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Pulg's Milkmaid Sousaphone Band wrote:


Play Freebird!

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Orthos wrote:
Ed Reppert wrote:
Orthos wrote:
But if you don't clock in by 8:30 here, the timeclock displays a message of "timed lockout" and won't let you clock in (or out) until 10:30.
So you get to work at 8:35, and they're essentially docking you two hours' pay? Interesting.

Well, I'm not working if they're not paying. So I went and got breakfast and paid some bills while I waited, then showed up at the office at 10:30 to start work.

But that is two hours I didn't get to work and thus won't be paid for, yes.

Hmmm... no sir, I don't like it.

Which HR genius thought that up?

captain yesterday wrote:
Be the unicorn.

Think bolder. Be the Mabelcorn.

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Freehold DM wrote:

please tell me it's that kingmaker is real and a random four to six backers will be chosen to be transported to the setting.

Please please please please please.

Not only are you correct, you've been selected as one of the transported backers.

Unfortunately, you have been cast as Uni.

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I'm Hiding In Your Closet wrote:
You can keep a horse's water trough clean by putting a live-in sanitation staff of goldfish in it.

I learned this from watching the Peaky (fookin') Blinders.

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Patrick Curtin wrote:
Bojack Horseman Season Five dropped. Time to binge!

Have you seen episode 6, "Free Churo"? Holy sh!t.

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Wei Ji the Learner wrote: terrified by what Freehold's 'cutie mark' could be...

50/50 it's either a snowflake or a Gundam.

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Elegant Egotist wrote:
Seems like he's still on facebook despite being dead.

He doesn't want to go on the cart.

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Ponies... In... Spaaaaaaaaaaccccccce!

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Diego Valdez wrote:
I discovered Cosmo is way more ancient than I initially thought he was...

You can cut open his mustache and count the rings?

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Or Cool Hand Luke.

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Liz Courts wrote:
The ə! wrote:
Chris Lambertz wrote:
Petty Alchemy wrote:
Owen K. C. Stephens wrote:
Thomas LeBlanc wrote:
Ah, that clarifies things, Neil was listed as a Round 5 Judge only. Did y'all bribe him with letting him publish his precursor adventure to Realm of the Fellnight Queen?

There aren't a *lot* of people who don't work in the Paizo offices I'd ask to be a judge for every round, but Neil is absolutely on that very short list. He's been a huge part of this contest and community every year, and I was thrilled when he agreed to the massive time commitment being a judge for the entire contest.

No bribery needed. :)

Oh? Tell us about his Judgernaut forum tag :P
A gninja did it.
Ah, the Crimson Pen of Cyttorak.
No, no, the Purple Pen of Punning Purple Prose.

...from The Peculiar Purple Pieman of Porcupine Peak?

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Have you entered SupahStah! yet?

Gorbacz wrote:
Drejk wrote:
I am in the process in reading Friendship is Dragons. Now Crystal's rainbow hair made me wonder which pony she would be?
*shoots a lawyer flare in the sky, hopes Sebastian notices*

Since faking his own death in Pawnee, Sebastian has remained elusive while continuing to walk the earth... righting wrongs, righting lefts, and righting tipped cows.

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Freehold DM wrote:
David M Mallon wrote:
Don't come to New York. Everyone I know is leaving New York. They probably have a reason for that.
I'm not leaving, and you know me.

Also, he's down with O.P.P. (Original Pinkie Pie)

Should someone warn Kelsey that San Fran is just over 500 miles from the Mythic Unfrozen Pony Lawyer Lich's stomping grounds?

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113. They set a numerical goal for something, let's say 102, hit that goal... and then keep right on going. Because adventurers know that dead horses won't beat themselves... unless they are undead kython-mutated equines with grafted coeurl/kamadan tentacles.

Old Doc Flumph wrote:

What did he say? I can't speak gibberish.

Oh, stewardess! I speak jive.

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Chris Lambertz wrote:
Gary I wanna plant a donut tree.
Sara Marie wrote:
gary: watch out for the cupcake trebuchet

Is Gary secretly a Strawberry Shortcake villain?

117. That's no unicorn! That's the Dread Unfrozen Equine Lawyer... SEBASTIAN! His CR is too damn high! Run away, run away!

Treppa wrote:
Where's a pony lawyer when you need one?

Well, his Hologram self showed up in Indiana at the Pawnee/Eagleton Unity Concert concert. And if he's now officially a Hologram, he's likely busy in Hollywood in movie preproduction stuff and being truly truly outrageous.

Freehold DM wrote:
Moorluck wrote:
Could you give me an actual name? Because as far as my searches pull up you're either an ancient medieval knight, or a drug gang member.
...can't he do both?

{ponders getting lowrider adjustable air-suspension on front legs}

gran is banned for telling TV execs to greenlight "My Little Donkey: Touching Is Magic"

The Larch

Wait?! Puny Downey Jr. get $50 Million from Avengers?!?! Hulk contract only give Hulk lifetime supply of purple slacks & Tim Tams!!!

