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Candle Lighter leaps forward, and taps the kobold on the shoulder before he can dodge.

Moving with unbelievable speed, the man draws his longsword and slashes across. The pouch's strings are sliced through, and it falls to the ground.
The creature's eyes glow red.
"Fool!" he hisses. His skin begins to become red and scaly. "Did you think you could contain me? Your precious diviners didn't see this coming, I'll warrant!"

The man lowers his hood. He looks humanlike enough, but there is something off about him not even the Servants' countless wards picked up.
"I believe we have an appointment," he says coldly.

Kytania the Cenobyte wrote:

Fine. Big fwoom. How do you want to resolve this fight? Kytania will get the Giggler out of there. I am open to suggestions

The fire elemental runs up to Kytania, enveloping her in fire. She shrieks, but then begins laughing as her skin crisps and peels off.

Silly dragon, I have spent aeons immersed in fire ..

She inhales and the fire elemental is sucked into her mouth. She spits out a pillar of fire and grins at the bound dracolich

Candle Lighter groans.

"Oh, come on! I spent ages scribing that spell!"
He sighs.
"Well, Frost, you're on your own!"
He casts a teleport spell, with difficulty. Unfortunately, the chains do not want to move. There is an awful tearing sound, as teh force of his spell fights with the force of the chains. Eventually, the spell wins, a barely unliving Candle Lighter vanishing along with the chains.
Don't worry, those chains will be a nasty curse that CL will have to survive for a while. Just in case this seems like godmodding.
As for teh Giggler escaping, don't worry, he will. However, the dragons are going to give their best--at least, Frost is, CL will just give his sorta-good--effort to keep him bound.
Also, just for the record, CL did not teleport out of the Realms.

Patrick Curtin wrote:
Candle Lighter wrote:

Candle Lighter looks at his adversary.

He finishes the incantation, and suddenly breathes an enormous cone of flame at his foe. The flame suddenly animates into a huge fire elemental. It draws a greataxe and charges.
"Your chains are inconsequential. I do not fear being trapped, you should be protecting yourself."
Aaand I gotta go to bed. G'night!
If you are discussing Kytania, she isn't within Cl's perception.

Bah. If she was able to hit him with the chains, he would have seen their source. Ergo, big fwoom.

Countess Sorsha wrote:
Kytania the Cenobyte wrote:

The dark form hisses in laughter as the Gugs swarm Candle Lighter.

Now time to add a bit of fun to the fight ...

The form waves a hand and rusty chains spring forth around Candle Lighter, binding him fast

These chains are highly resistant to magic or fire, so Candle Lighter should be stuck for a bit

The cruel barbed chains sink deep into his undead flesh

"Excuse me please."

A young woman in a shiny red-silver dress has plodded her way up to where Kytania is.
Would you mind explaining to me, please, who you are and what you're doing here? I've been sent to find out, and I really don't want to blow this mission. The person I take orders from really won't be that happy if I don't have anything to report back.

Candle Lighter manages to put up a claw. The fire elemental pauses.

"Excuse me, I don't mean to be rude, but we're in the middle of a fight here. Couldn't you do this some other time?"

Candle Lighter looks at his adversary.
He finishes the incantation, and suddenly breathes an enormous cone of flame at his foe. The flame suddenly animates into a huge fire elemental. It draws a greataxe and charges.
"Your chains are inconsequential. I do not fear being trapped, you should be protecting yourself."
Aaand I gotta go to bed. G'night!

... wrote:

The Gugs mob Candle Lighter, raining blows upon the draconic lich. Although he isn't truly affected by frost, the sheer level of temperature is making it diffficult for him to move swiftly, and rime ice is forming on his hide. Several of the Gugs detach themselves from battle and enter the cave behind him while he is occupied with their brothers.

High upon the overlooking ridge a dark form looks over the battle.

Soooon.. Soooon .. The form hisses and giggles as the silver hammers of the Gugs rain blows upon Candle Lighter

Hang on, did the water miss?

CL quickly forms more boiling water, but this time shapes it into a wall, which he sends in front of the Gugs, clocking their path into the cave. The fire elemental continues raining blows on the Gugs. Candle Lighter does not seem to be taking any more offensive actions, doing nothing but blocking and dodging.

