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TRDG wrote:

Still on the fence with this one, Player options for the players, great, But I don't see a lot of stuff for GM's besides backgrounds/lore for races.


From the looks of it... It'll have a species builder, an NPC codex of sorts, and a host of lore. As a GM, at least the codex should be of some use. Plus all the class abilities are applicable to your NPC creation needs as always.

A few of these links seem to link back here, like the skitterwarp link. Is that intentional?

Yeah, my assumption was the 4 should've been a 6 but I figured double checking is a good call. In case the 4 was correct and something else a typo.

Jason Keeley wrote:
John Mangrum wrote:

The zeitgeist mystic connection is missing connection spells. Also, the dual zeitgeist class ability should come in at 18th level, not 19th.

Until/unless we get errata I'm house ruling the following:

Spells: 1st–4th–change attitude; replaced by 1st–comprehend customs (Character Operations Manual), 2nd–spiritual consultation (Tech Revolution), 3rd–remembrance (Galactic Magic), 5th–commune with planet (Character Operations Manual), 6th–mind swap (Alien Archive 3)

Hey, whoops!

A real oversight on our part. Sorry!

I like the way you think John Mangrum, but I think it needs a little tweaking.

Spells: 1st–4th–spiritual consultation (Tech Revolution); replaced by 1st–comprehend customs (Character Operations Manual), 2nd–social reset (Galactic Magic), 3rd–remembrance (Galactic Magic), 4th–discern lies, 5th–retrocognition

So no 6th level spell and 2 4th? Or am I misreading...

As is I feel this allows the cheese it seems to allow. No wordage was added to prevent max level gear as a tertiary despite this being pointed out in the playtest.

It seems this would imply this interaction is in fact intentional given it was already acknowledged and ignored.
That or the class is in for an errata right after the book prints lol...

Maybe a wider proofing system would help catch stuff like this sooner given the recent influx of errata due immediately post publication? *Wink wink*

Food for thought... It never says the weapon leaves your hand or is thrown, just that it returns to it. A silly thing no doubt, but a technicality potentially worth looking at. It makes me wonder if something was lost in editing.

Well... It's specific to mechanics and now envoy haha...

Yeah, that's what makes the most sense I think.

John Mangrum wrote:
They mentioned this issue in the AMA Twitch seminar tonight and said that the oversight wasn't intended. For the moment, very unofficially, I'd roll with treating a drone technomancer has having a magical equivalent to a custom rig for the purposes of interacting with their drone. To determine the effective level of the custom rig, use the technomancer's class level, plus any levels from other classes that provide a custom rig.

Someone mentioned that it was addressed as an oversight actually.

I don't think the intent would be for the custom rig to ever level up though, but maybe it will, who knows.

David knott 242 wrote:

There is no reason for a single-classed character to specifically select the Weapon Specialization feat. That feat would be temporarily useful to any character who has already multiclassed by 3rd character level.

This isn't entirely true... Longarm proficiency on an envoy, weapon specialization longarms is totally valid. No, I wouldn't ever, but it's there...

To the main post point, I think the issue is each class text explicitly says at level 3 you gain a stack of bonus feats. Fixing the text regarding it's "as per the feat" mention later in the CRB doesn't resolve the issue that every class has innate to it (assuming this is an issue).

I'm totally fine if it's intended to not function beyond line of sight and sound. Never go on space walks. Watch out for fog. Etc. There's a decent chance I'd still take this anyway, just need a technopathy node and vacuum is fixed...

But not being able to use weapons is a bit much for a drone.

Yeah, it could still be controlled if sight and hearing are maintained, but a vacuum, like outer space, or a fog cloud spell and this is gone as well...

Also worth mentioning as it was just pointed out to me... You lose a lot more than just control orion's and control range.

Melee Weapon Arm wrote:
Swapping out a weapon in a melee weapon arm requires use of your custom rig and 1 hour of work.


Weapon Mount wrote:
Swapping out a weapon in a weapon mount requires use of your custom rig and 1 hour of work.

I mean... Maybe a technomancer is supposed to not have a combat capable drone then? This screams oversight to me at this point though...

I guess you could always just dip envoy and take signature tool to get the custom rig too lol.

So question for anyone with the tech rev book because maybe I'm just missing something...

This is about Drone Technomancy of course...

A drone's limited AI says wrote:
To receive these commands, your drone must be able to see or hear you or be within range of your custom rig.

