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He smiles, "Bit've protection."

"We's were leavin' and a couple of 'em kept eyeballin' us." He shrugs, "then the runt mentioned eatin' the mutt, and I said mutt's a guud meal." His hands go up. "Everyone knows mutt stews up guud." There is some nodding in the crowd. "Remember Fido? You can't deny how damn guud he was during the siege." Korg nods and there's a small hint of drool on his lower lip.

"Anyway that got 'im" He points to Ulfrec and Bradan, "up in a tissy and they challenged me. You know I aint never backed down from a fist fight but then they started drawing steel." he waves his hands at the various piercing and slashing wounds on his body.

"The goblin drew steel, the dwarf and his wolf took it up a notch with steel. The rest of 'em are alright." He nods towards Calain.

When everyone steps back and lowers their weapon the brawler maneuvers the wolf away from the pit. He lowers the wolf to the ground and release his grip. "Be gone."

He doesn't take his attention off the goblin, dwarf or the wolf. "Worked up a thrist." He steps over to table and begins to take weapons off. He mentions to the goblin and the dwarf, "Best start to lighten yer gear and give it on over to yer friends, we're gonna be sleepin' behind bars tonight." He locates a half filled goblet and gulps it down. His casualness makes it clear that he's been through this before.

RD 3: Brawler

maintain and perform an action: 1d20 + 10 + 5 ⇒ (9) + 10 + 5 = 24

Boris shuffles the mutt over the pit. "I won't shove'em into the pit but everyone needs t'stop attacking me and move away from me." his eyes go from Ulfrec to Poke. "I'll safely set him free if you comply." You all can make a sense motive check if you'd like to see if Boris is willing to free Geri unharmed.

Ulfrec if you don't agree Boris drops Geri in the pit. If that occurs have Geri make a check with +4 to avoid the hazard.

Poke Poke tumbles out of his threatened area in order to come to the mutt's defense. His stab misses. Are you going to B:7 or B:8 or to (-A:8 or B:9 to move more than 10 ft)? If you need to more than 10 ft to get the sneak attack then you beat one defenders CMD but you do not beat the brawler's CMD for AOO

Bradan releases an arrow that finds it's mark. "Don't whine latter that yer mutt's been kilt. Gave you a chance."

Dr Tes and Aggrah are up.

Edit: Poke - I moved you to B:8. I added the +1 BP to your roll. You are now flanked with the Bralwer and the cleric. The Brawler has the grappled condition: -4 Dex (which takes 2 off his AC), he does not get AOO. Even with a 15 attack, you missed.

Mapping: This was a pdf'd map that I moved into maptools. I'm not sure why maptools will not overlay a grid on this map. Without the grid it makes the coordinates harder to follow.

Ulfrec Aesgrim wrote:

Brandishing his battleaxe... I'll split you from sternum to scrotum. Release him and move away in good faith, if you wanna live!

It's a free action to release the grapple.

"That you may but not b'fore WE 'ear that crunchin' sound of brittle bone snapp'n"

"Don't worry boy, I ain't gonna kill yer mutt as long as you put the steel away." He growls at Ulfrec. "Otherwise, I snap 'is neck like a chicken."

There is a nice Grapple Flow Chart on d20pfsrd if you want to look at actions and penalties.

RD 2: Brawler

The rugged alley fighter acknowledges he's about to get overwhelmed by multiple opponents so he attempts to use his gappling abilities to take down the mutt.

grapple on mutt: 1d20 + 10 ⇒ (12) + 10 = 22

His meaty hand snatches the Geri as the two of them get the grappled condition.

Ulfrec sends his wolf in to attack but the bite misses. Yes she can get around tables and it will cost her an additional 10 ft of movement if she is going under the table since she will have to get through two sets of chairs. What hex is he attacking from, I'm assuming A:9 if you want flank?

The sound of steel swishes through the air as the axe misses.
Where is Ulfrec moving, I assume A:7?

Note: if Ulfrec moves to A:7 and geri moves to A:9 to get the flank the brawler will get an AOO on Geri?

"Bringin' steel to a fistfight? KILL 'EM BOYS!

AOO on Geri, punches the mutt: 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (13) + 9 = 22;lethal damage: 1d8 + 3 ⇒ (2) + 3 = 5

Aggrah: I'm assuming by "lead" you are targeting the bralwer who punched Calain.

Will save: 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (18) + 2 = 20

The brawler shivers as he shakes off the willies.

The pugilist snickers as he rocks Calain with his non-lethal blow, "I'm intimidat'd."