... wrote:
Candle Lighter wrote:

Also, the fireball was an area effect. It should have gotten more than one.


Two of the Gugs are wrapped in fire. Another goes toe-to -toe with the summoned fire elemental, breathing frost fog in great gulping mouthfulls on it. The other Gugs begin to breathe as they strike at Candle Lighter, their icy breath making the very air begin to frreze about the undead dragon

The dracolich flinches.

"Damn it, stop! That hurts!"
He thrashes at them with his bony tail, at the same time muttering an incantation.
"Freeze this."
The air around him stops freezing and reverses, turning into boiling water. He makes it float for a minute, letting it build up. He speaks a quick ward. Then he releases it at the Gugs.
The Gugs will have a tough time freezing it, because the ward protects it from their breath.

Cranky McOldGuy wrote:
Watch where you're throwin that fire boy! Ya could of burned my dang house down.

"First of all, wake up. Second, it couldn't, because I'm controlling all my flame. Which gives me an idea...Animate Breath, Greater."

Candle Lighter lets loose a gust of flame, which morphs into a fire elemental twice the size of the Gugs. It begins attacking them.
Also, the fireball was an area effect. It should have gotten more than one.

... wrote:
Candle Lighter wrote:
Candle Lighter carefully approaches the opening.
Several large dark shapes materialize out of the fog. Looking like mutated inbred giants, these are the denizens of Dream known as Gugs. Cannibalistic, lackwitted and evil, they are not usually found off their mountainous nests, but something is drawing them hither. There are a dozen of them, and they are headed for the cave mouth, their horrid faces twitching and drooling.

"Frost, watch the chalice. This could take awhile."

Candle Lighter lets loose a great fireball at the attackers. He takes care to ward the cavern's ice from the heat.

Frost the Ancient wrote:
... wrote:

I am assuming the chalice is the Giggler?

The chalice steams, a thin thread of vapor escaping from its rim

Frost swears and breathes upon the chalice, re-freezing it.

"It's happening more and more often. Candle Lighter, check outside, I'm hearing voices."

Candle Lighter carefully approaches the opening.

"Yes. We must be ready to send him back. If we give him even a few seconds to prepare, he will shift, and escape."

Ebony Jaguar wrote:

The shadowed figure ponders recent developments as the red skeletons loot his thread

My daughter-in-darkness has been destroyed, as I had forseen. The vultures squabble over the scaps of my home, again, as I forsaw. Such as it will be. It is time to depart.

The form raises thin arms high


A swarm of shadows coalesce around the form, then scatter, leaving only empty air.

Candle Lighter flies though, muttering to himself.

"Not good...with her dead, and the others in hiding, the forces of the Black are scattered. It's time to go join the others. And hide."
He vanishes.

Demon Lord of Tribbles wrote:
"Not at all! I do so enjoy having guests. Would you like me to make you a nice lair? It really is no trouble, we still seem to have some mortals left if you would like to torment em. "

"Regrettably not, I'm too busy. Thanks for the offer, though."

Five hobgoblins follow Candle Lighter.
"These are the leaders of my hobgoblin army."
One of the hobgoblins frowns. "Not 'your' army. We are sending hobgoblins in to assist you. And only because the kobolds are going to help your foes."
"Right you are. Now, come on, we need to discuss plans. The dwarves are helping them too,you'll need to be prepared for many different tactics. We need to beat these morons fast if we're gonna have any chance of surviving the legions of the Mask, and the residents of the Palace. Not to mention the Jack."

Candle Lighter flies in.
"Hello, Tribble Lord. I'll be staying here for a little while until I finish building my lair."

Does this mean I can't come? Darn it!

Dread Lord Zombie wrote:
The Shadow wrote:

*After a month of spying The Shadow returns*

"The one thought dead, known as The Bard, has returned with his son.
I've seen the site of his 'death' and they shouldn't have survived such a blast. What are we to do now? They have three Champions on their side, and we have none. Only Candle Lighter has stood against them all and survived..."
It is true that they have three champions, but they can not match our numbers. Our undead army alone is much larger than the army that Candle Lighter had.


