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Astrianna Sparacello wrote:

I'm a little surprised glibness gives such a high bonus to bluff, last 10 min/lvl, AND allows one to bypass magical truth-telling, but it's bard-only so I'll take what I can get. I'm pretty sure Boneduece used it against us at one point, the slippery snake.

"Me use such an unfair spell?"

"Do you plan to rename the Baron?" He asks half disinterested.

"Make sure you enchant the decks with your fiddle." He stands up to conclude business. "I don't want to keep you from your purchase. good evening."

Sorrin the Wayward wrote:

Ask and ye shall... Well, you know the rest.

We can assume Ptahh's situation was handled previously, and Astrianna can pay it all out?

yes, assume it was handled privately before the transaction. so if the price was 9600 divided by 5 = 1920 each. Remember you'll have some docking fees. I need to see which ship that I ahve best fits the layout and stats for the Baron.


Baron of the Tide:

This sleek darkwood freighter once belonged to the infamous smuggler Baron Desmond Shade. After his capture on the high seas through the joint efforts of Bonedeuce’s Pride and the Albatross – followed by Shade’s summary execution – the Dragoons now own the Baron of the Tide. Gregory Bonedeuce seeks to sell the ship. The Baron handles extremely well (+4 circumstance bonus on Profession [sailor] checks) and is faster than any other ship on the Razor save Quell’s Whore; however, the vessel lacks armament and lacks the endurance to withstand major attack.

Sorrin the Wayward wrote:

Sorrin nods, pleased. Commandant, Sir. When will the harbourmaster be informed, or shall we deliver a note from you ourselves with your seal, of course.

We will need our crew to start moving to The Baron of the Tides, if we can begin that process tonight, we'll pick up the day's docking fees.

"When I get paid in gemstones and coin as Lady Astri mentioned that she had, I'll give you my sealed transfer of ownership." he replies to Sorrin.


All eyes are on Sorrina and Ptahh two "newer" members that have not been to the fort previously. When Astri speaks the commandant listens intently. "we are indeed looking to sell that ship and ordinarily I'd want to haggle and beat your will against the cliff, but you're a damn fine fiddler and you've looked into some concerns that I've had. I'll see it sold for $9,800."

He looks under his nails, he seems somewhat bored already. "I didn't see that thief, Karskor Thul with oversight? That fool broke into
Barrison Hargrove’s residence, I'm getting pressure to find him and we don't don't want Hargrove embarrassed by that event."

The slider scraps shut and 15-minutes later one door opens and you are lead into the tent in the middle of the grounds.

Map inside Fort Stormshield

*I used an old map, I did not change out the token that were used previously.

There are four guards there, then the Commandant and his escort arrives. Most of you will recognize Commander and sorcerer Aeron Chamber and the the Commandant, Gregory Boneduece arrive.

"Good to see you. I heard you are interested in purchasing the Baron of the Tides, is that correct?

Astrianna Sparacello wrote:

Astrianna listens to the story of the Ring with great interest, and it would be clear to Boneduece she is making a chronicle of the matter in her head. "I see. A fabulous story, though I can tell it The remnants of a dying group. I will not consider them much of a threat then. This Jacob Razor wouldn't happen to be a relation of Bethany Razor, would it?"

She peeks out of the carriage and smiles at the sight of the large home, momentarily wracking her brain for the architectural style... Her thoughts are interrupted as the coachman informs the Commandant he has business, and she sighs dejectedly. Had I known he was just going to run off to work, I would have went with everyone else.

The half-elf teases him as he leaves. "I see why you have no time for fiddling lessons. Or any lessons." She bids him farewell. "Another time, perhaps, if you can find a day when there isn't a crisis- I'm staying at the Green Dragon."

She ponders her destination, and addresses the driver. "Would you be comfortable taking me to Barret's Barnacle? I have some business to conduct there. I understand if you don't wish to be driving around the Tide district at night."

Edit: Almost forgot

Astrianna also requests the Commandant send her the writ they will be using to conduct their search for Thul. She can pick it up from the Fort or it can be delivered to her room at the Green Dragon.

"Jacob Razor was Bethany's husband." He scribbles a quick limited writ permitting your hunt down and capture Thul.

When he finishes his story the carriage stops at his large home. The door opens and the coachman announces that Commander Chambers has urgent business at the fort. With that news, the Commandant will bid his farewell and tell his driver to take you anywhere you desire to go.