Calain stands up and feebly attempts to intimidate the brawler. In response the Boris takes a haymaker shot at Calain,

knockout blow: 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (17) + 9 = 26;nonlethal damage: 1d8 + 3 ⇒ (5) + 3 = 8

If it hits make a fort save DC 15 or your knocked unconscious.
rounds: 1d6 ⇒ 4

Desmond inspires Grung to keep drinking. The roar of the crowd gets louder and louder. the bartender pours another round and Boris eagerly pounds it down.

fort save: 1d20 + 10 ⇒ (7) + 10 = 17

He suddenly gags a bit and orc firewhiskey sprays out of his nose. Burning intensely...the man swoons and falls off his seat. He's out cold.

Grung you need at least an 20 to stay upright.

fort save alcohol poisoning from excessive consumption: 1d20 + 10 ⇒ (16) + 10 = 26

The burly fellow slams his shots and belches. He slams his last empty glass on the bar.

"Anoth'r round...b'rkeep."

"I can outdreeek da' two of ya." The burly tavern goer announces. "Let's do it...ya bett'r git some new britches cuz yer gonna piss yerself.' He bellows. several within the bar cheer at his proclamation.

He clanks his tankard into Grung's to signal the start.

"That thar is Rex, he's the Hoodwinked Whore's champion ain't a soul aboard that ship that could beat 'im. Yous want t'ave a go at it?" The crowd starts to gain interest and as the catcalls begin.

DM Perception:

perception: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (2) + 6 = 8
perception: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (19) + 6 = 25
perception: 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (13) + 3 = 16

When Markus speaks up about the "Broken Skull", a couple people in the crowd overhear. "Yous look'n fer some action, we can 'ave some fun here...push the tables away. Strictly fun you know, fists only no wiggle finger spells ta'elp...clean fight. Besides "Jin" ain't fighting two days in row. " He eyes Davkas when mentioning spell casting. Jin is the current Broken Skull champion.

Astrianna Sparacello wrote:

Slip? We were going to put down a month's rent (1275gp) like Sorrin suggested and see if Boris would just let us keep the dock the Baron is in now.

Astrianna sighs lightly. "Captain suggests we put out to sea, and considering how long Donovan has been on the waves I'm not inclined to argue. We'll need a few more hands on deck first, though."

"Tides bars and brothels...some'll want to get outta port." He waves it off, "Bit of high tide for sure with the saying if a rogue wave I'll come. Doesn't havppen oft'n."

We can gloss over events. Boris will let you have the slip if you pay the price. since some ships are putting out to sea he'll take 9 gold off of the price for the three days you've rented.

You gonna ride the tides here or set out to sea?" stuffing a cigar in his cheek.


40% chance rumor: 1d100 ⇒ 63

Responding to Astri's earlier comment about Barrett. "Yeah, some sailors were grumbling that Barrett hasn't been seen for a few days. Not sure what's happening there though."

Astri make sure you read Boris' posts you should have be able to piece together several tidbits of information about business and life on the docks.

Chuckling to himself. All that pent up tension between those two. A good romp could help. "As you've already seen yerself, Port Shaw can get rough." He thumbs through his book pausing a few times. "You can check back in couple days to see if the Dragon's Tail was sold and moved. Otherwise a few days anchored off shore may be good for yer business head."

He turns to Ptahh, "Your crew tax is one silver," he adds. "All crew pay a silver piece to come ashore, I never collected your silver."

He shrugs indifferently, "We all have someone to answer to...I don't make the rules and I don't own these slips. I've a boss and he'll dock me pay." He shakes his head back and forth, like he's doing you a favor. "I like you, so you move the ship to a slip down the docks...past where the Vintage docks and by the Barnacle, 3 days that's starting tomorrow. I can't dock you there the 4th day. I have high paying ships willing to pay for that choice mooring."

You can guess who owns the slips.

"Nope. You pay for a month and well...we have moorings, but if you pay less than a month...sometimes those moorings get mighty far away from the center of town. In fact with only two days being paid..." he flips through his journal, 'I'll be needing the Baron of the Tides" he flips through his journal farther back. "Wow...looks like we don't have any space onshore for a two day docking," he pauses briefly before continuing, ..."but you'll have to drop anchor off shore about half mile, or so." YOu swear he emphasized the "or so." He points offshore and north away from the fort direction. "Sorry...Commandant's orders no ships drop anchor in view of the reasons, but you can drop to North part of the bay." Pay me now or pay me later, but they'll pay or row ashore.

He scrutinizes the paperwork, then stamps the document and fills out his journal, he stamps a second copy and files it in his office. "Well, it looks to be in order. The one day fee will be 42 gold plus 5 silver pieces. If you want another month that will be an additional 1275 gold for 30 days.

He looks over Ptahh, "Did you arrive on the Rabid Weasle?"

I have the mathematical per diem formula in under the information tab.