Candle Lighter flies in.
"The only reason I lost that battle was that the cursed Kittens arrived at the last minute. Not to mention that Kobold Cleaver intervened. My foes were more powerful than I expected. However, no longer.
"As for your 'army'? Again, I say 'pff'. You are fortunate that I am not against you."
The lich smiles.
"But it has potential. I am going to make you a deal: I shall be on your side, and help you. You will need it. In return, I ask only one thing: The use of any knowledge you possess. There is only one thing I can think of which will ruin Lynora's life, without putting me at risk. A backlash induced by a goddess can only be suppressed by another god. What happens if you take away the suppression?
"I shall think on this. You shall think of your own part in this war."
The dracolich disappears.

Suddenly, Candle Lighter appears, right next to the Tsar. He smiles.
"Miss me?"

The dracolich grins wickedly.
"Oh dear, did I interrupt a Buffy The Vampire Slayer quote? Here, let me fix that... *Ahem*
The dracolich breathes a cone of flame at the confused kittens.

The dracolich and raven both disappear in a cloud of smoke.
"heh heh..."

Indeed I am.
The dracolich appears and blasts Frogskin. The raven stumbles, and falls.

The dracolich, in an act of final revenge, blasts the shaman to smithereens.
The Kittens shall pay!!!
The lich flies off, surrounded by a sphere of fire which protects him from the Winds.


The dragon begins to cast a recovery spell...

The lich speaks words of his own, to counter the spell.

The lich blasts them all with mighty eldritch magics.
You cannot stop me. The only one of you three, the cow, who could ever stop me is much too weakened at this point.

Meanwhile, in a volcano (neutral territory):
The dracolich surveys the wasp.
You grow irritating. You have refused, time and again, to give me the cleaver. So, I have little choice but to kill you, and use much time taking down the wards. I hope you're happy.
The lich starts to intone a spell...
No interfering!

Thieving Wasp wrote:
The Steel Tsar wrote:

The steam bubble explodes, casting JRHM backwards


The steam clears, showing the Tsar. Flames blaze from his hollow eyes as he lifts his ruined buzzsaw hand ....

..... now with the Cleaver fused into its wreckage

The abomination steps forward, every footfall an earthquake

NOW ... YOU ... ALL ... DIE!

Guys, I'm her--

The wasp freezes. The dracolich reappears.

Well played, my 'friends'. But it ends now. I have the book, I have the cleaver, and I have the Champion of the Boards. You have lost.
Come, Steel Tsar.
The dracolich, the wasp and the Tsar both disappear.
In the immortal words of somebody, 'A swallow, carrying a coconut?!'
Wait, no, it was 'This is just the beginning!'.

The Steel Tsar wrote:

The immense black animate armor suit raises his buzzsaw hands

MASTER ... I ... STAND ... READY ... TO ... DO ... THY ... BIDDING

I am in an out today doing housework. Will pop in here and there ..

Kill them all. Take the Wasp captive, but only if you're able to. If you are badly wounded, grab the Wasp (and the Cleaver)and get out of here.

The dracolich flies off.
My last post for a while. Assume that the Wasp will be captured if the Tsar tries. Bye!

So, you like colors...color warp!
Assuming that the colors don't react or ignore it, the colors explode, dealing teh Bard lots of damage.
Aaand I gotta go. Sorry. I'll be back in a little while. Try not to kill/defeat Candle Lighter without me. TBC?

The Bard wrote:

*rushes to the Wasp's side, and begins healing him*

It would seem you did need my help, little one..
*turns to the lich*
It seems we meet again. Will the outcome be the same?

I think not. For I am much stronger than before, especially with the Book.

The dracolich blasts the Bard with a mixture of eldritch energy and flame.

GAA! That is ENOUGH!!!
The dragon glares, and starts to muster a particularly deadly blow.
Anyone feel like helping out? Hint, hint. ;)

I will have it, whether you like it or not.
He again scorches the wasp, and it is unclear on how long the wasp can hold out.

The dracolich sighs.
Fine, fine.
He blasts the wasp with flame.

Thieving Wasp wrote:
W-why don't you just take it from me? I carry no weapon.

