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Artificial 20 wrote:

Is it acceptable or abuse of GM privilege to confiscate the party's waffle iron Skull & Shackles style?

Interested parties wish dearly to know.

Yes you may confiscate however attempts to sunder said Waffle Iron are right out.

Irontruth wrote:
We don't need a FAQ that tells us damage measured in hit points is "hit point damage". It's stupidly simple and obvious.

I agree but honestly sometimes I would prefer to burn one of the few we get a year on stopping stupid than I would get a real answer.

Dang thought we might have had a FAQ

I'm assuming satire or sarcasm there?.........Correct?

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blahpers wrote:
Chuck Mount wrote:

So... I didn't really read ALL the posts because there are a LOT over a very short period of time, but from what I read it looks like people are arguing about how rare non-evil undead are. Not that there aren't any, but how few there are. I know I'm probably wrong, but from an outsider's standpoint, it looks like you guys are arguing just because you want to be right. The question is are they always evil. I haven't seen anyone say they are definitely are all evil. But I see people arguing about exact numbers that aren't. At the risk of drawing heavy fire... it's kinda funny to go back and read these posts having not been involved. It's like someone saying "There are SOME apples in the bucket!" followed by another saying, "No! There are a FEW apples in the bucket!"

178 posts, people. Just sayin'.

Welcome to Paizo forums. Here's your smurf.

Crap that mans been infected with smurfitis someone get him...oh crap got me too. Quarantine!!

I swear I'm gonna have to turn this into an alignment thread or paladin thread or something to keep this thing down!

See already getting silly. Next we will need a book of charts and math for determining fluctuation in spell component pricing in relation to the value of other goods sold by the PC's after looting it.

Viliym wrote:
If you buy Onyx at 20% off (thus spending only 20gp/each), does it still qualify as "25gp of Onyx" for material components?

Let us not go there tis a silly place.

Murdock Mudeater wrote:
Tallow wrote:

This feels like another trap question. You keep asking these trap questions as though you are trying to get something over on your GMs and other players.

Just let your GMs run things fairly and stop trying to get something that is obviously overpowered or anti-social with other players to happen.

That would be paranoia, where you see traps that aren't there.

If it feels like a trap, don't comment. This ^ sort of post derails topics and doesn't answer the questions asked. Please refrain from this sort of unneeded hostility.

Well if your not taking time to properly search for traps you miss them and after that last FAQ it's a 10'x10' square at best!

Motion on the floor and seconded. All in favor?

*Salutes* Yessir! Readying Goblin Sapper Squads 1-6, and readying the Necromancers guild to work with whats left.

Michael Meunier wrote:
Evil Horse wrote:
Send in the Goblin Paladins!

We would love to sir however it seems that shortly after coming into existence 95% of them fell. Thankfully most where still in rebuild levels so we have the standard assortment of alchemist, sorcerers, and barbarians to throw at the horse.

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Nope not dying we ain't having any more zombies.

captain yesterday wrote:
(that I didn't break)

*eyes suspiciously*

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And it's down again.......capt.

kyrt-ryder wrote:
Clearly it should be beers

If he is breaking things this badly sober just think if he gets drunk! We might lose the whole site.

captain yesterday wrote:

So, don't get me wrong, it's all super nice and all. But I still can't see the AP message boards when I got to the AP product page.

No hurry, and certainly not a big deal, just thought you'd like to know. :-)

*Leers *

Oh god page hesitated on loading! Someone make sure Captain Yesterday isn't still touching things.

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David knott 242 wrote:

I think that the root of the problem is the "Deity Shipping Thread".

Seriously -- did the folks at Paizo really think they could get away with selling deities, packing them up into boxes, and sending them to us? Fortunately, the Golarion deities seem to have a sense of humor, or the site would be in even worse shape. ;)

Nope still blaming Capt. Yesterday might even have to court-martial him, he keeps leaving sick bay an touching things.

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That's right keep it flowing we must not let it pass in vain!

4 Out of 10 Doctors wrote:
Brigadier General Yesterday wrote:
How do these people keep getting out of sick bay!!
We blame you.

And I'm blaming the Kobold.

How do these people keep getting out of sick bay!!

captain yesterday wrote:
I've been a bit congested, but I didn't think it was serous enough to write me off...

Who let you out of sick bay? Get back in there till your better.

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CRAP IT'S DYING!!!! Preparing to shock, give me 2 cc's of CLWs and a mage with a electricity cantrip. MEDIC, MEDIC!!!!!!!!

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Safety Bear wrote:
Marthkus wrote:

Pancakes with freshly chopped strawberries on top, no syrup maple or otherwise.

French toast is a greasy guilty pleasure.



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Crap we almost went 9 days focus people we have the skills keep this thing alive we don't need more zombies.

Alias who's an Alias?


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Yes get it reopened we need to get the Capt. a Section 8 for his Multiple Alias Disorder, it really is getting out of hand.

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Well if you wear enough of them in the right positions you can get a decent set of armor after awhile.

Begins scribbling notes hastily.

And where might this Bio-Dome be seems like a good place to lose a few angry owlbears.

Sure those aren't Elvis?

My red button reloads!!!!! DAMMIT WHY CAN'T I BUTTON MAP!!!!

Alright where are we setting up the bar? Can't bloody well have a thread of this potential magnitude without a bar!