Astri you can make a sense motive check.

"We got word of where Garr Bloodbane was going to be. Razor suggested his fast running man-o-war, Razor’s Edge, team up with me when I commanded the Pride. With no time to gather a fleet, we engaged Garr in the bedlam of battle. By the end of it, Pride was crippled and Garr’s Dark Lady rested below the waves. Garr Bloodbane himself met death on Razor’s sword during a brief boarding action. Unfortunately, Jacob Razor was killed by the pirate-king in a last desperate strike. So then died the Ring." He shakes his head, it's obvious that he doesn't like to talk about this dreadful battle.

"This secret society is something of legend in the town. Folks talk about this Ring" he finger quotes the word "but what I've found out is its a bunch of hoodlums or small gangs trying to appear to be more than they are not. The use of fear. He chuckles, "I've arrested plenty of alleged Ring members and they all crack into sniveling little babies under questioning." He rubs is chin, "The real Ring died out years ago when Jacob Razor rammed his sword in Pirate-King Garr Bloodbane. I know, I commanded one of the two ships that cornered Garr."

He playfully teases the bard as the carriage rumbles down the road. "The man is resourceful he'll get t the bottom of the mystery. We actually thought Bonegnaw was behind the disappearances, turned out he wasn't. That ledger was helpful and the gnoll did get quite talkative. Went so far as to say he had about 6000 gold that somehow turned up missing and he was crushed to when his drugs went into the ocean."

"I've an apiary just out of the city and the bees produce the most tantalizing raspberry with a hint of huckleberry honey you've ever tasted." He takes picks ups a bowl of honey with honey dip from the carriage ledge, then drizzles it over your nose, chin and neck. he moves in slowly then kisses your pouty lips before he tastes the honey.

Astri the carriage coahcmen is accompanied by driver. You see two gaurd near the rear of the enclosed carriage. the coahcman open the door and greets the tow of you taking you and hand assisting you onto the carriage. The commandant enters after you. he sits and immediately pours tow glass of champagne. He clinks your glass, "To pleasure."

The commandant carefully places his fiddle back into it's case, "I underestimated your talents, I left concerto at home, I won't make that mistake a second time." He takes Astri's hand. "I do hope you don't need to be anywhere in the early morning, I fear we will be tuckered out." He winks.

"An evening with me will open the world."

The song ends to much clamor, the Commandant smiles, "Well done well done."

Several people in the crowd place coin in the Astri's fiddle case, while offering their thanks. You noticed that nobody dared to put a coin in the Commandant's case.

platinum: 1d10 + 1 ⇒ (8) + 1 = 9
gold: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (6) + 5 = 11

"So I was thinking would you like to join me at my home for a nightcap. My carriage is just outside."

♪ ♪ ♪ ♫"The devil opened up his case and he said: "I'll start this show." And fire flew from his fingertips as he rosined up his bow.

And he pulled the bow across his strings and it made an evil hiss.
Then a band of demons joined in and it sounded something like this.

When the devil finished, Astri said: "Well you're pretty good ol' son.
"But sit down in that chair, right there, and let me show you how its done."
♫♪ ♪ ♪ ♫

He makes a small adjustment to his D string and nods. when the song is over he says, "Let's play one more and light this place up."

I was lucky she twanged that last cord.

he begins to saw furiously on his fiddle.

preform: 1d20 + 18 ⇒ (17) + 18 = 35

The pace is so fast and complicated, it appears as if his fiddle is ablaze. The entire crowd is hooting and stamping tot he beat.

Many members of the crowd get up stomping and dancing to the up tempo song. The Commandant raises an eyebrow to Astri's fiery bow. 'so you want it under my chin do you....keep up."

perform fiddle: 1d20 + 18 ⇒ (6) + 18 = 24


One of his strings appear slightly loose from his plucking.

She's good...perhaps...

The crowd claps politely to the fidling, but as they drink more they want more lively fiddling. A few people get up to dance.

Astri another perform check.

The Commandant pace picks up as he immediately transitions into a quick tempo tune. As he uses the fiddle like guitar. "Keep up."

perform fiddle: 1d20 + 18 ⇒ (8) + 18 = 26

His rolls have been terrible.

The commandant picks up his fiddle and plucks a few cords, adjusting the sound a bit. "Let's ease the crowd into it, they're still dining." he smiles. Then his hand majestically works the bow.

perform fiddle: 1d20 + 18 ⇒ (8) + 18 = 26

The music warms the airs.

