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No it's my stupid predictive text!

What about more blast spells? Turn the Bard into a buff/blaster?

Yes this is Samsaran race class ability

Any 5 spells, at ANY level. You gain this ability a 1st level but can pick spells you're not able to cast yet!

A, which 5 wizard spells would you like added to the Bard spell list?

B, which 5 Druid spells should you like added to the Cleric spell list?

Timid Toad

No one like the idea of bard with 8 wizard spells?

The other thought that crossed my poor, weak eggshell mind that this build, at best wouldn't have any melee potential or even much ranged potency as I'll have to plunder both Int and Wis for that 18 in Cha and some kind of non-laughable constitution (albeit having mirror image as a reliable defense strategy ) it seems unlikely that I'll have points left over to have a decent Dex to open up bow usage although ranged touch attacks could be an realistic option,and less feat sapping.
So I guess the build would very much be a mage type (perhaps what the magician should have been all along.
Pre-buff you're mates - heroism etc
Buff you're mates - haste
Ruin the monsters day - slow/fireball/battlefield control.

A Bard with basically 8 hand picked wizard spells has got have some pretty awesome potential somewhere or other, surely?

I love Bards, and noticed the two new archies in the ACG,in particular the Flame Dancer (FD) as it adds non-class spells to your spell list, unfortunately not until level 8 where you gain burning hands, flaming sphere & fireball as 1st, 2nd & 3rd level spells.
If you add this to probably the worst optimized spell casting class that Samsarans can enhance you get some possible very interesting builds.

Firstly you really need to Max out you Cha to 18 (Samsarans gain +2 to Int & Wis, and -2 to Con) which give us a pool of 5 (class ability grants mental stat +1) to buy in 5 spells that can be added to any level regardless of whether you can cast them yet or not.
As I'm fully sold on a Bard here (they keep inspire courage and have great spell lists and flavour) and the FD grants us wizard spells I'm stuck as to which spells to pick.
In happy investing in Focus/Gr.Focus to bump up save DC's and metamagic for AoE dazing plus whatever fits but fits what!
Still I'm not getting any further with this build.

Should I just pick the highest rated non-bard wiz/sorc spells each level (and what the hell are those??? ) or go with a more utility approach, or even a super highly specialized buffer to rule them all baring in mind at 8th level I can metamagic the 3 freebies from FD and practically never need another blast spell again (also depending of metamagic option taken)

Please Heeeelp

I think for groups that steamroll the adventures due to system knowledge could be held back somewhat if they weren't allowed free roll to buy whatever they can afford. Although as a player I may well find that I bit tedious it would work quite well.
Feats are another free accessory, perhaps finding someone to train you in their use over a period of time would slow there auto/immediate use.

Ultimately the DM has control over how easy/hard PC progression is and a firmer hand might make things more of a challenge. The way they're meant to be!

Magic shops should be more like Argus, you get a catalogue and and fill out a request form for what you want.
Some items will be in stock and some will require a waiting time while they are ordered in/created, and then some will not be available in a town that isn't very large. (no npc of a high enough level to produce them) then there will be a required waiting time based on how busy the crafters are.
Maybe double the time if the item is unusual!?

WHW tends to work better with a Hexcrafter Magus. Prehensile Hair is going to allow you to use INT for attack and damage and with the right feat selection arcane accuracy adds your INT bonus a second time to your attacks.

Ability focus grapple is good and Eldritch claws for DR.

Use a mithral chain shirt instead of taking/needing light armour proficiency - the penalties are reduced to zero - this saves a feat.
Try to get your DM allow a giant praying mantis as they fly/climb and have decent attacks and can nibble on grabbed foes, freeing up your regular attacks. The mantis is often overlooked but is very solid.

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Narrow Frame is key for large+ AC's

Your answer for the OP is to post your build and ask a question...

Batty Bat

I think you turned on easy mode allowing lay on hands when paralyzed!

Timid Toad

The Horn says it works for the charge attack only?

Sarrah wrote:
Not sure what is wrong, but that DPR is low for a "power gamer" at level 17.