Now... I'm not seeing anything that allows a technomancer with drone technomancy to get or use a custom rig in tech rev. Am I missing something?

Would you guys assume this is an oversight and you also get the custom rig, if so should a technomancer just gain a custom rig with this ability and it work as normal?

I wouldn't do a niche that is specifically species grafts, 1 because the grafts can explicitly be of any type, so that's silly since everyone else can already use them as part of their niche., and 2, they stop at level 11. So the ability/benefit is very limited past that level.

Isn't there a line in polymorph about you not being able to gain feats or restore HP due to polymorph? So that would mean the AHAV option for spring attack doesn't work and the genetic reconstruction doesn't work.

Are the augmentation discounts to apply to personal augmentations? Where technology would align with cybernetic, etc? Or is that not a goal here?

Though this may more broadly be a question of if personal upgrades fall under the assorted categories too of cybernetic, biotech, etc.

Any chance this will include NPC rules also? Since classes also end up as NPCs, it seems like it'd be helpful to start including that from the jump at the playtest rather than a number of books/years later lol...

"Starfinder Galaxy Operations Manual"... Huh...

Bump for this, I'm very curious what the intent is for this. It seems nobody has a clear answer. As written it plays one way but it seems the intent would be the other. So FAQ and necro for publicity.

The gauntlets should really just have their own glove/gauntlet weapon property with the text of the battle glove in them. That way they can just tag the property on everything appropriately and not worry with word space (as it is a wordy description given the number of glove/gauntlet weapons).

I definitely would agree people seem to forget swift is eaten with the full.

Looks at necrograft moonlight fibers...

But there's also a decent potential to building around utilizing each action individually too, like boosting an attack, maintaining disquieting nanites as a swift and standard casting a spell, etc.

Also dropping an action to a swift allows you to use it twice in a turn even if applicable. Once as a swift, second as a move still.

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This may be asking too much, but I'd really appreciate it if we could make the shield projectors "functional."

They should obviously target an AC of 15 like covering or harrying fire do. That's the bare minimum though.
After that, it'd be great if the "shield" was written as damage and the shield property inverted it to a shield. That way something like weapon spec can provide more shield, overcharging actually does something, even trick attacking with a shield projector would do something other than damage the person (this is an intentionally silly example).

But it'd be nice to be able to actually have a chance of hitting your allies at least. Just look at the math for NPCs to hit bonuses vs PCs to hit bonuses, it's absurd to think these "guns" do anything as is given the statistical improbability of anyone hitting an ally to begin with, much less a support character hitting the party tank.

So, Tl;Dr... all that's on my wishlist is actual shield projectors

WatersLethe wrote:
C4M3R0N wrote:
I don't think the logic of, these have an attack roll solely for this high level ability to prevent it's use at range, is very sound logic.
You're missing the most important part! The fact that I found a sort of busted thing I wanna humble brag about.

Lol... I suppose... Though following the logic... If you change numerous rules you can come up with countless busted things then haha.

That's a good call. I completely forgot about the uniclamps lol. But as long as it meets the requirements and you as the GM like it (or you just greenlight it anyway) then that's an option too.

This is all homebrew stuff, so whatever sounds good to you basically... Mazecore basically requires everything have a battery. The closest approximation would be the undermount grenade launcher attachment, but sub a shell weapon for the grenade weapon.

I don't think the logic of, these have an attack roll solely for this high level ability to prevent it's use at range, is very sound logic.

That said, they certainly DO function like a normal weapon and require a roll. But whether they SHOULD or not is an entirely different matter lol.

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Reckless wrote:

A Paizo partnership Kickstarter. Hmmmm. Haven't had that good a batting average at project completion of those in the past.

As of this moment... It's at like 81% funded with 29 days left.

I think the original build is fine. The recommendation I'd make is to for powered armor and ignore Str beyond the minimum needed for it. Put those points elsewhere. That takes your stat allocation from a 4-5 (Str, Dex, Wis, Con, Cha) stat build to just a 4 stat build (Dex, Wis, Con, Cha). And given Starfinder ability scores, that's pretty manageable, especially at higher levels.
A better way to look at it would be primary, secondary, and tertiary scores.

Tertiary being Int. Don't really care about.
Secondary being Str, just need it high enough for the feats. And possibly Dex, just need it at the max Dex value of your armor. And Con, cause you need some, but don't necessarily need it all.
Allowing your primary to be Wis, for spells, and Cha, cause you want to lol.

