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Anybody doing anything for Dave's Memorial game day?

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In the old days, there was less whinging about evil and more detecting and slaying it!


I refuse to play in any game with munchkins.

Remember Gary and Sara Marie, if it doesn't tell a story, it's not role-playing.

Ooo...ah...I'm currently in a period of celibacy to honor my deity. So, I'll just have to smite you in the other way.


I find that the power of LOVE drives evil out. If it doesn't work the first, time, I just keep on smiting her with my greathammer until it does! It's a paladin's duty, and if it is pleasurable, well hell, we have to give away almost all our loot and what not, so we ought to get a little sumthin for it, ya know what i mean?

JMD031 wrote:

<long rant about about why this thread is still happening incoming>

Seriously, I take it we can't get the hint. Alignment is in the game, but nothing says you have to use it. This is the universal rule of the game, you can run it however you choose. Your players may think differently but it is more likely that you hang around people who share similar views about gaming or at the very least don't really care enough to decide. If you want to put the time and effort into making a system that doesn't use alignment, go for it. I'm guessing however, that you and most people don't want to put any effort into such an endeavor and would rather have someone else do it for you. I can usually tell these individuals by the use of the phrase "I want something 'official'". Newsflash! Paizo does not have the time and resources to cater to every individual, they have to do what is good for their company and currently that is keeping alignment in the game.

<end rant>

::puts "The Battle Hymn of the Republic" on the phonograph in the background::

Mikaze wrote:
Wolf Munroe wrote:

Random character concept: Would a paladin who has an unhealthy crush on Iomedae be out of the question?

Actually, a paladin with a "courtly love" attitude towards Iomedae could be very interesting.

Hell, who knows how many of Shelyn's paladins fall into that category?

Wait...Iomedae is NOT available? :'(

This gamist thread should tell a story.

James Keegan wrote:
He worked until the end, as far as I know, and always remains head and shoulders above his imitators. Let us bow our horned-helmet clad barbarian heads in proper respect.



Have a great time!

Please, keep the plot going!

There's no thread going through this thread. Gamists.

*Feigns surprise*

Pony Stalker wrote:
Champion, ArnesonianNarrativism wrote:
Hierarch of Gygaxian Naturalism wrote:
David Fryer wrote:
Gygax and Goblins FTW
I approve.

What a douchish, gamist piece of garbage.

For real narrative quality, play

Arneson and Aaracockras.

Never, I had a bad experience with Aaracockras once.

Not bad're still here.

I shouldn't have been so lazy and instead looked up an actual Arneson monster that starts with "A".

Hierarch of Gygaxian Naturalism wrote:
David Fryer wrote:
Gygax and Goblins FTW
I approve.

What a douchish, gamist piece of garbage.

For real narrative quality, play

Arneson and Aaracockras.


And when/where are you going to post all your notes and other materials form this class? ;) stories about channeling your inner Arneson?

Narrative first post

James Jacobs wrote:

All right!


Frostflame, your explanation puts what you were saying in a different light. I will sit back and ponder as the exchange goes forward.

Tower shield?

Hands BPorter a fresh bastard sword.

If you can imagine the character, you can be that character.

Well done!


Abraham spalding wrote:
My only issue is the "good olde day" view. It is doesn't float and it doesn't fly.

Attempts to fly, is held down by the weight of his mighty Helm of Horror.

Scowls down ominously on the thread from within his Helm of Horror.

I'd like to see some more significant honors paid to Dave Arneson as well.

Smites Derarch of Houstonian Rejectionism!


There's a three page interview with Dave in the newest Kobold Q (Spring, #9).