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Candle Lighter flies in.
"Hello, Tribble Lord. I'll be staying here for a little while until I finish building my lair."

"Not at all! I do so enjoy having guests. Would you like me to make you a nice lair? It really is no trouble, we still seem to have some mortals left if you would like to torment em. "

Demon Lord of Tribbles wrote:
"Not at all! I do so enjoy having guests. Would you like me to make you a nice lair? It really is no trouble, we still seem to have some mortals left if you would like to torment em. "

"Regrettably not, I'm too busy. Thanks for the offer, though."

Five hobgoblins follow Candle Lighter.
"These are the leaders of my hobgoblin army."
One of the hobgoblins frowns. "Not 'your' army. We are sending hobgoblins in to assist you. And only because the kobolds are going to help your foes."
"Right you are. Now, come on, we need to discuss plans. The dwarves are helping them too,you'll need to be prepared for many different tactics. We need to beat these morons fast if we're gonna have any chance of surviving the legions of the Mask, and the residents of the Palace. Not to mention the Jack."

A cloaked figure appears.
"I'm told that KC's been busy. Since you're back, he must have been right."
As Candle Lighter stares in shock, the figure blasts them all with ice shards. The dracolich has the sense to leave his allies to their fate, not wishing for a battle yet All but one of the hobgoblins are slain, the last one, a mage, managing to teleport.
"Knew we shouldn't've gotten involved..."

EM swings from a convenient branch, looking over the sunbathing fiendish dryads and nymphs surrounding his treefort

Bored ...bored ...bored. Man I wish Club Calistria was still open ..

EM tires of hanging around

Guess I'll go shopping ..

He rounds up a small posse of succubi, fiendish dryads and nymphs and his secretary Marilyn Maralith and heads out to the Bazaar od the Bizarre.

Tired of the endless roaming and missing the layer The Demonlord of tribbles returns to his Realm in a Nakkid puff of tribble smoke

"Now to breath some life in this place" He says as he goes to find the succbi

runs into thread.

tosses a volleyball and hits a random demon. inscription says Jack's Off To You

runs out of thread.

"Hey! Don't offer if your not gonna help"

Looks around drunkenly "I think we have moved" Runs naked though the layer

A large form emerges from the jungle, dressed in the tatters of an Armani suit. A foul-smelling cigar is clamped in its large prothagonus tusked jaw. It mutters as it heads for a large treefort covered in ropy vines.

"Man, I gotta remember to take the BLUE pill next time! Ugh."

"But the red pill is soooooooooooooooo much more fun" He says sunbathing naked on a chair made of bones, while being fanned by succubi

<wanders in>

Ooooo, neat looking stick! All hairy and stony-metal-like! And spare ribs!

<"borrows" stick and leaves a slightly bent spork in it's place, walks off munching on a rib>

Watches the kender in amusement.

"That was random. Hey boss, how's it hangin'? Been a while since we had a party. You still down with dem fiendish dryad biotches?"

"Owww look a kender..someone brought a snack" He says firing up the grill

Oooo, a barbecue!

<pulls a couple more ribs off the stick and puts them up on the grill>

My that's a nice looking barbecue fork.

<"borrows" barbecue fork and leaves a well worn copy of Quigglefoot's Guide to the Abyss: 667 Places of Interest and Shiny Stuff in its place as he flips the ribs with the new found shiny thing>

And aren't you a cute little fuzzy!

<skritches DLoT on the head>

EM Heads out to his vine-wrapped treehouse. He calls over his massive hairy shoulder:

"Sorry boss, but I don't mess with kender. I'll holla at you later."

He diappears into the forest canopy of the Jungle.

The Demonlord purrs as he bastes the kender with BBQ sauce

<spots a herd of tribbles>

More fuzzy things!

<grabs DLoT and puts him into his haversack, leaving a small figure of an buxom elf riding a snail in his place>

Come on little fuzzy, we gotta get those other fuzzies!

<scampers off licking bbq sauce off his arm>

Loots haversack before he ports out, leaving sharp pointy things behind "Hey would you like one of those?" He says pointing toward the heard of fiendish tribbles "We have oh so many, kinda taste like chicken or maybe gnome..yeah more like tender gnome"

<looks at DLoT and all the "interesting" things he is holding>

Hey, you got neat stuff too!

<gets distracted by the movement of the herd of fiendish tribbles and scampers off after them>

Come here little fuzzy chicken gnomes!

Come here little gnome chicken fuzzies!

Come here little chicken fuzzy gnomes!


ponders a kender minion."Can I be that evil?" he thinks to himself[/i]

"Yes, Yes I can. Hey you there!' He calls "How would you like to be a demonic minion?"

<looks up from stuffing confused fiendish tribbles into his haversack>

Who? What? Oh, I don't know ... will there be shiny things?

<secures his haversack, now stuffed full of fiendish, squeaking tribbles ... he tilts his head to the hear the squeaks>

Oh, right ... will there be food?

"Yep all the shiny you can loot! and I make a mean BBQ. Elf or gnome?" He says holding out a hunk of meat "And the ladies, we always have ladies. True they might drain your soul but man what a way to go right"

The Demonlord Hums to himself Happily as he fires his forges and strips souls from the damned to forge an unholy blade, Naked

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