Chell where are you heading after Featherton's Divinity Shop

The group enters the harbormaster's shop

15% chance he has left for the day: 1d100 ⇒ 20

You arrive right as he is packing up for the night and giving his final instructions to the night shift. "Oh...your back. I was leaving...hey I need you off the Dragon's Tail by noon tomorrow, I've a prospective buyer looking at it and the Thunderstrike. I need to get her cleaned up a bit. Did you get a chance to talk the Commandant?"

"Perrin only left a few days ago, he should be for a while. The greedy harbormaster pocket the coins before the glimmer of light hits the metal." The stub of his cigar glows as he turns to walk away with his assistant. He yells at someone down the wharf, his attention on other matters now.

Sorrin the Wayward wrote:

Thank you, Boris. Now, what's with those jokers over there? Sorrin indicates the ship with the three men, the Rabid Weasel, discreetly.

"Just another crew getting ready to depart...hired a few crew and restocked. New Captain...they never docked here before." His assistant makes a few notes in his journal and then hands you a slip of credit for the sale.

Sorrin the Wayward wrote:
I was wondering, Boris... Are you authorized to negotiate on the Commandant's behalf?

"No...I can show the ship and I can convey offers but I have no authority." he looks to Astri. "Yeah, you can have a day to transfer off the ship."

"$4200 gold plus a bundle (10) of these cigars and we have a deal." He spit on his palm to shake on it with Astri.

He certainly is friendlier than when the negotiations began. "Well careful with those money mongers they get their money back one way or the other, if you get my meaning."

the ember burns brightly as he nods.

Astri you know he wants the ship but not as much as he did. He is certainly becoming friendlier.

He points to his ears, "Aren't you elf blood, so do you believe everything that comes out of your mouth as being right...or only half right." He smirks. "some times you should strike when the iron's hot...4500 is way too much today.

He sniffles a bit, "This is a good cigar. I tell you what 3750 for the ship...she's not armed and will need an escort in these waters to prevent pirates and raider." He puffs on the cigar a bit.

"First Thalios, now you insult me. That hunk of driftwood is wanted on the high seas and will be sunk by the first lawful patrol, it's not even worth 2000 gold on it's best day. No, no, no." He puffs on the cigar which appears to start to calm him. "Look I like you all, but if my memory's right, you're liking that pirate criminal Drango." He pinches his chin and scrunches his eyes. "Didn't I withdraw that offer come to think of it." He eyes his assistant who nods affirmatively as he look in his journal.

"See...see how she is..." He's still grumbling at Thalios when he expects the tultian cigar. "Yes...what kinda business today."

"Anyone but him." He points to Thalios, "Get him away from me...go skedaddle." He waves at Thalios, "That man WILL drive me to drink!"

"I need these crates delivered at the agreed price...period or I swear you'll there won't be any slips for your ship when you return." Boris is red faced, "And I know how much tobacco is in those crates you scoundrel...not pinching for your private use."

"I've several ships you might be interested in depending on your purpose. Say mid-morning...." He points to the harbormaster house on the dock.

"Well, she's got a reputation for sure. He runs his hand over the rail, she's in descent shape...I'll pay $5,000 for her - today. If you sell it on your own you might be able to get $6,000 but that time who knows how long it'll sit."

Boris takes the money but the cleric stamps and hands your the passenger's paperwork.

the scribe takes down the information.

'Well dockage for a 50 by 20 ship it'll be 25 gold a night, so 7 days will be $175 gold, or 750 gold every month. You could anchor out in the bay for half the cost. The Vintage is paid for a few more days."

He counts the heads, "Passenger tax is 10 gold a head, crew cost is 1 silver per head but if this becomes your homeport the crew tax is waived." He shrugs, "No puppy dog eyes,I don't make the rule....complain to the Lodge they make the rules.." His assistant begins to stamp documents, "Passenger tax only happens once as long as they have their stamps documents."

"Now lets go look at the cargo. He goes on to explain that the Cargo tax: 1 sp per 2 pounds, so 20 lbs of cargo would equal 1 gold."

Cargo Tax example: 10,000 lbs of cargo = 500 gp tax)

He notes you aren't carrying any real cargo but only items for general ship repair. He winks at you, "No cargo other than passengers."

"Well," he sniffs. "I handle most the ship sales, when your interested."

I couldn't find his name, if I've given it so we'll call him Boris.

He exhales loudly as he huffs. 'Yeah, yeah course we met...did it cost me much." He chuckles. "Alrighty, now we have some fees and taxes to pay...let see you have what 50 ft by 20 ship. How long you intend to be hear and what's the purpose?" his scribe is jotting down notes. "Carrying passengers...what"s the head count...any cargo other than passengers in the hold? How many crew and officers aboard both ships."

He yells up to Capt Donovan, "You and Jenkie are paid for a couple more days, I know, but your dockage is coming up. Then get that ship to where she belongs."

You had 20 freed captives/passenger between the two ships.