"I fear he has already pawned the artwork so I doubt that it will be retrieved. It's some stupid looking fish or something. the questioning of the thief is what I'm really concerned about. Who knows if he has any other foolish associated."

"We'll pay for alive. If you find he's dead, well that is no use to me but I'll be open to Astri's idea of a favor or information." You get that he is more concerned about the common thief breaking into a mansion then the stolen object.

So Astri it's time for use to fiddle some.

"We lost track of him, he sometime hung out at the Barnacle but when I sent a squad by, they hadn't seen him." He sips some wine. "Well if you can bring him back for questioning I'll pay 3000 gold" He smiles. "I'll give you another writ to locate this person."

"Do not fret Priestess, it was I who overstepped. That was no way for a host to talk to his guest. I check with my squad leaders to see if they've found anything out, or at lest some clues." He holds out his glass to drink in friendship.

"Scrimshaw is a commonly used by most around here. Bone is plentiful and it lets ensures no part of the animal is wasted."

"I've have a situation that could use should I say this...talents. See some foolish thief going by the name of Karskor Thul broke into Barrison Hargrove's residence and stole a piece of art. How embarrassing if it would get out that a common thief made off with this scrimshaw." He looks at Chell. 'I know it's only scrimshaw art and it's not a life, but crime happens even to the wealthy. Now, if you could track him down and bring him back for questioning that would be greatly appreciated by everyone."

"The Dragoons were created by the governing body, the Lodge, so they are public servants."

cire and togue:

You've lived in the port long enough to have a different assessment of the Dragoons. You think quite a few are nothing better than sellswords and pirates now on permanent payroll.

He regains his composure. "I'm not trying to be harsh, but I have lots of responsibility much of which people simply take for granted." He sips his wine. "In fact," he pauses, "that is why I wanted to dine with you tonight. First to thank you, but also, to ask for assistance."

Before Chell and Sorrin can leave the Commandant replies to Chell.

"It can be frustrating Priestess and I humbly apologize if I seemed insensitive discussing taxed resources. You are right this is fine establishment that has rules and order, such as: a dress code. However, this is a place of business and trade. Money that is generated here supports families, and ensure there are basic systems like a failing sewer system, fresh water, sanitation, and other valuable resources enjoyed by the community." He pauses dramatically. "We have over 21,000 residents in Port Shaw and at any given time a few thousand visitors and sailors. Unfortunately, I only have 100 men, or so, at any given time in the city. Plus, a few hundred men out on a couple patrol ships to cover the entire coast and ocean. I protect against slavers, drug traffickers, and pirates with a woefully inadequate force. Where would you like me to pull off a dozen men from? Who then should go unprotected? Perhaps, we can go to them this evening and you explain why your needs are more important than their needs. Oh, and please do not forget to tell those you choose that your clergy had powerful magic to defend themselves but somehow that wasn't enough. I'm sure the local baker or fishmonger will understand."

He stops and takes a deep breath, "Answer me this, why would a priest of priestess choose to wander off - by themself or in small groups - in the middle of country that is inhabited by an assortment of beasts, and tribes that want nothing to do with us - or in Quells case, simply for your religion? Remember most natives would like nothing more than to push us all back into the sea....we've already fought several wars, yet we barely hang onto this port."

He notices everyone's expression then states, "Some tribes and people don't want to convert and frankly, it would not be surprising to learn if your rural members were killed by natives, or eaten by them, or some sort of wild monster that goes boo in the night. Yes...I see the horror in your eyes...there are many cannibalistic things out there. Quell was brought to them, not the other way around. They predated us. Ponder that...some folks simply don't want to be converted and are resentful, old customs are hard to break." He shrugs, "Any of those beasts that Bonegnaw gathered as his pets would be happy to devour a priest., don't you agree?"

He takes a forkful of veal and eats it.

Ossobuco is one of my favorite dishes.

"South of Black Bear Forest, I'm afraid, near Shark's Folly." Looking at Chell, "We are taxed with resources but if anyone can unravel the mystery it's the Lt. Commander."


bluff: 1d20 + 21 + 10 ⇒ (5) + 21 + 10 = 36

The next course of braised ossobuco, onion, carrots in rich dark gravy is served along with a deep crimson wine.