Yeah, I had a straight Barby, around level 12 that I retired due to being stupidly OP compared to the rest of the party that was doing about 300 a round.

Reckless Rat

Jees dude, you're asking a hell of a lot of...someone!

Sorry but it isn't me. If you do get someone with the amount of system/rules mastery to fully answer all your issues I highly recommend buying them a very, very big cookie!

Good luck!

Timid Toad

So how are your builds looking now?

Gotcha, blonde moment!

Isn't maintaining the grapple a standard action? So if he maintains how can he then grapple in the same turn?

Summons are pretty versatile but struggle vs DR. On the whole though I'm definitely in the summons are great camp.
Artful Owl

Don't buy an iPad...Slave!

Batty Bat

Having said that, if it isn't doing it for you then stay straight Hexcrafter! Different Strokes and all!

No manufactured weapons needed - everything goes through your hair. With the WHW levels and the PH hex you'll have it on permanently.

The thing with this build is the hexes you take are passive. Hair/Flight/Wand Wielder(if SR is an issue-cast everything through a piercing or merciful rod for INT to SR checks).

What you do is attack without worrying about AoO(reach) using bab(which is only 1 behind) + 2*INT(maxed out) + pool + buffs = never miss. You hit twice, grab twice, constrict twice (without being grappled yourself) plus spell damage twice. If, and it usually is if, they are still standing, they are shaken/entangled/fatigued/grappled and if you want tripped too! You're a wrecking ball of death and debuffing!

1, In my experience you almost never want to hex on round one. Casing shield or mirror image etc is far more likely

2, Half Elf will gain an extra arcana every 6 levels - worth way more than a feat

3, INT! Arcane Accuracy is awesome. As an added reason 2 levels of White Haired Witch is awesome for a Hexcrafter. With enlarge person you have 15ft reach, can use INT for attack and damage and grab (and by extension constrict). Massive increase in chance to hit (with AA you'll never miss) and damage plus you'll do that damage twice with constrict! Take Prehensile Hair and you'll set. Power Attack is gravy. This will also double your 1st level spells and witch gives you Ill Omen which fits your build perfectly. Bludgeoner may be of use if you're fighting lots of Demons (cold resist).

Artful Owl

Nick Logue has written part I really can't wait to get my hands on it!
But wait, how will he incorporate his signature disturbing-mindwarped-horror into a story about space ships...?
Reckless Rat

This is why I prefer reach cleric in general. Heal/channel/cast in turn and AoO in the monsters turn. You get the best of both tactics.

Timid Toad.

Yep, if they allow you to move through you're good to go but why that would happen is another question completely!

Run it as per the rules for the paladin,use the linguistics tactic for control over what gets smit and when.
Nothing broken there, just logical.

Or pick a different trait?

What about tentacles which are naturally bendy, or prehensile hair, again bendy - would they still be able to attack creatures at all distances?

We're clearly not ever going to get another mythic 1-20 AP but that was never the point of mythic.
Mythic was an idea that many players were asking for. Sure it has its problems and could have benefitted from a lot more testing but it's here for us to use.

I've already run a mythic adventure - Red Hand of Doom and it was awesome.

I've removed quite a few players over the years.

Poor attendance / lack of commitment did it for 3.
Attitude did it for another.
4 years of continuous irritating behavior did it for one.
A player telling me how his cleric -who would be receiving spells daily- was an atheist and didn't have a deity because OOC he didn't 'believe' and when I said no I was accused of being too controlling!
And one for trying to ban me from using any paizo AP's because he had found the paizo website first! - yeah, that was a very strange one.

I'd like to recommend rings of inner fortitude for this AP, seems to be they would be a better than usual investment.

The stat block monsters look terrifying after just a cursory skim through. I'm a player and I don't know if my DM will use these adjusted monsters so I'm not going to study anything.

Good point, which I forgot! Would be a good move for those dangerous mythic demons.

OK, story is amazing - no issues there.

Yes you can run mythicless and there are suggestions within the modules regarding this.