Regrettably, Kobold Cleaver placed a lot of wards on it. I will have to take them all down before I can even touch the Cleaver. It's much easier if you just give it to me. Now.

Suddenly, the dracolich flies out, holding the Book.
So. I'd known that you would come. And you have brought me my weapon.
Give it to me. I can spare you a lot of trouble if you do.

The Steel Tsar wrote:

The Steel Tsar enters through the wards the dracolich set up. It clanks to where the undead beast lies on the rogue's treasure

MASTER ... I ... FAILED ... MY ... MISSION ...

Oh, it's fine. You're forgiven. You're mission was to determine how dangerous they were, not to really destroy them.

The dracolich continues crafting dark wards to keep the thieves out.
Runelord, you are permitted to stay. As long as you don't cause me any trouble. However, we won't be helping you out of the tight spot that's about to happen. Just as you wouldn't help us.
The lich smiles and shrugs, going back to work.

A sending appears, of teh dracolich.
Focus on the thieves. They were looking for the Tsar? They found it.

The Steel Tsar wrote:

The Steel Tsar appears in a burst of flame

WHAT ... IS ... THY ... BIDDING ... MY ... MASTER?

Hmm...go to the Jacks. I want to see how well you fight against them.

Interesting. Hmm. Trace!
A small object flies from the dracolich and begins tracing the Cleaver.
Excellent, I seem to be in luck. I'll wait for it to be found. In the meanwhile...
The dracolich casts a series of very powerful wards on the Guildhouse.
...I may as well make myself comfortable.

The dracolich suddenly appears.
My apologies, I seem to lack a hoard. Perhaps I could take yours?
The dracolich speaks words of power, and the remaining thieves who are still there burst into flame.

The Steel Tsar wrote:

The construct glows in the dracoliches' heat

YOU ... ARE ... THE ... FLAME ... I ... AM ... YOUR ... CHAMPION

Hmm. This is a new developement.

Come, Steel Tsar. I have much to think on.
The dracolich goes back to his cave with the Tsar.

Brwaaaktor, Eldest Chicken wrote:

The chicken strains inthe wind then shouts


To search for the Cleaver of Power
You must first discover it holder
The thief was a scaler of towers
There ne'er was a cat more bolder

The small chicken collapses

The dragon stares at the chicken, then shrugs and flies to the Realm of Paizochat.

The Masked Rogue wrote:
The Steel Tsar wrote:

The construct turns to the dracolich .. His eyes blaze

MASTER He booms out, kneeling before the undead dragon

Oh, sure, kneel before Zod! Just gives me better leverage to pry your head off!

*Begins cutting around neck to do just that*

Foolish mortal.

Engulfs thief in flame which oddly does not harm the Steel Tsar.

Anarcho-Syndicalist Peasant wrote:

The skinny peasant howls

NOOOOO!!! I am your master! OBEY ME!

Silence, fool. I am grateful for your creation of this being. Here is my thank you.

The dragon engulfs the Peasant in incredibly hot flame.

Brwaaaktor, Eldest Chicken wrote:


The Jacks are the golems of the balance, the Champion of Flame is the golem of death!


Notes the dracolich


You are not allowed in our sanctum! BEGONE!

Summons a howling wind to buffet Candle Lighter

You cannot fight me. I came for the Cleaver. WHERE IS IT?!

The Steel Tsar wrote:
The construct wades through the mithril thorned vines, hacking as he goes. Scratches appear and rents, but they seem to repair themselves as fast as they appear. The thing's stolen power is very strong.


YOU are the Champion of Flame! Unbelievable! I am the Champion!

Brwaaaktor, Eldest Chicken wrote:

Dances around in agitation


The flame champion has emerged!


Seek the cleaver! The wasp will need its potency to save the golems!


The dracolich suddenly appears, looking furious.

Impossible! I am the Champion of Flame!

Dragonborn3 wrote:

A goat of flame blocks the dark energy.

"You've entered the wrong dragon's domain lich. This is a battle you won't win. My son has battled KC and lived to tell about it. Imagine what I can do. Your battle is elsewhere, and all residing here are under my guard. Leave. NOW."


Fine. I shall kill you all later, but I need my strength.
It teleports away.

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