The commandant shakes his head disappointingly "I wish there was more, I heard of another disappearance and sent Lt Commander Perrin out to investigate the matter yesterday. It's such a shame." He adjusts his hat on head. "So this Bonegnaw had quite a collection of creatures. I fought a girillon once, nasty business that was, nasty."

Sense motive check

"Torgue do try this dish, the portions are heartier." He smiles.

Boneduece listens to Astri, it's a ho-hum accounting, he shrugs. Fortunately she can fiddle better than relay a story. Thought she'd be a bit more lively...sounds like one of my sergeants giving a report. But she does look good...just don't talk. The Commandant politely acknowledges the ending and then turns to Chell. "Oh, yes thank you...thank you someone who appreciates an obligation."

The Commandant bows slightly towards individuals being introduced. He listens to Astri's commentary. "I would be pleased to listen to your accounting." He takes his seat at the head of the table and waves his hand, the waiters begin to clear the table and the next round of dishes are quickly placed.

"I see you brought your fiddle...very good. For now, lets listen to those two while we dine, drink and chat."

After listening to the fiddling for 20 or 30 minutes and sampling the small appetizers and drink you the Commandant appears from a doorway. He works the room shaking hands and making idle chit-chat and after a few minutes he is standing before your table. "Welcome...welcome, I do apologize for being tardy. Pressing business."

You notice a ship captain from a vessel that is at the docks. If you remember right it was from some remote country that neighbors some desert across the sea.

You don't notice anything unusual or recognize anything unusual.

"Sargent Lorag is the goaler and Salem Vin is my inquisitor any prisoners can be turned over to them or Commander Chambers." He takes a deep breath, "Good day." He turns and walks off to his right.

The inquisitor smiles at the thought of prisoner brought back alive. The Commandant, "Yes, alive works well." He scribbles a quick note on parchment and stamps it with wax and his ring. "Should a dragoon patrol come across you this evening, this writ should assist you." He slides it across the table. "You wouldn't want to be caught with dragonsmoke or any other drug."

To Astri the Cammandant replies, "Well, it seems like you've been busy since arriving at Port Shaw. How fortunate for us." His finger on his upper lip. "My inquisitor was able to get a descriptions of recent purchasers, and some we have the name of the the two top suppliers, a human named Garreg Meldenbourne within the city. Then there is a nasty gnoll by the name of Bonegnaw."

"Reliable information has revealed a shipment is coming in at the Crook Back Pier by barge. It would be nice to break that up and find Bonegnaw's hideout."

His eyes twinkle, "Get to the bottom of this and you can be my guest for dinner at the Kraken's Gullet."

Chell Silves wrote:
"I can certainly understand Commandant. I just wanted to make sure you understood the importance of this, especially with were-creatures threatening the city. With Archibald Noeliss and Dalang Jalamar missing your defenses have taken quite the hit. They were the only ones powerful enough to cure the disease. No offense," she says to Father Zalen. "Thankfully we still have a while till the full moon. If they are going to act it will most likely be then. During the full moon, for those newly infected, the change is unconscious. They don't even remember what happened because the predator takes over completely. Just one moon-crazed were-creature can throw a whole town in disarray. If they are organizing something then I can't even imagine how bad it will be. Give me two hours though and I can give you a scroll for detecting the disease. Just about any cleric can use it and it should last 50 min. You should be able to get most of the town in one sweep and certainly your entire force just in case." Friendly warning rendered, Chell is now ready to leave too.

"Of course, if you can provide us that resource we would be happy to take it."

Chell Silves wrote:

I guess I'll find out when the full moon is later.

When the others are done Chell steps forward. "Commandant Bonedeuce," she says with a small bow. "My name is Chell Silves. I am a priestess of Quell and have recently been transferred here to help look into the disappearances of the followers of Quell in the area. Father Zalen told me what he could but he has been far to busy with the extra load of work with so many gone. I was wondering what you and your when were doing to help and what you may have found out about the disappearances. Anything you could offer would be of great help," she says smiling pleasantly at the end.

As the officers thank Bri, who then begins to back away the young priestess steps forward with her announcement. The gentlemen stop and listen. Her tone about what the dragoons were doing to help is quite pointed in nature. The Commandant nods politely, "Welcome priestess, as I've told Father Zalen, finding out what happened to Father Archibald is important to us. we are sorely taxed with resources to locate other missing followers outside of Port Shaw but the problems has been brought to our attention." He glances over at Father Zalen. "As you know, the illegal drug trade needs to be stamped inquisitor has recently found out about a drop that is suppose to happen tonight. We further found out that my have stumbled upon the source of these drugs during with his work with the community. As you know the father was active in helping folks raise above their addictions." He lets the information sink in.