If I were to run this without mythic I would give the players a 25pt buy. The wealth gained via treasure etc is pretty high so that will help too but there is a gap between levels 5 and 9 where the players will not be able to spend/buy anything but as I said you'll get well over wealth per level in drops during that period.
Fast track XP would also be recommended to keep the players able to deal with the mythic creatures unless you change all of those too.

No, with coupled arcana you can do a swift action as listed and then another action using mythic as long as its as fast or faster than the original action.


Whenever you spend a standard action, move action, or swift action to activate an arcane school power, bardic performance, bloodline power, hex, or magus arcana, you can also activate an ability that uses mythic power as a free action. The mythic ability you activate must require the same action type as the other ability you activated or faster (a swift action is faster than a move action, and a move action is faster than a standard action).

So when I use, say arcane accuracy which is a swift, I can then use a swift or faster action using mythic as a free - basically 2 swifts.

Example. Arcane Accuracy followed by Fleet Charge.

Looks good!

My character would suck if I couldn't do 2 swift actions a round (coupled arcana), in fact when I see the other 2 players without coupled arcana I often wonder how they cope at all!

You could either make the stat boosts enhancement bonuses so they don't stack with magic items,
Have a hard limit of around 30 for any one stat. I mean +10 is plenty enough to curb some rocket tag martial damage and also limit sky high saving DC's.
Make the free boosts work like the universal power of only one to each stat.

Limiting the number of buffs to half hit dice plus half mythic tier or something like that could also help.

Snacks for thought!

Is there a way for me to use my stats for spells in a wand?

The DC for resinous skin is only 14 from a wand but if I can use my stats it'll be 24.

And if he rolls Bugbear, Gnoll or Orc ? - you just know its going to happen ! !

Old Guy GM wrote:

Well, I am of the bent that heroes should be heroes. Before you blast me, I would say that I knew (I thought) what I was getting into when I started WotR. I quickly learned that I did NOT know.

So I adjusted.

I am not changing the Mythic rules as written - too much work.
I am not nerfing or slowing character advancement - too much work.
I AM allowing my players too be mythic heroes, and they are crushing it - sometimes.

What I am doing is adjusting the encounter to add to the Mythic narrative - less crunch and more fun. What does that mean? Sometimes more hp, sometimes higher DCs for the group, sometimes better saves for the bad guys - all based on enhancing the story at a given moment.

What I found was was that I wasn't ready for the changes to encounter levels that the Mythic rules brought. I am still learning, and my group is having fun with it. Here is the most commonly heard comment when a creature does something that the PCs suspect it shouldn't:

"Must be Mythic". And they soldier on. I've had one-shots on them, but in 4 books, it's happened twice, and that on fantastic dice. Here's the key: the PCs are involved in an epic struggle. And death is very real possibility. We have a saying at our table: "If we (the PCs) can do it to them, they can do it to us." It works for us.

Here is a good example: The battle with the shadow demon Eustoyriax. I made damn sure the barbarian failed his Will save. He went about, using all of his Champion abilities against the party, while they were fighting the SD and 4 of his SD minions. That is still their favorite encounter, even when they suspected I might have 'fudged'.

End result: We had a great time as a group. And that is the goal.

The best advice I can give applies to anyone playing an AP, not just WotR. Play to the story, and make the rules work for you.



and I'd suggest you make those rolls behind the screen!

Blur, Displacement, Invisibility, readied actions to trip or disarm and Mirror Images would all slow down the onslaught. Also Pit spells could inconvenience his somewhat!

Mag (and others), if you did nothing other than give the mythic dudes x 5 hit points, what would that do, in your opinion, to the book as written?

I'm trying to gauge what effect that single change would make and how much more would need to work on.

I did say it wasn't personal, and I meant that.
I do appreciate that you're far from alone its just the way you respond seems very aggressive - this is probably a misinterpretation on my part and no offense was intended.
If Ive said the wrong thing and you feel picked on I'm truly sorry.


Anyone else willing to help here?

It's a nice idea but the best use of WHW is the Hexcrafter for all kinds of awesomeness! I'm playing one right now and am having a blast. It's a variant of the defiler build highlighted in a certain guide...!

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