khiben- Sald when he left Jalmeray over four thousand years ago. A temple untouched since Khiben-Sald’s time would be a major find for the Society. Of course, getting to Jalmeray on such short notice poses some difficulties.”

“I believe that’s where I come in,” the count interjects,“I’m arranging a hunting expedition to Jalmeray for myself and my new father-in-law, Baron Bomande Rudyahm. Bomande was quite the sportsman in his day. However, some years ago he was wounded during a tiger hunt in the Segang Jungle. He’s been grumbling about getting revenge on the beast for so long that I thought taking him on a trip back to Segang might earn me some credit with the old man.”

Ambrus Valsin continues: “Falroun has graciously offered to provide transport to and from Jalmeray and to outfit us with everything we need for our journey into the jungle. In exchange, you’re going to help his father-in-law, the baron, with this tiger hunt and make sure he gets the better of the beast this time around, as it were. You’ll have time to discuss the details of the hunt during your voyage to Jalmeray.”

“A voyage for which I must make some final arrangements,”
adds Falroun, “I’m afraid I must depart. Once again, it is a pleasure to meet you. I look forward to our journey together.” With a nod, he exits the room.

As the count’s footsteps recede down the hall, Ambrus Valsin’s smile fades from his face. “Ordinarily, the Society would cover the costs of an expedition like this. However, our resources are stretched thin at the moment thanks to our campaigns in Varisia and the Worldwound. Until such time as those ventures pay off, we’re going to have to rely on people like Count Matsanda to cover some of our operating expenses. I’m trusting you with the Society’s reputation on this mission. Fulfill our end of this bargain by helping the baron bag his tiger, and try to make nice with at least one of these nobles. Now, unless you have any questions about this temple, go get your affairs in order. Your ship sails in the morning.”

Feel free to ask questions, as well you all have time to pack your gear and supply yourself. The boat leaves tomorrow.

Discussion open :D

Hello everyone, Im interested in possibly running a game of PFS. The Scenario would be #6-08 The Sea Gang Expedition Tier 1-5.

Looking for about 4-6 players that will be willing to play and have at least one post a day. Be at mind that this is my first Pbp game I have done so there will be some growing pains.

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Hello, well, fancy seeing me here. I just recently started to do a campaign of Hell's rebels as the GM and have gotten through maybe half of the first book, with my party sitting at level 4.

The current composition is a stock Fighter, an Evangelist Cleric of Shelyn, a stock Ranger, and some sort of Magus that throws cards at people. All characters are made with a 20 pb. However I noticed something pretty big today that started to really show itself.

The Magus was obliterating encounters pretty quick and damn near never missed. We fought the tooth fairies today and out of eight, he took out six. Earlier encounters had him literally owning the lemurs and the gremlins in quick order.

Maybe I'm panicking too much. Right now the party has only taken on random mooks with no name, but I feel more and more like if I don't give a challenge to him, it may be easy mode for some time, but I also don't want to make it too hard for anybody else or make it feel like I'm targeting him as that would be terrible.


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As the title goes. I'd would like to know as I'd like to possibly be a back up GM at my store. As well, I'll be going off soon to college and would like to know how to set one up in the area.

Hello. This is a place to ask me questions and things. Goblin things.

Hello, currently I'm just starting an Skulls and Shackles Game with this character. I was wondering what should I do as I level up? Now,I can't just start the character from the ground up at this point. Right now, I am looking for stuff to make him better.

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Hello, so I have this cleric of Shelyn for a Kingmacker campaign. She is a half-orc artist, happily attuned with her goddess. I'll post her crunch later, but for right now, what can I do RP wise to help spruce things up?

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Hello. I just got into a Rise of the Rune Lords campaign with a Kitsune Ninja. I was thinking of after leveling up a bit, to multi-class into bard with the Giesha archetype, but we already have a bard. I'll give a link to the profile.


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Hello, currently I have two characters that are lvl 5 that i made for a different game, but were not recruited to play. I don't want to get rid of them with out playing them, so I was wondering if anyone out there can help set up something with a few others and GM?

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Hey, I'm not sure how to join one of these online campaigns. Do I have create a new character (I've only got society ones). What's the process, and how does it work?