Primary get the boosts every level and start fairly high.
Secondary rotate the boosts as needed, start just as high as needed.
Tertiary is basically dump lol.

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Even just adding a line in injection expert, you can take weapon focus (injection weapons) could be a decent fix here lol.

Leon Aquilla wrote:
Erik Mona wrote:

So to some degree we are figuring out this business as we go along, and will make shifts and changes to accommodate our observations.

Thanks for your support of Starfinder! Amazing things are just beyond the next Drift Beacon! :)

So - the only reason I'm concerned about a lack of monthly AP's is because I buy the AP's religiously regardless of whether I'm going to play them because they often have useful other things (new class feats, equipment, planets, 3-4 page gazeteers on Starfinder organizations) that are very useful even if you're not going to run the adventure. I would hate to lose out on these since SF currently has a shortage of setting books, besides Pact Worlds & Near Space.

I assume that trend will be continued in the interim material, but I'm not sure if that has been explicitly stated or not.

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Aaron Shanks wrote:

Mark is out, but I think the answer you are looking for is that file sizes increased when we when we decided to make our maps higher res for VTT use and provide them as both jpgs and PDFs, across both lines.

We are trying to improve VTT play; there is an internal task force, which Mark leads. They had to prioritize maps over images. As a player, I understand your desire. But I also know Paizo needs to protect its intellectual property. To give away the rules for free with the open gaming license, and then the raw story text, maps, and art at high res levels at the low price of a PDF—even if they are individually watermarked... well, you can see why there is a task force. If it were up to me I would charge a premium for such access.

Don't get me wrong, everyone here certainly appreciates everything you guys do and have done and especially the OGL. But it seems like there may be something missed/lost here...

The PATHfinder stuff is and has been fine for the same time. But there are numerous issues with the STARfinder stuff. This reply really doesn't address the issue there at all.
...Or am I missing something here?

If you go all the way to powered armor, then drop your str back down (to the minimum for powered armor) and don't bother buffing it any. Split those points up between Cha, Con, and wisdom (for resolve).

The blocking a square idea is the premise of the barricade feat, so it's a bit much to add that. Though I'd say giving them the explode property is an interesting idea. I might instead just treat it as covering fire with a set AC.

All that said, I'm all for making these guns better all around as they're currently a bit of a joke.

Claxon wrote:
There's really no reason to prevent re-flavoring. Hell, the most offensive example is necrografts being cheaper, but that's literally just a part of the rules.

You just have to watch out with abilities that depend on a specific type of augmentation. If anything can be cybernetics, then the instant upgrade spell becomes insanely more OP lol. There are a few interactions like that.

As a whole though, I agree there's no problem with reflavoring.

trollbill wrote:
As a person playing a Ysoki Bombardier Heavy Weapons guy, my biggest problem is that I can’t use an efficient Bandoleer. This is highly annoying with no practical reason for the limitation.

Nor can a Trox lol. It is an odd limitation though.

Claxon wrote:
Honestly, as a GM I'd just tell all my players that they can flavor any augments as any version of magic, biotech, cybernetics, mechanical augment, etc because it has almost no mechanical impact.

I wouldn't... There's definitely a mechanical effect lol. Between manufacturer mods and special materials, there are pros and cons to any variety of augmentation. Plus biotech is 10% more expensive than cybernetic. And necrografts are 90% of the price of a retail biotech or cybernetic.

Don't get me wrong, the difference isn't huge or game breaking in my opinion, but it is there for mostly a reason lol.

Garretmander wrote:
You still need a swift action to hover, and that stops full actions.

Wasn't this fixed in an FAQ/Errata? You can hover as no action if you have perfect or 5 ranks in acrobatics and average?

There's no right or wrong answer. It depends entirely on the build/character.
Example... A Grasping Tentacle is an excellent pick for most melee characters for the reach, if nothing else. But it's not going to benefit most casters or ranged characters much if any.

So if you have a goal that depends on that telepathy, there are various ways to meet that goal. So it just depends on preference. Maybe you had your eye on another brain slot augmentation, in that case I'd say use the magic item. But vice versa holds too since you only get 2 magic item slots.

Depends what you value more. The brain slot or the magic item slot.

Probably not the best place to ask... but starfinder doesn't have constitution saving throws... Does it? That's strictly a 5e thing isn't it?

Should the nanite capsule on pg. 39 say "fort save" rather than, "Attempt a Constitution saving throw with a DC
equal to 10 + half your level."?