I assume this has everyone's attention and you all would have stopped to listen. "Unfortunately, one of our most prized ships and crew, lead by Lt Commander Trey Perrin must depart Port today, so we are a bit shorthanded to track down this 'new' lead, is that something you can offer?"

My post was eatened. Grrr


bluff, glib: 1d20 + 21 + 20 ⇒ (10) + 21 + 20 = 51
bluff,glib: 1d20 + 18 + 20 ⇒ (3) + 18 + 20 = 41

The Commandant waits for the response to his question.

"Sir, that tulitan was released yesterday...once he calmed down." the blood smocked man replies earnestly.

The Commandant holds up his palms, "Oh dear, I wish I could have been more helpful but my inquisitor ensures me that the man was released." He picks up his glass and takes a sip. "I do need to be going is there any other business today?"

This conversation is absolutely convincing.

The Commandand listens to AStri's request patiently. then plances his thumb and forefinger on his chin, "Interesting." with a subtle glance he looks over a the man in the blood stained smock, then at Commander Chambers. "do we have this tulitan in the cells?"

Sense motive check if you have it.

Boneduece listens intently then looks to the man in the blood stained smock, unspoken words pass between the two of them. "Fine, Grymmer Reefstead will be held for questioning and his testimony will be forthcoming. Grymmer Reefstead you will confess your crimes."

He looks around the group, "After Grymmer is thoroughly questioned, I will send my inquisitor" he motions to the man in the blood covered smock, "to the village to further investigate this matter. Harok McFarrow will be released if the new evidence stands."

he sips some cool lemonade, "Is there any other business you'd like to address today?'


perception: 1d20 + 19 ⇒ (15) + 19 = 34

"Lady Astri it's pleasure seeing you again. I'm sure you must be bit tired from your deeds of heroism for certainly House Sparacello, Magistrates of Cassomir, knows the difference between Commander Chambers official status and my official rank." He gestures, his tone firm yet eloquent, as he politely corrects the gaff. "You bring forth Grymmer Reefstead- who you allege is a kidnapper, murderer, madman, and were-shark. What evidence do you present?" He pauses a second and looks over all the guests. "Let it be known that those offering evidence shall speak truth for all lies are dealt with harshly." He flicks his wrist towards one of the crucified men.

Each man in the tent stare and listen intently.

Kissing Astri's hand, "The pleasure was all mine."

One of the dragoons taps the Commandant on the arm, "Ah yes, the pleasure was unmistakeably mine, but alas, I must be going." He bows and takes his leave as he continues to walk down the wharf.

While Commander Aeron Chambers takes his leave and heads into the fishing supply store you are in front of.

"Oh, with my busy schedule I don't quite have time right now."

"So what bring you two to Port Shaw and when did you arrive."

The men clap and stomp and dance a bit and when the song is over, "Bravo...bravo."

"I've been know to pluck a string or two." He opens a a bag and produces his fiddle. "Let's see if I can whip something up for the lady and her companion."

perform: String: 1d20 + 18 ⇒ (8) + 18 = 26

He doesn't even bother to put it under his chin and he saws away and begins to dance.

dance: 1d20 + 11 ⇒ (7) + 11 = 18

A tune He whips up

"This fine gentleman is Commander Aeron Chambers." This man has a beautifully hilted rapier, fine leather gloves, a highly decorated Dragoon uniform, powder white cape, and catchy hat that you recognize as a Dontorian special. Even more interesting is small wand case that is strapped around his chest like a bandoleer. He too is incredibly handsome. The man simply nods his head to the both of you.

The other men with the commander are mentioned but they are really not significant.

Astrianna Sparacello wrote:

Yes, she has the case slung over the shoulder opposite of her bow at the moment. She's quite proud of it at the moment and would like people to see it.

Plus it announces in this city of fiddlers that you are one and can fit in.

"Well, the sun is shining, I'm enjoying a fantastic Tulita cigar with friends, the finest tobacco around less so for the friends," they all laugh at his comment, "and if it's possible, I have been bewitched by your vision." He places a hand over his heart. "Is that fiddle for playing or show? Certainly, I've never seen you before, and I dare say my day could only get better if you could make those strings catch fire."

He bows. "Commander Gregory Boneduece at you service."