{sigh} Hulk sure hope this PowerBall quick-pick pays off...

Spike is an odd looking kobold.

Sharoth wrote:

Hee hee

Darksmokepuncher is banned for reminding me that DJ-Bogie doesn't need to "hold" cards; they naturally stick to him, being a giant moist eyeball. {looks around for bottle of Purell}

{whistles innocently}

DJEternalDarkness is banned because... {sings:} "You do what's necessary, because even a miracle needs... aaaaaaa haaaaannnnnnd!"

Mmmmm, fresh buttered scorn-on-the-cob {drools}

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Easy squawk, easy peep, will you let Puffin sleep?
FaWTLah! No, we will not let him sleep!
(Let him sleep!) FaWTLah! We will not let him sleep!
(Let him sleep!) FaWTLah! We will not let him sleep!
(Let him sleep) Will not let him sleep!
(Let him sleep)(Never) Never let him sleep!
(Let him sleep) Never let him sleep (Let me sleep) Ah
Peep, peep, peep, peep, peep, peep, PEEP!

JJJ is banned for being an infrequently-used alias.

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Gary Teter wrote:
I broke it all real good!

Congrats! You get to pick a stuffed animal from the top shelf.

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FallofCamelot wrote:
...Pah that's not a game for a true Englishman. Give me Cricket any day! The sound of willow upon leather in the afternoon, that's the sport of gentlemen!...

Ah, yes, give me a good game of Brockian Ultra-Cricket anyday. Not quite as viscerally satisfying as an old-fashioned game of old skool Krikket, but those days seem to be sadly gone.

I can tolerate a lot from you darn Yankees, stuck-up Britannians, and faux Southerners. But disparaging genuine homemade Southern iced tea?!

Thems' fighting words!

And Freehold... Lucky Day (Alton), Dusty Bottoms (Joss), and I will be coming to go all Three Amigos on your a**.

F. Wesley Schneider wrote:
The Hell?

Nah, man... Mordimer is too damn hawt to be a gelugon, and too damn cool to be a pit fiend.

We have always been at war with Twohanderia.

{returns to stomping a hoof on a rulebook forever... or until somethin- SQUIRREL!}

Hell, it this point, we should be digging them both up and stitching their corpses together ala Fronkensteen the create the biggest bada** fighting science undead ever created... Undead Tesleveltbatman!

Quickly too! I hear the Joketwain and Riddlewilde are planning something fiendishly deadly for old Gothamtown this fortnight.

Or maybe I should quit snorting vampire glitter?

Roosevelt vs Tesla? Bah, Sam Clemens would go steampunk ninja on both their a**es.

Vince for Sham-WOW wrote:
*pees to refill bowl with onion and bourbon scented urine*

{starts stopwatch, waits for Bugbear Grylls to show up}

Steven Tindall wrote:
but have you tried the delicious flavors of tuna helper? ...

Nah, any of the ________-Helper products will just dump hundreds of calories of carbs into his bloodstream, tout de suite. He'd be better of throwing out the contents and just eating the cardboard box it came in. And if he popped a multivitamin, it'd be a more nutritious meal too.

Gruumash . wrote:
Doodlebug Anklebiter wrote:
Gruumash . wrote:
I love how they need to explain what a fudgesicle is...


I wonder if it was Nic's Fudgesicle, or if the man brought it with him.

Important questions we need to know like immediately.


- or -

"If it wasn't for my horse, I wouldn't have spent that year at college"

Doodlebug Anklebiter wrote:
...The earth will not become ours because we are stronger than you (which we are not), nor because we are smarter, more attractive and more able lovers than you (which we are). No, it is because we are used to living in refuse and have all kinds of neat immunities. After your arrogant, short-sighted, bestial race has poisoned, radiated and bombed ITS OWN SPECIES to extinction, we goblins will still be here...

No, I'm sorry, Mr. Goblin. Plastic has a prior reservation (NSFW language).

You can have the moon though.

I claim this thread for the Nostril Clan!

Crimson Jester wrote:
I heard he quit sniffy glue recently, ever since the accident with his auntie snufflepumps angelhair

Ya gotta be careful what drugs you do; you never know if it mighta been a relative.

Mmmm, gelatin with fruit! OMNOMNOMNOM...

Gark the Goblin wrote:
...When I watch a cat video, I only laugh 50% of the time.

When you look into an Internet cat video, the video looks into you.

I tawt I taw a puddy-horsey!

Gary Teter wrote:

Samurai Knight vs. Waffle Donkey!

Pancake Bunny vs. Parfait Ninja!

Baboon Pirate vs. PostMonster General!

They're all so much bloody compost beneath the metal flake-painted hooves of the wild Nostrils Band!

Look upon our silky manes & shiny coats and know Despair!!!

Tremble as we munch our oats and the occasional carrot!

Mothman wrote:

Hello FAWTLies.

How is everyone?

Some us are filled with spam; some are filled with steak, taters, and good beer; some are filled with fermented honey & berries and wrapped in sekrit cables.

Edit: And I may or may not be full of horse s$@$.

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