Interesting. It seems to me that the general rule is you can't jump past your speed, and then the specific would override that, in low gravity you can jump 3 times as far (which would means also up to 3 times your speed).

But I can see the ambiguity there too.

So resurrection here because this is basically my exact question I can't find a clear answer on.

The low gravity rules say you can jump 3 times as far. So normally, if I'm able to hit a 30 on athletics, I can jump 30 feet. 3 times as far would be 90 feet.
So low gravity allows you to move farther than your normal move speed by jumping... Correct? Since this would be specific overriding the general that you can only jump to your remaining speed.

Then for failure, if I tried to jump 30 feet and failed the check with a 26, it simply says I fall. Not where on the journey though. I assume this would be house rules territory, but would I still make it 26 feet? (Rounded down to 25 presumably) and then hit the ground if there's ground under me or fall if there's nothing. Failure by more than 5 of course means also prone, and presumably 5ft fewer traveled for every 5 below the DC.

The stellar options book link has the wrong text... It's the previous book. The link takes you to the correct place though at least lol.

This is extremely helpful. Sadly our party biohacker just bit the dust lol. But the guide is still excellent! Thanks!

Nefreet wrote:

To further muddy the waters...

Kriegakos wrote:
Flyby Attack (Ex) As a full action, a kriegakos can fly up to its speed and make a single slam attack without provoking an attack of opportunity from the target of the attack. The kriegakos can move both before and after the attack, but must fly at least 10 feet before the attack, and the total distance flown can’t be greater than the kriegakos’s fly speed. The kriegakos can’t use this ability to attack a foe that it is adjacent to at the start of its turn. Before making the attack, the kriegakos can attempt an Acrobatics check with a DC equal to 20 + the target’s level or CR. If it succeeds at this check, the target is flat-footed to the kriegakos’s slam attack, and if that attack hits, it deals an additional 4d8 acid damage.
Pretty awesome ability to give to your summons ^_^

Well this is hilariously awkward! I'd love to have air elementals pop up using this and dealing acid damage too lol

I think 5d8 still seems a touch high for a level 9 heavy weapon, but I'm cool with it. Especially since it's unwieldy.

I do really wish the pull part of the guns mechanic worked aside from just when you got a crit. I mean with the previous damage, on a crit, you basically auto killed them, with average around 230 damage, so it had no need to ever pull lol. But now that it's not a god tier weapon lol... I'd love a way to pull more often than 5% of the time...

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A new Strong Absolom Movement?

Yeah, sticking the fusion on and not counting it is probably a solid call. The ammo versatility is a nice idea, but it's arguably worth a fair bit more than it's priced at.
You might should add a line that the guns attacks count as magic too (from the fusion magics).

There's a tech item that allows use of a spell gem and occupies your glove slot. It's priced at a level 4 gun with the spell thrower fusion on top, the eldricarnum or something like that. So there is sort of a premise of fusions built in.

My comments would be...

First, for modal, the trend is that weapons with the property tend to be on the more expensive side of the price range for any given level of weapon. So with that, I'd say these are slightly cheaper than they should be.
Along with that... You effectively have 2 full guns here, for the price of one. So far that, I'd say it should be even more costly than your average modal. Closer to the price of 2 full guns even. Because you're getting double duty out of any fusions you add to the gun and you have essentially twice the ammo capacity of any fun of equivalent level.

Next, damage seems fair. At a glance it follows the laser pistol line. No complaints there. Shooting vs KAC you're still doing the same damage so that's fairly balanced (arguably weak even).

Range... Wow the ranges. For lasers they make sense. For a projectile, that's nonsense. That's over double the range for same level projectile pistols. Sure you deal less damage, but that doesn't mean it's magically more accurate. This is a problem with modal weapons in general though. Honestly, I'd drop the laser and make it straight fire if you want to try and balance it. Plus being branded as "Chimera" it makes more sense to me for it to be fire.

Overall, I'd call this interesting, but underpriced for what it does. Solid start though!

As a note, there is a fusion that changes a projectile gun to use a battery. You might want to just incorporate it into the gun (including the price of the fusion). And drop the the dual ammunition entirely. That would certainly make it more balanced more easily. Especially if it counted against your fusion limit, but that's possibly mean to the players.
That's the issue with homebrew though I find (well a lot of things but still lol), you can try your hardest to balance something, but the line is often so fine that it's either stronger or weaker. And I always try to err on the side of weaker.

So next time I get held person cast on me, I can cast spells still? Lol. That's fun!

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