Farewell to the Krump

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Very sad. Very bad. And I'm bigly un-glad. I can't believe this country elected that orange human over me. RIGGED! MY VOTERS = SO MAD!

And with that, Kobold Krump began to stomp on the ground. He stomped and he stamped, pound, pound, POUND, POUND!

And he stomped, and he stomped, and he stamped, and he stamped. And his frenzy of stomping continued to ramp—

'til a crack in the earth opened, and his foot was caught.

He wouldn't stop stomping 'til what he wanted he got.

He kept stomping and sinking until all that was seen

was the orange fungus he combed, cut, groomed and preened.

Then he stomped one more time, and he smashed through the ground!

And that was the last anyone in the town

ever saw of that strange little kobold who'd been yapping around.

Exit, stage far-right.

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Vice President Elect Mite Pence, AWAY!

::leaps astride a winged lion with birth control shredding +5 holy claws, and flies off into a bright white light to the braying of hound archons::

Exit, stage...who friggin knows


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He wasn't the kobold we needed, but he was the kobold we deserved.

As if we ever need a kobold.

Well... I do.

Nothing else crisps up the same way when roasted with pickled pickles in pickle juice!

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No place like the present to note that the only good thing that's come of this clusterf-bomb is that my new nickname for Coultergeist is Baba Maga.

Other than that, I really need a dimensional shift.

I've mentally started switching MickeyD's-fetching Reek Christie in for O'Brien in the Chief O'Brien at Work comics and it still works.

Grand Lodge

Kobold Corpse for 2020

Lantern Lodge Customer Service Manager

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Politics is a topic that frequently has some very passionate posting from many different perspectives. I know that there are very strong opinions regarding the recent elections, however, our forums need to keep the conversation civil. In addition to treating one another with respect, keep political threads to a minimum (we do not need to continuously spawn new political threads), and if you feel someone is baiting or trying to incite arguments, flag it and move on. I am locking this thread.

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